their eyes were gonna blink and the ring would shine a bit

Hooked on a Feeling (Part 2)

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Summary: You finally decide to tell Dean, and the two of you move forward with your plans

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: pregnant!reader, mild angst at the beginning, pregnancy cravings and mood swings, morning sickness

This is the sequel series to Hold on I’m Coming and the previous part can be found here 

Forever beta credit to @deanssweetheart23 who listened to me whine endlessly about this and helped me figure it all out

A/N: Sorry this took so long, everyone! Things have picked up around here, leaving me with little time to get to my computer. And I’ve been in a serious Benny rut lately, but made myself finish this part up since I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Hope you like it :D

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civil war 2.0 - peter parker

request: hii i know you have a lot of requests but could you write something with “quicker, you freaking piece of-”?? LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW - @mashtoncliffin

summary: peter and y/n find themselves pitted against each other when tony and steve fall into an argument about who’s protege is the best.

notes: i finally wrote it!! i hope you like it babes!

word count: 1.9k

Honestly, this wasn’t your fault. You’d been so relieved to just have a day off, get some training done, but no. Now here you were, in hand to hand combat with an actual superhero while all the Avengers watched and placed bets.

It all started around two in the afternoon. You were training in the tower, pushing yourself harder than you ever had before. Sweat dripped from your clenched jaw, and sticky strands of hair clung to the back of your neck. With every blow, you imagined the target was Peter.

Damn him for making you feel this way!

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Omf g you need to continue that blurb of Niall and his friend being stormed in ..I need to know what happens after 😩 btw you're really an amazing writer ☺️😘

Part One

When your phone buzzed during your Econ class, you didn’t even have to look at the screen to know who it was.  You’d seen the weather report before you left your dorm room for class.  Or rather, your roommate had commented about how a “fucking monsoon” was supposed to hit that afternoon before you left the room.

Considering what had happened last time there was a power outage, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know Niall was gonna call.

You quickly sent the call to voicemail and put your phone away, realizing your professor was giving you that disappointed look for having your phone out during class.

Once outside on the quad and out of the intense glare of any unhappy professors you tapped your voicemail and put the phone to your ear.

“Hey…”  He cleared his throat, “It’s uh…it’s me.  So…”  He cleared his throat again, “Made some enchiladas and I could feed a small country with how much so if you uh…”  He seemed to be stumbling a bit and it made you smile, “So if you wanna come over and help me eat em…I couldn’t think of a better way t’gain ten pounds.”  He stayed quiet, “Call me.”  He finished, hanging up the phone.

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{PART 6} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. GOT7)

Genre: Angst

Summary: As the boys continue to talk about their plans once you recover, you shock them all by waking up - but who’s the stranger in your room with the boys?

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of cheating, road/car accidents, hospitals and comas.

{Part 1} // {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7}

The lively chatter continued in your hospital room – mostly consisting of Jackson and Youngjae throwing ideas around of where you should all go when you woke up and fully recovered. Jaebum listened to them and smiled to himself as he laid his head down next to yours while he held on to your hand – intertwining both of your fingers as he softly rubbed your knuckles with the pad of his thumb. He found himself feeling very strange. Knowing that you were in a coma tore his soul to absolute shreds; but he felt oddly comfortable even now in your presence – just being there with you was enough for him to feel content.

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i’m gonna love you forever pt. 1

Request:  I have an idea for a story: the reader was engaged to Bucky (they were both madly in love) before the war in the 40s. And then he goes off to war and they never see each other again. BUT she also got into a super soldier program and is actually still alive and gets introduced to the avengers. Neither of them had any relationships cause they felt like they’d be unfaithful. Steve is happy to see her to but Bucky is just over the roof excited? Angst to fluff to smut maybe?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, someone gets punched, 40′s slang name calling.

A/N: This is probably going to be a 3 or 4 part story, I really love this idea and it deserves a slow and deep story line.

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~1945-Before the War

4 hours into my 8 hour shift at the local cafe down the street from mine and Bucky’s shared apartment, and I’m already done with the day, I think by boss can tell because I’m just a little on the cranky side, I’m usually very friendly and happy. However, I have a few of these men that just don’t want to take the hint that I have a boyfriend. Have for the last 5 years.

“Yeah? Well we’ve been coming here almost everyday for the past 3 years and I’ve never seen you with a man. You’re getting up there, don’t you think, hun? You’ll need a man to take care of a pretty dame such as yourself.” I roll my eyes.

“Look, gentlemen, I really do appreciate the offer, but I’m not joking about my boyfriend, his name is Bucky Barnes and he probably wouldn’t appreciate some strange men flirting with his woman while she’s at work.” The men bust out into laughter.

“Bucky Barnes? That guy is doll dizzy! You really think he’ll stay with you for long?” Heat floods my face, not from embarrassment, no, but anger. Who do these guys think they are?

“You must not see him very often then, huh? We’ve been with one another for 5 years.”

“5 years, eh? And he hasn’t put a ring on that pretty finger yet? I’d have you married, barefoot and pregnant by now if I’s him.” Okay, I’m officially done with this.

However, it doesn’t look like I need to defend myself anymore.

“This fat-head givin you troubles doll?” Speaking of the man of the hour. Bucky grabs me by the hips, spins me around and presses his mouth to mine in a heated kiss. It’s meant to show them that I’m his and to back off.

The guy stands up, obviously offended by the insult.

“Who’re you callin’ fathead, you active duty lowlife?” Bucky rolls his eyes.

“Alright now, there’s no need for you to snap your cap. After all, you were the one hitting on my lady now weren’t ya? I’d say I’m the one with the right to be angry.”

“You have a new dame on your hip every other month.” Bucky sighs, like he can’t believe he’s even having this conversation right now.

“Look, chrome dome, I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s just not going to work. I used to be pretty doll dizzy back in the day, but once you find the right one, no one else can hold a candle to them.” He smiles and presses a kiss to my mouth one more time.

The guy rolls his eyes.

“Ah whatever, you’ve lost a customer young lady. You can keep the call- girl, that’s all she’s good for anyway, right?” His buddies laugh along with him. I gasp, shocked that that insult even flew from his mouth. How dare he? He doesn’t even know me!

Bucky looks down, before letting go of my waist.

“Why don’t you finish cleaning this table, doll? I don’t want my lady to see this.” I get back to cleaning my table, a smirk coming across my face, knowing what’s about to happen. I don’t see anything, but I hear the punch that no doubt broke the guys nose. I hear people shout, shock no doubt over taking their body. Bucky comes back in the diner, coming over to me and pressing a kiss to the back of my head.

