their chemistry is the best though

we may not all agree on ships, but i’m glad we do agree on these things.

- miss grundy should be in jail
- fred andrews has shown himself to be the best parent and least dysfunctional adult so far
- hermione lodge would be perfect if she’d stop laundering money for her incarcerated husband
- alice cooper and penelope blossom are the devils incarnated
-jughead does not deserve to be treated this way
- we all love jellybean jones even though we haven’t even met her yet
- reggie mantle should get more screentime
- where the hell is the joaquin x kevin storyline at
- no matter who you ship these actors are all very talented and have good chemistry

feel free to add on

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I mean lets be honest how can you not? just look at them to be honest Brittany and Anna have made their characters who they are, they have built up such a strong chemistry together that it just flows off on to that screen and off screen, no wonder they one best chemistry award i mean hello?

the chemistry between Brittany and Anna though is so commendable because if the chemistry wasn't so strong between the two of them there wouldnt be any bechloe and there is!!! 

i find it so strange how they just shoved Anna and Skylar as (Jesse and Beca) together as an on screen couple even though them as actors had no chemistry together what so ever where as you can just feel the chemistry between Anna and Brittany, that is why it comes off so well on screen. 


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the gang at a modern!school

- Two-Bit is such a theater kid

- Steve takes shop
- I mean, he could practically teach it

- Pony is always reading
- like he gets yelled at for reading and for “not paying attention,” even though he is

- Soda was put in learning support and he hated it

- Darry was in the choir

- Dallas loved chemistry cause that means blowing stuff up

- Ponyboy and Johnny would play games to help remember element names

- Steve is one of the best football players

- Dallas is on the bowling team

- Pony loves science
- he’s always up to date with new discoveries

- Two-Bit is so friendly to everyone
- he greets everyone and is always smiling
- and he accepts all the freshmen, even if they don’t shut up

- Darry was always busy
- sports, homework, clubs
- Pony is too

- Johnny started a human rights club

- Pony is friends with all the teachers
- with one teacher, he can just sign his papers with his favorite fictional characters’ names and they know it’s him

- Steve tutors people

- Two-Bit, Soda and Steve hated typing lessons

- Darry and Pony typed all their assignments

- Two-Bit even gets a little say in what musical/play they put on

- Two calls himself “Two-Bit Math-Ews”



Honestly Gion can make almost any chemistry he has with his teammates work. But there’s definitely something special and adorable about his relationship with Raita, who’s been taking care of him since the first practice match.


important background action there

the fact that you can tell chris completely meant it when he said how much he’s enjoyed working with kevin and how great their chemistry is and how the last year has been one of the best of his career because of their relationship just made it all the more brutal and heart-wrenching when kevin inevitably turned on him

they just played that segment absolutely flawlessly, right down to the list - which has been such an important part of their run together - with jericho’s name on it

kudos to both of them for this awesome storyline and making us all care so much about their friendship that now we’re left genuinely stunned and devastated, even though we all knew it was coming. it’s just pro wrestling at its absolute best

this feud is probably going to break me and i’m going to love every moment of it

probably my favorite thing about back to the future is how easily everyone accepted that marty and doc brown were best friends. like. we see this hip 17 year old kid who is very into skating and metal and all the other things that the cool 80′s kids™ were into, and then we see this 60+ year old hermit dude who is a stereotypical mad genius doctor archetype and just think yes. they are best friends. that makes a lot of sense and it’s definitely not weird at all.

We Got Married - Jinyoung

I never thought anyone could be so annoying until I met Park Jinyoung. If he’d stop being so moody and rude, we would’ve finished filming two hours ago.

“Do we really have to hold hands? Can’t you just edit the scene so it looks like we are?” He gives the director suggestion like he’s the one sent to arrange to the shoot.

Too kindly, the director responds, “Jinyoung, I understand you don’t want to, but let’s give it one more time—”

He deeply sighs and rests his hands on his hips. “Look, I just want to know how we got paired? I am sure I was suppose to be filming this show with Bomi.”

“We thought the chemistry was best like this,” The director calmly explains with hope to cool Jinyoung down.

“Fine,” He huffs and walks over to me.

I pretend as though I’ve heard nothing. It slightly hurt me that he couldn’t just fake this whole marriage and respect the scripts. So much for being professional. I extend my hand and he rolls his eyes at no one in particular. He gives me no attention and blindly takes my palm. He’s too upset over not having Bomi as his “wife” that he doesn’t notice he’s inflicting pain on me.

