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I hope you'll be able to help me out on this, but if not its perfectly fine! I was petting my cat (hes an American short hair) and I noticed he has a star design in his eyes. He has brown/orange eyes, but he has 2 little blue "spikes" on each side of his pupils, as well as on the top and bottom of his pupils. It makes his eyes look like the north star. Is it just a version of heterochromia or is it something else? I haven't found anything like it, so I don't know what it is. Have a nice day!

that sounds like sectoral heterochromia, where the iris is split between two different colours (image source). if you’re willing, I’d love to see a photo!

“killed him? wait, what, literally?” with York and Wash – from @illumynare

“You ever do something and you can’t tell if it was the most brilliant or most regretted moment of your life?”  Wash looked up to find York standing next to him.  York’s eyes were closed, and he was leaning forward so that his forehead rested on the door of his locker, and he sighed so deeply that the metal rattled.  

“Um, can’t say I have?”  Wash returned to his armour dismissively, sitting on a bench before beginning to fasten one greave.  York didn’t get the message and continued.

“I was just in the mess hall, finishing my lunch…and you know how North has a cold right now?  Wash grunted, no longer paying attention, already focused on the hellish sparring session he had scheduled with South.  “Well he wouldn’t stop sniffling. Like, the whole time.”  In his head, Wash was already imagining how much that lockdown paint was going to hurt.  “So I stuck a pickle up my nose, just to make fun of him.”  Wash rolled his eyes, but it was pure reflex.  “Anyway, I sneezed and it nearly killed him.”

There was a beat of silence as Wash’s brain registered this, then raced to try and pick up all the facts that he’d missed.  “Killed him?  Wait, what….literally?”

York gave him a flat look, but just then North walked into the locker room.  York made a small “watch this” gesture to Wash, then cleared his throat.  “Hey North.”

The blonde man’s head swung in their direction.  York lowered his head slightly, a dead serious look on his face.  


Wash watched North deflate.  All the breath left him, and he folded up until he was on his hands and knees, trying to suck air back into his lungs.  York crossed his arms in satisfaction as North finally succeeded, only to lose it again in helpless laughter.  “Oh my god, that was…the funniest…thing…”  

York gave Wash a look that clearly said “see?” and Wash shook his head.

“You sneezed…and it bounced…”

There was a change in York’s eyes.

“…and it flew…”

Wash looked from North to York and back.

“…and it…it hit…Carolina’s…”

York’s mouth twisted.

“And she…pulled it out of…of…”

Wash bit his lip.

“And turned around…”

Wash bit harder.

“And you were going ‘ow ow ow’ because…because of the brine…and…”

Wash lost it.  North’s laughter redoubled and the two gasped and howled in turns as York grew more sour.  They finally settled down out of pure exhaustion and Wash wiped tears from his eyes.  “Oh my god, you’re right…that was brilliant…”

Despite of himself, York smiled.  “Well I’m glad you th–”  He was interrupted by an angry woman’s voice from the doorway.  


York closed his eyes in dread.  “And there’s the regret.”


“Thirsty for Bellamy,” a fragrance line designed by Clarke™


hi i’m foster! i’m 16 years old, pansexual and panromantic and i live in north carolina, usa (on the east coast). i like brass-heavy jazz bands, it’s always sunny, quantum physics, shorts with weird prints on them, and things that smell like coconut. i’m thai and cuban and i speak spanish and english fluently. i can also get along fairly well in german, japanese, and irish gaelic. id love to meet some new friends as well as possible romantic partners, so please stop by and say hello any time! my url is @frister :)

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones but a tweet will have to suffice - Phan One Shot

Summary: Dan and Phil go home to their respective families for Christmas but they suddenly become very active on Twitter, tweeting about random things. Only Dan and Phil are able to read between the lines within every tweet.

Word count: 7.7k

Genre: Holiday fluff

Warnings: Mention of family not accepting you, missing your loved one.