“Thank you for being my knight in shining army, Buck.” He smiles.

“No one talks about my doll like that.”

“You and Steve going to be having your usually lunch date today?”

“Yup, he should be on his way. It’s a good thing he didn’t see that, he probably would have had an asthma attack.” I chuckle.

“Well, now that your grandstand moment is over, why don’t you make yourself useful and go fetch the armored heifer for me.” He chuckles and heads back to the kitchen.

Bucky is such a regular part of the diner that no one who works here questions him coming and going for me.

He comes back with the milk, handing it to me to fill a customer’s glass.

“You know, as often as I’m here, you’d think they’d have seen me by now.” I chuckle, it is true. Just then, the door dings open, and here comes an exhausted Steve. Once he gets up to us, he’s leaning over, panting and gasping for breath. I pour him a glass of water while Bucky comes up to him, leaning over to pat him on the back.

“You ran here didn’t you, punk?” He just gulps and nods. I hand him a glass of water and watch him gulp it down so fast if you blinked you’da missed it.

“Slow down, Steve. There’s not water shortage here, ya know.” He just smiles at me before coming to give me a hug. As tiny as Steve is, I’m still a tad bit smaller than he his. He takes pride in that as well.

“Hey, doll.” Steve is the only guy Bucky allows to call me doll besides him, and I think it’s kinda cute.

I met Bucky through Steve, actually. Steve was at the same movie theatre as I and my sister was, and this punk in front of both of us kept talking too loud and no one could hear the movie, Steve was the only guy who was brave enough to speak up, and he ended up getting his ass handed to him in an alleyway. I just happened to be walking by that particular ally when I saw him getting beat up, and I know a fight is no place for a woman but I couldn’t help it. I had to step in and help him. The man ended up slapping me in the fact, but it didn’t stop me. Bucky ended up swooping in and saving the day, and stealing my heart in the process. A thief and a hero, all at once.

“Well, you boys better take yourself a seat and I’ll get your orders in. Unless, of course, you wanted something different tonight?” They both sit down, Steve across from Bucky.

“No doll, just half a burger for each of us.” I nod and head to the kitchen. We aren’t rich, but we’re rich in spirit, and that’s all we need. I get a free meal every week that I work without missing a day, and I usually take it home and split it with Bucky, sometimes Steve too if he’s around. We can only afford one meal today, and with some of Steve’s help they’re able to get one meal and split it. It might seem like a sad situation, but we’ve become used to it and it doesn’t even phase us. After the burger is done, I ho up to retrieve it, only to see there’s two burgers there.

“Uh, Roy? You made two burgers, I only needed one.” He turns and smiles at me. Roy is the owner of the shop, and I’ve worked for him for 4 years.

“I know, dolly. Go ahead and give them to your boys, you guys deserve it. It’s on the house.” My eyes tear up, and I quickly wipe them away.

“Aw Roy…you don’t have to do th-”

“Hush. It’s no problem, now go.” He winks at me and I smile, taking both the plates before taking them to my boys. When I set them down on the table, they both look up to me with an eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know, he said it would be on the house.” Bucky breaks out into a huge grin and stands up, placing a kiss on my lips.

“Well, I feel like this would be as god a time as any, as this day just keeps getting better!” I raise my eyebrow. Steve looks towards his best friend, smiling. Before I can comprehend what’s happening, or ask Bucky what’s happening, he gets down on one knee, pulling a small velvet box out of his pocket.

My hands instinctively go to my mouth, and my knees almost buckle.

“(Y/N), I will never forget the day I met you. Standing up for my best friend, risking your own safety to protect someone else you didn’t even know. I knew right then and there that you were something special, and that I wanted to make you mine. I was shocked when you actually agreed to go out with me, seeing as my reputation around here wasn’t great, but you looked past that and gave me a chance. And here we are 5 years later, and I hope I’ve made every day since then as enjoyable as I know how to, and I hope you will let me continue to make you happy as Mrs. Barnes for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?” He opens the box and reveals a tiny diamond ring. I had been trying to keep the tears behind during his speech, so I could see his handsome face. I nod my head furiously before my knees finally give, and buckle. Bucky catches me on the way down, lifting me up and kissing me deeply. There’s an ocean of ‘aw’s’ and people clapping, Steve being one of them. Still in the throws of bliss, I almost miss Roy coming up to us, patting Bucky on the back before pressing a kiss to my cheek.

“Congratulations you two. Now, why don’t I get you guys a couple of to go boxes and you can take the rest of the day off.” My day has just gotten so much better, I can’t believe he FINALLY proposed to me! Taking my two boys with me, and admiring my left hand all the way home to eat our dinner as a tiny family. My life is awesome, but, all good things must come to an end it seems…

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Werewolf!Bakugou x Reader - Ambedo - 2/5


Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

Ch.2- Alpha

“What?!” He barked out, annoyed that both Kirishima and Kaminari were looking at him curiously.

The redhead sighed, placing a hand on his chin and shaking his head, a sigh escaping his lips as he did so. “It just doesn’t work dude.”

Kaminari nodded, running a hand through his locks and clicking his tongue at Bakugou. “You can’t just show up like this and expect us not to say anything.”

Bakugou growled, and raised a balled fist at the two people he had the misfortune of calling ‘friends’. His red eye twitched and it took everything in him to not lift his lip in disgust, thus revealing the canine like teeth hiding beneath the surface.

“Since when do you wear beanies?” Kirishima pointed to the baggy hat on Bakugou’s head.

“Since when do you own a hat…” Kaminari chuckled, nearly dodging the first that attempted to strike him. Said fists owner then grabbed Kirishima and bopped him across the scalp. Luckily for Kirishima, he was used to Bakugou’s rough love taps.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! I WANTED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!” The explosive teen yelled, catching the attention of several other classmates.

“Kacchan…” Izuku started. “You’ve had your hair the same way since we were four… why change it now?”

Bakugou glared, ready to fire back a string of insults when the door to 3-A opened. His nose itched, smelling something so wonderful and alluring that he immediately forgot all about Izuku, Kaminari and Kirishima making fun of him and turned to look at the door.

Whatever the hell happened to him seemed to play with his mind and senses more than he cared for. Suddenly everything around him was a blur, dipped in a monochrome filter. Everything except her that is.

Enveloped in the most pleasant smell he had ever had the fortune of inhaling and covered in colors he had never seen before, he couldn’t help but stare. Something was wrong with him, seriously wrong.