“Ow-owww.” I try to free my hand from his hard grip by shaking our contact. Once he releases, I can see the change of color on my flesh. Red and white. My skin slowly returns to its normal state. “That hurts, you know?” I wince as I wiggle my fingers to make sure they still function. “I want to finish this episode quickly, so please just cooperate—professionally.”

There’s a sarcastic undertone to his short laugh, “Ah, so you talk. I thought you were just a robot who read off scripts.”

Jerk. I remind myself I must maintain a professional image. I keep a straight face as though he had not once affected me. “I’m here to do what I’m being paid to do and it’s definitely not to argue with you. So let’s carry on.”

“I don’t appreciate you talking down on me and my acting.”

“I didn’t. You’re assuming.”

The director yells action and our expression changes. I stretch a smile across my cheeks and look up at Jinyoung as though he’s my world. It’s a bit harder for him, but he manages to at least grin. The redness on his ears can easily be mistaken for his shyness, but I know too well it’s out of dissatisfaction.

“That’s good! Very good!” The director hollers, content that Jinyoung is abiding. “Now last shoot is a kiss!”

“WHAT?!” Our voices ring in unison. We look to the middle-aged man and he snaps his fingers at us as a sign to do what he asked.

“Come on, you two! If it makes you two any happier, we’ll make this season shorter than the rest!”

I crack the side of my neck and move in, causing Jinyoung to step back and question my intention. I reassure him it’s not that I want this, but that I’ve signed a contract for this show therefore I’m going to do what I’m asked as long as it’s nothing too much. “Just a kiss on the cheek.” I confirm.

“Me or you?” He replies, not knowing if I was going to do it or him, but I give him the option to which he doesn’t voice his choice.

“If you take too long then I’ll do it.” I huff, impatient. “Close your eyes,” I demand.

going to have a productive day ☁️📝 ❣ tomorrow I am having a math exam and on tuesday a chemistry exam. i couldnt really start because I had a family celebration yesterday and didnt get to study 🙈😫💕 it’s okay though. let’s ace it. POSITIVE MIND IS ON and I am telling myself again and again: “Make the best out of each situation.”

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The day has come and you’re finally forced to take that one class you avoided for many years - organic chemistry. Like most people, studying for chemistry is not particularly favored and can be tricky to know exactly what to study. It takes a lot more effort and time management for students; in which, the outcome is not always what they expected. Though, as a chemistry major and someone who got a reality check when going through the first semester of organic I want to give some personal tips on how/what to study!

1. Read the chapters assigned before lecture!
This is something that many students forget about or don’t feel like doing. (Haha, me) However, trust me it is the best thing you can do in organic because there will be days that you have NO IDEA what the teacher is talking about. Though, one day I decided to read the chapter with corresponding mini-notes in my notebook before the lecture and man did it help. This can be done the day before or even an hour before lecture (I prefer before lecture so it’s fresh in my mind) and it helped me know what questions to ask!

2. Ask questions or answer questions!
Yes, if you’re like me and get anxious to raise your hand this will be difficult to accomplish but once you break out of that comfort zone… it’ll be beneficial. Also, don’t be embarrassed if your answer is wrong! It helps to know why you didn’t get it right when the teacher goes on to explain the correct answer. This will help you change your thought process about the problems when you especially get into synthesis reactions and elimination reactions.

3. Revise notes after lecture!
After the lecture, if I didn’t have another class right after, I would take a colored pen and write side notes to revise them. Basically, this helped me make personal connections with the material. Note: can vary between each student so do whatever you’re comfortable with! 

No seriously.. Do every problem you can so the material and concepts can be drilled in your brain! When you get to alcohol synthesis, this is definitely important because those reactions can’t just be memorized. You’ll have to know the products formed and what solvent you need to use in order for the reaction to actually work.

5. Make flashcards!
I made them for the important things to know in my notes. By doing this, I could focus on the material that was the trickiest for me. Also, concept maps work for organic because it gives you a good layout of the chapter! 

