their chemistry is the best though

5 Reason’s Why Supernatural is the Gayest Show on Television (That’s Still Stuck in the Closet)

To start with, I’m not delusional.  I’m fully aware that the studio and execs have settled into a comfortable pattern with Supernatural, and especially considering it’s heavily mixed demographic (interestingly, it was ranked a favorite among republicans and democrats in 2016) they’re unlikely to rock the ship with a canonically queer relationship between two of it’s main characters.  

However, it’s important to understand exactly how much queerness is bubbling beneath the thick surface layer of “no homo:”  from the orgies of male-on-male eyesex to the inspiration for most of its main characters, Supernatural is queer to its very core. 

Here are five (blaring but stubbornly unacknowledged) reasons why:

1.  Dean’s gratuitously bisexual inspiration. 

Whenever someone claims a queer interpretation of Dean is baseless, I’m always happy to direct them straight to his flamingly bisexual source:  Dean Moriarty, his namesake and direct inspiration, a la the novel On the Road.  

Admittedly, I read On the Road and didn’t particularly enjoy it, as I found it to be a somewhat masturbatory reassertion of masculinity for its narrator, Sal Paradise.  Sal idolizes and fixates the charismatic Dean and his promiscuous lifestyle, openly having sex with and impregnating multiple women, and is all around a heterosexual power figure…right up until the point at which Dean propositions a male prostitute.  

Though he’s never shown doing anything gratuitous with male characters (since the book was published in the 1960s, it wouldn’t have been legal to) it’s clear that Dean is very much bisexual, not ashamed of it, and in terms of personality, very similar to Dean.  There are a few key differences (Dean Moriarty, for example, legitimately gives zero fucks about anything, whereas Dean Winchester is secretly a little ball of anxiety with the weight of the world on his shoulders) but it’s clear where Eric Kripke got his inspiration from.

Moreover, Dean Moriarty was in turn based off of the real life bisexual counterculturist Neal Cassady, who among other things had a twenty-year sexual relationship with a male poet.  Here, he is pictured in a Denver mugshot: 

So next time someone tells you the homoerotic subtext of Supernatural exists only in the imagination of rabid fangirls, remember that Dean is the direct descendant of two ragingly bisexual icons.

2.  Castiel (or at least his wardrobe) was also based off of a bisexual character.

For a show so aggressively devoted to a “no homo” interpretation, it has a real propensity to drawing inspiration from queer characters:  everyone’s favorite baby in a trench coat, for example, was modeled after the demon-busting John Constantine from the Hellblazer comics.  Yup, another bisexual.   

Though in true assbutt fashion, his love of men is censored in movie and TV adaptions, Constantine unabashedly swings both ways in paper form – a.k.a. where Kripke found inspiration for Castiel’s look.  Here, we see him platonically receiving a man-hug from one of his bros:

So I’m not saying the fact that two out of three main characters are modeled after canonically queer figures could have anything to do with Supernatural’s gratuitous queer subtext, but y’know.  It might.

3.  Cas himself is sexually complex (and literally cannot be straight.) 

Dean has made reference to the fact that he “doesn’t swing that way” (ironically, both of which times he was literally in the midst of blatantly flirting with men.)  

Cas, however, has no such reservations:  he’s never indicated, vocally or otherwise, a preference towards either gender, so much as outright declaring that he doesn’t give a damn.  

He reacts to male and female flirtation much the same way:  just try and tell me his suspicious glower and Mick wasn’t similar to Mandy the waitress (and try and tell me they both weren’t acting like they’d like to eat him for dinner.)

Moreover, the only time we’ve seen him ever achieve some kind of intimacy with female characters is when they’re literally throwing themselves at him.  Hey, he’s an aesthetically pleasing fellow – or rather, an aesthetically pleasing something.  

Which brings me to my next point that he isn’t really a fellow at all:  Cas not only gives zero fucks about sexual orientation, he also gives zero fucks about gender.  Sure, he’ll spend seven years in the same ill-fitting trench coat, but he’ll also rock a petticoat like nobody’s business.

I’ve discovered that the writer for “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” Steve Yockey, is a gay man, which honestly makes it all the more perfect:  not only does it establish the Orlando-esque flexibility (or nonexistence) of Cas’s gender, but it eliminates the possibility of his straightness.  