He knew that she was annoying before. But this side effect of that scratch was making him want to give her all his attention. Something Bakugou had always considered, but now it was a demand. His body demanded him to charge up to her and let her know of his existence.

(Name) was once again, making Bakugou Katsuki feel ever so strange.

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Marry Me

(( Well @moyzi / @kalllura here’s your marriage proposal request! Hope you enjoy!))

“Lance I don’t think this is going to work.”

“Oh c’mon, of course, it’ll work! You got a ring, you’ve rehearsed the question, and even if you two have never actually used the word dating you’ve been going steady for, like…” Lance paused as he did the math. “I dunno, a year? Hard to tell in space.”

Keith didn’t look up as he rolled a small circular trinket between his fingers.

“It’s a wooden ring. I had to carve it myself.”

“Hey, it’s acceptable! I mean it’s not like there are a lot of Jared’s out here.”

“She doesn’t know what dating is Lance.” Keith sighed as he clenched the ring in his hand. “Besides, isn’t a year a bit soon?”

“Now you’re just making up excuses!” Lance scolded. “I mean my cousin popped the question after like six months. Still together with two kids.”

“Still, what if-”

The blue paladin finally lost his patience.

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Rental Love* (7\10)

(*Read Terms & Conditions)

Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.
Read Part One Here Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

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The Three Times Alec Proposes

read on ao3

Hey! So I wrote this yesterday and wasn’t sure if I was going to post it but here we are. This is the first thing I’ve written in the shadowhunters fandom so please be gentle. I’d love feedback :). I was dying from all the angst with Malec (this was yesterday before the sneak peak which blessed me with the fluff I’ve been waiting for) so I ended up writing 2k words of fluff. Here’s Alec proposing 3 times, enjoy!

The first time it happens it’s an accident.

Alec is very very drunk. After their anniversary dinner Magnus had somehow coaxed Alec onto the terrace for celebratory drinks, clinking his glass with Magnus’ as the warlock had smiled slightly at him and whispered,

“To us.”

He hadn’t been able to protest after that really.

He doesn’t know how he ended up getting spectacularly drunk, hanging off of Magnus’ arm as the older man laughed and held him upright. All he knows is that he feels like he’s floating and Magnus’ arm around his waist is a welcome warmth.

“You’re such a lightweight,” Magnus grins, pulling Alec down to sit next to him.

Alec lays his head, which feels like a ton, down on Magnus’ shoulder and furrows his eyebrows in protest. He might not be as good at holding his alcohol as Magnus but that didn’t mean he was a lightweight. He’s had at least 4 drinks. Or was it 2? He can’t remember.

“Am not”

“Whatever you say Alexander”

Alec hums and revels in the warmth of the other man as he runs his fingers through Alec’s hair. In his drunken state Alec purrs at the contact and lets his eyes roam Magnus’ figure lazily.

Magnus is always beautiful but today he looks especially gorgeous. His hair has a streak of red through it and he’s wearing a dark suit that brings out his eyes in the moonlight. Alec can’t look away and frankly he doesn’t particularly want to, to be honest.”

For once in his life he is absolutely, completely, and irrevocably happy. He and Magnus still have shit going on around them, a war to fight, people who want one or both of them dead, but at the moment Alec doesn’t care. He has Magnus holding him here on the terrace, smiling down at him with his cat like eyes, glitter reflecting the light from the moon. Alec doesn’t really need anything else. He wants to stay like this, in this moment with Magnus, happiness pooling in his chest, and arms around his waist, forever.

He’s drunk, his inhibitions are lowered, so he blurts it out before his brain can tell him not to.

“Magnus,” he says urgently.

“Yes darling?”

“I wanna be with you for the rest of my life” he says quickly but surely, placing a sloppy kiss onto the warlocks neck.

Magnus chuckles,

“You’re quite drunk aren’t you Alexander.”

Alec shakes his head vehemently in disagreement,

“No, no I mean it. M’ gonna marry you so hard.”

His words are slurred together but he can tell Magnus understands what he’s saying when he looks at him with amusement dancing in his eyes.

“Alexander Lightwood,” he pushes Alec’s shoulder lightly, which almost makes Alec topple off the chair before he catches himself by holding onto Magnus’ jacket, “are you proposing to me?”

Alec looks at Magnus, trying to remain serious but the alcohol running through his veins paired with the silly smile Magnus is giving him makes him unsuccessful. He giggles and leans closer, breath getting caught in his throat. Magnus really is looking very pretty tonight. He holds onto the warlock’s forearm to keep his balance.

“That depends” he says, “if I was, would you say yes?” He tries to kiss Magnus’ lips then but ends up missing and kissing his cheek instead.

Magnus rolls his eyes fondly before kissing him on the mouth and smiling.

“You should probably try again when you’re sober, but either way, my answer would be yes.” He smiles, “that is, if that was a proposal.”

Alec’s heart bursts out of his chest at that and he actually does fall out of his chair this time.

Magnus, with his glitter and his beauty, and his kindness, wants to marry him, Alec Lightwood, a clumsy Shadowhunter that stutters through half of his conversations. He can’t believe this.

He stays crumpled on the floor next to Magnus in shock.

“By the Angel, he said yes,” he mutters to himself in disbelief.

“You’re even more clumsy when you’re drunk.” Magnus laughs before picking Alec up and helping him inside.

The second time, Alec is sober enough to actually mean it.

Alec rubs a hand over his bleary eyes as he wakes up and groans in pain at the wound on his left side.

The first thing he sees once his vision clears is Magnus’ body curled into a chair by the bed.

He smiles at the sleeping figure. Magnus is still in his dress clothes for the date they were supposed to go on before they had been oh so rudely interrupted by a group of demons. His hair is flopping over his forehead rather than spiked up though and he looks so very soft, if Alec had the energy to move he might have climbed into the warlocks lap.

Alec grins as Magnus stirs slightly, eyelashes fluttering as his eyes blink open.

As soon as he sees Alec awake, he’s out of the chair and leaning on the side of his bed.

“Oh thank god,” he murmurs before pressing a kiss into Alec’s hair. Alec leans into the touch and smiles at the familiar scent of his boyfriend.

“What happened?” Alec asks, eyes closed.

“The demons surprised us, one got you pretty badly on your left side. The iratze helped a bit but you’ve been out for a couple hours.”

Alec finches as he scoots over on the bed to make space for Magnus. He moves his hand to his side as pain shoots up his torso.

“I can see that,” he says through a grimace.

When they are both comfortably tangled with each other on the bed, Magnus lays his head on Alec’s shoulder.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again, you hear me?”

Alec chuckles lightly.