6. Put some color in those notes!
This can help you navigate through your notes better and know how the reactions work. So, if you’re given an example of an SN2 reaction put the reactants in black pen, the solvent in red pen and the main products in blue pen. This can help know which compound is the electrophile and which one is the nucleophile. (I wrote little side notes on why they are each one for when I looked back at it) 

7. Buy Organic Chemistry as a Second Language by David Klein.
Or any other secondary textbook that gives extra help. The one I mentioned is particularly excellent because it’s in the format of a workbook and is divided by both semesters (I and II). The author has readings of each chapter and then works through problems with you to better your understanding of the concepts. (There’s more problems at the end of each section if needed with an answer key.) 

8. Go to the professor’s office hours!
Very straight forward tip… They like when you show interest in excelling in their class!

So there’s my take on organic and I hope everyone who is taking the class finds these tips helpful. Don’t be afraid to add more to this post with anything that helped you personally. Good luck!

Mistake #1

One of the biggest mistakes about the Big Bang Theory is how grossly underutilized the amazing chemistry between Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco is. It is one of the best, if not the best, part of the show. Sheldon and Penny provide some of the funniest jokes and best plot lines the show has seen. The writers missed a huge opportunity not formatting the relationship between Sheldon and Penny as the central plot point of the show (even if it wasn’t romantically, though it would definitely be better that way.), following the example Cheers set utilizing the chemistry between Sam (Ted Danson) and Diane (Shelley Long). The relationship between Leonard and Penny lacks the chemistry Sheldon and Penny have. Interestingly enough, as the show goes on, they focus less on Penny & Sheldon in an effort to further the show as an ensemble show.

Skye and Ward 1st meeting has overt sexual tones indicating they will be love interests.

Me: “Wow, way to force the chemistry writers.”

Daisy and Lincoln start bonding and they immediately get close, indicating they will be love interests.

Me: “Wow, way to force the chemistry writers.”

Quake and Robbie fight, bicker, and threaten each other and both haven’t shown that there is any mutual romantic or sexual interest.

Me: “Now that’s some good chemistry! Sign me the fuck up. 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌. Best romance the show has ever done, even better than Fitzsimmons.”

I Know! Isn’t It Great?

Title: Isn’t It Great?

Pairing: John x Reader

Words: 1,472

Summary: Reader and John are both hunters, but they never work together. Their tempers equally matched they find they have no chemistry for hunting. When it comes to sex however…

Prompt: “I know. Isn’t it great?” for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.

Warnings: Some violence against John. Reader and John struggle for dominance, though he never hits her. Swearing. Unprotected sex.

I Know! Isn’t It Great?

There he was, the demon you’d been tracking for 2 years. The demon that had killed your best friend… and you weren’t even the one to take him down.

“God dammit, John!” you shouted, turning and shoving John away from you into the wall.

“What? He’s dead! I was just doing my damn job!” he seethed back, pushing away from the wall to come stand in front of you.

“This was my case!” you raged, fighting back tears.

“Look, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. Dead is dead” he retaliated, staring down at you.

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Taehyung Scenario: Only You.

Request:  Hey. So requests are open now and I want to request a Taehyung scenario where OC has a best friend that’s a boy and he gets jealous that she hangs out with him more. Thank you~

Genre: Romance.

It was the first day of school when Taehyung’s calvary started, he didn’t know this would be a bad thing for him so when you told him you were now on the same classroom as your best friend, Jimin, he just smiled brightly at you.

-That’s great jagi, at least you won’t be alone, I got classroom 3, we won’t be that far though-

You kissed his cheek. -Yes, and now I don’t have to worry to look for a new partner for projects and everything since Jimin will surely pair up with me in everything-


You giggled. -Yes! He won’t mind, and he’s really good at chemistry, you know I suck at that-

He chuckled. -Well you do suck at that-

You punched his arm. -You suck at chemistry too!-

-Well, sure you could tell Jimin to give us a tutoring sometime…-

-I’ll keep that in mind-

You were on your house, after your first day at school you went there to catch up and spend sometime together, you were sitting on the couch of the living room, just watching TV and eating popcorn. Taehyung had his arms around you, giving you occasional kisses like he always did, never missing a chance to kiss you or touch you.

-We could do something for this weekend? Something special- he proposed. -What about that restaurant in…-

You cut Taehyung’s words, jumping to your feet. -Wait a minute Tae, Jimin is calling-

You walked away from him, your phone on your ear, so you missed the way Taehyung was looking at you like you had just hit him with something.