And I want Destiel to be canon as much as anybody, but am I opposed to Cas being a genderfluid lesbian?  No.  No, I am not.    

4.  Dean can textually be interpreted as bisexual (and probably should be.)

For anyone who questions whether Dean not being straight as an arrow, I’m happy to point out some very canon things that happened on the show:

(Examples courtesy of @some-people-call-it-tragic!)

And yes, when feeling threatened, he’s professed not to swing that way.  But you know how many queer people I know who have at one point felt compelled to lie about our sexual orientation?  Every single one.  And I live in the bluest of blue states – Dean was raised in Bible Belt America and spends most of his time in the Southwest.  Not to mention the fact that he was raised during the heat of the AIDS academic.

In other words, he has every logical reason to be wary at the prospect of coming out of the closet, or even acknowledging same sex attraction at all.

Moreover it’s been canonically established that Dean has a habit of lying about himself to protect his image of masculinity:  according to Dean, he doesn’t do shorts, chick flicks, cucumber water, skinny jeans and sunglasses, and Taylor Swift music.  You know how many of those things he loves?  All of them

Finally, not every member of the cast or crew might agree (though I know for a fact that some of them do) but their interpretations do not effect textuality.  And Dean can textually be interpreted as bisexual.  

5.  Dean and Cas make a better couple than any of their love interests.

I’m going to state something I feel is obvious:  Cas and Dean have more buildup, tension, chemistry, emotional connection, and romantic history than literally any of their other interests.  

Take Lisa, for example:  she’s Dean’s longest lasting introduced as female partner, and she’s introduced as the “bendiest weekend of his life.”  

Furthermore, I’d argue that sexual attraction notwithstanding, Dean was never romantically in love with Lisa.  To him, she epitomizes his desire for a mother figure, a home, and his lost childhood, as is best demonstrated in his fantasy from “Dream a Little Dream of Me:”  Lisa isn’t a seductive or romantic figure here – she’s a maternal one. 

Though since Dean has never had a long lasting relationship (or, to my belief, been completely in love with a girl) it’s easy to see how he’d misinterpret these feelings as romantic love. 

Then we have Cas, who’s introduced by pulling Dean from the depths of hell, who makes most one-on-one scenes with Dean look like a soft core porno, and who recently (canonically!) declared his love for Dean.  

I don’t dislike Lisa, but it’s easy to see which of the two relationships is more three-dimensional, more original, and more worthy of screentime.

Sehun | Oh Sehun

One Day

You attend your sister’s wedding with your boyfriend Sehun - along with his group members - and you begin to think about your future.

Fortunately Intoxicated

A very drunk Sehun comes to say something very important and over due to you.

Truth or Dare (M)

You’re playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with your best friend Sehun and he’s determined to get you to admit that you like him

A While Now

You are EXO’s stylist noona and the boys are constantly trying to hint Sehun’s huge crush on you

Practically Perfect

Your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…

Just Hold Me

(University AU)Sehun gets back from a long day of classes and all he wants to do is come to your dorm room and cuddle.

New Butterflies

(High School AU) You are in a detention with your best friend Sehun - who actually decided to show up to one for the first time - and things seem a little different whilst shelving the books.

Confession Confusion  

(High School AU) You are determined to find out who Sehun likes even though you have feelings for him yourself.

Possessive Trait

(High School AU) You are grouped up with Jongdae and Baekhyun during Chemistry and Sehun can’t help but feel a little neglected *cough* Jealous *cough* when you hang out with the boys 

No Promises  

(High School AU) The popular Sehun asks for help with homework and gets your number and ends up falling for you as he spends time with you in classes

Overlooked Efforts

(Harry Potter AU) You claim to be not jealous of Sehun’s new study accomplice, deciding to make him jealous in revenge. Well that ends well…

Game Day

(Harry Potter AU) The star player of Slytherin -who also happens to be your boyfriend- is intently waiting for you to watch him at his Quiditch game, but you’re unsure whether to go or not.

Every Step of the Way - Baby Steps - Daddy Daughter Day - Morning Routine

(Parenthood AU) New dad Sehun is more than a little nervous and hesitant of his father skills, so you have to reassure him of how great of a dad he is.

