their faces are almost identical


Uesugi Kenshin 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

Then, his hand that strokes my hair, suddenly seizing/arresting/catching my hand. 

Kenshin: “Even from the beginning, I don’t feel like sending you back to Kyoto.”
Kenshin: “I will not allow you to leave my side.”

While whispering, he brings near my body to hug so that we are getting glued and closer. Kenshin-sama sweet breathing could be heard just behind, that startled feeling makes my heart beating fast.

Kenshin: “There are still things I don’t know yet about you, you know?”

As he turns the back of my body to his side, Kenshin-sama peers into my face from above. When his sigh directly almost come into contact, I reflexively pull away/draw back. The lips that is drawing a soft arc, gently fills up my lips…

His letter:

I’m sorry to deceive you.

Although I’m happy you can spend your time in the castle as a girl, but you will surely become more popular than before. …I wonder if I will be a little jealous? To that extent, please give me Mimi’s time from morning to night. Let me monopolize you.

- Uesugi Kenshin

I love this SHERLOLLIED scene!
I love how Sherlock invited Molly over to his apartment without telling her why. And I loved that she trusted Sherlock that she would. One over without questioning his actions.
I loved how Sherlock waits for Molly to arrive, almost nervously looking out the window.
With his back to Molly, with a nervous look on his face, (almost identical to the look Molly had on her face when she asked Sherlock out for coffee in ASiP) I loved how he was nervous around Molly. I mean the man had faced down deadly psychopaths and professional blackmailing con artists and yet the little pathologist made him nervous. It’s adorable. Sherlock went out of his way to think Molly, to spend time with her. He didn’t have to spend time with her. He could’ve had Mrs. Hudson bake her cookies to thank her. But instead he wanted to spend the day with her. This I think is when he started to fall in love with her. Forever SHERLOLLIED 💗💗

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I just had a thought; if Fatal can't really see expressions of others, how could he call Goth adorable? Unless maybe it was before it was showed Fatal can't see expressions, but I dunno.

Oh, he can still see their expressions! It’s more of a mental note communicated visually as opposed to a giant mark on their faces XD

It’s almost like their identity doesn’t matter to him, because they’re not what he’s looking for. Why bother acknowledging who they are when, while still intact, they’re not worth his time?

That sort of thing :)

Old Friends (3/?)


  y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?  

Warnings: Swearing, sexual tension, a little bit of drama

Pairings: Sam WIlson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x  Reader, Avengers x Reader

1 Week Later…

    “I seriously didn’t think dress shopping would be so stressful.” You sit down on one of the chairs placed next to the fitting room in the store Natasha and Wanda dragged you into. Wanda comes up next to you and lays a hand on your shoulder, “Come on y/n, it’s not that bad! Besides, you can’t even complain; Tony is paying for your dress, so enjoy it!” You look up and see her smiling down at you and a smile appears on your face as well. Damn it Wanda, why are you so adorable?

  It’s been a week since Tony announced that he was was throwing what he referred to as your “Welcome Party” (Sam told you that Stark just loves looking for reasons to throw giant parties). Tony made it a black tie event and you’re really excited. Well you were, before the stress of dress shopping took over. You took a deep breath and stood up from the chair, heading towards a rack of dresses you hadn’t looked at yet. As you are flipping through the dresses, you hear Nat call you from the other side of the store.

  “Y/n come here, I think we found one you might like!” Oh no, please don’t have ruffles like the last one. Nat and Wanda have great taste, there was just a couple dresses that were weird and you  wondered why people would ever buy them. You stroll over to the girls ready to hate the dress, but to when you saw it, you couldn’t stop staring at it . It was a long, black lace dress. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline, and looked very form fitting. I love it. Oh my Gosh I love it, but what if it doesn’t look right?

  No one says anything, so you take the dress from Natasha and make your way to the fitting room. You can hear Nat and Wanda outside your room. They already have their dresses picked out back at the tower, this shopping trip with them is all about you. Not that you hate that, but it just makes you feel weird. It has been awhile since you’ve been close friends with other girls. You don’t consider the girls you talk to at work friends, you’ve only went out with them a couple times when you and Sam weren’t talking. And those couple times were okay, but they were nothing compared to being with your best friend back in your hometown. Maybe it’s time for a trip home… the sound of Wanda calling your name knocks you out of your thoughts.

  “Y/n, did you put it on yet? We want to see it!”

  “No. Hold on, Wanda!”

   You unzip the dress and step into it. You start pulling it up your body until it reaches the top of your chest, you turn around to zip it back up and close your eyes. Breathe. You turn back around and look in the mirror. Well damn. The dress fits perfectly. You smooth your hands down the body of the dress. It hugs all your curves right, and even makes your breasts look pretty damn hot. You twirl around to see how the back looks, and it’s even better. The back of the dress dips down to your lower back, and it outlines the shape of your ass perfectly. Thank God for squats. You can feel yourself starting to smile like an idiot. You’ve never felt this honest to God beautiful in a dress before. You whip the fitting room door open and strut out in front of Wanda and Nat.

   “Well guys, you found the perfect dress!” You smiled and twirled yourself again for you friends. When you turn back to face them, they both have huge smiles and Wanda is clapping.

  “OH MY GOD Y/N! It’s perfect! Barnes is going to lose it!” Her and Natasha start giggling and you just tilt your head to the side from your confusion.

   “Whoa whoa whoa! Who said anything about Bucky, guys?” You are genuinely confused as to why they would think that. Do they all think I have a thing for Buck? He’s the one that’s all over me, I just like fucking with him! Great.

  “Will you calm down? We all see the way that he looks at you y/n. And the flirting, it’s disgusting. Just put the man out of his misery and do something!” You shoot Nat a death glare and go back into the fitting room. You hear Nat’s phone go off and 20 seconds later you hear her curse under her breath.

  “Who ya talking to, Nattie?” you ask as you walk out. Natasha has a hard look on her face and Wanda’s face almost looks identical.

  “What’s wrong?”  Oh no, what could have happened? I wonder if the boys got back okay from their mission…? Five million different and horrible scenarios play in your head about what could be wrong, but then you hear Wanda.

  “Y/n, everyone is fine, calm down.” You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding in. Nat grabs her purse and your dress from you and walks straight to the checkout. You give Wanda a confused look and she just shakes her head and follows behind Natasha. When you all got in the car its silent at first, until Natasha finally talks.

  “It appears there are going to be a few… special guests at Tony’s party tomorrow night.”  She looks over at Wanda and you follow her gaze. Wanda is sitting in the front seat with her forehead pressed against the car’s window.  Why does she look so upset?

“Okay, and who exactly are these special guests, and why is it making you and Wanda so upset?”

  Natasha sighs and takes a minute before she answers. “The Secretary of State, Ross, and some of his employees.”  How did you know that name? It sounds so familiar…OH SHIT.

  “Please tell me it’s not the same man that started the Accord fiasco, and put our friends in a floating fucking jail?” Now you were mad. Why would Tony even invite him?

“Tony thought it would be a good idea for Ross to see everyone behaving, but I’m not too fond of the idea either, y/n.” Natasha’s voice is cold, but not angry.

  “No one is going to be fond of this idea, Natasha.” Wanda’s voice surprises you; it was such a harsh tone. You have never heard her like this before. But can I blame her? This man put her in a floating prison and muzzled her. What a dickbag. He better hope he doesn’t cross my path tomorrow night. The rest of the car ride is silent, but your worries about tomorrow swirling around your mind couldn’t be any louder.


The Next Day…

   You spend the entire next day with Wanda and Natasha. The day flew by while you were doing each other’s hair and makeup, and you spent the day trying to prepare for the worst in case anything happened with Ross. You didn’t see any of the guys all day. Hmm I wonder if they got back from the mission alright?

