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Well, a promise is a promise. In honour of this blog hitting 4k here are nine selfies, one to represent each Twice member. Feel free to take a guess as to which selfie corresponds to which member. 

I hate all of these photos but anyway once again, thanks so much for 4,000 followers. This blog would be nothing without you guys. 


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Rikka is following you, about 30 feet back. She gets down on all fours and then breaks into a sprint. She's gaining on you! As she gets closer you can see there's blood on her face. My god! There's blood everywhere! Running for your life from Rikka Takanashi. She's brandishing a knife. Rikka Takanashi. Lurking in the shadows! Trash tier waifu Rikka Takanashi! Living in the woods. Rikka Takanashi Killing for sport. Rikka Takanashi Eating all the bodies! Actual cannibal Rikka Takanashi!

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How would the UF! Skeleton brothers, UF!Grillby, and UF!Mettaton react with an s/o with a green soul? (Kindness)


  • You’re gonna get eaten alive out there kid
  • He’s annoyed, or at least he always acts like that to your face.
  • Honestly, he’s so scared. So so scared oh my god.
  • Why are you down here? You’re too good for this place. 
  • Why were you with him??
  • Cue insecurity. 
  • Just reassure him that you’ll be careful, stay close to him. Don’t forget to remind him that you love him. Everything’s going to be ok.
  • He starts to feel that maybe it will.


  • He tries to toughen you up. He insists you have to be more rough and tumble down here. That you have to be mean.
  • And the first time you brush him off or disagree he scoffs.
  • He’s very protective of you but not as much as Sans. He lets you go out and do what you need to.
  • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t monitor every possible threat.
  • And if anyone ever tries to bad mouth you HOO BOI
  • No one is allowed to call you weak, or naive. He knows you aren’t. But he’s still worried you’ll get hurt.
  • He secretly admires your trait. He loves how gentle you are. How unwavering you are about giving everyone their due chance.
  • He wishes he could be like that.


  • He’s such a mean dude oh my god. He’s always irritated because everyone else is so bitchy and he can become very hostile.
  • But you? You were like a breath of fresh air.
  • He’s super suspicious when you first walk into the bar though (accompanied by Sans because he had nothing better to do and Papyrus kept prolonging your supposed trip to the capital)
  • You’re just so…soft.
  • He rolls his eyes at first at your demeanor and makes a few snide comments when you show up after a few days by yourself.
  • Empty, half-hearted threats are thrown your way on a few of these occasions.  But you just brush him off.
  • But you eventually chip away at his resolve.
  • Super jealous type (but quiet about it, he just stews) and super protective of you. No monster with ill intent is going to come within three feet of you.


  • Oh my gosh this asshole.
  • He’s a snarky arrogant butt.
  • So when you just sort of brush off his rude comments and smile he has to do a double take.
  • Monsters usually responded hostilely to things like that. And you were laughing.
  • Who were you anyway??
  • He got stuck one time what with all of his arms and the rusting….you gently helped him out of that situation and he just kind of…stared at you.
  • He’ll enjoy quiet nights with you. Just watching you as you busy yourself with something and smile up at him every once and awhile.
  • If anyone ever tries to give you shit he’s right behind you smiling wickedly at them and tossing a threat their way that sends them running with their tail between their legs.
  • He’s always touching you, lots of contact from four different arms. On your shoulder, holding your hand, running through your hair.
  • You’re very precious to him. You thought Sans was bad? He’s like five times worse.

stop i had a paper due on march 8 that i just could NOT bring myself to write like she was really going through it and so i just. didn’t NNNN anyway i came up with an elaborate plan to just turn in someone else’s paper who wasn’t coming to class and just write it after spring break and when she returns the papers i’ll be like hello yes where’s my paper :) and pretend i turned it in and everyone told me it wouldn’t work! (this prof is a crackhead and doesn’t like me)  but she passed back the papers today and i put on my best acting face and she was like oh my god i must’ve misplaced it why don’t you just email me it :)