Not -so-Secret Date

I let out a little giggle as he looked up at me flashing me that charming smile of his. I began running my fingers through his scalp as he continued to watch me with pure adoration in his eyes

Because I Love You

Maybe a highly appreciative boyfriend is something we all deserve, I’m just really lucky I have one…

Tree Topper

“I wish we could stay like this forever Y/N” He seriously sighed into my neck, as I reached down and ran my fingers through his soft locks, nodding in agreement.

Pin Me Down

“Come on Y/N, I was actually hoping for some competition” He cockily smirked, hovering over me as I rolled my eyes for the billionth time during the fight.

Tracing Patterns

I let a small smile take over my lips before slowly turning in his arms, which still didn’t stop his subconscious actions.

Hold me Close

I let out a little sigh before removing my hand, and finally looking up at his bare upper-half, just to flash him a tired smile before shutting my eyes again.

Unwind (M)

He sighed a little in content, and I continued to play with his locks in the attempt of relieving some of the stress from the day.

Leave a Mark (M)

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I tucked my head into the crook of his neck and let out a little sigh.

Something New

I cut off his pointless rambling as I placed my small hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss to reassure him of my happiness

Surprise Arrivals

I couldn’t help but marvel at her hopes of seeing him so soon. Missing him was one of the hardest things for her, yet she fought through it like the strong girl Sehun and I raised her to be.

Sunrise Serenity (M)

 I lightly leaned my back against his bare chest as he placed his head snugly into the crook of my neck, and I continued to now quietly hum the words.

Shut Up and Kiss Me 

I pulled away unwillingly and giggled as he leant his head back up trying to follow my lips; raising my eyebrow at the smug smirk plastered onto his face.

Last First Kiss

From his luscious lips, down to his perfectly jawline in addition to his long - single mole adorned - neck, which were all tied together by his beautiful milky white skin; complimenting his sharp features almost too perfectly.

Kiss Under the Stars (M)

My heart gently fluttered when I felt him lowering his body a bit to rest his head on my shoulder, taking me by surprise as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

Jealous Drive (M)

I shook my head at him before deciding to walk back to the comfort of the bar, but he was quick to grab my wrist and pull me to his front. “Dance with me” He brought his soft lips to my ear.

Fun in the Sun

As soon as you gave up and decided to wait for him at the shore, you felt a pair of hands grab your hips delicately and all you could do was let out a shriek at the top of your lungs in surprise.

Stood Up

You jumped out of your skin for a second when you felt the softness of a velvet jacket being placed across your shoulders. You knew who’s it was and you couldn’t help the smile that graced your lips at the unusual act of affection he’d shown you

Walking Away - Always Be the One

Letting you go seemed to be one of the worst decisions Sehun had made, but would you be willing to forgive him if he tried winning you back?

Stone Cold - Happiness in You (ft Kim Jongin)

Jongin is excited to introduce you to his new girlfriend, being completely oblivious of the fact that you have feelings for him. But there is only person keeping you emotionally stable through this, and it happens to be your friend Oh Sehun.

Don’t Say You Love Me (ft Park Chanyeol) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ||

Your singleness becomes a bother to your brother like best friends Baekhyun and Junmyeon. This results in them setting out to find you your so-called soul mate, without consulting you of course. But will they both decide to agree on the same guy to be your perfect match?

Also rushed: the budding romance between Jon and Dany. (The reason for Jon’s fakeout plunge into the frozen lake is clearly to give Dany her “Oh no, I just realized — too late! — that I am in love with him!” moment.) In this case, though, the lack of chemistry between Harington and Clarke (despite her best efforts) means the show could spend 50 episodes building up to the idea of them as a couple and it wouldn’t work.
—  Alan Sepinwall on Episode 6

2017 AUGUST 27– (from my studygram!)

First of, thanks for the 900 followers! I appreciate it a lot. It’s been… a long time since I posted on here :’) Thank you for sticking with me through all of it, though! I have my first full week of school for the Fall Semester starting tomorrow. I was lucky enough to get an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil over the summer, so I’ve been testing it out by taking notes for physics and chemistry. The GoodNotes app is really useful and allows me to make my notes more colorful and organized :-) 

As everyone is beginning to start school, I wish you all the best socially and academically for the coming months! Take care of yourselves.