  “They are fine y/n, hurry up. We’re ready!” she hollered from the other room. Damn, I forgot she can hear my thoughts. Stupid Wanda. You hear her laughing from the other room, she must have heard that, too.  You turn to the mirror and take one final look at yourself before you go to the party. Wanda had ended up putting your hair in a low, messy bun. And Nat did your makeup perfectly; she gave you the perfect winged eyeliner, a little lip gloss, and some blush. You all got dressed at the same time and you can’t wait to see their dress on them!  Well, this is it. You walk out of the room you were in, you see Wanda and Nat and your mouth falls open. Well hot damn.

  “YOU GUYS LOOK INCREDIBLE.” You couldn’t help but shout. They look like models! Nat had straightened her hair, with a light smokey eye as her makeup. Her dress was black, long sleeved, and flowy. It was a little higher than her knee, and had mesh strips at her neckline and towards the bottom. She winks at you and walks past you towards the elevator. Wanda was standing there, blushing and fidgeting with her fingers.

  “Do you think this looks okay, y/n?” she asked. She was fidgeting with her fingers, so you grab her hands in yours.

  “Wanda you look beautiful!” She had her hair down in big curls, and a little eyeliner on. She smiled at you and you twirl your finger around signaling her to spin so you could see the full dress. When she did, you are even more amazed. Her dress was perfect for her. It had thin straps that crossed on her back. The dress was a deep red with a narrow plunging neckline. The hemline was high-low and showed off her red heels. Overall, she was just a picture of absolute beauty; they both were. The three of you get into the elevator and click the highest floor, or as Nat called it ‘Tony’s party floor’. Geez, does Tony have a floor for everything?

  The elevator let you guys out into a small hallway and you all step out. Wanda and Nat start walking towards the opening at the end of the hall. You can already see the bar as you start walking with them and enter the room. Holy Hell, Tony. The room was enormous. You have never seen ceilings this tall, and the decorations are beautiful. One of the walls is only made up of a single pane of glass, looking out onto a balcony that is lit with little silver lights. You are so distracted looking around at all the people and decorations, you aren’t even aware of Tony walking up to you or the girls walking to the bar.

   “Well well, you look absolutely stunning, Y/n.” You turn and smile at Tony and pull him by his jacket into a hug.

  “Why thank you Tony, you clean up pretty well yourself.” He smiles and hugs you tighter. When he lets go, you look around the room and notice there are a lot of people looking your way. You nervously smooth down your dress and look for the girls or Sam. You find Sam first; he’s across the room talking to Tony’s friend, Rhodey. He waves you over and you awkwardly make your way through the crowd over to him. You walk up and Sam whistles.

 "Well damn Y/n, that dress should be illegal.“ Sam wiggles his eyes and winks at you. You roll your eyes and hug him and then Rhodey. So far everything seems to be okay. You make your way around and find Thor and Steve talking to Tony, and then you see Nat with Clint, Wanda and Vision. Aw, a cute double date. Too bad Clint has to be married. Way to ruin it, Papa Bird.  You saw Wanda laugh and knew she heard your thoughts. You wave to all of them and continue on you way to the bar. On the way there, people keep complimenting your dress and you can’t help but blush. You finally make your way to the bar and ask for a double whiskey. As you’re waiting for you drink, you feel a hand slink its way around your waist. You whip around and see Bucky standing next to you with a giant smile.

"I don’t think I have ever seen someone so beautiful, y/n.” You blush and look away. Control yourself, he’s probably said to to at least five other girls.

  You take a second to collect yourself before responding to Bucky. “Thank you, Buck. That suit looks perfect on you.“ You smile and turn back towards to bar to grab your drink. You stark to pull away but Bucky steps in front of you and slides both of his hands around your waist. You can feel the difference between the heat from his right hand and the cool metal of his left.

  "Yeah, but I bet it would look even better on my flo-” You cut him off with a laugh and accidently let a snort out. Bucky looks confused and you just smile.

  “If you were going to say it would look better on your floor, you really need to step up your game, honey. ” You get an idea and let a smirk make its way to your face. You lean up so you’re near his ear and whisper, “And you’d better hurry too, because you’ve got competition.”  When you start leaning back down you leave a path of 3 kisses trailing down his neck and hear him let out a little growl. Did he just growl? Why was that even hot? So weird. You step back and look into his eyes. He goes to say something, but a voice behind him cuts him off.

  “Y/n, come with me! I have some people I want you to meet!” Tony grabs you hand and loops it into his arm. As you walk away, you turn back towards Bucky and mouth “competition” and see his face drop. Y/n - 2, Bucky - 0.

  You laugh to yourself and follow Tony around to the group of people he wants you to meet. You meet a couple business men and their wives, some lawyers, and just some random people you don’t even know how Tony knows. But then Tony pulls you in front of a group of older looking men, he shakes all their hands and then steps aside to introduce you.

  “Y/n, this is Secretary of State Ross and some of his employees.” You eyes don’t leave Ross’s as Tony points to the other two men, in fact you don’t even catch their names. And you don’t care. You stick around and listen to the men’s conversation which just sounded boring as hell. But Ross’s tone is what did it in for you. How much power does this prick think he has? After 10 minutes, you excuse yourself. You walk away and go sit by Wanda and Vision. Well that killed the night. Fuck Ross. You stay by Vis and Wanda for a while until you see that people are starting to dance. It’s cute. You get Vis to ask Wanda to dance. She blushes and winks at you as they make their way to the dance floor. You decide it’s time for another drink and make your way back to the bar. You’ve see the team at random points in the night, either talking, playing pool, or drinking. After a another glass of whiskey, you make your way towards the ladies room in the hallway with the elevator. As you’re rounding the corner, you hear a couple voices whispering. You don’t recognize the first voice, but the second one hits you like a train. Ross. So you listen in closer.

  “What if you can’t get them to agree this time?” The first voice says.

  “I’ll just have to give Stark a little push again, then they’ll sign. They won’t have a choice this time,” Ross whispered.

  “How do you plan on doing that? Paying off another women to pretend her son died somewhere near Stark? I don’t think you’ll get that lucky again Ross.”

  Oh my God. Oh my god. The kid Tony thought was killed in Sokovia. The reason he pushed the accords so hard on the team. ROSS SET IT UP. You hear footsteps coming and panic. You continue walking, trying not to look suspicious. You say hello to all of them as you go into the women’s room.  How do I tell the team? What if I just heard it wrong? What are they trying to make the avengers agree to now? You try to breath and relax. After a couple minutes, you make your way back to the bar. As you walk up you see Tony, Sam, Steve and Bucky talking to Ross and his friends. Oh God. please don’t break out into a fist fight. Please.

  Steve and Sam start to walk away but Bucky turns back to the bar. You get closer, and as you do you hear one of  Ross’s friends (you think his name was Dan) speak to Bucky.

  “I didn’t know they let murderers come to parties Barnes. Tell me, what’s it like to be the disgusting criminal?” You hear Ross laugh and that did it.  OH fuck no. You move faster that you thought would be possible in your dress and put yourself between Bucky and Dan.

  “Oh I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?” You ask innocently.

 Dan just smirks and takes a step closer, “Yeah sweetheart, I was just wondering how a man like Barnes thinks he has a right to be here.”

  You step even closer to him and shove him. “A man like Barnes deserves to be here because he is an innocent, brave man. He was painted as a monster because of asswipes like you and your friends. The difference between you and Barnes is that he didn’t have control over the things he did. You, willingly, are a fucking murderer. So before you go and open your fucking mouth to speak against him, you’d better rethink it, because I won’t think twice about shoving my four inch heel up your ass if your next words aren’t an apology to James Buchanan Barnes.” You don’t realize how loud you voice was until you look around and see everyone staring at you. Dan looks at you with wide eyes, but still doesn’t say anything.