“That’s what you get for dating a Shadowhunter.”

Magnus rolls his eyes and Alec rests his head on top of the older man’s.

“I can’t believe I let some stupid demons ruin our date.”

Magnus burrows his head deeper into Alec’s neck and grabs Alec’s hand, playing idly with his fingers.

“Hmm, I don’t know, I like this a lot better than a fancy dinner anyway.”

Alec is hit with a warmth in his chest that he never wants to go away. What he has with Magnus is just something he’d never expected he’d ever have. He never expected to ever be so happy by something as small as one person. He never expected someone to care so much about him. He never expected Magnus, but he’s so glad he has him and god he wants to keep him forever. He wants to keep this forever.

He wants to tell Magnus all of it, everything he’s feeling, but he’s never been good with words.

So instead he turns and kisses the warlock softly before smiling and whispering into the space between them.

“You’ll marry me one day won’t you?” He searches Magnus’ eyes for some sort of response and sees them shining back at him. “When this war is over, when everything and their grandmother aren’t out to kill us. Will you marry me then?”

He can see the emotion in Magnus’ eyes and has to gulp back his own.

“Oh Alexander,” Magnus smiles, “there’s always going to be a war, but I’d marry you anyway.”

Alec feels his heart start beating ten times faster than it was before. Magnus Bane just said he’d marry him. The High Warlock of Brooklyn wants to marry him.

“Alexander you are the love of my life, I’d marry you any day.”

Alec is very stuck. He doesn’t know what to say. While he is terrible with words, Magnus is decidedly not.

He’s saved from having to reply when Magnus tackles him with a hug and then a kiss to his lips.

The third time Alec actually has a ring.

He walks into the loft to find Magnus sitting on the couch flipping through a book.

Alec had planned to stay at the Institute until their date that night but he’d finished up his work early and he wanted to see his boyfriend.

He shrugs off his jacket before turning to look at Magnus fully.

“Alexander,” he says setting his book down and smiling at him.

Alec smiles back softly. Magnus is still in his pajamas, his face clear of any makeup. He looks unfairly soft and young in the morning sunlight as he looks up at him.

“I’m glad you’re here. I need your help deciding what to wear tonight. I was thinking about that suit, you know the one that matches your eyes-”

Alec is barely listening. Instead he’s trying to memorize the soft familiarity in the air and the sound of the warlock’s voice as he talks. He can’t help but be overwhelmed by how much he loves this man. The box with the ring feels heavy in his pocket.

He’d been planning to propose tonight. After dinner in Tokyo and a walk around the city. Jace and Izzy had helped him plan the whole thing and he’d nervously placed the Lightwood family ring into the box this morning with a determination in his veins. It was going to be perfect.

Looking at Magnus now though, book left forgotten on the couch, hands gesturing wildly as he spoke and smile lighting up his face, Alec couldn’t think of a more perfect moment than this one.

“Magnus-” he chokes out before sinking into one knee.

Magnus turns, his voice trailing off as he sees Alec kneeling on the floor.


Alec’s throat goes dry and he’s suddenly very nervous. This is big, no it’s huge. He takes a breath to try and calm himself before pulling the ring out of his pocket with shaking hands. He fumbles with the box for a second before producing the ring and finally looking back at his boyfriend, breathing shallow.

“Well,” Magnus grins down at Alec, “I was wondering when you’d finally put a ring on it.”

Alec feels himself smile despite himself and he feels less anxious than he had a few seconds ago. Somehow Magnus always knows what he needs without him ever saying it.

“Shut up, you’re ruining my proposal.”

Magnus lifts his hands in surrender.

“By all means, do go on.”

His eyes are twinkling and Alec can’t stop a happy chuckle from escaping him as he looks up at Magnus.

He clears his throat before continuing.

“Magnus, I never thought in a million years I would ever find something, um someone who makes me as happy as you make me.”

He feels his confidence growing with each word, “Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. You make me stronger, you make me unafraid to be who I am, and most importantly you make me happier than I ever thought I would be. I don’t want any of that to end. Ever. I want to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you’ve made me. Raziel knows you deserve it. So,” Alec takes a deep breath, there’s no going back now, “Magnus Bane, will you marry me?”

He looks up at Magnus and smiles shyly, “If you’ll have me of course.”

Alec gasps when Magnus’ strong hands pull him up to his feet and he almost drops the ring in his surprise. When he looks down at the warlock he’s surprised to find tears pooling in his eyes.


He’s cut off with a finger to his lips and then Magnus’ lips are ghosting his. Alec exhales shakily into the space between them. He’s never quite gotten used to the burn that ignites in his chest every time Magnus is this close.

“Alexander Lightwood,” he whispers against Alec’s lips, and Alec has to to hold back a shudder as his breath makes his lips tingle, “it would be my honor.”

Alec stands frozen because what? Did Magnus just say yes?

He doesn’t know why he’s so surprised. He’d known he would say yes, it’s just that there was a small part in the back of his mind that had been scared. After all Magnus was hundreds of years old, been with countless other people before Alec and he’d never married, what made Alec any different?

“I- er, really?” He stutters out and Magnus rolls his eyes

“Yes you idiot,” he slaps Alec’s arm lightly before pecking him on the lips, “did you really think I’d say no?”

“I, um, I don’t know, I didn’t want to assume-”

Magnus cuts him off with a kiss that is more a clash of teeth than anything else since neither of them can stop smiling.

“I love you.” Magnus says as they pull apart and Alec grins, “but you really are stupid Alexander, what made you think I’d say no? I’ve already accepted your offer of marriage twice before. Or have you forgotten?”

Alec feels himself blush before he steps closer and grabs Magnus’ hand.

“Shut up,” he mumbles and slips the ring onto Magnus’ finger, next to the assortment of other rings.

Magnus examines his hand for a moment before looking at Alec with a grin that sends Alec’s stomach swooping in happiness.

“Third time’s the charm.”


Summary: Three years after the murder of Jason Blossom, Jughead Jones begins writing his second novel in the comfort of Pop’s chocklit shoppe.
(Adult) Jughead Jones x OC

Words: ~1700

Author’s Note: Okay, so I got tangled in the messy obsession that is Riverdale. This is the result. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to be tagged because this is far outside of my normal writing fandoms, so I’m just gonna, kinda, let it out there.

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There’s a cup of coffee on the left. A vanilla milkshake on the right. A laptop in between, the screen glaring white in the darkness of Pop’s, and he absently stares at the words on the screen, the text blurring together in some sort of hieroglyphs because he’s been staring so long. Reaching out, his fingers brush the ceramic coffee cup and pull it to his lips, but he’s startled when he tips it back and it’s empty. There’s grounds in the bottom of the cup, like some Gypsy’s tea reading, and he wonders if his future lies in empty coffee cups and melting milkshakes.

