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Part 2

so i MAY be working on a comic adaptation of one of the scenes in @taylordraws fic Heartstrings and even tho I told myself I was gonna finish both parts before posting I just………. wanted to post them really bad so here they are despite part 2 only being 40% done whoops

The Red Bullet Concert Experience with Kaye Allen (#BTSinManila)

Fan Account 120714

7:00 P.M. MOA Arena Manila Philippines

Hello everybody! I’m back and as promised… here to tell you about what happened last night~ :>

I’m sure you guys have seen the photos from the fan sites and can you tell how fun and fantastic the concert was?! They weren’t kidding when they said that when Bangtan throws a concert—they throw a big party and this was definitely a concert which I believe to be as “money well spent”. It was more than I expected, to be honest. They gave more feels than I expected, haha.

Okay before I start, let me just tell you guys that I’m writing this at 7 AM and I just woke up. I only had more or less 4 hours of sleep because I’m still on a hangover—from the concert. Yup, I’m drunk on Bangtan so please bear with me as this account might contain a fairly good amount of spazzing. :P

Are you guys ready?


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anonymous asked:

can you do a scenario where mark teaches his girlfriend how to skateboard?

“Hey, slow down!” you yell, desperately trying to keep your balance on the shaky, black skateboard.

Mark lightly tightens his grip around your shoulders as he lets out a chuckle. “Babe, calm down. I’m barely pushing you.”

You roll your eyes and steady your balance by hesitantly holding your arms out in front of you. Mark’s walking next to you, arms around you to make sure you don’t fall and you swear with all your heart that skateboarding did not look that hard when you saw GOT7’s video on Rising Idol. Though you never would admit it, your sudden adamant desire to learn how to skateboard was fueled by none other than Jackson, who made a bet with you that you’d never be able to learn how to skateboard because you’re apparently “already clumsy enough”.

And here you are, on a skateboard, filled with determination to prove him wrong. You had to beg your boyfriend to teach you but after countless kisses, he finally agreed.

“Can’t you just teach me some cool tricks or something?” you ask, tired of merely skating in a straight line with him practically holding you.

No,” he says immediately as if you’re crazy. “You need to find your balance first.”

You scoff and stubbornly retort, “I’m pretty sure I already found my balance,“ you finger quote, "a long time ago, Mark. But you’re holding on to me and—”

“Fine,” he interrupts suddenly, stopping mid-step which causes you to stop as well (you almost fall. Almost)“Do you want me to let go then?” Eyebrows raised, he gives you a wary look but you’re too stubborn to say no.

Because of course, your pride always comes first. “Sure,” you say without hesitation, holding your chin high. He gives you one last look and you place your hands on his arms. “Seriously, let go.”

At this he gives a sigh before reluctantly letting go and you’re more than surprised at how vulnerable you feel with your sudden support gone. Mark takes a few steps back and crosses his arms.

“Lets see your balance then, shall we?”

You curse under your breath, arms held out dumbly in front of you as you slowly straighten yourself out on the skateboard. So far so good, you think to yourself with a grin. You’re standing upright on the skateboard and you proudly cross your arms. “Ha, see? My balance is perfe—woah!”

The skateboard’s wheels suddenly betray you as they shake a bit from your sudden movement, causing you to lose your oh-so-perfect balance as you reach out in desperation before your face can meet the cold, hard pavement.

Fortunately, Mark is able to jolt forward and catch you in his arms as your chest meets his in an oof. There’s a brief moment of silence, you awkwardly clinging on to him for dear life before he begins to shake with laughter.

“Oh my god,” you murmur in utter embarrassment as you bury your face in his shirt. “That was so embarrassing. I can’t believe that just happened… I can’t even look at you right now.”

He says nothing. He can’t. His whole body’s shaking with laughter and you punch his chest lightly, looking up at him with a pout.

“Hey,” you whine, frown deepening when you see his neck craned back in laughter and are those tears in his eyes? “It’s not that funny…”

His laughter finally manages to die down as his grip on your arms loosens, blinking away the small tears that formed from your expense. “Babe,” he has to pause because he’s out of breath from laughing so much, “maybe Jackson’s right.”

