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I hope you'll be able to help me out on this, but if not its perfectly fine! I was petting my cat (hes an American short hair) and I noticed he has a star design in his eyes. He has brown/orange eyes, but he has 2 little blue "spikes" on each side of his pupils, as well as on the top and bottom of his pupils. It makes his eyes look like the north star. Is it just a version of heterochromia or is it something else? I haven't found anything like it, so I don't know what it is. Have a nice day!

that sounds like sectoral heterochromia, where the iris is split between two different colours (image source). if you’re willing, I’d love to see a photo!

Jonsa Gestures from Episode 2

Where do I start with all of the little winks and nudges and nods and even vocal inflections that made me squee?  And these are just the ones from the council room scene!

1) How much softer Jon’s tone of voice is when he speaks to Sansa this episode versus in Episode 1, especially when he’s announcing his decision to leave.  He’s not trying to pull rank or discount her concerns; he’s simply doing what he believes is right, even though he doesn’t like the decision any more than she does.  And her response indicates that she respects his opinions as much as he respects hers (more on that below).

2) Sansa’s mask slipping - again - in the council room scene.  She tells Jon he’s abandoning his home and his people, but look at her face and listen to her voice when she says it (and massive props to my girl Sophie Turner for selling the hell out of this whole sequence).  She’s not trying to undermine him or even question him as much as plead with him not to leave her alone.  Underneath all of their bickering, she cares for him.  She wants to protect him as much as he wants to protect her.  She’s terrified at the prospect of losing him.  So she lets him see that vulnerable, frightened side of her - and this time not just in private, but in public.

3) That look in Jon’s eyes when he says he’s leaving the North in Sansa’s hands.  Part of him is probably relieved at the prospect of leaving all the politics and bickering behind him, and he knows Sansa can handle that better than he can.  But more than that, he’s fulfilling his part of what he told her on the ramparts back in 6x10: “We have to trust each other.”  He’s entrusting the North to Sansa, and he clearly does believe he’s leaving it in good hands.  I love how Kit conveyed so many emotions in just that one look: I trust you.  I believe in you.  You’ll rule well.  You deserve to be a Queen.  I’m sorry I have to leave, but I will come back to you.  I’m not abandoning you forever.

4) Sansa darting her eyes to the side when Jon says he’s giving her the North, as if she thinks he must be saying it to somebody else; as if she can’t quite believe he’s showing her so much respect and confidence so wholeheartedly.  She knows Jon wouldn’t name a leader he didn’t trust and respect, and when he names her, she’s astonished. 

5) That tiny smile from Brienne after the camera pans away from Sansa staring at Jon once he’s told her the North is hers.  She knows her girl is going to kill it as Queen, and she couldn’t be more proud.

6) Those nods Jon and Sansa exchange right after the camera pans off of Davos’s face.  At the end of the episode I was a little annoyed at their not having had a proper farewell scene that had them speaking, you know, actual lines.  But when I re-watched the council room scene, holy living cats.  Kit and Sophie said all of their lines right there with their eyes.  If these two don’t co-star in a film (or ten) together somewhere down the line after “Game of Thrones” ends, I will be highly disappointed.  Hollywood would be off its nut not to take advantage of their insane chemistry.

Agree?  Disagree?  Thoughts?  Theories, meta or otherwise?

Just some Drabble

Sansa and Arya walked down the dimly lit corridor of winterfell with their usual varying opinions clashing against one Another. For they were both Starks Arya was always the she wolf of their pack.