Throughout the story are attached real tweets by Dan and Phil. 

Christmas 2016

When you’re used to be together almost every moment of every day it feels odd to be apart for extended periods of time. Dan and Phil had completely intertwined their lives together, both on a professional and personal level. They never went a day without talking and both of them would feel an odd ache by just being apart from a few hours.

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Auston Matthews - Part 9

Thank you for all your continued support, this has been so fun and I am so much more that I’m so excited to show you! 

Once I get myself dressed and hunt down the seamstress to give her the dress and my cousin’s address, I hightail it out of there, Auston right behind me.

               “You were in a hurry to leave,” Auston notes, catching up to my side once we reach the sidewalk.

               “Hey it was rough alright, it’s not every day I get felt up by an elderly woman and paraded around like some princess,” I huff at him, turning to walk away but then realize that I have no idea where Auston is parked or where I even am.

               “Queen,” he says and I scrunch my face at him.


               “That dress was not fit for a princess, nor did you look like one,” he responds, taking my elbow and steering me in the right direction.

               “Uh… thanks?” I say a little unsure if I was just complimented or not.

               “As for being felt up, can you blame her?” He winks at me and roll my eyes, ignoring him along with the warm feeling that spreads throughout my body.

               I glance at the shop windows as we pass and I remember what Auston had said when he offered to stay with me.

               “Didn’t you say you needed to pick something up?” I ask, he gives me a confused look and then follows my gaze to the store fronts. “It was your reason for staying with me.”

               “Oh, uh yeah, but it’s getting late, I can get it another time,” Auston mumbles and keeps walking, pulling me along with him again.

               I can’t help but stare at him as we walk. His strides are confident and his hands are stuffed into his pockets again, I’m sure trying to hide the fact that he’s cold. He keeps his head low though and I know it’s so the people walking past us won’t recognize him. I look up at his hat and immediately scowl. Auston seems to sense me staring at him and raises his eyebrows at me.

               “Enjoying the view?”

               “Actually, I was just thinking how much I want to strangle you with that God awful hat. I mean honestly Auston, you realize that thing’s purpose is to keep your ears and head warm, right?” I say, not bothering to hold back.

               “You don’t like my hat?” He asks, laughing at my outburst.

               “No, I hate how you wear said hat. Here,” I step in front of him and tug the hat down farther over his ears and make him look less like an idiot. “I think warmth should reside over ‘fashion’ sometimes,” I grin up at him and he just stares at me, fixated on my mouth. “Auston?”


               His gaze still lingering on my mouth.

               “What?” He asks again, this time blinking several times and focusing back on me again.

               I scoff and turn to start walking again, only to step on a thin sheet of ice that I hadn’t seen and fall flat on my ass.

               I sit there a moment in disbelief, Auston staring down at me with a similar expression until I start to laugh. After a second of making sure I was laughing and not crying, Auston starts to laugh along with me. He pulls me to my feet and double checks that I’m alright, then tucks my arm around his.

               “Maybe we should just walk together this time,” he says, giving me a small wink and I blush but don’t pull away.

               Once we reach his car he opens the passenger side door for me, which surprises me. When he closes the door behind me I can’t help but inhale deeply, the car smells just like his pillow that I borrowed last night. The same husky smell mixed with shampoo and something else that I still can’t identify.

               The driver side door opens and Auston settles himself down beside me.

               “Nice car,” I say, taking in the interior.

               Auston smirks over at me and revs the engine, causing me to roll my eyes.

               “You do that a lot, roll your eyes at me,” Auston notes, pulling out into the street.

               “You do a lot of things that make me roll my eyes,” I reply, paying him no attention, too busy looking out the window to try and see the sky.

               “I can think of a few more things,” Auston says with an alluring tone and everything below my navel tightens. I whip my head back around to him and glare.

               “You can’t do that!” I snap, fighting back a laugh.