“Need a refill?”

Jughead blinks once, twice, sitting the cup down, slightly off-center from the rings the cup has created on the tabletop. The coffee steams and his eyes trail up it, to the spout of the brassy coffee urn, over the white knuckles wrapped around the handle, the rings on slender fingers reflecting the purple lights of the chocklit shoppe.

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fic: the trace of pleasure or regret, (5/5)

Previous: One - Two - Three - Four


When Rose had agreed to come to Shareen’s wedding, she was excited - not just for her friend, and to see her old mates, but for where the evening reception might lead. She’d considered that maybe she’d get the Doctor flirting with her, get him up dancing, show him off a bit to her mates. She’d hoped that maybe, when they got home, he’d give her a kiss goodnight again.

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((I was unable not to write something about “Who Killed Markiplier?”. Credits to @crazy-tall-girl​ for this wonderful theory that helped me write the heart of this one-shot.
15th October edit: now on AO3.))

“Celine! Damien! Come on now, come out!”

The Colonel’s words echoed in the now empty manor as loudly as his steps. He entered into every single room of the first floor, yelling the same things over and over again: “Damien, you rapscallion, you! Come out!”, “Celine, lady, you got me good!”

By the time he reached the end of the stairs, he barely made a sound. A man was in front of him. Red and blue outlined his frame. The colours shook violently —as if he was having an inner argument with himself— until the man realised he was being looked at. The outlines suddenly settled around him and a glimpse of grey skin could be seen holding tightly a cane.

“… Damien? Is that you?” asked the Colonel in a thin voice.

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Luster [A TAZ Abduction Fic] [Part 2]

[Part 1]

Against all odds, Taako does not arrive on the 5:35 train from Neverwinter to meet his contact for the Goldcliff Trust. He doesn’t arrive on the 6:15, the 8:40, or even the 11:26 either.

The handler, not entirely unused to the Headmaster of Taako’s Amazing School of Magic being entirely flippant about arrival procedure, arrives six hours late to the Silver Gadget hotel to see what time the wizard must have checked in. Clearly this is just a case of the Mr. Taako avoiding him on the platform for a laugh.

As it is midnight, the concierge is not terribly pleased with him, but the honest dwarf does his best to remain professional. What strikes both of them as odd is that Taako has not, in fact, checked in yet.

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Bulletproof (ch. 1)

OK SO REMEMBER WHEN I GOT PROMPTS AND THEN D IDNT DO THEM? this is why. this absolute frankensteins monster. I just. I had this human!au in my head, and… now it’s a thing. A very long thing. With a plot… help.
@velocifoxy @idk-and-idc-and-idr

Slow burn (not super slow to start w/ but it gets slower. Like. Really slow.) suuuper hurt comfort, probably gonna get nsfw in the future because. I hate writing easy things apparently. (There’s a one night stand implied that m i g h t not be the best decision the characters ever made. This does get addressed in another chapter, but not this one) really a lot of awful angsty metaphors that go on like 3 sentences too long I’m sORRY

Logince (eventually lamp but… yknow. slow burn.)

Alcohol mention, emotional abuse, rebound, bad break up, poison/gun mention, v brief murder mention, gets a tiny bit nsfw at the end (they don’t even kiss, guys, Roman is just a big flirt who maybe makes bad decisions sometimes)

From @killerfangirl3
“I’m bulletproof, just don’t shoot me”

They say if you take little bits of poison everyday for years, you could one day be immune, if those little bits didn’t kill you first. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for love.

Roman staggered out of the party early, words ringing in his ears. “Convenient.” That’s all he had been. “Convenient.” A step up to bigger things. He was famous, but not famous enough. Rich, but they had wanted richer. Soft, when they wanted useful. The casual voice over champagne clinking. “You didn’t think it meant anything, did you? People like you. Now, they like me! It was convenient to-”
Roman winced at the memory. He had to move. It was near midnight, and pouring rain, gold from the streetlights playing on every drop as they fell. His jacket and umbrella were inside, but his wallet and phone (dead, probably) still sat in his pocket, so he cut his losses, stepping out from under the porch of the grand, old house, still glowing with lights and people and noise.
He though little bits of love would be okay. But it never worked like that. He couldn’t just do a little. It was less like saying to take small doses of poison everyday, than it was getting shot everyday. The only way to be really bulletproof was to never hand someone the gun …He didn’t know where he was going. His dress shoes didn’t have the same satisfying click on soaked pavement as they did on marble or hardwood. His hair was flat, and clinging to his skull. He didn’t feel anything. So he kept walking.

He wasn’t sure how long it took, but when sensation returned, it came in the form of being cold. Then his feet hurt.
Looking around, the only light on was shining from a dusty looking store front. He doubted anyone would be open at that hour, but the crash of heavy rain was weighing on his senses, and his last stitch of self preservation pushed him to the door. It swung open with a halfhearted jingle from a rusted bell.
At first, he couldn’t see anyone. Every wall seemed to be covered in books, as well as much of the floor. He could hardly see the ceiling, but the shelves went past where he thought a regular ceiling ought to be and then some. Stacks of ancient creaking leather bound tomes, dog eared paperbacks, and bent, stained hardcovers nearly covered every inch. It looked less like a store and more like a… hoard.
Roman stood dripping on the doormat in utter awe, until something moved in the back of the shop. Sure enough, a face was poking out from around a bookshelf. The man had large black glasses pushed up onto his forehead, making his hair spike in every direction. He had red marks on the bridge of his nose from wearing them too long, and was blinking at Roman like he’d just woken up.
“Oh, uh give me a moment.”
He extracted himself clumsily from what must have been a desk at some point and unfolded from a leather chair he’d been sitting in, adjusting his tie and putting his glasses back on their perch.
“Alright. My name is Logan, what are you looking for tonight?”
He was still rubbing sleep out of his eyes, his clothes crumpled. Roman was so shellshocked by the sight he nearly forgot to answer. He felt his cheeks grow red from more that just the cold. “I- uh- I’m not looking for anything in particular, I’m just… Browsing.”
He willed the man to leave it at that, he could pretend to look at books, warm up, call a taxi and go cry into his pillow without being recognized by a cute clerk at a weird bookshop. Logan squinted at him from behind the glasses, taking a step forward. Roman flinched instinctively back, shoulders bumping the glass door. /this is it, he’s going to recognize me, tell a some news site and get a picture as I run off or something. ‘Local star now local washed up wreck…’/
“Are you sure? We usually only get people looking for something specific… we only really have older, out of print books that people value as collectors… Sir? Are you alright?”
The clerks voice had nothing but honest curiosity turned concern as he walked closer. Roman realized his eyes where still closed tight, waiting for when he’d have to run. He opened them to find Logan much closer too him, inspecting him with a worried face.