Logan (2017) Review

No actor has had a longer career playing a comic book character than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He debuted in the first X-Men movie back in 2000 and played the character for 17 years. Along the way, the movies he starred in were hit or miss, but he always did justice to the character. However, the last movie, Logan, is nothing less of a masterpiece.

I’m almost sad it took so long to make a great film about this character. The X-Men Origins thing was atrocious, The Wolverine was a slight improvement but had big problems in the third act and now Logan is really good. This is the best movie so far that truly defines who this character is. James Mangold, the director, created this amazing western tone for the film that works excellent with the character.

Also, being rated R, the action scenes are truly wonderful. We finally get to see Wolverine chop people up with those claws in a very brutal manner. This is no CGI-fest, it’s down to earth and gritty. Legs and arms are flying around, and heads are decapitated. And we finally get to see that berserker rage of his that was promised to us years ago. This is just a testament that Hugh Jackam and Mangold really understand and respect both the character and the fans. I have feeling there was little studio interference with this one.

The movie also introduces new characters like Laura a.k.a. X-23, a fan favorite. Dafne Keen does a really good job considering what kind of violent stuff goes down in this movie and she is truly a revelation. We are talking about an 11-year-old girl who is extremely violent yet sensible, and it really works. Boyd Holbrook plays the really charismatic villain Donald Pierce, a reaver who works for the company who wants Laura. Stephen Merchant also brings a great addition to the movie as the mutant Caliban, who helps out Logan with Xavier. Also, one of the most underrated actors out there, Richard E. Grant, is in this movie in another villain role, and even though he does a great job, I felt he was a little wasted.

But the true chemistry that stands out in this one is the one between Logan and Professor Xavier. The father-son relationship is explored on so many layers and brings lots of emotion and heartbreak. Xavier is now old and sick, has some sort of dementia and Logan does all he can to take care of him. More backstory of what happened will be explored in the film but I won’t give too much away here. It’s really something you have to see.

Logan is one of the best superhero movies out there, mainly because it’s not a superhero movie! It’s just a character’s journey done in a gritty, real manner. Logan is basically Unforgiven with a mutant twist, and, even though it has some very tiny problems, it’s a truly amazing experience and it deserves a 9 out of 10. Go see this one!

anonymous asked:

Somewhere in Dallas a tired media relations intern just had to update the list of things they'd prefer Tyler not say in interviews to include 'compare team chemistry with falling in love' and 'refer to the entire team roster as his girlfriend.' They're slotting in right above 'saying he prefers stallions' but below 'sitting naked on a Zamboni and suggestively fellating a rocket pop.' It's a long list. Good omen for the season though.

godspeed, dallas stars media intern. we’re all rooting against your work, of course, because who here doesn’t want to witness tyler digging himself into a homoerotic hole. but still. godspeed to you.

Too Much Chemistry

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Summary: Both you and Peter are too distracted during a lab, and well, accidents are bound to happen.

A/N: Gif not mine!! I wrote this to take my mind off of all the stuff that happened today. This was also a request!!! I hope it’s good enough for you anon :-) Enjoy!!

The ambiance of a noisy Chemistry lab wasn’t really best suited for studying, but you had to make do.

Your nose was tucked deep into your Spanish textbook as you sat at your desk, waiting for the bell to ring and class to officially start. Though your teacher typically frowned upon anything other than the subject you were in being discussed in the lab, you had your book open under the table anyway. You silently hoped she wouldn’t catch you cramming for the test you had after lunch, one that you studied for all of the last night but still somehow felt unprepared for.

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i think people tend to forget that a DD/LG relationship is about a lot more than dirty time. in my opinion the best part about it is the companionship that goes a long. too have true chemistry in bed it takes a certain level of trust everywhere else, Daddy’s should take care of their babies everywhere, whether it’s talking her though a long day to just sitting watching her favorite movie, he is his girls happiness; and little should serve their Daddy’s all the time, be their when he had a shitty night at work, let him just nap with his head in your lap. once you build a real relationship the sex is SO much better anyway.

♏ Scorpio Romantic Compatibility  💙

Scorpio And…

♈ Aries - The Aries and Scorpio pair has been described as “explosive”, mainly due to the intense sexual compatibility between the two. Both signs are known to be passionate and strong willed. Sex can become the strongest aspect of the relationship, which may not lend itself to longevity. Cheating can be the biggest mistake in an Aries/Scorpio relationship and can breed terrible outcomes. Scorpio may not be used to Aries’ openness and it will take some time to get used to. Aries should be aware of Scorpio’s initial caution.