               “I didn’t do anything! You’re the one jumping to conclusions!” He snaps back, a teasing tone now filtering into his words.

               “I did not jump to any conclusions! You’re the one thinking that I’m thinking that!”

               “No, you think that I think that you thought it was that thing,” Auston responds and I sit there a moment trying follow what he said.


               Auston bursts out laughing and I can’t help but laugh with him.

               The rest of the car ride is filled with Auston and me bickering back and forth, him pointing out his favorite restaurants and places to go with his friends and me asking question after question about the city. He is only able to give a few answers and they are fairly simple at that.

               “These are questions you’ll have to ask Mitch or Connor,” Auston eventually says after I huff at him for not giving me a very good answer.

               “And when would I do that?” I ask him.

               “Tomorrow after the game, since my parents are here, we all go out to eat after the game and they usually come along with their parents,” Auston explains and I nod slowly.

               “What if I don’t want to go to your game?”

               At this Auston looks over at me, “Do you not want to?” He asks, his tone serious.

               I instantly regret saying it and fumble for a response, confused by his reaction.

               “No I do, I was just messing around,” I say and he loosens back up. “Just don’t expect me to put on your jersey and scream your name all night.” I add without thinking and he looks over at me again as we pull up to a stop light, a smirk playing across his lips.

               “What?” I ask, eyeing him warily. He raises his eyebrows and I back track to what I just said. I instantly turn the color of the stop light above us and reach over to smack his arm. “Stop that! You know what I meant!” I wail and cover my eyes with my other hand.

               Auston doesn’t say anything and I don’t even hear him laugh. I peek at him from under my fingers and he’s still staring at me, his eyes dark and impossible to read in the dim lighting of the dash board. I hold his gaze as the breath empties from my lungs, my entire body on full alert as the air in the car seems to get warmer. His lips part slightly and my eyes instantly are drawn down to his mouth.

               “Y/N…” Auston murmurs, leaning towards me slightly.

               I don’t say anything and inhale slightly, the smell of him is overwhelming.

               His face is within inches on mine, his breath on my face as a horn goes off behind us, breaking the moment like a shattered window. We jump apart and Auston moves the car forward. I slump back in my seat and exhale, suddenly aware of every single nerve in my body and nothing to show for it.

               Auston and I remain silent the next few minutes until we pull up in front of his apartment.

               “Home sweet home,” Auston says, clearly recovered from our moment, whereas my heart is still beating a mile out of my chest.

               I remain silent as I climb out of the car, the moment my feet are on solid ground and not ice, I turn my head to the sky, and my eyes immediately land on the North Star.

               “What are you looking at?” Auston asks, appearing at my side and turning his head to the sky as well.

               “Polaris,” I say, “or the North Star, if you will.”

               “That’s the brightest one, right?” Auston squints and I can see his eyes darting back and forth across the sky as he waits for me answer.

               “Actually it’s the fiftieth brightest, but it’s one of the easiest to find because of the constellation it’s in.” I answer, happy to be talking about something that I know so much about.

               Auston shifts beside me, still trying to find which star I’m staring at.

               “Here,” I say and grab his arm, pulling him to my side and making him bend down to my level, our faces right next to each other. I grab his hand and line his finger up with the star using his line of sight.

               “Brightest star,” I whisper.

               Auston stares a moment and I can see the second he finally knows which star I’m referring to.

               “Is it your favorite?” Auston whispers back, although we have no reason to be whispering in the first place.

               I think a moment and then shake my head, “I don’t think so, at least right now it’s not my favorite.” I scowl up at it and Auston gives me a questioning look. I ignore him and nod to the apartment complex. “We should go inside, your mom probably has dinner ready for us.”

               Auston nods, dropping the subject and takes my hand, I think just to help me over the snow bank between the car and the sidewalk but he doesn’t let go even after I’m over it. I know I should probably let go, but I don’t.

