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I’ve been in a relationship for 6+ months and the fact that I was able to find someone so genuine in their emotions towards me throws me off. I’m so used to being mistreated that anything other than abuse confuses me. Sometimes I even wonder if I’m worthy of something so good, to the point where I second guess myself. I don’t want my insecurities to ruin a good thing.

I hate the whole “the South has overt racism, the North has covert racism” thing, especially when used to defend the South because people “would rather know who hates” them. Like, both of them have covert racism. The South just has additional overt racism on top of it. It’s not like, “We’ll call y’all niggers, but we’ll still rent y’all this house without discriminatin’!” You deal with the same racist bullshit you deal with up North, plus some more racism on top of it. And I really like the peace of mind of not being consistently called a nigger or seeing “no blacks” on dating app profiles.