♉ Taurus - This pairing has its challenges, but if the pair can get through them they can nurture an incomparable love. Both Scorpio and Taurus are generally jealous which often causes problems with other signs, but in this case it can lead to a mutual emotional understanding. Taurus and Scorpio share different energy levels. Taurus is often relaxed and easygoing while Scorpio is in constant mental motion. Both can benefit from adopting a bit of the others’ energy.

♊ Gemini -  Scorpio and Gemini share an intense sexual attraction, but have very different personalities. Gemini can be very social and often flirtatious, while Scorpio enjoys the company of very few and in small doses. If Gemini is patient with Scorpio they can figure out together how to balance their very different interpersonal appetites.

♋ Cancer -  Cancer and Scorpio are extremely compatible. Both are emotional, intuitive, possessive, and fiercely loyal. Both partners will feel loved in a Scorpio/Cancer pairing. Both can be possessive, but also prefer the intimacy of very few, so jealousy rarely rears its head.

♌ Leo - Leo and Scorpio are a very passionate pair. Both partners like to be in control and this can create competition within the relationship. The sexual chemistry between Scorpio and Leo is explosive and often helps to mend the rift after arguments. Arguing is something both of these signs enjoy to an extent. Leo is naturally flirtatious and this can deeply upset and anger Scorpio, who is prone to jealousy. Though Leo may find Scorpio to be moody and Scorpio will think Leo is too controlling, both signs prefer imperfect partners to boring ones.

♍ Virgo - Virgo and Scorpio make a great team. Scorpio’s confidence and strength will make Virgo feel at ease. Virgo prefers to analyze situations, while Scorpio tends to make decisions based on emotion. Both signs enjoy their alone time and are more than willing to give one another space. This pairing tends to not be very sociable. Scorpio will likely be in control in the bedroom, but Virgo will appreciate learning new things from Scorpio in the bedroom.

♎ Libra - Scorpio and Libra can be a tough pairing to make last. The personalities of these two signs are quite opposite and that can make for some rough waters. Libra will find Scorpio to be mysterious and sexy and Scorpio will equally fascinated with Libra. Libra can seem superficial to Scorpio, who is somewhat impervious to Libra’s charm. Libra can sometimes bring Scorpio out of their shell, but Scorpio tends to be stubborn. The sexual aspect of Libra and Scorpio’s relationship is initially wonderful, but because both partners have different emotional needs it can fizzle out.

♏ Scorpio - Two Scorpios together can make a very intense match. Both partners want the upper hand in the relationship, which can make the for dramatic and explosive interactions. Scorpios are very sexually driven, so sex and power become quite intertwined in this pairing and sex can be used as a sort of weapon. Because both are secretive and jealous, suspicion can spread like wildfire between the two. Building mutual trust is imperative to make a double Scorpio relationship work.

♐ Sagittarius - Scorpio and Sagittarius is considered a very tough relationship to make work. Initially, Scorpio will enjoy Sagittarius’ enthusiasm, optimism, and seemingly endless sense of wonder. A sexual relationship is likely to begin before a romantic one. Scorpio favors privacy and mystery, while Sagittarius can be very blunt and overly honest. Scorpio may feel that Sagittarius is too open. Scorpio will likely not be able to fully trust Sagittarius, simply because they will not believe that anyone can be such an open book. Sagittarius likes open communication, but Scorpio is likely to expect their partner to intuitively know how they are feeling. This can frustrate both people. Sagittarius is also likely to flirt in social situations, which can quite easily send Scorpio into a jealous rage. Luckily for Sagittarius, who is often a bit reckless with money, Scorpio prefers to save and plan out how to spend their money effectively.

♑ Capricorn - Scorpio and Capricorn have a tendency to bring out the best in one another. Both have a lot in common, they have similar goals and values and are hard workers. Both seek to build stable lives and a comfortable home, as that is where they spend most of their free time. Capricorn is reliable, which Scorpio needs in a partner. Though Capricorn can be emotionally unexpressive, Scorpio will likely be able to bring out their sensitive side. Loyalty is an essential part of this relationship as both signs display it toward one another and need it from their partner to feel secure. The sexual chemistry between Capricorn and Scorpio is abundant and does not easily decrease.