Red Light, Green Light- J-Hope(Requested Smut)

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//what happens off camera stays off camera… most of the time anyway//

for the anon who asked for some Hoseok in which he shows a different side of himself, especially a dominating one in the bedroom. Or on the floor;) enjoy!

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Winter’s Flower: Robb Stark X Reader

This is to the amazing @myironthrone who was also a huge help and is just a fab person! Go check her out!! Sorry this took so long… Hope you love it!

Warnings: Fear. Kissing. Intimacy.

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You were so afraid, but you could not let it show.

The men of the North were cold, tough, they told you.

“Are you ready, Lady Y/N?” A guard asked and you nodded taking a deep breath as you were lead through the tent and into the room.

“Introduce yourself.” A lord called at you so coldly, you gulped slightly and looked down.

“I am the Lady Y/N-”

“Louder, girl!”

“Easy Lord Bolten.” The King of the North growled at him, “She is helping us. Continue, Lady Y/N.”

You sighed and looked at the kind eyes of the King of the North who smiled gently at you as you began again, “I am Lady Y/N of the House Tyrell. I have come here, accept the term of traitor and deserter of the South and would like to share everything I know of the Baratheon-Lannister house.” 

The king smile grew and nodded at you, “Continue.”

“The Baratheon and Lannister men have been combined and they plan to take the North by means of Siege.”

A lord looked down at you. “How many men?”

“Around 40,000.”

“And the penalty you give yourself should this be false?” The Lord Bolton spat causing you to look at the ground.

“Traitor of the North.” You replied numbly, “Death.”

This caused the room to fall silent as they waited for the King to speak next.

He stood up and walked towards you, “Very well. I will take Lady Y/N to her tent. Thank you for my consul, my Lords. I will see you in the morn.” Offering you his arm, you looked at him nervously and took it as he lead you along to your tent.

You didn’t get much sleep, fearing the Lord Bolten would break into your room and strangle you, but you didn’t dislike the North. The clothing, the hair styles, even the weather please you far more the South or even the Reach.

The North’s king was not all bad either.

He was kind to you, spearing moments he could to get you out of your tent, inviting you to sit at his table for dinner, even allowing you to sit at the occasional council meetings. He was also generous to provide you with whatever you needed and in whatever supply. Be it books, paper, bards, jesters, even supplies of ink. Whatever you commanded her did his best to supply.

On top of that, he was incredibly good looking.

You wondered often, what the end of this war would mean. Should the Lannisters’ win I shall surly loose my head, but what of the Starks? Or Baratheon?

The Stark’s wanted nothing but the revenge they truly deserved. The death of Lord Eddard was cruel and unjust. The North, at last, deserved it’s freedom from the realm. It was due to this, not your life on the line that you prayed for the Stark’s victory, but the question remained.

What will be done with me when Robb Stark is officially made King of the North by more than his banner men?

Your handmaiden’s claimed he would wed you, giving him some claim to Highgarden and the Reach along with the North. You constantly reassured them of the unlikely hood of this, as the Lord Stark was promised to another yet they insisted. You tried to ignore this as it was highly impractical, yet you prayed for it to be true.

You envied your sister for having Joffrey, who you heard was nothing more than a child and tried not to hide it. Your sister wrote that Sansa Stark’s exact words were monster, at least last time she wrote to you. This left you terrified for her and yet, there was nothing you could do..

You pondered this day and night, which was why perhaps you had so little sleep.

It was one of those nights when your fear and anxiety was too high so you decided to put on my suitable clothes and take a walk around camp. You were doing just so, not disturbing anyone when a hand touched your shoulders causing you to almost jump out of your skin.

“Gods be good Y/N!” The hearted laugh of Robb spoke as your jump clearly startled him, “You will be the death of me, I swear it.”

“I am so sorry Robb.” You sighed, grabbing your arm and meeting his eyes. “I meant no harm I just could not sleep.”