  “I’m not hearing an apology Dan.” You tap your shoe against the floor and cross your arms. You really want to look back at Bucky, but not until he gets an apology.

  Ross steps forward in front of Dan and you raise an eyebrow at him. “Miss Y/n, everyone is entitled to their opinions.You can’t call someone out because you don’t share their feelings. And you are in no position to make threats.” Wanna Bet?

  “Well Ross, why don’t you take your opinionated  friends and see yourself out. This is Bucky’s home, and he will not be disrespected in it. So either see yourself out, or I can have you thrown out. This is a home for heroes, not people with such low morals like you and your friends. Your choice, but I’d choose quickly. I’m not feeling very generous right now.” Now you look back at Bucky and see his eyes wide, and a hint of a smile on his lips. Behind him are Sam and Steve, ready to jump in if needed.

  Ross and his friends decide to show themselves out, and the party dies down after that. You feel bad for making it weird, but there was no way you are going to let someone talk like that to Bucky.   I need air. You walk past everyone, including the team, and head for the balcony. Tony grabs your arm and goes to say something but you wave him off. You get to the balcony and lean over the railing and take a deep breathe.  You are out there for a good five minutes before you hear the door opening.

  “You know, I’ve never seen a better view than what I’m seeing right now.” Of course Bucky would come find you.

  “You’d better be referring to the city and not my ass, Barnes.” You turn around and lean your back against the rail.

  “And if I was talking about both, Doll?” He smirks and comes to stand in front of you. You laugh and roll your eyes.

  “Well I’d have to agree with you then; the city is beautiful, and my ass does look pretty good in this dress.” Buck lets out a loud laugh and takes another step closer to you.

   “Thank you, for what you said in there. Thank you for not being afraid of me.“ He tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear. When did he get this close? I swear he wasn’t this close a second ago.

   You shyly look down “You’re welcome Bucky,” you say. “You deserve to be treated like a regular person. You may not be the same Bucky from the 40’s, but you aren’t the machine Hydra turned you into. You are you, a hero, a kind hearted and brave pain in the ass. But you aren’t a monster. People will see you how I do someday, even if it’s not right now. ” You are still looking at down, but you know bucky is smiling. You feel two cold finger under your chin, and let them guide you face back up to look at Bucky. He is even closer now, and he’s getting closer every second. He leans his head down, so his lips are hovering right above yours. This isn’t happening. Sam is going to kill me. But fuck it, please kiss me. You lean up a little more, and right as his lips are about to touch yours, Tony’s voice ruins it.

   “Barnes, I need a word with you.” Tony says quietly. Bucky pulls away from you looks at Tony.

   “Maybe next time, Barnes,” You whisper and glare at Tony. He rolls his eyes.

   “I’m here to apologize about what happened in there. Put the claws away, kitten.“ Bucky laughs and you start to walk away from them.

  "I think we’re going to keep that nickname, kitten.” You look back at Bucky as he says this and he winks at you. Are you kidding me?  You roll your eyes and walk inside and back to the team.  They are all sitting on the couch looking much more relaxed. The guys’ ties were all loosened and the girls’ heels are off. You plop next to Steve and he pulls you into a hug.

   “Thank you for standing up for him, y/n. Not a lot of people see him how we do.” You just nod and lean into Steve. The team starts talking and you space out. What about what I heard Ross say, about tricking Tony? When do I tell them ? What’s going to happen? Your thoughts get cut off by FRIDAY speaking.

   “Sir, Secretary Ross is requesting a meeting tomorrow, and would like everyone to be there.” Tomorrow, I have to tell them tomorrow. Looks like I’m crashing a government meeting. What could go wrong?

 @agentraven007, Thank you for helping xoxo

Placement call

2 year old girl. Legal risk.

Her file closes on Monday so we should know by next Friday.

She is our very first call with no big issues. Because we haven’t been chosen for kids with less applicants, I doubt we’ll be chosen for her.

I will say though, her face is almost identical to George’s. It took my breath away. It’d be crazy to end up with both of them, they would look like twins and they’re within months of the same age.

I need to let go of the idea that George might come back to us. Also, I should not get my hopes up for this girl. But one of these calls has to go through…right?

Like a Bump on the Head // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: angst, fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: minor injuries, fighting

Summary: Dan and Phil have a little fight about an incident involving their ten-year-old son, Winnie.

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okay so here’s some of my thoughts on big brother Percy 

  • For breakfast he always gets his blue pancakes and when his little sister saw them she just had to have purple ones
  • Percy acting like this is a big disgrace because she doesn’t want blue ones but by the third morning hes eating purple pancakes too
  • Him literally doing anything for this girl 
  • like he can not say no to her no matter what 
  • so you have Percy dressing in a princess outfit way to small for him drinking imaginary tea out of an equally as small cup with awful makeup, but the hugest smile on his face when he sees her smiling
  • Walking her to school and picking her up, piggy back rides on the way home 
  • Percy reading to her then giving up and making up these outrageous stories that are pretty similar to him and Annabeth’s quests, but their earlier quests 
  • Percabeth babysitting 
  • Percy’s little sister thinking Annabeth is the coolest person ever 
  • Her and Annabeth teaming up to take Percy down in every game 
  • until Percy promises her ice cream later then they team up to take Annabeth down
  • Sally looking at them and seeing how much Percy has grown and how gentle he is with her and then remembering the childhood that he had and knowing that he doesn’t want her to have any fraction of that 
  • His sister having nightmares and screaming in the middle of the night and Percy running into her room with riptide and trying to put it away as fast as he can before she sees it once he figures out that its not a monster
  • Her having another nightmare and running into Percy rooms screaming “I had a bad dream Percy” “I know, I know. I get them too.” Then her sleeping in his room to the point where they are practically sharing a room 
  • she sleeps between him and the wall where its the “safest” 
  • Once she started sleeping with Percy both of them rarely have nightmares 
  • Percy teaching her how to do the perfect baby seal face and her mastering it in minutes 
  • Sally noticing that Percy taught her that and going to “yell” at him but then he does the baby seal eyes with his little sister to get out of it
  • They really look nothing a like other than there dark hair since Percy looks like Poseidon and she would look like Sally and Paul but when they do that face they look almost identical 
  • Annabeth coming over one night and getting ready to get in bed with Percy when she looks over and sees that Percy’s little sister is in her spot 
  • Percy and his sister giving her the baby seal eyes 
  • “She get nightmares Annabeth, come on. This helps them. Helps me too.” 
  • Annabeth caving after three seconds 
  • They start the night with Percy in the middle and Annabeth on edge but somehow it ended up with Percy’s little sister between them with both of the putting an arm protectively around her
  • Percy and her watching The Little Mermaid and Moana because its their favorite and Percy doesn’t object  
  • Just Percy being the best big brother anybody can ask for and Sally just being so proud of him.
You’re It

Pairing: Peter Parker/Reader

Word Count: 3,674

Synopsis: You were Peter Parker’s childhood best friend and you begin to have flashbacks about the events that pulled the two of you apart. Peter later saves you as Spider-Man and worries that you know about his secret identity.

Warnings: This story is mostly about the death of Peter’s parents and uncle, so it could be upsetting. Also, hella angst.

A/N: I apologize in advance for how depressing this may be at first. I have multiple chapters already planned out for this fic and I promise it gets much happier and a lot fluffier! I took some parts from The Amazing Spider-Man’s storyline, but this fic is for Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker. The first half is from the reader’s perspective and the second is from Peter’s. I’m planning to post the following chapter next week. Hope you enjoy despite the tears this may cause you!