/he’s cuter up close… wait no don’t do that bad idea/

“uh. Yes. Yes, I’m fine.”
“No, no you’re not. Your teeth are chattering. Follow me. Try not to get any books wet. If you have to, drip on the romance novels on the left. They never sell anyways.”
The clerk turned on his heel and walked further into the shop.
“You could also go back into the rain, if you want, but I would recommend accepting help. You look freezing and probably lost, and nothing else around runs this late.”
Roman shrugged. ‘Local star murdered by weird book seller’ sounded better than 'local star found frozen solid on side walk’ anyways. He followed Logan back into the shop. Two large bookshelves split the space in two, creating a doorway between them into the rest of the room. A rickety wooden staircase disappeared into shadows at the very back.
To Romans right was what could almost be called a parlor, a large, deep leather sofa sat facing several cushy armchairs covered in fading fabric, separated by a low coffee table. On his left was a workshop of some sort, incredibly tidy in contrast to the rest of the store, a bright desk lamp shone on a thick, dusty book, which lay naked with its leather cover to one side. A number of tools stood like a row of soldiers to one side.
Roman let himself be ushered onto the sofa, which reminded him exactly how sore his feet were. He let out a sigh. It might have been a terrible idea to crash at a random collectors book store because the sofa was comfy and the clerk was cute, but after a night like his it was danm tempting. Logan was mostly quiet as he moved about the space, up and down the stairs to fetch things, leaving Roman to his thoughts. He stared into space, trying not to think them, until something warm wrapped around his shoulders.
He looked up to see Logan pulling a wool blanket around him, tutting under his breath. “It’s never a good idea to soak yourself to the bone like this. It’s going to take a while to warm you up.” Roman nodded dully, remembering how much of a mess he must look. /that’s probably why he doesn’t recognize you. The longer you stay the more you’re risking…/ he ignored himself, watching Logan move around the space. His shirt, already rumpled, was pushed up past his elbows, showing his arms. His hands and his slacks were covered in ink stains that Roman hadn’t noticed at first.
The wool blanket smelled like peppermint. Maybe that’s what Logan smelled like.

He was too tired for attractive strangers, he decided. He was heart broken, metaphorically and literally lost, who cared if he wondered if attractive nerds smelled like peppermint or not. He settled further into the couch, wrapping himself in the blanket like a cloak.
/you’re so screwed./ his brain whispered. /so very very screwed./
The stairs creaked, and Logan came reappeared carefully balancing two steaming mugs. He set one down in front of Roman, then lowered himself into the chair and blew on his mug. When Roman didn’t reach for his immediately, he held eye contact and raised an eyebrow pointedly. Roman sighed and sat up, peering into it suspiciously. “It’s hot chocolate. It’s not going to bite you.” “I know what it is! I was just-” the eyebrow again. “Fine, fine. I’m drinking it. Happy?” Logan hummed and Roman tried not to burn his tongue. It wasn’t good hot chocolate by any means, but it was hot. And vaguely chocolate. So it helped, at least a little. They sat for a while, until both cups sat below half, and Roman had a pleasant glow in his stomach.
Logan set his mug down with a decisive clack.
“So. Talk.”
Roman immediately stiffened, and Logan backed up, running a hand through his hair. “You don’t have to tell me everything, or anything at all, really, but you clearly had a difficult night. I’m not sure what else you need right now, and some context would be appreciated. Besides.” Logan leaned back in the chair, eyeing him. “I don’t usually get that many mysterious customers on the nightshift, surprisingly. I’m curious.” Roman felt his cheeks heat up again, and scolded himself for being so happy for the attention. Most people assumed they knew everything about him. It was nice to feel… interesting, in a normal way.
/whatever./ his brain muttered bitterly.
/he’s probably just curious about the weird, wet idiot on his doorstep. You look horrible, anyways. Any chance at 'charming stranger’ was ruined ages ago./
he sighed, and cleared his throat.
“I… bailed on a party.” That was true, technically.
/say anything/ his brain urged.
/you don’t need to tell him how pathetic your night was. You didn’t ask for his help/
“I had a pretty bad break up.”
/really?/ his mind was screaming.
But Logan just winced sympathetically.
“That must have been difficult… do you… would you like to talk about it?”
Every instinct in his head told him not to. But he felt… warm. Safe.
“I… was seeing some one who… was after something specific. After …they got that, I was unnecessary.” His voice sounded small and broken in his own ears, despite him trying to keep it steady. When he found the courage to look up, there was no pity or disgust in the other mans eyes.
“That sucks.”
It was the most casual he’d been all night. Roman couldn’t help laughing.

The terror of telling things like that to strangers returned somewhat after that, and the conversation moved on to lighter things. Mostly about Logan. He found out Logan slept upstairs, for convenience sake, and that he worked part time as a substitute English teacher, when he wasn’t restoring books. Logan tapped his fingers on his chair like he was playing a piano when he was thinking. Logan snorted when he laughed, if you could get him to do it. Logan didn’t think he was very good with people.
Romans eyes were raw from crying, but he felt like the full effect of the night hadn’t even started to hit him. It was terrifying. Almost everything was. Tomorrow morning felt like some kind of deadline. Some kind of cliff.

Fortunately, it wasn’t tomorrow morning yet. Logan coughed politely, bringing him out of his thoughts.
“As nice as this is,” ('he thinks it’s nice!’ Part of him said. 'Shut. up.’ said a larger part) “my shift is about to end.”
Romans heart sank.
“Do you have a place to stay tonight?”
Logans voice was soft, almost… nervous.
Romans heart was on a danm rollercoaster.
“I… technically, yes.”
There was the eyebrow again. “Technically?” Bile rose in Romans throat. “I would… rather not go back in this state, but I do have somewhere to go. If you lend me your phone I could call a cab-”
“No! -I mean.”
Logan cleared his throat, less gracefully this time. “That’s not necessary. You can stay here. If you want, that is.”
This was familiar ground. Roman could feel his feet under him as Logan got more and more flustered. “And who’s bed would I be sleeping in, exactly?” Roman knew he was grinning at this point.
“Uh- t-there’s a spare couch upstairs, I suppose you could have my bed if you-”
“Not quite what I meant, gorgeous.”
Roman pulled himself up off the couch, and stalked over to the armchair Logan was sitting in. He was close enough to see the other man swallow nervously. Getting no signal to back off, he planted both hands on the arms of the chair, caging Logan in, and waited for him to make a move.
Throw him out, or…
One of Logans hands grabbed the back of his neck. “I suppose” he muttered, pulling Roman towards him “I wouldn’t mind sharing.”

