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Voltron twitter pics

Idk if people have said this or not but I’m pretty sure the voltron twitter pics are hints at the release dates of season 5 and 6

So February 10th is umbrella day, and we all know that february is about the time season 5 will come out : 

AND September 29th is Coffee day which would be my guess for when season 6 would be dropping: 

Does the look in my eye scare you? It should. You know why I’m here. 

Back away and I’ll close the distance. You can’t run from me. Not in here. There’s nowhere to run. A dark corridor… a hidden space. You chose this location on purpose and the Force did the rest.

Try to deny it. You’ve missed me.    

The smell of your hair… Maker. I’ve missed you too. My hands move to the wall on either side of your shoulders. You take a deep, shaky breath but you can’t look away. My gaze won’t let you.

Leaning in slowly, I take my time. You swallow hard. Can you feel it now? The warmth of our bodies. My breath is hot on your neck. And my lips… so close to capturing yours. You tremble. It’s slight, but I can always tell.   

When we’re like this, I can hear your thoughts. You’re scared and looking for an excuse. An excuse to delay the inevitable. Someone could see us. Walk in on us at any moment. But that’s not the real issue. 

You’re scared. I could leave right now… without ever touching you. Without worshipping your body. You’ve closed the connection so many times. Maybe I’d return the favor.

No. I’m not leaving.  

My hands need to grab your waist. My lips desire your neck. I must explore… everywhere. I can’t leave. I’m not strong enough to leave. And you won’t push me away.

You’re desperate for my touch. For the release that only I can provide. Tell me, Rey. Say it.


My mouth moves under your chin and the first kiss catches you by surprise. You gasp, and the sound is music to my ears. I find your thrumming pulse as your fingers find my dark mane. I nibble and soothe the pain away. Again, and again. I lose myself in a trail of kisses down the curve of your neck.

I bite your shoulder and your knees start to shake. Wrap them around my waist. That’s it, Rey. Let me hold you. I promise. You’ll never fall.

You’re wet for me. Soon I’ll have proof. The evidence will be all over my lips…  dripping down my chin. I won’t leave. Not until I’ve finished every last drop.  

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good dating apps for lesbians, bi or pan women? I’ve tried literally every stupid app. Tinder Coffee Meets Bagel OKCupid Plenty of Fish Bumble HER, (!! Which is SO expensive now) Etc. help?

you just named all the dating apps i know of, sorry!

my girlfriend got me a squatty potty for my birthday 😂😂 i’m so pleased! i asked for it in my birthday list lol. her parents got me my only big ticket item, which was a Dremel and i am so excited about that i’m dying. 26 is off to a pleasant start.


I REALLY hope y'all aren’t sleeping on this. Heavy Thoughts Studios is creating a dating sim game where you can date male/female/nonbinary versions of the characters, all of whom are their own interesting people, and the artists working with them are the same that worked on Dream Daddy! I’m so incredibly excited for this game and it’s in its very early stages yet, so get excited with me and check out their twitter!!