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on the season 4 finale

okay overarching thoughts because I’m still reeling:

this I think was the most well done finale, and maybe even episode, in the show’s history. it managed to be hilarious the entire time while keeping an actual feeling of tension for the entire half hour (I was seriously on the edge of my seat in a way I never have been with this show). it somehow managed to highlight so many of the squad’s relationships (jake/amy, jake/rosa, rosa/holt, etc.) on a powerful level, and show how far this ragtag team has come to really being each other’s family. it brought back so many references to old running jokes that have made this show what it was (the montages, the sex tape jokes, the cool cool cool’s, the cocaiiiine, rosa’s hidden past…seriously how did they fit all of these in one episode). the acting was INCREDIBLE I kept rewinding scenes to watch each character’s different reactions because they were so on point.

it was an incredible episode to wrap up what’s really been a phenomenal season. this episode basically made me so happy to be a brooklyn nine nine fan, and so happy that this precious show exists.

(in unrelated news jesus christ dan goor was not kidding that this was not made for a series finale….can you imagine if it was??? i would die)

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Wait are we allowed to share our weird dinosaur stories? I went to high school with a girl who believed dinosaur fossils were planted by the Devil to tempt people away from the word of God and onto the evil path of science. There was another girl who believed they were a test from God to tempt them and test their faith. I went to a liberal school in Los Angeles I don't understand.

The reach and weirdness of Creationists knows no bounds

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How old do you have to be to eat out at a restaurant? My friends and I, 6 of us in total, are planning to go out to the mall, there are restaurants in the mall and wondering if we're allowed to go out to eat at legit places, for ex. Fantasy lazydog, Fantasy cafe bizou. We're all 13 years old, if we can't go to the restaurants stated above, does anyone know any places we could possibly go to? - Angus McDonald, world's great detective!


ok i was pretty sure but i read reblogs n replies and yeah that post isnt from any official dnd stuff its from someones shitty homebrew or something they posted on here cuz like players handbook and stuff encouraged exploring gender and sexuality i think

Anonymous said to fyesaleclightwood:

Hello, can you spread the word, please? The user ‘sebmorgenstren’ is stealing other people gifs and making them b&w so nobody will notice!

I just checked and I immediately recognized one of @amorverus‘ recent Matt gifs as well as the Malec posters she edited. I think there was also one from @milkeas? So if you are a gifmaker, you probably should just check and see if that user turned your gifs into b/w ones and reposted it, too. 

All I know is that I am seriously fed up with this. Why is it so fucking hard to simply click the reblog button??? And even if you want some b/w gifs, there are so many nice gif maker who take requests. Instead you steal gifs, edit them and repost them to get notes. I hate this so much!

100 word fic: Damaged

After putting the damaged arm on the table, Thomas takes a seat while Guy-Man retrieves the tools to reattach it. 

“So. How’d it come off this time?” he asks, making no effort to mask his tired tone. 

There’s a suspiciously long pause. Thomas fidgets nervously. He brings up his remaining hand to rub his neck. 


If he still had eyes, Guy-Man would’ve narrowed them into irritable slits. 

"What did you do.” It’s not a question - it’s a demand. 

Thomas keeps fidgeting. 

“I don’t see how that’s important right now,” he nearly squeaks out. “What if it simply fell off?”

My hurt and tears get locked away,

And forever behind this mask they’ll stay.

No matter how hard they try to escape,

I’ll hide away all my mistakes.

I hide me well, every day,

Forever in disguise, I’ll stay.

I’ll smile away the tears that fall,

I’ll show no sign of weakness at all.

[An excerpt from Zoe Howarth’s Behind My Mask]