“She’s quite beautiful… and strong . It’s easy to see the appeal” Arya stated in a low tone for only Sansa to hear.
“ I suppose but I for one won’t forget the past… although it seems Jon has.” She hissed in a dark tone to her baby sister.
“I can see it, they make perfect sense Sansa.” Arya looked to her sister, a warm smile beginning to form.
Before Sansa could reply to her they heard three soft knocks down the silent hall, as they turned the corner to investigate the origin of the sound Arya quickly grabbed Sansa by the arm and dragged them both behind the stone wall before Sansa could protest her sister manhandling her Arya quickly motioned her to be silent and to look around the corner.
It was all but black down the hall at night except for the moon which gave light and for one lone candle burning brightly in the hall. ‘Shes hard to miss even at night’ Sansa thought to herself.
Pale as the moon herself she seemed to glow as well, a subtle luminescent one but utterly enchanting. Her long silver hair undone from all her complex braids worn through the day and cascading down her shoulders and back.
The dragon queen, the last Targaryen…
Sansa and Arya exchanged quick looks before returning to events at hand.
Dany waited at the door quickly looking up and down the hall to ensure she was not followed nor spied upon.
“What is she doing down her at this time of night!?” Sansa urgently hissed to her sister.
As if the old gods heard her request, the door opened with a loud creak and out stepped the recipient of this late night call.
Her brother stepped out of his chambers in no more then his night shirt and pants of the day.
Arya started to shake next Sansa in a very strong attempt to not burst into a fit of laughter that would surely give them away.
Jon, the king in the north, had not shown the same caution as Dany had before and quickly grabbed the dragon queens face in his hands and began kissing her with a ferocity both Arya and Sansa have never seen their brother exhibit before. It made Sansa very uncomfortable to see her brother in such a way and attempted to look elsewhere.
Arya and Sansa heard Jon and Dany’s panting and desperation for both air and the other as Jon grabbed Dany roughly by the hips to have her body pressed against his in desperation to be closer to her. Dany wrapped her arms around his neck and grabbed onto Jon’s hair pulling him in closer and beginning to writhe against him. After a few moments of the lovers devouring one another in the corridor of winterfell Jon let out a low moan which sounded more like a growl of a dire wolf then a man and halted the kiss to stare at his queen. The queen was flushed with half lidded eyes and ragged breathing looking at her King in the north with a look pure white hot fire .
Jon grabbed Dany and lifted her up With her legs wrapping around him as he kicked open his door with the back of heel and began to assault the others mouths once more.
Dany was smiling against his kisses and proceeded to giggle at her wild northern King as he carried her into his chambers closing the door with a quiet thud.
Sansa and Arya remained in stunned silence for a few more seconds before staring at one another in disbelief.
“Well I guess you were right about Jon forgetting the past sister” Arya chuckled to her sister who simply rolled her eyes and turned to walk away from the sounds being emitted out of her brother’s room.

(Just some cute prompt that I thought of… I haven’t written fanfic in so long so don’t judge me too hard lol)

Enthralled: A Jonerys FF

Summary: Jon Snow needed the help of Daenerys Taragaryen in order to defeat the threat beyond the Wall. Little did he know she would be his undoing

Rating: M (duh..#.boatsex)

Word Count: ~2900

A/N: Guess who’s back??!! Hopefully this is a good sign! This is the first thing I’ve written in almost 4 months, so go easy on your girl, especially since I’m delving into new territory. This is basically my homage to the Jonerys relationship. I cover it from start to what we have now. I had this headcanon, thought, of Jon having a thing for Dany’s hair, so added that in there, too. 

Thanks to Bianca, aka @shipsxahoy, my love, my beta, and the Mulan to my Ruby. AND to one oldest and dearest, Justine, aka @bisexual-pirate-queen for looking after this. 

**All italicized dialogue is from the show** 

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Tagging some fellow Jonerys trash (if you feel like reading): 

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Jon Snow had no idea what to expect when he traveled from Winterfell south to Dragonstone. He heard the tales of the Mother of Dragons and how she rose to power. He hoped beyond all hope that she would help him in his efforts to rid Westeros of the threat of the Night King and his army. Jon knew how demented he sounded to those who had not borne witness to the terrors beyond the Wall, but he came here with a purpose: to form an alliance.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, he was bewitched by Daenerys Targaryen.

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lay your weary head to rest

@tuckerfuckingdiditmain said: wash/york/north: nork hurts wash on accident and decide to make it up to him.

Rating: T

Characters: Agent Wash, Agent York, Agent North, others

Words: 1195

Warnings: None

On AO3

North strides into the medical bay of the MOI, heading directly to where York is seated with his head in his hands. “What happened?” North demands.

Sighing, York scrubs his hands over his face. “He’s fine, okay? Or he’ll be fine.” He sounds as tired as he looks.

After a moment of consideration, North drops into the chair next to him. A couple of nurses are standing in the other corner, discussing something; at first North assumes it’s serious, before one starts braying with laughter. “What happened?” North asks again.