Tags: @thisisthelilith

Chapter Two  Chapter Three

Reader’s POV

You stared at the tall brunette boy as he shuffled his books around in his locker, bobbing his head to whatever music he was listening to through his headphones. You closed your eyes and inhaled sharply, trying to find the nerve to approach him. When you opened your eyes again, you saw him the way you did when you knew him all those years ago: a small, fragile, eight-year-old boy with glasses too big for his face.

“Peter! You’re supposed to chase me now!” You yelled as you ran around the park in front of your adjacent townhouses, trying to get Peter Parker to play tag with you. He had his head hidden behind a rather large book, his oversized glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose.

“I don’t want to play anymore,” he said with his stubborn, childlike voice.

You huffed and rolled your eyes, standing in front of him for a moment before deciding to sit next to him to see what he was reading. You gave up when you realized that you had no idea what the book was about.

“Petey, how do you read this stuff? Do you even understand it?” you asked, trying to pull the book away from him.

“Yes I do,” he said indignantly, pulling it back. You could tell by the way he furrowed his eyebrows and pushed his glasses back up that he, in fact, had no idea what he was reading. 

You chuckled and crossed your arms.

“You stole that from your dad’s library, didn’t you?”

He slowly covered his face with the book, trying to ignore you. That was the only answer you needed. You knew how much he wanted to be like his father.

You pulled the book out of his grip again, this time running away before he could grab onto it.

“Hey!” he yelled, finally chasing you the way you wanted him to.

You remembered this day often, wondering if the way you teased him was what drove him away from you. But, no, you distinctly remember the both of you collapsing in uncontrollable laughter when he caught you and tackled you to the ground. The end of your friendship was about the awful thing that happened next.

Peter’s Aunt May and Uncle Ben had been babysitting all day as his parents were away on some kind of business. Both of your parents were always away doing something. You were both too young to understand why, but old enough to understand that it was unusual to have parents that were never around. May and Ben were like your second set of parents, and you loved them like they were your own family. You and Peter continued to giggle until you heard a wail inside his house. You both sat up quickly with wide, frightened eyes. You could make out May crying through the front window with Ben’s arms wrapped tightly around her. You glanced at Peter, whose face had gone completely white. You didn’t know what to do, so you stood up and reached out to grab his tiny hand. He swallowed hard and let you pull him off of the ground. You both watched as Ben’s figure disappeared from the window and May crumbled. Ben opened the door and walked towards you, his figure growing bigger and bigger as he got closer. You were helpless as he took you inside and sat you both on the couch across from a hysterical May. He tried to get you to sit in the kitchen so you wouldn’t have to hear the news from them, but you refused to leave Peter’s side. He kneeled in front of you both and told you the terrible news that Peter’s parents had died in a plane crash. All you wanted to do was throw your arms around Peter and never let him go, but you were so stunned that you could barely move, so you silently grabbed his hand instead. All he did was stare at the floor.

Peter’s parents’ funeral was the first you had ever been to. You were so young and confused, but you knew that Peter was hurting. You looked at him as he watched the two coffins lowering into the ground. You reached for his hand once again, and he took it without saying a word. That was the last time you held his hand.

Things were different for you two after that. Just when you started to break through his shell, he built it back up again to hide the pain of losing his parents. It was hard for you to figure out how to treat someone who had gone through something so terrible. After the funeral, he moved away to live with Ben and May, and it was even harder knowing that the window across from your bedroom was now occupied by a complete stranger. You missed your best friend, and whenever you got to see him you exuded complete joy. But he just got quieter. As you got older, you saw him less and less until you finally just stopped trying.

You saw Peter at school over the years, but barely spoke to him. You just watched him as he grew and changed. You were relieved that he seemed to be doing better, but you were also devastated that he was doing better without you. Things continued this way through elementary and middle school. You accepted that your friendship was over long ago, but still wondered what would have happened if you never stopped talking. You were both in high school now, completely different from the children you used to be. About a year ago, you were sitting in homeroom when you noticed that Peter’s seat was empty. This concerned you, since he had a near perfect attendance record. You heard whispering around you and made out Peter’s name. You both kept to yourselves most of the time, so you were a little surprised that people were gossiping about him.

“I-I’m sorry,” You asked a classmate shyly, “Were you just talking about Peter Parker? Do you know where he is?”

“Yeah, apparently his uncle died. Isn’t that sad?” Your classmate said insincerely.

You instantly felt blood rush to your ears and your head was beginning to get that familiar feeling of fuzziness.

“Yeah,” you mumbled, feeling like half of a human being. “So sad.”

You raised your hand and asked to go to the bathroom where you sobbed silently into your hands, fighting the panic attack that was trying to control your body.

You went to the funeral with your parents. While they thought of their appearance as an obligation, you just wanted to be there for Peter, even if he didn’t need you. Peter was staring at the coffin that held his uncle with a blank face. It was an almost identical scene to the one you remembered vividly from your childhood. Only this time, you were not by his side. You wanted desperately to hold his hand once more, but knew that you couldn’t. You felt more helpless than you had as the child who didn’t understand death.

After the funeral, people were going up to Peter and May and offering them hugs and condolences. You wanted to approach them and say something meaningful and comforting, but you knew you couldn’t hold yourself together long enough do so. You also didn’t want your first conversation with them in years to be here. Something seemed so insincere about it. You didn’t want them to think you just felt obligated to be there like your parents. You stood off to the side and stared at them, overthinking yourself into oblivion. Eventually, your parents found their way back to you and took you home. You regretted not speaking to Peter as soon as you got into the car. You held in your tears until you dragged yourself up to your bedroom and slumped down onto your bed. You cried yourself to sleep that night, tossing and turning and having strange incomprehensible dreams. 

Since that horrible day, you began to worry about Peter again. It seemed like he had once again become the empty shell he was after he lost his parents. However, this time was worse. You knew that he and May had moved into a smaller, more affordable apartment in Queens and you were worried about how he was handling it. Now he showed up late to class (if he even showed up at all) and he often had bruises on his face. It got so bad that you almost said something to him or May, but you still couldn’t find the courage to speak to either of them.

That was eight months ago. And now, here you were, still thinking too much about a boy that probably didn’t even remember you.

You blinked the memory away and focused back on reality. The small boy with glasses was gone. You didn’t want to admit to yourself that you might not even know the person in front of you anymore. You were still zoned out when the slam of Peter’s locker brought you back to reality. You tried not to stare as he rushed past you, but you couldn’t help it. He caught your gaze and gave you a sheepish smile. You quickly averted your eyes and clutched your textbook against your chest, rushing off in the opposite direction. You wondered again if he ever thought about you, or even remembered the time you spent together as children. You quickly shook the idea from your brain when you started to blush.

The walk home was longer than ever. All you did was try and fail to block any thoughts of Peter. You were so distracted that you didn’t even see the mugger rushing for your bag.

“Hey!” you yelled helplessly as he ran away from you. “That was…mine.”

Of course. Why not get mugged when you were already feeling your worst? What else did you expect?

You were about to give up and walk all the way home when you saw a blue and red figure swinging from the top of a building. He knocked your attacker to the ground swiftly.

You couldn’t believe it. Spider-Man was actually here to rescue you. You couldn’t do anything except stare in awe as he webbed the mugger to the ground and retrieved your bag. He swung over to you and you took it from his hand, brushing fingertips. You stared at his masked face, feeling like something familiar was just behind it.

“Thank you,” you said so quietly that it sounded like a whisper. “How did you…I mean…out of everyone in the city, how did you find me?”