Our Own House

She’d loved him for a thousand lifetimes, it seemed.

A very fluffy Kidge fic.

Based on MisterWives’ “Our Own House”.

Not beta-read.

A/N: Sorry if it seems rushed, and also if the ending is weird, sorry! I wrote this really quick, and the whole plot line is a bit iffy. Also sorry if there are any grammar mistakes. Anyway, enjoy!

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halfthealphabet  asked:

11. Annabeth to Percy please

thingsyou said when you were drunk

The second morning she wakes up in Las Vegas, there is an unusual weight on Annabeth’s left hand.

It’s the first thing she notices – aside from the wicked headache pounding away at her skull, courtesy of one of the worst hangovers of her life, that is. She nearly pokes her eye out with it when she reaches up to rub sleep and crusty mascara out of her eyes, and when she pulls her hand back to glare at the offending weight, it sparkles like a diamond in the morning light.

No, it’s sparkling because it is a diamond. A diamond ring, actually.

Weird, Annabeth thinks, her brain fighting to put all the pieces of this puzzle together through the groggy haze of her hangover. It almost looks like a…

Realization hits her like a freight train and Annabeth bolts upright in bed with a strangled gasp. Her head spins at the sudden movement, but the nauseated lurch of her stomach everything to do with the piece of jewelry on the fourth finger of her left hand.

The ring is glittery and gaudy and everything Annabeth’s worst nightmares are made of; it looks like diamond encrusted fly’s eye, so cumbersome and ridiculous that it will undoubtedly get caught in her hair, on her clothes, and maybe even in the door. It is not a ring she’d left her hotel room wearing last night.

It is, unmistakably, a wedding ring.

Di immortales,” Annabeth swears, staring at the ring in shock. What on earth had she done last night?

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“Happy International Lesbian Day!”

~ ~ ~ ~

Kara rereads the caption, glances at the date in the corner of her laptop and grins widely, jumping out of her chair, causing it to screech loudly against the wooden floor in her endless excitement.

She races to her bedroom, tapping into her superpowers to search for her phone. Kara darts back and forth between articles of clothing and blankets, only to give a celebratory ‘aha!’ as she found the device underneath her pillow.

Kara zipped back to the kitchen and stared at the screen as she called her favorite person— hoping that today might be the day that things would go back to the way they were again— wide smile taking up half of her face as she bounced on the balls of her feet with impatience. The monotone ringing is abruptly cut off by a familiar voice, deep and raspy from the time of day Kara had called, indicating that the owner of the voice had been woken up by the call.

“Hello?” Alex groggily begins, obviously annoyed that anyone would be awake at such a godawful hour and have enough balls to contact her.

Kara stifles the giggles that rise up at the sound of the agent’s voice. “Hey sleepyhead,” Kara quips back softly, mindful of the fact that Alex had just woke up.

She hears a muffled curse, followed by a dull thud sound. “Kara, uh, hey, what’s up?” Alex responds with a much more attentive tone, but a bit breathy.

Almost unable to contain herself, Kara blurts out, “Happy International Lesbian Day!”

~ ~ ~ ~

“So, what do you plan on doing tonight?”

Alex removes her gaze from the romantic comedy movie playing on the screen and looks down at the blonde snuggled up to her side. Alex pretends to think about the question for a good minute, humming thoughtfully, before shrugging.

“I don’t know. I was thinking about hanging out with this girl I know that has blonde hair and bright blue eyes, maybe watch a few movies, eat potstickers, laugh and have fun for a bit,” Alex muses, “maybe I’ll sleepover, but I haven’t decided yet.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Alex sees Kara deflate for a split second before popping back up with a strained smile etched across her face. She drops her act immediately, turning around fully to face Kara completely.

“I’m talking about you, by the way,” she gently reassures the alien, who’s face comically brightens up with genuine glee. Alex sees the pout coming and prepares herself for the careful punch thrown to her shoulder.

“You’re a jerk,” Kara states, mumbling as she reaches for another potsticker and pulls the blanket away from Alex pettily. She purposefully keeps her gaze directed toward the film playing, showing a man hopelessly falling head over heels over his romantic interest for the movie as he first catches sight of them.

Alex can’t help the burst of laughter that makes its way out of her mouth.

Kara pouts, but as Alex wraps her arms around the kryptonian, she senses the giggle that replaces it with a smile. Alex ignores the flutter in her stomach as the alien ends up shoving her face down on the scientist’s neck, the giggles rumble through Kara’s body.

Her laughs fade away as Alex simply hugs Kara close to her. She feels Kara do the same, the room growing quieter, with the exception of the film playing on the television.

They sit there for a while, relaxing and taking in this special moment they have together.

Recently, Alex had been spending more and more time at work, for reasons she doesn’t want to think about just yet, and on missions that could very well cost Alex her life. She had been reluctant to accept Kara’s invitation to spend time together, seeing as every time Alex saw the alien, thoughts and feelings that she wouldn’t dare identify rose up from deep inside of her.

However, the bubbly kryptonian had sounded so excited and happy to celebrate with her, even if it were to be for a few minutes.

Alex didn’t have it in her to deny Kara this time.

So she had called J’onn and told him that she’d need a day off, to which he had completely agreed wholeheartedly, not even putting up much of a fight or asking questions. Alex rolled her eyes when he had told her to take it easy right before he hung up.

By the time Alex had made it to Kara’s apartment, the sun was high in the sky, shining down its rays, reminding the brunette of the cheery blonde she loves dearly.

Alex remembers that her knuckles barely connected with the door before a blonde puppy had slammed into her, squeezing her tightly, a bit of super strength bleeding through. She was used to the way Kara could allow herself to let go around Alex, so it didn’t bother her as much as it had surprised her, in fact, Alex loves when the alien would let go in moments like these— in moments with her— because she knows how much pressure it is for Kara to measure her strength every time she makes contact with something new or foreign, or on rough days where everything becomes too much for her.

Alex snaps out of her thoughts as Kara breaks the comfortable silence between them.

“Are you really gonna spend the night with me?” Kara mumbles against Alex’s skin, ignorant to the shiver it sends down the brunette’s spine.