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“killed him? wait, what, literally?” with York and Wash – from @illumynare

“You ever do something and you can’t tell if it was the most brilliant or most regretted moment of your life?”  Wash looked up to find York standing next to him.  York’s eyes were closed, and he was leaning forward so that his forehead rested on the door of his locker, and he sighed so deeply that the metal rattled.  

“Um, can’t say I have?”  Wash returned to his armour dismissively, sitting on a bench before beginning to fasten one greave.  York didn’t get the message and continued.

“I was just in the mess hall, finishing my lunch…and you know how North has a cold right now?  Wash grunted, no longer paying attention, already focused on the hellish sparring session he had scheduled with South.  “Well he wouldn’t stop sniffling. Like, the whole time.”  In his head, Wash was already imagining how much that lockdown paint was going to hurt.  “So I stuck a pickle up my nose, just to make fun of him.”  Wash rolled his eyes, but it was pure reflex.  “Anyway, I sneezed and it nearly killed him.”

There was a beat of silence as Wash’s brain registered this, then raced to try and pick up all the facts that he’d missed.  “Killed him?  Wait, what….literally?”

York gave him a flat look, but just then North walked into the locker room.  York made a small “watch this” gesture to Wash, then cleared his throat.  “Hey North.”

The blonde man’s head swung in their direction.  York lowered his head slightly, a dead serious look on his face.  


Wash watched North deflate.  All the breath left him, and he folded up until he was on his hands and knees, trying to suck air back into his lungs.  York crossed his arms in satisfaction as North finally succeeded, only to lose it again in helpless laughter.  “Oh my god, that was…the funniest…thing…”  

York gave Wash a look that clearly said “see?” and Wash shook his head.

“You sneezed…and it bounced…”

There was a change in York’s eyes.

“…and it flew…”

Wash looked from North to York and back.

“…and it…it hit…Carolina’s…”

York’s mouth twisted.

“And she…pulled it out of…of…”

Wash bit his lip.

“And turned around…”

Wash bit harder.

“And you were going ‘ow ow ow’ because…because of the brine…and…”

Wash lost it.  North’s laughter redoubled and the two gasped and howled in turns as York grew more sour.  They finally settled down out of pure exhaustion and Wash wiped tears from his eyes.  “Oh my god, you’re right…that was brilliant…”

Despite of himself, York smiled.  “Well I’m glad you th–”  He was interrupted by an angry woman’s voice from the doorway.  


York closed his eyes in dread.  “And there’s the regret.”

[Rise of the Guardians] The Fall

@healingmichiko​ Have some more feels. And greek myths. And character undeath. And just weird brain stuff. 2800 words, crossposted to Ao3

“Heeeeey, Bunnny….” Jack’s grin is small and crooked, the same silly fond one he always gives Aster in greeting. “-I never told you my favourite myth, did I?”

Aster stumbles over his words, vowels and consonants in a jumbled mess. Jack wants to talk about a silly conversation they had hours ago NOW? Now, while Jack is…

Jack is…

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Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones but a tweet will have to suffice - Phan One Shot

Summary: Dan and Phil go home to their respective families for Christmas but they suddenly become very active on Twitter, tweeting about random things. Only Dan and Phil are able to read between the lines within every tweet.

Word count: 7.7k

Genre: Holiday fluff

Warnings: Mention of family not accepting you, missing your loved one.

Throughout the story are attached real tweets by Dan and Phil. 

Christmas 2016

When you’re used to be together almost every moment of every day it feels odd to be apart for extended periods of time. Dan and Phil had completely intertwined their lives together, both on a professional and personal level. They never went a day without talking and both of them would feel an odd ache by just being apart from a few hours.

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prima et ultima

@bizarrebird​ said: Fluff Week Prompt: Some one trying to explain what a hug feels like to an AI (any pair, York and Delta, Epsilon and Carolina, Epsilon and Tucker, all are good!) 

Rating: T

Characters: Agent York, Delta, Agent North

Relationships: Agent York/Delta

Warnings: None

Words: 1918

On AO3

all things must come to an end. this york and delta understand.

Agent York, says Delta, late at night. York is laying in his bunk, staring up at the ceiling, still getting used to this new person in his brain. May I ask a question?

Uh, yeah, sure. Delta’s been inquisitive lately, poking at York for different things but still hesitant to really integrate like the Counselor keeps hinting he might. York’s not complaining at the moment. What is it?

What does a hug feel like?

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