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Peter Parker - I’m with Stupid

Another Peter Parker one b/c he deserves some love, and all of us are going to miss Andrew Garfield :( (That’s not to say we won’t love the new guy, though!) This will be much fluffier to make up for the angst last time. Really, it’s almost sickeningly fluffy. Also, I thought I’d make them best friends to start and move on from there. Enjoy!

Warnings: Probably a couple of swears; also I am not a Science Person™ and know practically nothing about Chemistry, so I apologize to those people who can see how ignorant I am.

Word Count: 1147

“Watch out!” Peter shouted, stumbling toward you from the other end of the lab. You yelped and dropped the beaker you’d been holding, which caused a minor explosion of pink smoke. You dove backward out of its path, cursing. From somewhere behind the haze, you could hear Peter - laughing?

“You asshole,” you said affectionately, getting to your feet. “That was lame.”

He ducked his head and grinned. His hair was messy today, but you never minded that. It only made him cuter. “Yeah, that’s fair.” Then his eyes widened, lighting up their beautiful brown color. “Oh! Fair! Y/N, I-”

“What the hell?” Tony Stark had a tendency to appear when you least expected him; you yelped and practically stood at attention. 

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Unpopular pairing: Junkrat x D.Va Headcanons


  1. If you dislike male x female pairings, please ignore this post.
  2. If you only plan to respond to this post with “but my ship is better than your ship because xyz” please ignore this post.
  3. This post is not meant to disprove other ships or to compare this ship with other ships. All ships are valid.

If you’ve got an open mind, please read on!

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As much as I'm hurting right now, I must say... It was one of the best love stories I've seen in a long time.

The way Jake Riley fell in love so deeply.

The way Katie let him in to her life and her child’s life.

The way that even though they couldn’t be physical, their chemistry was electrifying.

The way he looked at Katie.

The way she told Jake secrets about herself.

The way Jake put her and her son first.

The way Jake loved Katie.

The way Katie sang for Jake.

The way Katie loved Jake.

The way that Jake didn’t stop at anything to help her.

The way he didn’t run away.

The way Katie told him she loved him.

The way Katie said he has a beautiful smile.

The way he finally held her during the end so she wouldn’t be scared or alone.

The way he finally told her he loved her.

Love isn’t always easy; but it changes you. And it changed these characters completely, forever. They didn’t plan on falling in love, but they did, whole heartedly. And it’s tragically beautiful.

Freshman year: Premed experiences and tips

Freshman Year as a premed is scary. Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Can I keep up with the other premeds?

You feel as if your decision to pursue being a physician is all reliant on your first year of college.

Breath. The only thing you can prepare yourself for on being a “newbie” on campus is to choose your classes.

Classes: at this time it is recommended that Biology and Chemistry be taken together (though everyone is different and there is no perfect way to have classes to get into medical school… this is under your discretion, this is only what I did AS A BIOLOGY MAJOR).


I believe the best thing you could do in these classes is… DO THE VERY BEST YOU CAN. IMPRESS YOUR PROFESSORS. GET AN A+ IF YOU CAN ON EVERY EXAM. HOWEVER, do not kill yourself… make sure there is balance in your life, but do the very best you can. Why?

This is the time where professors are just getting to know who you are. If you impress them as a freshmen, ideally they will invest more time into seeing that you succeed.

I go to a private college in California. SO, getting to know your professors at my school is much easier than a public university I would say, HOWEVER, it still can be done.

SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE CLASS. Do not be afraid to stand out. This is college, this is your career ahead of you.

When the professor asks a question intended for the students to answer and you know the answer, ANSWER IT. ANSWER AS MANY AS POSSIBLE.

Professors seek premed students to guide that are striving to succeed and have an unquenchable thirst for learning. STAND OUT. I would even introduce yourself to the professor one way or another if you have to. YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW YOU. Why?

After trying my hardest in these classes, my professors sought me out and are now offering me teaching opportunities in the future, as well as recommending me to other professors for research. I am researching right now because of a close relationship I have with one of my professors. I impressed him with my drive in his class as a new premed and he is now offering me opportunities I would not have been able to find on my own.

Whatever effort you put it, it will pay off.


Make sure that the amount of units you are taking are enough to challenge you, but also enough for you to be able to transition to the new challenges you will face in college.

Transitioning into college life can be easy and/or difficult for students. This is the time where you learn how disciplined you are. Friends or Studying? Ect… Give yourself leeway if this may be a problem for you, like taking 15 units instead of all 18 for at least your first semester of freshman year. The worst thing you could do to yourself is disappoint yourself with how you preformed and give up on your dream to be a doctor.