He nodded, taking your arm, causing you to look up upon him “Understandable. I wish you would of told me you haven’t been sleeping.”

“How could you-” He pointed to the bags under your eyes and you sighed, “I am just so frightened Robb.. And yet I have never felt safer… I am sorry.. It’s very confusing and conflicting. I mean not to trouble you. You have enough troubles without my fault.”

“You are no trouble, my dearest, I assure you. You best not even say that.” He smirked, “I know you are loving it here… And I assure you, so long as it in my power none shall harm you.”

You nodded and smiled gratefully, though his words brought little to no comfort with them. “I cannot bear to think what happens after the war.” Sighing and cutting him off before he could reassure you, you stressed, “Should the Lions win, I will loose my head. The Stags will banish me. And the Wolves… I know not what they will do to me…”

“You mean me?” He asked, slight hurt in his voice, “You do not trust me, my Lady?”

“I am fearful… I believe this right is given and fair. I have betrayed all those I loved and now they must kill me. I have lied and ran and left my home for the place that I believe is truly my home but never will be.”

“But what if it is?”  He asked, stepping in front of you and grabbed both your arms as you stared into his eyes and he into yours, “I have the right mind to marry you, Y/N. Not when the war is over, but right now.”

You looked at him in shock, “Robb I-”

“I know, I promised to a Frey girl, but I don’t care.” He kissed your lips fiercely and pulled you closer to him, responding almost instantly, your lips squeezing his arms as his lips brushed yours. Finally pulling apart for you to breathe, he pressed his forehead to yours, whispering against your lips, “Tell me you love me, Y/N. Tell me now.”

“I love you.” You spat out instantly, kissing him gently, quickly, but urgently, “I love only you Robb,” You spoke as you went back into his lips, feeling him smirk and move his arms so he could lift you into the air and hold you in his arms.

“Then, my beautiful winter flower, we will never be separated again.”

There's Nothing You Can Do -Gendry Imagine

“Gendry, my love,” I spoke softly as I entered the smithy. He’d been out there for nearly an hour, and whenever I passed the door I heard his angry outbursts. 

He stood my the forge, slamming his hammer onto the red blowing metal. His broad shoulders stood in clear contrast to the light from the fire, and a light layer of sweat made his bare back shine. 

“Gendry,” I repeated his name sweetly, and felt my heart jerk in my chest as he stopped mid-movement. 

I walked over and slowly wrapped my arms around him, kissing his shoulder. 

“It’s ok.” I told him. 

“No, it’s not.” He said, his voice filled with anger and remorse. 

“You had no choice. It was either us or those strangers.“ 

"But what will they do to them?" 

"It’s Lady Stoneheart’s men, no matter what they’ve done, they’ll get what they deserved." 

"But what if they did not deserve it. They seemed so desperate.” He said calmly, and turned around in my face, so we stood face to face. 

“What if we’ve got it all wrong? What if Stoneheart and her disciples are the cruel and unjust ones? What if they do not fight for the King of the North?”

I looked up into his sad eyes and shrugged, before asking; “does that really mean anything? She keeps us safe after all." 

He caressed my cheek and gave me a small smile. "I know. But remember; I knew his sister. That woman who was here, said she was looking for the Stark girls, what if she wasn’t lying?" 

"My darling, you have to let it go.” I said, doing my best not to flinch by how mean I sounded, before continuing. 

“Stoneheart has them, there’s nothing you can do. I know you care for Arya, but there’s nothing you can do." 

He nodded, before kissing me lightly and letting me go. 

"I love you." 

"I love you too.”

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You once said you prefer white women. Does this mean you prefer women with lighter hair, pale skin (so no tan), and lighter eyes? Like the North European look? Or does this include "ethnic white" looking women as well, such as Spanish and Italian? I'm curious.

I prefer white woman, however the look. For whatever reason, they’re the most attractive to me. Certain ethnic groups have their gems that will turn me on, but not nearly as often.