their faces at each other

Sana + Feeling Alone

The power of the last clip, “Dear Sana”, was palpable. 

 Here you have the clip of the first ever bus meeting in season one. Sana is sitting alone, with everyone across from her, on her opposing side. She feels like every one is against her. 

then there is the clip of the bus meeting in season 4. yet again, it’s her facing everyone else. her vs. the other girls. One could argue it looks like Noora and Eva are sitting by her side, but it’s clear that the intention of this shot was to isolate Sana. she feels like every one is against her. 

The last from this tragic trilogy, her facing the entire group of pepsi max girls, yet again facing towards them, while they are judging her. she’s alone, feeling like everyone is against her…

But then, in “Dear Sana”, we see her standing there with her friends, not facing each other, but her side by side with her main girl squad, and all her other friends surrounding her. But they aren’t facing each other. They girls are sticking by her side, and everyone else is behind her. Not because she’s ignoring them, but because they have her back. They are her foundation, a solid wall backing her from now on.

i wish i was better at drawing shipping fanart ??? you may or may not have noticed i only know how to draw 1 pose, 2 characters facing each other in profile. every time i think i’m doing something different, after i actually draw it, i realize that it’s still the same exact pose how do yall DO this

Dating Zelo Would Include...

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  • Sweet kisses full of nothing but love
  • Dance lessons
  • Him smirking at you whenever you’re not able to reach something and you refuse to ask for help
  • You know he put it up there just to mess you with you
  • He knows how much you hate asking for help
  • Leaning in super close to your face just to see you blush
  • Sending each other cute little messages
  • Especially when he’s doing promotions or when he’s on tour
  • Super random gifts at super random times
  • Skateboard competitions
  • Being lifted off the ground whenever you hug
  • Reading together
  • Lot’s of witty banter
  • Selfies of the two of you acting silly
  • Not getting into very many fights
  • But when you do, they’re intense af
  • Being super close with all the other members
  • You guys hang out all the time
  • Lot’s of teasing
  • “How’s the weather up there, babe?”
  • “Sunny with a chance of outdated jokes.”
  • Being the cute and innocent couple that the members feel as though they must protect at all costs


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I'm getting deep Jason and Ezra vibes from the way A.D. told Aria "our relationship isn't over until I say it is." both are obsessed with her.

One of my favorite ideas (though, even I can’t find any evidence to support this thought.) Is that Jason and Ezra have actually been playing against each other this entire time. 

Back before we got our Charlotte reveal, my hope was that Ezra was actually Charles, and that it was really two brothers facing off against each other. For the girl they both love, the sister they both want to protect, and the family they both lost. 

But, yes… I agree… I really feel like all the allusions to Aria’s pink hair feel like a direct call to Jason. And same with the “relationship” statement. 

Magnetic Chapter 42: This Can’t Be

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

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“Face it Dean, you’re stuck with me.” You told him, watching as his face ran the gauntlet of emotions. From nervousness, to shock, to hope, everything crossed his face before he launched himself on the bed, pulling you down with him.

Giggling, you wiggled in his arms, loving this side of Dean. Once the two of you were on your sides, facing each other, you reached over, cupping Dean’s cheek with your hand. “Dean, I understand why you acted the way you did. Did I like it? Hell no. But it’s always been you and Sam, and I know you’ve never really been open to adding anyone to your posse, maybe except Cas.”

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reason #12481294124 why i love munday:

people feeling good about themselves. all those cute faces all over the dash and people being nice to each other. realizing how genuinely beautiful, in every sense of the world, people are on here. seeing how some are super confident and some feel kinda insecure but we all get to share this, seeing all those smiles or bomb-ass contouring or cute outfits or amazing hair or eyebrows that are so on fleek they make you want to drop to your knees… beautiful boys, beautiful girls, beautiful transgender people, beautiful people from all ethnicities. people celebrating their religion or families or culture. people celebrating themselves. the confidence boosts…. i fckn LOVE munday i love all of your faces my dash is a freaking masterpiece right now and i want all of those pictures in the MoMa.

1D is the softest band. They are a band of itty bitty babies who cuddle each other and give each other tiny kisses and lots of hugs and make fun of each other while burying their faces in the other’s shirt so they know they aren’t actually bein mean and they care about each other so much I can’t believe. I CAN’T BELIEVE!!! i can’t freickkn belibe these soft babies plz i NEED to love them for as long as i live!!!!!!!

Youngjae: “I love you" 
Jaebum, in a soft voice: "Yes" 

*only time he doesn’t scream is when youngjae kisses him*

mc: “play the xylophone if you like the person’s kiss”
jaebum: *plays the xylophone after youngjae kisses him*



Q: What do you think was going through Flint’s mind when Madi & Silver reunited in 4x3? Your face expresses so much. 

Toby Stephens: A bittersweet happiness for Silver, mixed [with] a sense of his own isolation.