You blink up at him as his words sink in. “You’re such a jerk!” You spin on your heel angrily and kick his stupid, demon of a skateboard. “Screw this! I’ll just ask Jaebum to teach me.”

“Good luck with that,” is his simple reply but you know he’s right; you’d never ask him to, even if your life depended on it. (That man has zero patience.)

Your back is still turned to him but you cross your arms dramatically. “You’re mean.”

Your hear his footsteps pad towards you and you have to bite your lip to suppress your forming smile. His chest presses against your back as he places his chin on your shoulder, arms wrapping around your waist affectionately, ”Sorry~”

Rolling your eyes, you turn around to face him and pout though your eyes are smiling. He gives a smile of his own and leans down to dot a kiss on your nose. 

“We can always try again if you want.”

You snort and wrap your arms around his neck to bring his face down to yours for a kiss. “Yeah, no thanks.”

Chemical reaction

Pairing :Gray x Juvia


Genre:Romance, Humour

Summary :you are my partner in the science lab and how the fuck did you explode that beaker

a/n: it’s been awhile since I’ve written something (basically I was too lazy to type) I am not much happy with how does fic turned out to be but here you go. Leave a comment or two if you can, it will really make me happy.


”Okay class, take your samples and test tube and begin the experiment with your partner.You have exactly 1 hour to complete and show me the results.“ the teacher declared and sat down to correct the remaining piles of exam copies lying on her desk,with an exasperated sigh.

Meanwhile, Gray Fullbuster was cursing his fate, because he had Ms.Juvia Lockser as his science lab partner ( and she apparently had a vice like grip on his arm?!!) Also her pretty face wasn’t helping the situation.
Natsu’s endless blather about his stupid blue cat behind him made it ten times worse.

“Juvia, we are supposed to begin our experiments” he said wearily, trying hard not to glance at her.( he absolutely disnt want his concentration to get all disgruntled)!

“Yes Gray!” She jumped up in excitement, still not leaving his arm. By the way, did he mention that her smile was really dazzling, and her azure hair flowed down just perf—

WHAT WAS HE THINKING?! Gray exclaimed in his mind, and deadpanned"I need my arm for that.“

Juvia looked down, with a confused expression before sheepishly moving away.

After assembling all his stuff, Gray opened his notebook to proceed with his work(their work).

“NO NATSU! Keep that away from me. WHAT ARE YOU EVEN—DON’T BURN ME!!” Lucy shrieked and Gray furrowed his eyebrows. This was physically and mentally draining. First he had been partnered with this adorable girl who harboured a huge crush for him( he dared to think that he might be liking her a little bit too. But only a little bit, mind you.)

And Natsu’s affinity for pyrotechnics was definitely going to bring the apocalypse one fine day.

Gray glanced at Juvia who was suddenly very engrossed with her work. A strand of her blue hair fell across her face and she tried to blow it away, and subconsciously Gray reached out to tuck it behind her ear. Juvia stopped dead in her track, before turning a bright shade of crimson. If she wasn’t holding the alchohol in her hands, then she wouldve definitely hid her face with them.

“Um…you had…well…hair…it was distracting me…I mean, not me..but…well never mind” an equally flustered gray stuttered.

See?! That’s why he didnt wish to be partnered with this girl!

Gray noticed how her soft, slender fingera worked carefully with the apparatus, smoothly and so ever delicately. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her eyes were. How clear, how blue they were. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was going mad. And it would get worse if he just sat there watching Juvia work. The vision of Juvia working with all the chemicals appeared incredibly sexy to him, he didnt know why.

So that’s why he snatched the alchohol filled test tube from her muttering “ill do it” and started heating it.

And then he was bombarded with Juvias million questions.

“Does Gray drink alchohol?” She asked.

“Of course I do” he murmured

“Will Gray Sama join Juvia at the bar tonight for a drink?”

“Sure why not—wait, what?” He looked up stupidly.

“Gray said yes! Its a date!”

“I wasn't—GODDAMMIT.” He growled, beforw returning to his work ( but he inwardly smiled thinking how opportunistic and sneaky Juvia was)

“Ms. Lockser? Are you at all doing some work? Or is Mr.Fullbuster doing everything?” The teacher called out.

“Shit. Here, take the acid. Work.” Gray handed her the stuff.

