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North walked, holding a blue-eyes in his hand. Having used the card in his deck, iy was always his favorite. He walked onward before he heard someone. Sliding the card baxk into his duel disk, he turned around. "Who's there?" (XYZ dimension)

Lilly was hiding behind a building, a hoodie covering her eyes. She peaked her head out and looked at North then hid again. “Who are you?!” She screamed

Guild Wars Lore: The Prophecies Campaign

“It was almost eight hundred years ago when I foresaw the Flameseeker Prophecies. You have Ascended and awakened the gift of True Sight that lay dormant within you.The moment has finally come. You are the Chosen I have been waiting for.“ Glint, The Crystal Dragon

Hey guys! So decided for the next series of lore posts I will be covering the 3 campaigns and the expansion, Eye of The North, from the original Guild Wars! I will cover all 4 of these in their own separate posts over the next 4 weeks. Now that being said, if you have not played the games, and wish to remained unspoiled on the contents of them, you are gonna have to miss out on the next 4 weeks or so of lore posts! Sorry! BUT, look for the Eye of The North post at the end of the series for a ‘special’ surprise for those who haven’t played the games, (and may be looking for something to do while waiting for Heart of Thorns to drop!).


The Last Day Dawns

1070 AE, in the Human Kingdom of Ascalon, those who will remember this day will speak fondly of the warm morning breeze. On this day, King Adelbern sent a request to Sir Tydus, asking for heroes to help secure the Great Northern Wall, the best defense the Humans had against relentless attacks from the Charr, beastial creatures who sought nothing more than the death of all humans. The player character (PC) is among those who answers the call to arms. After receiving their orders and training in a secondary profession, the PC and Prince Rurik take on a dangerous mission against the Charr. Scouts reported Vatlaaw Doomtooth and his warband in the old bunker behind the Citadel, and the Prince wants them stopped. The Charr and his warband are slain, but it matters not, as the PC and Prince Rurik bare witness to the destruction of Ascalon. The Charr shaman Bonfaaz Burntfur calls forth a destructive magic known as The Searing, using a powerful artifact known as the Cauldron of Cataclysm, given to the Charr by their Gods. The Searing rained giant crystals all throughout Ascalon, turned all water into tar, and burned the entire Kingdom. The Great Northern Wall, which had stood for almost 170 years, was breached in seconds. Ascalon had fallen, the Charr now marched through the once proud Human Kingdom. For the next 2 years the Charr continue west, marching onward to Orr, and into Arah, the City of The Gods. As the Charr made their way to claim another human nation, the whole continent of Orr is destroyed in what is later called, The Cataclysm. The nation sinks, killing not only the invading Charr forces, but all of the citizens. The Charr continue onto the Kingdom of Kryta, but the newly formed White Mantle are able to stop their advance, thanks in part to their new, Unseen Gods.

Ascalon is Lost

in 1072 AE Ascalon receives an unexpected visitor, an ambassador from their old enemy, Kryta. Kryta and Ascalon had been bitter enemies since the conclusion of the Guild Wars, which only ended with the Charr invasion. The King refuses to even speak to Ambassador Zain, but Prince Rurik decides to try and convince his father that they need help. The King believes they must stay and defend Ascalon at all costs, while Rurik believes they should be taking the fight to the Charr head on. After a series of missions however, the Prince makes the grim realization that Ascalon is lost, the Charr will win. After freeing captured humans from the Charr and saving the City of Rin with the magical warhorn Stormcaller, the Prince tries to convince his Father that it is time to retreat. He pleads that they must take up Kryta’s offer of safety, to head west for new lands, and life, free from Charr. King Adelbern is furious with his son, banishing him from Ascalon forever more. Prince Rurik leaves, warning all the citizens that their King would lead them to death, and that joining him to journey to Lion’s Arch in Kryta was the only way they would be safe.

The Journey West

Prince Rurik, the PC, and the refugees of Ascalon that chose to follow them, make their way west towards Kryta. In their way stood The Shiverpeaks, a line of rugged mountains, populated by dwarves. When the refugees arrived in the Shiverpeaks, they are trust into a civil war between two factions of dwarves, the Deldrimor, and Stone Summit. The Deldrimor dwarves are the peaceful, traditional faction of dwarves, while the newly formed Stone Summit Dwarves feel that they are the superior race of Tyria, destined to rule over all others. To this end the Stone Summit are trying to drive out and kill all other races from the Shiverpeaks. The Deldrimor help the refugees to cross through, as they fight the Stone Summit along the way. In the last push through the mountains, tragedy strikes, as Prince Rurik is killed at The Frost Gate. Forced to leave their prince behind, the refugees finally arrive in Kryta. 

