their eyes together just

You’re not so good at getting away from all of the karma that lies between your tongue and cheek.
Real Friends//Everything I Never Want To Be

Can we have a whole episode with Supergirl and Lena collaborating to defeat a threat of some sort? Like, just them? Picture this: they get separated from the others and have to figure out how to defeat this threat, and in the meanwhile they bond over the fact that they both come from a shitty family, they are both trying to write their own story and they both aim to be good and help people. Obviously they win in a very smart, badass way, then get reunited to the rest of the folks, but from that point on they know they absolutely got each other’s back.

I’m asking politely, but seriously, let me fucking have this.


I’ve been meaning to ask, but did they seriously drink three bottles of wine over takeout?

god i hate (love) that scene where lukas stands outside that club and sees those gay couples because ????? they’re not sexualized???

like there are those two men who embrace, and then this (cute, wonderful, makes me smile) couple and they’re holding hands and swinging their hands together and just talking and being tender and sweet

and it’s. so important. because here’s this teenage (!!!) boy who’s so afraid. of being tender and intimate with another boy. and he sees these positive examples of just….. being together. and he still averts his eyes and he looks so…. sad but like he’s thinking so hard about this. and it gives him courage. to be tender and say a soft thing to philip and gently kiss him and smile. to be kind to himself. to just be.

A special thank you to Harry for being a true friend and believer in my music. Your talent is matched only by your generosity and love and it’s incredibly inspiring.

Dan Layus, in the thank you for his album Dangerous Things.

can’t be certain if it’s our Harry, but certainly sounds like him 😌


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing these two look next to each other? Their hair and eyes colors compliment each other so well. I mean, my God. They’re BEAUTIFUL.

Cute Fall Things With Peter Parker Would Include.....

(Sorry this took for ever, also sorry that I made it fall things instead of fall dates like the request)

.dressing up as a sexy Spider-Man for Halloween


.“woah, ummm, alright. I’d be lying if I said it isn’t turning me on a little”

.jumping in piles of leaves together


.Just sitting their looking into each others eyes

.Fairy lights everywhere

. giving you his jacket/flannel when you get cold

.carving pumpkins together

.“Peter look! It’s you” you say pointing at the jack-o-lantern carved like spiderman

.making forts to just lay in all day

.*cozy forts

.haunted houses


.(sorry if you don’t like s'mores)

.late night picnics, looking up at the stars

.going to the park to swing on the swings

.cuddling all day

.going through a corn maze at night and being scared so you hold his hand

.sleeping in late

.going to the fair when it comes into town

.Peter taking cute photos of you

.Thanksgiving with him and May

.Hiking, well, exploring in the forest

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so the nye party is over and they’re both a bit tipsy. not drunk, just tipsy. and tired, but happy. lazy smiles and fond looks in half-open eyes. and they go to bed together, and it’s just. gentle strokes of the face and hair. so light they sometimes don’t know if it’s the tip of a finger or the air moving. and as they fall asleep, isak asks (and even wouldn’t be able to hear him if the room wasn’t silent, if his ears weren’t only inches away from his mouth, because the words are so quietly whispered) “if i call you evi, what do you call me?” and even breathes out a little laugh and says “i call you…issy. evi and issy. it sounds good, right?” and isak’s eyes are closed now, and tiniest smile spreads across his face and he replies “it sounds good”