their feet

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.


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Tongue Meets Toes

Lips softly enclosing on your big toe.

It feels good. This is going to be nice.

Tongue slowly caressing the underside of your big toe.

You tense up slightly.

Lips and tongue now move to your second toe.

Suddenly you realize how ticklish this is going to be.

You thought it would be sensual, erotic.

It is—but it’s so much more.

Tongue caressing the underside of your second toe, then spinning circles around it.

You reflexively start to pull away.

Hands grip your ankle to keep your foot in place. 

Tongue gets bolder, dancing in between your first two toes, then second and third toes.

The laughter begins to pour out. It accelerates to heavy laughter almost instantly. You have no control over it.

Now your second and third toes enclosed, inside mouth.

Hot, wet tongue and soft, tender lips.

Shrieks punctuate your heavy laughter.

You grip the sides of the bed.

Fourth toe joins them inside.

You writhe on the bed, pounding your fists against the mattress.

This tickles more than you could have ever imagined.

Light caresses of the tongue alternate with wild flutters.

You’re on the edge

of insanity.

You’d give anything to make it stop

and yet you want even more.

Your foot reflexively jerks forcefully, but is held in place.

You try to say, “It tickles too much” through your laughter but you don’t have enough breath.

The sensation pulsates through your entire body like an electric shock.

They pause and look up at you with a smile.

You catch your breath, panting.

“My toes…” you try to say, “they’re just so…”

Are they done? Are they stopping?

Nope. They like it way too much.

The sensation returns. The hysterics return.

You realize they could do this all night.

Then it dawns on you…they’re going to.

ok but?? chowder being a Party Boi in high school. he was always just so happy to be there and got everyone hyped. not so much anymore bc he’s gotta be serious about stuff (like hockey and his friend and his gf and his degree) but like. pong partners lardo & chowder??? unstoppable. undefeated. actually undefeated. they never lose games, chowder just loses interest and like high fives everyone and goes off to do something else.