“Let’s just say I was swinging through the neighborhood,” he said in a way that exuded confidence. “Do me a favor and try to pay attention next time?”

You tilted your head and nodded, studying him. What was so familiar about him? And how did he know that you weren’t paying attention? Had he been watching you?

He must have felt your inquisition because he shot his webbing at an adjacent building and swung away before you could ask another question.

“Thank you?” you shouted, but he was out of view before you could even fully get the words out.

You puzzled all the way home and up to your bedroom before a strange thought finally entered your head. What if Spider-Man was actually somebody you knew? An old friend, maybe? You thought again about how familiar he felt to you, and how you had only known a few people that intimately in your life. Then it hit you like a train. You had absolutely zero evidence and only your intuition to go off of, but you were 100% certain that Spider-Man had to be your old friend Peter Parker. There was no doubt in your mind whatsoever.

But what did that mean? You supposed that would explain the mysterious bruises and his many absences. But why had he been following you home? You wondered once again if he thought about you the way you thought about him. You began to blush as you had the embarrassing thought that maybe he had noticed you standing on the sidelines of his life, waiting for him to let you back in again. You covered your face with your pillow and decided to stop thinking about it before your brain exploded. But of course, that only lasted for a few minutes before you started to think of a way to approach him at school the next day and interrogate him about his alter ego.

Peter’s POV

Peter had undeniably had a rough couple of months. But things had been looking up lately.

When Tony Stark showed up at his house asking him to fight in Germany, his life turned around completely. He finally felt like he found his place in the world. Spider-Man had been around months before Stark showed up on his living room couch, but with his new suit and reaffirmation of his talents from the Avengers, he felt unstoppable.

He had pretty much settled into a comfortable routine: first school, then patrolling New York City for crime, then home to finish his homework and eat dinner with Aunt May. He was keeping up a surprisingly low profile as Spider-Man, and he was happy that nobody was yet asking who was under the mask. However, he was flying lower under the radar at school than he liked. He barely even spoke to anybody. When his Uncle Ben died, he just became completely silent. He wanted to make friends, but he had no idea how to. More specifically, he wanted to be friends with you.

Every single day, he watched you reading under the giant tree in the school’s courtyard. Last week you were reading Great Expectations, and this week he noticed that you were reading The Great Gatsby. He nearly laughed to himself when he realized that you probably had an entire library of classic novels in your bedroom that you had sorted alphabetically. He wondered how many books it took you to get to the ‘G’s. He desperately wanted to know when you discovered that you loved to read, and he wished he could have been there when you read your first favorite book.

You two used to be so close, but when his parents died, everything changed. He regretted the way he treated you afterwards, but when he lost them, all he wanted was to be left alone. He didn’t know that when he pushed you away you would be gone from his life forever. He tried to gather the courage to talk to you many times over the years, but he could never make himself do it. Then when he became Spider-Man and Ben died shortly after, he withdrew from the world again. It was only recently that he decided he would try to reconnect with you once more.

He was sitting in the courtyard again, watching you read your copy of The Great Gatsby. He pulled out his camera and snapped a quick picture. He felt incredibly creepy, but he couldn’t help it. You looked so peaceful and beautiful. He decided that was enough stalker-ish behavior for one day and got up to go to his locker, popping in his headphones.

He switched out his books, getting the ones he needed to complete his homework for the night. He shoved them in his backpack and slammed the door, carelessly bobbing his head to his music. Nobody noticed him at school anyways. At least, that’s what he thought.

When he looked up, he noticed you standing next to a row of lockers, staring at him. This was his chance. He gathered the nerve to approach you and put on a smile as he locked eyes with you. But as soon as you saw that he noticed you looking, you put your head down and walked away as fast as you could. He stopped, staring at your back as you disappeared down the hall.

What did I do wrong?’ He puzzled. ‘Is she still mad at me for pushing her away?’

He couldn’t let you go this time. Not when he was so close to talking to you again. So he followed you out of the school, trying to catch up to you. He probably could have caught up to you pretty quickly if he had tried harder, but he was still fighting his nerves. He followed you for a couple of blocks until he noticed that you were walking right into a dangerous situation. He didn’t know what was on your mind, but he could tell you weren’t paying attention. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. This didn’t look good. He knew what he had to do.

He ran into an alley and pulled his Spider-Man suit out of his backpack, dumping all of his books out so he could get to it. He hadn’t quite mastered the quick-change skill that most superheroes possessed, but he was definitely much better at it. He pulled the suit up over his clothes and put his mask on. He was in and out of the alleyway in less than a minute, just in time to save the day.

He shot his web-shooter to the building across the street and swung straight into your mugger, knocking him to the ground. He webbed him to the pavement and retrieved your bag. It was almost too easy.

“Looks like you messed with the wrong girl,” he said smugly to the man’s unconscious body.

He swung over to you and handed you your bag. You brushed fingers, which made him blush instantly. He was glad that you couldn’t actually see how nervous he was behind his mask.

“Thank you,” you said meekly. “How did you…I mean…out of everyone in the city, how did you find me?”

‘Okay, say something witty. Girls like witty,’ he thought.

“Let’s just say I was swinging through the neighborhood,” he said with his best suave voice. “Do me a favor and try to pay attention next time?”

‘Nailed it.’

You were giving him a strange look. His palms were beginning to sweat. Had you recognized him? He had never had anybody look at him that way before. If anything, people just fangirled and asked for an autograph. Nobody ever seemed to care about the person behind the mask. But you were different.

In a state of panic, Peter shot his web at the building across the street and swung away as fast as he could. He left so quickly that he could barely hear you shouting thank you in confusion. When he knew he was out of your sight, he climbed up to a rooftop and took off his mask, pushing back his hair.

That was a close one,’ he thought.

He waited until he heard police sirens coming down the street to swing back down to an alleyway to remove his suit and shove it into his backpack. He watched from around the corner as a couple of police officers tried to pry the webbing off of your mugger and shove his unconscious body into the car. He chuckled to himself, wondering what the officers were thinking. They had to be used to this routine by now. He waited until they left and popped in his ear buds, starting his long journey home. You were walking a little out of his way when he chased after you, but he didn’t mind. He was glad that he could be there to help you. However, he was a little worried that helping you had revealed his secret identity.

One touch couldn’t have done that, though. Right?

He rode the subway back to Queens, thinking about you the entire time. Usually he would go patrolling for criminals now, but he was too distracted. So instead he went home to Aunt May.

“You’re home early,” she said as he walked through the front door. She was sitting at the kitchen counter doing some kind of work. Peter honestly didn’t know what it was that she did for a living. All he knew was that she hated it.

He removed his ear buds and opened the fridge, looking for a can of soda.

“Yeah, uh, the debate team rescheduled their yearbook photo for tomorrow.”

This wasn’t entirely a lie. They had rescheduled, but that was obviously not the whole reason why he was home early. Being Spider-Man took up way more time than the yearbook committee. Since this was only a partial lie and not a full-blown lie, Peter sold it pretty well. Aunt May nodded and went back to doing her work. He couldn’t believe he had actually gotten away with it. He left the kitchen quickly before she could ask him any more questions. He might as well quit while he was ahead.

He flopped down on his twin bed, trying not to spill the can of Coca-Cola he opened. Looking around the small room, he sighed and shook his head. He really hated this room. As far as he was concerned, this wasn’t home. His home was ripped away from him the second Uncle Ben died. He placed the can of soda on his nightstand, pulled his camera from his bag, and began to look through his photos. He felt his face getting hot when he realized he still had the picture of you reading on it. He thought to keep it, but reluctantly decided to delete it. He sighed again and flopped back on his bed, closing his eyes. He wanted to ask you about your ordeal with Spider-Man the next day, but he knew it would probably be best to avoid you. If you hadn’t recognized him, then he didn’t want to risk it.