“Juvia wanted Gray to do this part. She doesn’t like acid.”

“C'mon Juvia, the teacher is watching us, do something.“he groaned in frustrated, while the teacher gave suspicious looks from the table.

“But how.”

“Don’t ‘but how’ me! Teacher taught us last class how to work with acid! What were you learning?”

“Well Juvia learnt how Gray keeps darting his eyes across the room when the teacher talks too much, how he dislikes wearing the laboratory coat, how flushed he gets while working with chlorin—”

“OH GOD.” He face palmed.“ I don’t need to hear that.”

“ But Ju—”

“Take the concentrated sulphuric acid and add it drop by drop into the sample in the beaker.”

“Can Juvia dilute it?”

“No. It says ‘use concentrated’.”


“Gray was ready to fly off in hysterics. Why was this girl so damn stubborn and adorable at the same time?!

Well that’s it. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So when Juvia was struggling with the struggling with the beaker, the sample, the test tube holder, the acid and her wandering thoughts, gray went close to her ear AMD whispered in a husky, sultry voice,
“But I think ‘chemistry’ is really important.”(pun intented)

With an “eep” Juvias hand slipped and accidentally instead of adding sulphuric acid drop by drop, she emtied the whole container into the beaker, and Gray barely managed to say “HOLY SHIT” before the beaker burst, showering its overreacted contents on the table and theit clothes ( and Gray cursed in agony because his new wristwatch was reacting with sulphuric acid at that moment) and Natsu let out a small “What the fuck” from behind him.

Juvia was standind stoic like a statue, her eyes wide open. The teacher came running and pushed Grays hand under the tap(thank god for the gloves or his hand wouldve been poached) and his sad wristwatch lay on the table like a muddled up mess.

“That was quite a chemical reaction, Gray” Cana snickered from the last bench, Laxus trying to stop her from drinking ethyl alchohol as a distraught Gray furiously tried to calm down a weeping Juvia, all the time yelling “How the fuck did you manage to explode the beaker?!”
A/n:meh. I’m sorry if you couldn’t understand some scientific terms(I’m a science student lol) and I’m sorry if this fanfic turned out to be trash, but I liked the prompt a lot and Tumblr is filled with stupid stuff so I decided why not join the stupidity.
Leave a comment and tell me how it was^^

Tanks = Death for us all.

Warning: this will hurt.

Lets speak harshly on the following pictures.

lets begin with Louie.

Louie is so photogenic. Like come on!


Even with his eyes closed he is killin’ em’ dead.

BEANIE, SOCCER, AND TANK? you stylish angel!

I approve of the back as well.

This may just be his absolute best picture

I don’t need a face. just inked arms please!

never mind I am wrong. this is perF!

on too NIALLLL

Has smiles for dayz

We get so much from this picture. I can’t…FRAT.BOY.NIALL.Look at that potential chest hair. Thank you for your everything.

Serious, its hard to continue a post with Niall in this picture. he’s too cool for school. Or sleeves.

Zayn is doing kind of hurt to perfect Niall.

Put those guns away!Snake with Blue eyes.

Close your mouth. You are drooling.

Now class if you will follow me to the Harry part of this post

I want to the air he is walking through.

ugh please Go away. No I’m kidding come closer!

yeah you are dismissed. NOT!

His eyes are burning he is looking at.

his arms are so immaculate!!


Then you get little scribble of art on his arm.

Unleash… THE ZAYN!

Heavy Breathing is occurring



He is a doll in every single way.

You’ll need that redbull when I’m done with you!

You all remember this Zayn. do you? you should.

He so damn cheeky!

I will worship and forever appreciate Zayn’s stance and vest. (no sleeves. it counts)


all sweaty in dat tank. come and get me!

And at last. the final leg of our painful journey. Liam. in. Tanks.

Let’s take it slow guys.

This chest hair and this… everything is too much.


Where do they find these clothes with no fabric.


work it out! WORK FOR ME!

the biceps are flexing without permission!

Black Tank Liam is the best Liam.

This is about as close to perfection as we are getting.

ANNNNNND This happens. I’ve never once seen an arm look so attractive in my life but goddamn Liam. SING TO ME! Yeah you can keep staring at the Gif. We are all.

Now pick your hearts off the floor. I’m done.