Alex breaths in shakily, “Yeah, of course.” She keeps her breathing as steady as possible, but with Kara’s lips pressed against her neck, her nerves were set on fire and it just wasn’t easy to pretend that her heart wasn’t hammering against her chest rapidly.

She makes an effort to refocus on the movie, only to tear her eyes away so fast she may have gotten whiplash. Alex accidentally hits her head against Kara’s, which would’ve been fine if Kara wasn’t a literal goddess that couldn’t be harmed by a puny human such as herself.

Alex hisses in pain as Kara scrambles back to sit on the agent’s lap, frantic apologies tumbling past her lips. Alex shakes her head, opening her eyes to find Kara’s concerned blue eyes staring at her lips.

She blinks, sees that Kara continues to gaze at her lips, and brings one of her fingers against her lower lip, only to wince at the sting it caused. Alex looks down at the finger, a droplet of blood coating the tip, and sighs.

“Kara, it’s okay, it wasn’t your fault.”


“No, it wasn’t,” Alex interrupts, “it was my fault for not thinking straight.”

Alex freezes in horror, immediately wishing she could take back her words the moment they left her traitorous mouth.

Kara snorted, “I didn’t know you could think straight.”

Alex groans, but inwardly lets out a breath of relief. She didn’t want Kara to blame herself for something Alex caused. As she lays back down on the couch, Alex feels the tips of her ears heat up as she remembers the explicit scene between two women on the screen and finds herself comparing it to her position with Kara, who’s currently still sitting directly on her lap.

Alex holds her breath as Kara follows her lead and lays her head back down against the scientist’s neck. She wishes she could blame the blanket and the addition of the kryptonian’s body heat for the rise in temperature in her body, but that would be a blatant lie.

“Why’d you move so fast anyways?” Kara asks, as innocent as ever, with a concerned tone.

Alex bites the inside of her cheek as Kara’s breath hits her heated skin.

“I-It was nothing, just saw something I wasn’t expecting.”

Kara hums against her neck, bringing Alex an inch closer to an internal death. She tenses up, hoping the kryptonian wouldn’t be able to hear her blood rush through her ears or the thundering of her heart.

That wasn’t the case, however, as Kara lifts her head up from the agent’s neck with a worried expression on her face.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Kara places a hand where Alex’s heart is located, but keeps her gaze locked with the brunette’s panicked, brown eyes.

Alex doesn’t trust herself to speak at this point, so she nods dumbly.

Kara looks skeptical, “Your heart is beating faster than normal.”

Hastily, Alex scrambles to her feet, finding that the closer she is to Kara the harder it gets to think coherently, and the agent can’t afford to lose herself in her twisted desires.

“I should,” Alex’s voice breaks in her rush to leave the apartment, “I have to go. There’s something I have to do at the D.E.O, and it’s really important, so I have to go. Right now.”

Alex hears a scoff behind her, before the angered alien blocks her path.

She sees Kara ball up her hands into clenched fists. “Why have you been avoiding me?” Kara barks out weakly, blue eyes begging for an answer that Alex can’t give.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Alex protests stubbornly, unwilling to face the growing feelings for the woman in front of her.

Kara gives a short, mirthless laugh.

“You haven’t looked me in the eye for weeks, not until today,” Kara says with a resigned tone, “I thought— hoped, really— that things would go back to normal. That, whatever it is you’re going through, you’d tell me so I could help you, or at the very least try to. But you won’t let me in, and it hurts.”

Alex raises her brown-eyed gaze from the floor and looks into those teary blue eyes and makes an impulsive decision. It’s her fault that Kara is hurting, her fault that she’s crying.

She fidgets with the ends of her signature leather jacket, “I don’t know how to say it.” Alex finds herself subconsciously inching herself closer and closer to Kara, desperate to find a way to comfort her.

“Then I don’t know how to help you,” Kara whispers as Alex stops directly in front of her, an arm’s length away.

Alex loses herself in Kara’s eyes, a war raging inside of her as she tries to put thoughts and feelings together in a way that she could communicate to Kara, but a desire— a need— overwhelms Alex. The internal war pauses, any coherent thoughts dissipate as Alex presses a tender kiss against Kara’s lips.

It’s gentle and soft, barely considered a kiss, but it’s enough for Alex. Her body moves without her consent, hand coming up to cup the frozen kryptonian’s cheek. A knot inside of her stomach untangles as Alex relaxes into the kiss, feeling ever so right for the first time in weeks.

Then Alex catches a whiff of Kara’s familiar scent— the scent of home— and she backs away slowly as her thoughts race back to her.

The thought of what exactly she had just done slaps her back into reality.

Alex’s heart beats wildly against her ribs, threatening to leave bruises. “I-I didn’t, that wasn’t what I—”

Her words are cut off by the soft smile that Alex loves connecting with hers in one delicate move.

~ ~ ~ ~

~Broken Ch. 3~


AUTHOR: bookwarm85

WHICH JAI/CHARACTER: Eric Coulter & OFC (Aeryn Johnson)

GENRE: Drama/Action/Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Emma Johnson knew in order to survive her father…she had to leave her faction. But when she enters Dauntless she quickly gains the attention of a certain leader…Eric. Did she trade one danger for another? Will she be broken?

RATING: MA (Thematic material and mentions of past abuse)

WORDS: 2,429

NOTES/WARNINGS: Here you guys go…Enjoy!! I included a video at the end.

If you are not and would like to be tagged in this or any of my future stories then let me know and I’ll add you to the tag list.

@thihaf @audasia25 @anditcametopass@anditcametopass @iammarylastar @frecklefaceb @societalfailure @badassbaker @insertamazingwords @ashtotes @oddsnendsfanfics @pathybo @shortstoryimagines @tigpooh67 @dahmousya @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995 @coralelizabeth @beltz2016@kenzieam @kenzieam @lauraaan182 @jojuarez26 @readsalot73 @captstefanbrandt  @brieflyenchantingdelusion@jaihardy @jaihardy @beautifulramblingbrains @longlostinanotherworld

“Alright listen up initiates” Eric announced

“Today you’ll be fighting each other, this will affect your ranking so don’t lose,” he said walking over to Four.

“Shade into the ring” Four instructs I reluctantly make a way to the center of the ring.

“Will” Eric calls with a sinister smile

“But she’s my best friend,” Will says hesitantly

“ Get in there” Eric ordered

“Shade” Will started walking up to me

“It’s fine,” I told him

We took our stances, I held my fist out for a fist bump.

“Fight” Eric yelled.

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