♒ Aquarius -  Aquarius and Scorpio is a challenging pairing. Scorpio is highly emotional, though they may not often show it, and as free spirited as Aquarius is, they tend to not be very sensitive to the emotional needs of others. Both signs can become quite stubborn and so differences of opinion can lead to long stalemates. Communication can also be a problem in this pairing. Both Scorpio and Aquarius have a tendency to misunderstand others. Aquarius can also become put off by Scorpio’s need for emotional understanding and may retreat when confronted with these issues. The sexual relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius is often the best aspect of the relationship as both are adventurous and share a mutual attraction.

♓ Pisces -  Scorpio and Pisces is a very even match with soulmate potential. Scorpio balances out Pisces’ vulnerability and sensitivity. Scorpio is fiercely protective and that will go a long way in making Pisces feel secure. Both signs are extremely loyal and that will bring peace of mind to the relationship. The two connect on a satisfying emotional level and possess mutual understanding. Both can be emotionally needy and possessive, but this usually will not bother the other partner since it is a shared trait.    

My Top Ten Anime/Manga OTPs

Drop by your suggestions in the comments!

10. Kurose and Shirotani

MANGA - Ten Count

Well, these two are so so cute together. Bless them. What I love the most about them is that Shirotani lets Kurose take things at his own pace, and yet, he challenges Kurose to overcome his fears. OTP af. Plus THEY KISSED OML MY HEART

9. Kou and Futaba

Manga/Anime - Ao Haru Ride

Okay, okay, I know the choice of screenshots is really bad. But Kou and Futaba… they’re amazing together. The way they survived through the problems of their own just to fall back to each other is so amazing. Personality wise, I think Kou is an amazing man and is easily one of my favourite anime characters. I love them together.

8. Jaerim and Yuri

Manhwa - Never Understand/Out of Control

Okay these two are so so so good together! Jaerim cares for Yuri, irrespective of how long it will take for Yuri to love him back like that and I think patience in love is absolutely phenomenal. OTP forever.

7. Min Gyeom and Chun Sam

Manhwa - Raising a Bat

I was so so close to not reading this manhwa, and now I think that reading it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. These two are sweet and innocent and so hot. Chun Sam is so daring sometimes, and the way Min has come to love him is beautiful. True OTP development. Bless. 

6. Shell and Eric

Manhwa - Blood Bank

In the beginning, I used to feel bad for Shell because I though he was often thoroughly insulted by Eric, but these two have become so inseparable it hurts (in a good way). Their chemistry, the sex, the love… true OTP for life man 

5. Zheng Xi and Jian Yi

Manhua - 19 Days

YAS. THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR. I absolutely fucking adore these two. They’re not together yet, but when they will be, it won’t affect them much because they’re already doing everything that lovers do for each other (except the touching and kissing sadly). They don’t need to say “I love you.” to each other because they already know. OTP forever.

4. Haruhi and Tamaki

Manga  - Ouran High School Host Club

So so kawaii. They stayed together till the time Haruhi went to Boston to study, they stayed by each other despite all the shit that went down in the manga. Tamaki is a true gentleman, complete daddy goals (if you’ve seen or read Ouran, you know what I mean.). OTP. 

3. Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi

Manga/Anime - Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! 

MAN. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama was the first manga I have ever read and the first anime I had ever watched, and these two are an evergreen couple; the kind you’ll never forget. Amazing development, and complete couple goals. Bless these two.

2. Misaki and Usagi

Manga/Anime - Junjou Romantica

These two… oh my god. No words can express how much I love them together. One chapter of pervert Usagi and tsundere Misaki was all that it took for me to get hooked on these two. The development between them is so remarkable, dear lord. OTP for life.

1. Victor and Yuuri

Anime - Yuri!!! on Ice


Well, do I need to justify this? Victuuri is the only reason I’m alive and happy and well and is also the reason I’m here on Tumblr and on AO3 lol

I love them together. Victuuri for life.

More Than Good | R.M.

imagine requested by @rxggie-mxntle

Summary: In which you, a student-athlete, believes that you are not good enough. Reggie Mantle thinks otherwise.

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anonymous asked:

My characters are best friends who are falling for each other, but I'm finding that even though their personality's are very different, it's difficult to write the subtle chemistry between them, especially since it is in the POV of one of the characters. Any tips?