He covered his face with his pillow and tried not to think too hard about you. His brain was already starting to hurt and he still had a full night of calculus homework ahead of him.

catmilla-hollstein  asked:

31. Hollstein

Sorry this took me so long, the fic took an unexpected turn into bittersweet territory and I wanted to get it right. Special shout out to @monicaoakwood for the help!

31. “Stop it, you’re embarrassing me.”

Carmilla fidgeted uncomfortably on the sofa. She felt odd sitting here alone, in the living room of Laura’s childhood home. At least meeting Laura’s father went well. Carmilla had been nervous all week in anticipation, knowing that Dan Hollis was quite intimidating and overprotective of his daughter, but the two hit it off immediately. He was so much like Laura, it was hilarious. She now knew exactly where Laura got her quirky personality and mannerisms.

Dan had called Laura into the kitchen to help with dinner a few minutes ago, and despite Carmilla’s offers to help out, Laura had insisted that her girlfriend wait in the living room and “make herself comfortable” because “she’s the guest.” So, Carmilla remained in the unfamiliar living room, waiting for her girlfriend to return.

Her eyes began to wander, taking in every detail. Evidence of Laura’s presence was strong here; it was easy to imagine a younger Laura running around the house in Batman pajamas or eagerly watching cartoons, sitting as close to the TV as possible. Those mental images brought a smile to her face.

Suddenly, a framed photograph on the other side of the room caught her attention. Carmilla stood and made her way over to the end table where it had been placed. Now that she was closer, she could see the image more clearly.

There were two people in the photo. Carmilla’s eyes were immediately drawn to the woman on the left side of the photo. Her light brown hair was being tousled by a gentle breeze, and she was staring at the camera with bright eyes and a warm smile. She was absolutely stunning.

Carmilla was truly intrigued, though, when she glanced over at the young girl in the photo. Her tiny arms were wrapped around the woman’s neck, and her face was stretched into an expression almost identical to the other woman’s. She was sporting a big, toothy grin, and the the sunlight hit her big brown eyes in such a way that they appeared to be glowing.

Carmilla would recognize those eyes anywhere.

She picked up the framed photograph, gently tracing her fingertips against the glass. So the older woman must be Laura’s mother.

“Hey, Carm, dinner’s ready! My dad told me to tell you that we…oh.” Laura lost her train of thought as she noticed what Carmilla was holding in one hand.

Carmilla had so many things she wanted to ask Laura about her mom. It wasn’t a subject Laura talked about often, and Carmilla never wanted to pry at something so personal, so she always gave Laura the space she needed. But now that she knew what the woman looked like, she was especially eager to learn more about her.

Despite her curiosity, Carmilla didn’t say a word. Instead, she and Laura both stared silently at the photo for a moment, then Laura reached over to hold Carmilla’s free hand and intertwined their fingers.

Finally, Carmilla broke the silence.

“She was beautiful.”

Laura nodded.

“And she looks just like you.”

“I wish you could have met her, Carm. She would have loved you,” Laura whispered back.

Carmilla was overwhelmed with emotion over the fact that Laura was finally opening up to her about her mother. She leaned over to place a kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek.

Just then, Dan walked into the room.

“I thought I told you girls to get ready for dinner! It’s getting cold,” he said. “Ah, I see you’ve found my favorite photo of Laura and her mom! I’ve got a whole album of Laura’s adorable baby pictures upstairs. How about I bring them down after dessert?”

“Dad,” Laura said, annoyed.

“I’ve got this adorable photo of baby Laura in the bathtub, and a picture from when she got her braces, and another one from that time she—”

“Stop it, you’re embarrassing me!” Laura whined.

Carmilla set the photo back down onto the table and followed Laura and her father into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but laugh as Dan continued to list as many embarrassing stories as he could while Laura tried with all her might to make him change the subject.

Later that night, after flipping through page after page of photos and listening to Dan further embarrass his daughter in front of her girlfriend, Carmilla found herself alone in the living room again. Laura had excused herself to take a shower while Dan returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes, once again refusing to let Carmilla help clean up. Naturally, she returned to the photo of Laura and her mother. There was just something about the image that was so enthralling to Carmilla.

She spent a few moments taking in every detail of the framed photograph, but looked up as she heard footsteps entering the living room. Dan Hollis stood in the doorstep, smiling.

“She really was a great mother,” he said. “Always so much put passion and love into everything she did. And now I see so much of her in my daughter. Sometimes it scares me how similar they look.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Carmilla replied, smiling.

“I saw a change in Laura when we lost her mother. She doesn’t like to talk about it much, but the loss hit her really hard. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her this happy, and I know it’s because of you.”

“It’s been a long time since I felt this happy too,” Carmilla admitted. “Thank you for inviting me to stay here. It’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

“She loves you so much, Carmilla. I can tell in the way she looks at you with so much adoration. It’s the same look her mother used to give me.”

That left Carmilla absolutely speechless. She was barely able to choke out a response before Dan wrapped her up in a huge bear hug. “I love her too, you know,” Carmilla whispered.

“Good,” Dan said as he released her from his grip. “Because you two were meant for each other, and I think my wife would agree. Good night, Carmilla.”

“Good night, Mr. Hollis.”

“Please, Call me Dan.”

“Good night, Dan.”

Carmilla rounded the corner and climbed the stairs to the second floor where Laura was waiting for her in in her room. For the first time in a long time, she truly felt like she was home.

Rhaegar’s Sister-Wife...

((For @vitalanidragonbane who said “Could you do a one shot where the reader is the twin of Rhaegar and he’s madly (lol) in love with the reader and the reader basically prevents the Rebellion because to Rhaegar nobody could replace his beautiful Targaryen twin and he could love no other beside his sister queen/wife, also so you don’t get in trouble I saw this imagine somewhere else, there wasn’t a one shot on it. So like where it’s the wedding and bedding.”))

(So, firstly to whomever who did the gif request or whatever this was originally I hope you don’t mind that I turned this into a one shot. Here’s your request after nearly two months of waiting…I’m sorry for that…I hope you like this. This takes place in 275 a.c. two years before the Difiance of Duskendale which is the point of “no return” for the Mad King where all hopes of him over coming his madness was lost. It is also a year before Viserys was born.))

((Word Count: 2,069))

((Warning: Incest, Smut at the end))

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Mileven at the Snow Ball (Big Fic)

By Strangerthingsaus

(disclaimer: I never write stories, I know nothing about how to do this, please forgive me)

Mike looked at his watch to see 5:34pm on the screen. He was sitting at home on the couch, his knee jumping up and down quickly from nerves. This was it, the night he hoped for and dreamed of for months. His suit felt like it was suffocating him as his nerves kept growing the more the minutes went by. He looked over to see his father on his La-Z-boy passed out with the newspaper on his chest. That’s all his dad ever seemed to do lately, just sleep and ignore all that had happened to the boys and especially El. He looked back down at his watch, 5:37pm. Three minutes left.

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falling asleep on a stranger

It’s not like it’s something Dan thinks about.

Maybe he should think about it, really. There are probably hundreds of innocent children who have heard Dan mutter ‘fuck me’ under his breath when his phone resets, or when the bus is running late, or when he walks into a bush whilst texting and have turned to their parents and asked, “Mummy, what does ‘fuck me’ mean? That man just said it.”.

