their dynamic is something i can't get over

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I really really hate the customer/employee power dynamic, because it's always shown that the customer has basically unlimited power over the employee. I try to make it more equal: I say something and I stick to it. I don't get a manager, I don't apologize unless I really am at fault, and if there's an issue I can't help then that sucks but please leave. Most places wouldn't let an employee do that, so I'm REALLY glad I found a place that treats us like people.

  • Souda: "So Kamukura, do you have any hobbies?"
  • Izuru: "Nanami is my hobby."
  • Fuyuhiko: "A person can't be a hobby."
  • Izuru: "A hobby can be something that brings meaning and purpose to one's life. That's what Nanami does for me." "Though I suppose saying that she is my hobby wouldn't be correct. Being in her company is my hobby."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "...." *didn't expect for him to get so deep all of a sudden*
  • Izuru: *wonders why they went quiet* "Was I not clear?"
  • Souda: *scratches cheek* "I-It's not that. It's just a little surprising to hear how much you care about Nanami."
  • Fuyuhiko: *rubs back of neck* "You hardly talk about her so we assumed that you didn't like her or something."
  • Izuru: "...."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *assumes they made him upset* "Ah.."
  • Souda: "B-But we get now that you really like her!"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Yeah, we understand now."
  • Izuru: "I can see why Nanami values you two."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "Huh?"
  • Izuru: "You have an interesting dynamic and make a unique pair."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *embarrassed*
  • Fuyuhiko: "Geez Kamukura, you can't just say shit like that out of nowhere."
  • Souda: *teases him* "Kuzuryu, what you getting all shy for?"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you!"
  • Izuru: *wonders if he said something wrong*
  • Chiaki: *walks over to them* "Hey Kamukura-kun, what are you guys talking about?"
  • Izuru: "We were discussing hobbies. I told them that you were my hobby."
  • Chiaki: *laughs nervously* "I don't think I qualify as a hobby."
  • Izuru: "To me, you qualify as many things, Nanami."
  • Chiaki: *blushes slightly* "Oh..." *pulls her hood over her head*
  • Izuru: *wonders why she is hiding* "Is something wrong?"
  • Chiaki: "Nothing!" *runs away*
  • Izuru: *watches her go* "...."

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There is a fic I read a WHILE ago that I want to read all over again and can't remember the name of. Maybe you can help? It involves something happening that isolates Derek from Scott's pack, Stiles joining him and becoming their own small pack of two, Stiles becoming this super badass yet slightly amoral, dark, magical witch being, them getting close and smutty, Lydia coming to join their dynamic duo & becoming voyeuristic, scarification, & Scott's pack getting scared shitless. Please & thank u

This kind of sounds amazing, honestly. I can really enjoy darkish, amoral magical Stiles. But I don’t think I’ve come across it.

As always, followers? Any suggestions?