their faces are superadorable

                     I’ve been here for — what, two months? —, a muse
                     I have made on a  whim, with the actual intention to
                     get away from my current blog back then, a mess of
                     two muses and no tags. And now I am here, at a mile-
                     stone I would never ever have imagined to pass, on
                     any blog. I’ve been around for a while and I can be
                     proud to say that the asoiaf fandom has been the
                     most welcoming one I have experienced. I love every
                     single day on here and I am glad I chose this muse.
                     Anyways, before this gets too feelsy here is a list of
                     people I love, RP with and admire. I have tried my best
                     to include everyone, but sadly I am only human, so if
                     you’re not on here don’t worry, you will still have my 
                     undying love.

most beautiful weirdos

goldorred Milla, I cannot express how grateful I am
for knowing you and how much I love you. Just let
me tell you that I feel it with every inch of my heart.
I promise one day I will come over and kiss you. I
appreciate talking to you, so so much. If it is yelling
chatting about random shit or actually talking about
life, I am so glad to have you.

thatfunnywhore I love you Liz, I love you I love
you I love you. Please stay in my life forever,
I just adore our talks and our talk talks, you are
such an amazing friend and it’s really sad you
don’t RP Shae anymore.

qxeencersei Rach, my beautiful Rach. I hope
you know that I’m always there for you if you 
need me — which you don’t, of course, because
you are powerful and independent, a true lioness.

iwillnotcringe A person I have grown to really
admire is this Eli. Ooc as well as ic you are you
are such an awesome badass superwoman, I
really look up to you. Legit, you’re one of the
few if not the only person who appears cool
saying ‘lmao’.

egoxistic Dear Joff, believe me when I tell
you that you are such an amazing roleplayer
and I just love talking to you, no matter about
what. And for some reason it makes me very
happy seing you happy. I wish you good luck
and much fun at con ♥


[Also, Allie @ ificannotfly, I’m really looking
forward to our wedding (I don’t care if you are
already married); it is going to be so amazing
being married to such a smart, talented, and
funny person. #AlunaOTPofOTPs]


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most admirable senpais  

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most appreciated RP partners

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most enjoyable dash-presence

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