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BTS Reaction when they find out that they look like your ex

Anon Requested:  Can u write a BTS reaction when the boys find out that they look like your ex-boyfriend? ♡☆ Thank uu ♡♡

I hope you liked this! Reaction requests are currently closed but feel free to request something else :)

Jungkook: Jungkook would find out that he looked like your ex way before you two even started dating, he’d be scrolling down on your instagram account when he saw a picture of you and somebody who he had actually mistook as himself, you and your ex were standing in front of what looked like to be a lake. You were in your bikini and he was just in a pair of board shorts. Jungkook was actually very confused by the picture because he couldn’t deny that your ex looked very similar to him. The way his hair was styled all the way to how much taller he was to you. Jungkook didn’t think too much into it because he just assumed that guys like him were your ‘type’ so to say but he still couldn’t wave off the confusion from how your ex resembled him so much. 

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Taehyung: Taehyung couldn’t help but feel a bit weirded out when he saw a picture of your ex. It was a picture on your wall when he first came to your apartment, it was you, him and a group of friends together at a gold course, it looked like it was a big group date. Taehyung took the picture down from your wall so he could examine his doppleganger closer. Though, him and your ex didn’t have the same colored hair anymore but the features were still very similar. His hair was the obvious platinum blonde that he had once had, his smile was nearly the same, his height seemed to be the same and even his build. He pinned the picture back on the wall as he just felt a bit creeped out at how alike your ex was to him. He wouldn’t mention it straight away but he’d coincidentally look at the picture and make a comment how this one boy looks like him.

Jimin: Jimin would be confused when seeing the picture you showed him of your ex, he wasn’t confused on why you showed him the picture but more confused on how comparable the two of them were. The black hair, the facial structure, the height, the only think fairly different of the two was the physicality of the body. Jimin had a lot more muscles than your ex but still he couldn’t help but wonder why that was. He figured this was just the type of guys you liked but he couldn’t shake off just how alike they both looked.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

JHope: Before you and Hoseok even started dating he had decided to do some snooping, he didn’t go through your phone or anything but did dig through your social media. You had never really deleted any pictures off of your accounts so when coming upon an old album of you and your ex Hoseok literally froze at seeing him. They looked almost identical. The face looked the same, they were both pretty tall and Hoseok even found out that your ex danced as well. Seeing all this made him so much more suspicious than he had already been, he’d wonder if you purposefully looked for guys who looked like your ex because you really weren’t over him.  

Rap Monster: Namjoon would be absolutely shocked when you showed him a picture of your ex, he’d be even more shocked at the fact that you two were still friends. He’d see himself in that picture more than your ex, they both had the same build, same face it looked like, the only thing that seemed to be different was the hair. He’d look from the picture on the phone then back at you who seemed to not notice the expression on his face. He’d keep quiet about it though, he didn’t want to think that if your ex looked so much like him that you really weren’t over him and Namjoon really couldn’t handle that.

Suga: He’d be very hurt once he found out how much your ex resembled him or more like how much he resembled your ex. He’d confront you about this head on, he didn’t have time to dwell alone in secret. He’d ask who he was because even at first glance you thought it was your boyfriend, when you almost said “It’s you.” Yoongi just got more upset with the situation. Words would just be spilling out of his mouth, he’d let all his feelings of the situation out. He’d mention things of “Are you really over him?” “Was I just the replacement?” he’d even say things about how you didn’t really love him and that he was just the updated version of your ex. You’d be dumbfounded at all his words, you didn’t think it was such a big deal that they looked a like but apparently Yoongi had a bigger problem with it.

Originally posted by sugutie

Jin: Jin would be completely shocked at seeing your ex boyfriend, he’d have to make a double take at the photo that was left lying on your desk. It was a photo of you and your ex but it was from when you both were in high school, high school graduation to be exact. You were in a white gown while he was in a light blue one. Jin couldn’t really tell if the body of your ex looked like his but the face was almost dead on. He couldn’t believe that he looked so much like your ex, the cheek bones, lips all the way to his eyes looked the same. He knew your ex was probably the same height as he was just by the way he was towering over you. The shock would never really leave Jin until you came into your room, he would snap his head to you and throw on a smile as you walked over to him with a large bowl of popcorn.

laneyloooo  asked:

I was wondering if you could do a fic where dean has a daughter (it's not impossible he's had enough one night stands for it to be probable) and they take her back to the bunker and are like "this is-" and she's like "mr. Novak?" and everyone is confused and it turns out that the novaks helped out her mother and her when she was younger before he disappeared and she was friends with claire and has read the supernatural books and when they reveal he's cas she showers him with compliments and yeah

    Dean and Cas had gradually happened. It wasn’t all at once - which was obvious to anyone watching - but rather like a slow, rolling ball that just kept collecting love on the roll down the hill. There wasn’t a need to say it out loud often, because they just… knew. The angel and hunter had an understanding between each other - between the long glances, between the short hugs - that never was breathed out loud. Honestly, Sam probably knew that Dean was in love before Dean knew. 

Now that Dean’s realized it, things are relaxed. There’s a little ‘babe’ that slips out now and then. Cas doesn’t try to hide his glare anymore when a woman approaches Dean. The two spend long nights where Dean can’t sleep and they sit close, arms pressed together and legs stretched, whispering about their days and laughing as they make their way through Dean’s favorite sitcoms. Cas secretly hates Doctor Sexy - the show is so god damn bland and the doctor really, really gets under his skin - but he watches it anyway, just to see the corners of Dean’s lips pull up when a cheesy joke is made. 

No, there was never an official label, or an official “I love you”, but it was just understood. 

So that’s why, when Dean went out on a hunt with Sam and brought back a young girl, Cas was hurt. 

Another witch case - black magic, bad stuff. This coven wasn’t playing with the Little League anymore. 

When they crashed the barn where the coven was, the last thing Dean expected to see was his own eyes peering back at him. His freckles on someone else’s face - his hair grown out and a little messy. His bow legs turned in and his stubborn personality being spouted out of his own soft, pink lips. But there she was - just like Dean, wrapped into a beautiful young woman. 

Sam didn’t notice at first. He was going to capture her. Thoughts raced through his mind, and the most loud, pounding one was that this girl shouldn’t be scared. The thought of him frightening her was a burning stab right in his core. The ache in Dean’s chest was unreal - it was like protecting his soul as he shouted for Sam to stop. His brother halted the chanting, stopped walking towards her, and his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. He stared at Dean, expecting an answer. 

“Don’t… don’t hurt her. Please.” 

The whole coven was running now, except for a few who stayed behind - the truly brave (or truly stupid). 

One of the witches left behind gestured towards the girl. “Anna, let’s go.” 

She stood, staring coldly at the man in front of her in the eyes. “Why should we have to go? This is our place. They go.” 

“Anna’s your name, yeah?” Dean spoke softly, taking a step forward. “What are you doing? You’re what… thirteen, fourteen?” 

“Sixteen,” she retorted, disgusted with his interest. “Not that it’s any of your business.” 

And that - that sentence - was all it took to snap Dean back nearly seventeen years, standing in front of a tall blonde who went by Stacy. Dean had asked her name - which resulted in the answer “Stacy - not that it’s any of your business.” 

Now, standing in front of her, Dean could see pieces of Stacy poking out. Her high cheekbones, her thin figure, her stubby eyelashes. 

“Stacy,” Dean breathed, taken aback. 

“What did you just say?” She was fuming that the hunter knew her mother’s name - what had he done to her? 

“You… your mom is Stacy, isn’t she?” 

Sam put his hands completely down, turning towards Dean. 

“Kill him!” 

“WAIT,” Dean cries, trying not to escalate the situation. “Your dad, do you know him?” 

“Why the fuck do you care?” 

“Because I think I’m him.” 

Sam face reads complete disbelief as he glances between the two, realizing that the faces are almost identical. 

“What? No, he didn’t know my mom. It was a one-time thing.” 