The Unseen Ones

As the Ascalonians enter Kryta they arrive to see that Kryta is dealing with waves of undead, being controlled by a powerful Lich Lord. After helping the White Mantle, the ruling body of Kryta, the refugees are offered a settlement north of Lion’s Arch to start their life anew. The PC is then enrolled in the White Mantle after showing bravery in dealing with the undead, which included collecting a powerful artifact known as the Scepter of Orr after the Lich Lord had sent countless undead trying to obtain it. One of their first tasks was to administer the Test of The Chosen for the White Mantle. Using the Eye of Janthir, the PC identified villagers with especially acute magical aptitude. These Chosen, were then lead away by the White Mantle to be taught to use their abilities to their fullest extent at the Temple of the Unseen, to better serve their Unseen Gods. Shortly after the Chosen are found however, they are kidnapped by a rebel faction called The Shining Blade. The White Mantle task the PC in tracking down the Shining Blade, and rescuing the Chosen. The PC chases the Shining Blade into the Maguuma Jungle, but upon confronting them, the PC is shown the truth of the White Mantle. The Chosen were kidnapped by the Shining Blade to save them, as the White Mantle were taking them, not to learn magic, but to be sacrificed upon a giant Bloodstone, all in accordance to the wishes of their Gods. With this revelation, the PC decides to join the Shining Blade in their war against the White Mantle. The PC helps the Shining Blade in constructing a new hidden base in the Henge of Denravi. It is a magical hidden glade that can only be found by those who have already been there. With the Shining Blade activating the crystals that power the portal, even though the White Mantle knew where the portal was, the magic prevents them from entering the actual Henge. The victory comes with a grim revelation though, the Mantle knew of the plan to get to the Henge of Denravi, which meant there was a spy among the Shining Blade. To enlist more allies against the Mantle, Evennia, one of the leaders of the Shining Blade, finds the last survivor of Orr, Vizier Khilbron. He promises to aid the Shining Blade, but in return, he asks for them to retrieve the Scepter of Orr from the White Mantle. With the Scepter of Orr, Vizier Khilbron reveals that the traitor is one of the inner council, a man named Markis. The Vizier tells them that with Markis leading them, the Mantle has entered the Henge of Denravi and slaughtered all they found. The Shining Blade was broken, and had fled into the Shiverpeaks. While the PC wishes to take the fight to the Mantle, the Vizier convinces them that they cannot win. He reveals that the PC is one of the Chosen, destined to destroy the Unseen Ones. To help them combat the White Mantle and their masters, they head to the Crystal Desert to earn Ascension, becoming closer to the Gods of Tyria, and gaining the Gift of True Sight.

The Flameseeker Prophecies

Arriving in the Crystal Desert, the PC finds the ghosts of a people that had previously tried to earn Ascension. They eventually failed, slain by an ancient race of serpent people known as The Forgotten. A specter known as the Ghostly Hero, who in life was the leader of the these people, assists the player in their trials. The Trials involve the player constructing a Vision Crystal, helping to focus the Gods’ gaze on the PC, fighting to control the Temple of Ascension, and finally, proving their worth be defeating waves of Forgotten. Once these trials are complete, the PC has one final test, defeating a doppleganger of themselves. Once defeated, the PC is teleported into the Lair of Glint The Crystal Dragon. After defeating different facets of the dragon, they are finally given a audience with her. She reveals that she is the author of the Flameseeker Prophecies, and that the events that have lead to this meeting were already foretold by her. She also tells how the Unseen Ones, masters of the White Mantle, are actually an ancient race of spellcasters known as the Mursaat. With the knowledge that they can now fight the Mursaat, the PC heads next to the Shiverpeaks, to confront the White Mantle and their ‘Gods’. 

Facing the Unseen

Arriving in the Southern Shiverpeaks, the PC finds the Shining Blade scattered, fleeing the White Mantle’s advance. The PC also discovers that the Mursaat wield a deadly magic called Spectral Agony, able to kill almost anyone in just a few seconds. To combat this, they seek out a being known as the Ancient Seer, a survivor of a war between the Mursaat and the race of Seers. The ancient Seer teaches the PC how to ‘infuse’ their armor, protecting them from the effects of Spectral Agony. Armed now with the ability to both see, and survive the most deadly ability of the Mursaat, the PC and Shining Blade strike back. They also help the Deldrimor Dwarves in retaking their capital of Thunderhead Keep back from the Stone Summit Dwarves, and the invading White Mantle. With the defeat of Confessor Dorian, one of the founding members of The Mantle, the rest of their forces are sent on the retreat. With this victory, Vizier Khilbron, suggests their next move is to take them to the Ring of Fire Islands, a chain of volcanic islands to the south that he says will hold the key to defeating the Mursaat once and for all. 

The Prophecy Fufilled

Vizier Khilbron meets with the PC and tells them that at the Door of Komalie, their greatest weapon against the Mursaat waits. Helped by the Deldrimor Dwarves, the PC fights their way through waves of Mursaat, desperate to keep the door closed. Once the seals are broken, the PC discovers that they have been betrayed by Vizier Khilbron. The Vizier drops his facade and reveals that he is the Lich Lord that has been sending undead against Kryta, and that he was responsible for the Cataclysm that sunk Orr. As a human, the Vizier had read from an ancient, and forbidden scroll, hidden away under Orr. The scroll destroyed Orr, and transformed him into the Lich. He then goes on to explain that he is the Flameseeker of the prophecy, and the flame he sought after are the Titans, demonic constructs sealed away behind the Door of Komalie. The Mursaat knew of the prophecy, and that the Titans were foretold to end their race, and set about killing all of those found to be Chosen, hoping to prevent this. With the Scepter of Orr enabling him to control them, the Lich commanded the Titans to spread all over Tyria, all in his plan to rule the world. The PC attempts to confront the Lich, hoping to stop his invasion of Tyria, but first they had to confront an old ally. The Lich had found the body of Prince Rurik in the Shiverpeaks and brought him back to life as his undead servant. The undead prince lamented having to face their old friend, but that he could not control his actions. After his defeat, Rurik told the PC that if they could kill the Lich atop the Bloodstone located in the Ring of Fire, his soul would transfer power to the Door of Komalie, sealing the Titans once again. Once they confronted the Lich, and defeated him, his spirit recharges the soul batteries that had sealed the Door of Komalie shut, reactivating them, and sealing away the Titans once again. The Prophecy is completed, and after scouring Tyria for the last of the Titans that had been released, along with the defeat of the Mursaat, Tyria entered a whole new chapter of life.

Alright everyone, that about does it for this week’s lore! Next week will be a lore post over the campaign of Guild Wars: Factions. See you then!

-Karn Vileclaw


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