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Supernatural: The Dating Sim

Sooooo I’ve been getting many messages about this since last night, and I will be answering the following under the cut:

- Plot

- Reader customization

- Dateable characters

- Other features

If you buds still have questions after this, shoot me an ask!

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Restaurant Dates Are The Worst (Tom Hiddleston x Reader)

A/N: This is an adaptation of the Sebastian Stan version of RDATW (a very faithful adaptation, almost word for word except it’s written in third person and ot second). It’s for a dear friend of mine (me heartie @bathshebaa who has the hots for Tom Hiddleston *wink* *wink*)

Word count: 3.5k


She looked around her, scrutinizing the surroundings, letting her eyes wander on the walls, the chandeliers, the dark-red faux velvet chairs next to the bar section of the restaurant – she looked anywhere but at the man sitting across from her, ungracefully shoving his spaghetti into his mouth all the while twaddling.

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Requested by @alfrette

Jordan turned the corner to his desk with an arm full of files and stopped short when he saw that his chair was already occupied.  You’d dressed to the nines, expecting a nice dinner out with your loving boyfriend, only for him to never show up to pick you up.  Knowing right where he’d be, you had showed up at work.  The way that his face fell as he dropped his files onto his desk clued you in to what you had already suspected.  He had forgot date night.

“I’ll make it up to you.”  He started, flashing you an apologetic smile.  “Sheriff always orders out when he’s working late.  What if we get some take out pizza or something tonight and then tomorrow we’ll go out on the town.  I promise.

Dating Natasha Romanoff Would Include...

☆ In the relationship, there is basically no PDA, but there are hot makeout sessions at home. In public, she may touch your arm/hand/shoulder to reassure you that she’s right there with you and not leaving. 

☆ Natasha likes talking in Russian to you because you never understand what she’s saying. She enjoys seeing your confused face. You decided to learn it for her sake, and when you speak it, Natasha starts laughing but secretly adores you for learning it for her.

☆ You pulled Clint aside to tell him to watch for Natasha and make sure she’s safe. Clint smirked and said that she said the exact same thing to him about you when she had to go on a solo mission.

☆ It took her forever to open up to you. It took even longer for her to say “I love you,” but once she first said it, she grew more comfortable with saying those three sacred words.

☆ When you’re gone, she enjoys wearing your sweatshirts to feel closer to you. Natasha enjoys wearing them while she’s curled up on the couch, drinking coffee/tea. 

☆ You both find it fun to flirt, but she never blushes. It’s easy for Natasha to get you to blush.

☆ You think of every nickname you can for Natasha. At first, she finds it annoying, but after a few times, Natasha loves when she hears you call out a new nickname randomly.

☆ Natasha makes sure that Fury doesn’t put you on a dangerous mission without her. She’s very protective.

☆ During the mission-less weekends, you two eat takeout and watch movies together while staying in your pajamas. There always is major cuddle sessions during this time.

☆ Natasha can tell that you’re lying a mile away. She just has that sense. Natasha will give you space if you need it but won’t hesitate to comfort you if she knows you’re hurting.

☆ When you’re working on paperwork in your guys’ apartment, Natasha will stalk over and give you a quick peck on the cheek. There will always be random kisses during the day when you’re least expecting them.

☆ She told you about her past, and you wanted to get revenge of Red Room somehow and as soon as possible. You held her close to you when she had nightmares of the dreary days there.

☆  When you or she is gone on a mission without each other, you will facetime or skype so it’ll seem like you’re together. 

A/N: I ship clintasha… sorry… not sorry.