their faces thog

In this modern au, single dad thog is in love with cool friend ashe and little boy gregor loves his dad and unofficial mum. And seen here, stickers and hair ties and greggy got a ring pop and thogs shirt says ‘this is what an awesome dad looks like’

So, uh… you know how the wizard drugs made Thog think about muscular you?? Or how you thought about kissy face with Markus and Thog?? Do you ever think about that? Do you think Thog thinks about your muscles a lot?” -Anon

I don’t know about Thog, but I’ve tried my hardest to forget that day even happened. It’s pretty difficult though, considering everyone keeps bringing up the “Kelly” thing…


This is absolutely correct and completely canon I’m so???? Grateful????

Ashe is the type of person who’s picking stabs off her palms and Thog’s like “oh gross, what kind of lotion do you use, its terrible :/” and Ashe is like “I… don’t use lotion???” and Thog’s life flashes before his eyes for a couple of minutes