Limited POV is actually often better for stories that involve romance because they make it easier for the reader to “feel” things like the character would, so I’m curious as to what could be causing your trouble with it.

Creating Romantic Feelings Between Characters might help! It should have been mentioned in that link that the criteria should exist in some basic form for friendship, but romance is seen as a step toward a different kind of intimacy. 

Different Ways Characters Can Show Love is more likely to solve your POV issue. Since you’re using a limited POV, you can really go to town with character thought and individual perspective, but that definitely requires knowing how different personalities and histories interact. As addressed in the link, most ways of showing/understanding affection come from our upbringing but you don’t have to have two identical characters for it to work (as long as they both understand how the other person works).

It’s not rare for people to develop feelings for friends, but it’s often hard to pin down early on and it can get confusing. A character may just find that they really like spending time with someone more, or they can realize they feel a little anxious about something that used to not make them anxious. An example of this is accidental touches. You can bump into a friend and get over it pretty quickly, but if you have budding feelings for someone then you might be a little more stunned by it. 

Budding relationships can also be shown through the small things that a character notices. With limited POV, you can rely on subtleties of thought, like noticing a new perfume and liking it (but perhaps not saying anything) or a new haircut, or maybe the character gets more self-conscious of how they look and act in front of the other person. There may be some subconscious mirroring of body language.

With limited POV, you can also have fun with misconception. If the other character blushes, the narrator doesn’t have to realize the exact cause, especially if the other character comes up with a good reason for it. Feeling warm? Maybe they’re wearing one extra layer of clothing. Want to dress up? Maybe it’s just a newfound care for appearance. Play with uncertainty! 

Good luck with your romance!


In celebration of Almost Adults premiering:

Want a movie where 2 best friends fall in love with each other?  Then you’re looking at the wrong movie because this is a platonic love story between 2 long time best friends who begin to drift apart near the end of university.  Mackenzie has difficulty coming out to her best friend, Cassie, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, lost her internship, and is having a quarter life crises.  Plus the added secondary characters because we need more reasons to prove that they’re just friends, platonic, possess a friendship-like chemistry!  


(N/A because no one has seen it yet but here are some expected ones)

  • “You’re telling me there’s more PDA in the trailer as best friends than they are as Hollstein half way through season 2 of Carmilla?” - #MakeHollsteinGreatAgain
  • “Visually stunning! [In reference to Elise’s butt and arms 5/5]” - Fan excited for the sexy scenes
  • “Natasha’s jawline be finer than the fine tip pen I used to represent how thin my patience was waiting for this movie.” - Toronto fan who actually didn’t wait long since she got to see it first within a year
  • “I’ve written an analysis on why they should be together.  Starting with their chemistry. - Went in without all the warnings of platonic friendship, felt betrayed/baited or fan who craves more Natasha and Elise in romantic roles (aka all of us)

“They sport great friendship chemistry™.” - Sarah Rotella

Everything Changes - Peter Parker

Words: 1096

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey so this imagine was a long time coming I guess because if you write Peter imagines then this is one that you write haha.

And can we take a fucking minute to talk about the trailer people?!?!? Like what is life?!? And Tony Fucking Stark, what the frick frack do you think you’re doing taking the suit off that smol bean!?!?! Still #teamironmanforever XD … Enjoy the imagine :)

“Peter Parker!?” Your friend screamed but still managed to keep her voice low. Regardless of the fact you were sure no one did hear her you still put a finger to your lips and told her to shush, looking desperately around to see if #anyone# had heard her.

Peter Parker?!” She repeated in the same tone. You couldn’t tell if she was acting this way in disbelief or shock - or both.

“Yes.” You replied finally. She had been pestering you for weeks for who you had a crush on because she claimed she could tell exactly when you had one. You had told her, and now this was her reaction.

“Peter Pa-” She began to say again but you shut her up.

“Don’t you think you’ve said it enough already?”

Y/F/N just looked at you. She had an evil glint in her eye.

“Don’t you dare.” You said.

“Oh trust me, I am not going to do or say anything.”

“Yeah right.”

“No seriously,” She said and winked, “Your secrets safe with me.”

She closed her locker door and set off down the hallway making you follow her.