Remember, we are only human.


It is important to medical schools that your GPA is high in college for a variety of reasons, but they are searching for medical school candidates that they know will succeed in their vigorous programs. They are investing in you to succeed.

Thus, get as high of a GPA as you can. Not only this, but freshman year will be one of your easier years and maybe even your EASIEST YEAR. Get A’s in your easy classes, so that when you enter upper level classes that you cannot get A’s in no matter how hard you try, you can feel at ease knowing that you tried your hardest and have a “safety net.



You will find many premeds in beginning biology and chemistry classes this year. Get to know them? Maybe they have information you do not know and vice versa. PREMEDS MUST STICK TOGETHER (to the best of their abilities).

It is nice to be able to discuss courses and maybe even study together if you are compatible with them. Either way, it is nice to feel like you are not the only one struggling at times. Yes, there are other people that have felt the pressure you are feeling and they have survived. You will live past this year.

Another way of doing this is joining biology, chemistry, and/or premed clubs! This way you can also meet juniors and seniors that are premed and you can ask them about their premed journey/receive quality tips on courses, which professors are the best, and even ways to study.

I know a senior who was accepted by a medical school in Wisconsin through premed club and now I can ask him questions to see how he got accepted or what he felt was most crucial to his application (what made him stand out the most).


You can also do this on your own and check with your adviser (this is what I did). There are plenty of templates online/ you can make your own via Microsoft word. This will help you in the long run.

Yes, it will change so do not spend endless hours on it like I did. The availability of courses (EVEN AT A PRIVATE SCHOOL) can be tricky to fit into one schedule. At the very least, map out what major requirements you will be taking every year to meet that major (same with minors and concentrations). Then, you can fill in GE’s but be prepared for THOSE to potentially change.

Have fun with it. It should be exciting to see all the courses you could discover and take. It also takes pressure off of making a brand new schedule in such a short amount of time during the school year, while still taking classes. It will already be set for you via your four year plan and you make changes as you go.


I will be making another post on how to take different types of notes depending on the class, but for the sake of this post, take great notes because of the MCAT.

You will most likely need the notes you took in Biology, Chemistry, etc… when you begin studying for the MCAT so make sure they are organized and stay organized. I organized mine in binders, since much of my notes were PowerPoints from my professor and typed notes/handwritten notes I made.  

Also, I am keeping my textbooks that have information that will be on the MCAT, but selling the others if necessary.


This year will go by so fast that you will feel like you just graduated high school yesterday, but now you are a sophomore in college.

A way to stay balanced is to avoid procrastination. How? This will be another post, but doing this will avoid stress. Stress can affect your health negatively if it is constant so make sure you do whatever you need to in order to avoid unnecessary stress on your assignments.

Lastly, take time for yourself, family, and friends. Seems simple, but it is not. You can lose yourself in the books for classes, but take the time (even if you need to schedule it) to be with the people you love.

Medical schools like seeing that you can handle the school work in college, while finding time to do other things outside of medicine or school. Whether it is playing a sport, painting, or going to the movies with your family. Find a way to de-stress.

KNOW THAT COLLEGE IS ONLY ABOUT 8 MONTHS OF THE YEAR. THE OTHER FOUR ARE SUMMER. Yeah you may have to work… but it is not the same as studying (unless you take summer courses, DUH).

MY POINT BEING, BUST YOUR BUTT FOR 4 MONTHS AT A TIME (SEMESTER SCHEDULES). It makes it seem much less intimidating than thinking of it as a year (helps you not to mentally burn out). You take different classes each semester, so realistically it is only four months at a time. BUST YOUR BUTT, SO THAT YOU CAN RELAX IN SUCCESS THAT WINTER BREAK OR SUMMER.

Find your inspiration TO DO YOUR BEST and go with it.


You are a freshman with little to no expectations by others but much from yourself. Understand this next year will be a learning experience and pose odd problems, but you can do it. You will survive it and most will survive it with flying colors. Do not forget to have fun and learn to love your school (you will be there for the next 3 years of your life, most likely).

These are tips that I would have told myself before my freshman year, but if you decide to use them, I am not responsible for the consequences that follow. I can only see positive consequences coming from them, but life is crazy so I thought I would say this just in case. I hope it helped/poses a realistic view of your freshman year. Again, use my advice under your discretion.