“I know, believe me. My name is Dean.” 

“Dean?” she whispered, barely below her breath. “My name is Deanna… after my father.” 

“Listen, do you want to come with us? Grab a bite to eat or something?” 

“Why should I trust you?” 

“I can’t tell you why you should, other than that I’m a good guy and I really want to get to know you. Where is your mom? I could call her, I’m sure she’d remember me.” 

Anna stared at him a moment, completely quiet. “Okay, I’ll go.” 

“What?! He’s lying! Don’t go!” The two remaining witches are freaking out. 

“It’s my choice.” 

But then, Dean and Sam begin to choke. “Stop it!” They don’t stop, despite Anna’s protest. She looks down at Dean, squeezes her eyes shut, and mutters something. The witches fall to the ground and the boys catch their breath in their burning lungs. 

“Did you knock them out?” 

“No,” she says, and she begins walking - fast. “We need to go now.” 

Sam and Dean exchange glances. “Dude, are you sure you want to do this?” Sam asks. 


And that’s how Anna ended up in the back of the car, laughing at the coincidence of names between her and her paternal grandmother - and that’s how they end up talking about how Anna got into trouble, how she practiced witchcraft after her mother passed because she had no where else to go. The coven took her in when she was thirteen. 

She also mentions how her favorite books growing up were the Supernatural books. Sam and Dean are quiet for a moment before the younger brother bursts out laughing. “What?” She whines. “You don’t like them? Because I gotta say, Dean and an Impala? You’re practically living in the stories.” 

“My name is Sam,” he chuckled. 

“No way. No way there is that many coincidences in your life between you two and the books.” 

“For God’s sake, Anna, you were in a coven. You know what’s out there. Put two and two together.” 

She thinks hard and long for a moment. “I… what?” 

“The books are about us,” Dean finally says, not amused. “Hate those things.” 



She sits back, totally quiet. “So - so the angels, and God - that’s…” 


Completely astounded, she starts asking a million questions. 

“You have plenty of time for my dad stories, okay?” 

Finally, they get back to the bunker. Cas is reading and sipping on tea - something that Sam suggested to him so he’d relax - and he hears footsteps outside. His heart skips in the little pattern that only happens when he knows he’s about to be with Dean. 

“No way,” Anna says, totally quiet. “It’s real?” 

“Totally real.” 

The door opens, and Cas stands up, ready to greet his boys. Instead, he sees a mess of blonde locks step through the door. His heart breaks a little bit. He had misunderstood, of course - how stupid of him to think Dean could return his feelings - he was just being friends with him, not the other way around, and, oh god, thank god Cas hadn’t made his move… 


His heart leaped again, jumping in wild circles and dropping to his stomach, and he hated himself for it. He wanted to cut it out of his chest. 

“This is Deanna.” 

The girl turns around, and Dean’s eyes are peering at him. They’re a little different, in a way Cas can’t quite put his finger on it, but they’re that unmistakable green forest that Cas had never found in anyone else’s eyes. And suddenly, maybe the world isn’t so bad, he thinks, as the sinking feeling eases up and lets go of the death grip it had on his throat. 

“Mr. Novak?” Anna asks, carefully coming down the stairs to greet him.

“Jimmy Novak was my vessel. I am Castiel.” 

“Oh,” she said quietly, clearly a little bit disappointed. 

“You knew Jimmy?” Dean asks. He’s genuinely curious, hungry for knowledge. The girl sitting in front of him is… well, half of him. 

“Yeah, yeah. When I was young, my mom couldn’t afford a lot, and my friend Claire invited me to attend church with her. Once we got there, Mr. Novak - uhm, he was Claire’s dad - he, uh, he could tell we didn’t have a lot, and so he helped my mom out for a while. He became a dear friend of ours.” 

“That sounds like something Jimmy would have done,” Cas says quietly. 

“So - so can Jimmy - is he in there?” 

“I’m afraid not.” Anna’s face looked sad. “He’s in heaven, though.” 

“If there was anyone who deserved to go there, it would’ve been him,” she smiled. “And you’re… wait, you’re really Cas? From the books?” 

“Well, yes.” 

“Oh my god,” she said quietly. “I love you.” 

Cas was taken aback, never having heard the words. “Thank you.” 

Most people would take ‘thank you’ as a poor answer to an ‘I love you’, but Anna knew from the five shades of red that covered his face, and from the look in his eyes - he meant it, he was grateful. 

And, that first day, that was about all the interaction they had. However, everyone noticed that Anna was Cas’ little shadow. When they ate dinner, she took the same things as him, and she refused the same things he did. When they went to get pajamas for Anna, and Cas suggested the ugliest pair of pajamas that the boys had ever seen - Anna smiled and told him they were perfect. When Cas watched a show, Anna plopped down in front of him to watch, too. Suddenly, Dean’s late night arm cuddles were accompanied by his daughter’s laughter and equally cheesy jokes. 

In the following days, Anna brought Cas gifts - small pine cones she found that ‘looked interesting’, a plate of pancakes she made for him, small flowers that she tucked into his hair. Cas let her make flower chains and braids in his hair, and he kept them there all day. He put the pine cones on display on a shelf in Dean’s room that belonged to him. They shared the pancakes. 

Cas had never been treated so kindly. Everything he did was complimented - “That’s a great show!” “I like your tie today.” :Your eyes are gorgeous!” “Wow! You have really great taste.” 

And every time, Cas’ cheeks would turn bright red and he would fumble for words. “I - I, just, uhm - thank - thank you, you also have nice… nice preferences.” 

Cas wasn’t used to being admired. He had been told over and over that he was useless, expendable. So when he became a father figure to the small girl, Cas was flustered all of the time. He got especially flustered when Anna would tell him “love you” so casually - “goodnight, Cas, love you” or “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, love you.” He felt showered with attention. 

At first, it made Cas uncomfortable. The amount of affection jarred him. However, pretty soon, Cas became a little more used to his fumbling about and her compliments - so used to it that he started giving again, too. 

When he walked through the kitchen door one morning, Anna told him how heavenly his pancakes tasted. The next time Dean passed by, Cas told him how lovely he smelled. And when Sam sat beside him that night, Cas didn’t hesitate to tell him how smart he was. 

Still, any time anyone gave Cas affection, it made him turn bright red and fall over his own words - but giving became easier and easier for him. He started looking in mirrors differently, and instead of seeing a tired, broken angel, he saw himself as a hero, as a strong provider, as the man with the “beautiful ocean eyes”, as Anna had put it. 

Dean loved to watch the two together. Anna adored Cas, and Cas protected her fiercely. 

One time, when they were at a restaurant, a man walked up to Anna. He was middle aged. “Hey, you like to play?” He gestured at her violin case. 

“Yeah,” she answered. 

“I’ve got a studio at my place. Want to come check it out? I could hook you up with the business.” 

“I’m only sixteen,” Anna answered him. 

“No problem. Let’s go.” 

Before she could answer, Cas wrapped an arm around her. “She doesn’t want to go.” 

“Oh, come on, what are you, her dad?” 


“Then you don’t get to speak for her.” 

“She isn’t going with you.” 

The man picked up Anna’s violin. “Come on, gorgeous. My car is just outside.” 

“Put down her violin. Now.” 

But he didn’t put it down, and instead, he put his hand on Anna’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “Come on, baby, don’t listen to this loser.” 

Dean came back from the restroom just in time to see Cas’ fist land squarely on the guy’s nose. He can’t say he wasn’t thankful for what the angel did, but he didn’t tell anybody that. 


“Hey dad?” 

Dean stopped what he was doing, shocked to hear the word ‘dad’ coming from her mouth. “Yeah?” 

“Why don’t you tell Cas that you love him?”