You cursed your timing knowing that next period you would have Chemistry, with Y/F/N… and Peter. With Y/F/N sitting on your right and Peter directly in front of you. Great.

Y/F/N had paused next to the door, “Ready?”

“For what?”

She raised her eyebrows with a knowing look.

“I wish I hadn’t told you now.” You groaned and half rolled your eyes.

“It was the best thing you ever did.” She stated and then opened the door and entered the class room.

You followed her to your usual spot. Peter was already sitting there and you tried not to look at him. Y/F/N was though. She was looking at him as if she’d only seen him for the first time. As if she was looking at him in ‘a different light’.

You rolled your eyes but grinned slightly. She had better not say or do anything.

Your teacher came in and handed out the graded tests from last lesson. You were doing well in school and didn’t need to worry too much about your grades. After she had done this she stood at the front of the class.

“As I said last week everyone,” She started,“ your projects towards your final grade start this week so could you get into partners and carry out the preliminary experiment written on the board.”

You had completely forgotten about this! You had had so much homework this week you had totally forgot that this was this week.

You turned to Y/F/N getting ready to work with her. She grinned at you manically before leaning forward to the girl in front and asked if they could work together. You sat completely shocked until you realised what she was doing.

“Y/F/N?” You said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing nothing.” She said still smirking, “Just like I promised.”

Y/F/N?!” You hissed again but she had already moved to the other desk.

You sat there not knowing what to do. She was your only friend in this class.

“Um, Y/N?” You heard someone say and you turned to look in front of you to find Peter Parker staring questioningly at you.

“Uh yes?” You said as best as you could.

“I’m guessing you don’t have anyone to work with?”

“Yeah…” You said lamely glancing behind him at Y/F/N.

“Do you want to work together?”

This was not happening. Last time you checked you didn’t live in a teen movie.

“Yeah sure.” You carried off with a light smile. “Do you want me to move round there or you come here?”

“I’ll move.” He said returning the smile. You shifted your stuff over to the other side of the desk so he could put his stuff down.

You saw that Y/F/N was looking back at you with the same mischievous laugh she’d had before. You ignored her and focused on not making yourself look stupid in front of Peter. Doing that was probably going to be harder than this experiment.

You turned back to Peter and gave him a shy smile.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” You said regarding what was written on the board.

“No.” Peter agreed and you two started to get your equipment together and the chemicals you would need. It was a titration neutralisation reaction so it wasn’t hard, just fiddly.  

You two worked in silence for a few minutes and you couldn’t tell if the silence was awkward or not. You just didn’t really have anything to say.

“Could you pass me the acid?” Peter asked. You picked up the bottle and passed it to him.

“Thanks…” He mumbled still concentrating on making sure the acid stayed where it was supposed to.

Suddenly you remembered that this was a full blown project. As in a project that had a practical element and a research one. That was required to do in the pairs so one person couldn’t get the other person’s grade for them.

“Shit…” You said under your breath as you realised that Y/F/N had probably planned this out in the five minutes they had before class.

“Huh?” Peter said assuming you were talking to him.

“No nothing…” You said going red. Great, now he thought you talked to yourself. You gave him a small smile and he smiled back before returning to the experiment.

Why are you like this?! You thought as Peter passed the equipment to you so you could carry on the experiment.

You listed the volume values you had got to Peter and he wrote them down. You were surprised you could do it because your hands were slightly shaking from nervousness.

Soon you were completely done and you packed everything up. You didn’t know what your next move was going to be with this project because it would mean actually working with Peter.

Your teacher, after being satisfied with the state of the classroom, called the class dismissed and you got up to leave and run after Y/F/N.

“Y/N, um wait up.” You heard Peter say behind you and you stopped and turned round.

“Hey do you want to do the research element now? I mean we already have loads of work from other classes so we could just get it over and done with.” Peter asked. “That’s only if you’re free!”

“Yeah I am let’s do it.” You said.

“My place?” Peter asked timidly.

You internally screamed. “Yeah sure.”

Y/F/N who was standing nearby, much to your annoyance, and listening in gave you a thumbs up from behind Peter. You shot her a warning look and she just smirked and waved goodbye.

You couldn’t believe this was happening.


“My friend is secretly a mythical creature” cliché aus
  • “You just busted in my house asking for help in bad english and I thought you were a kid who did some minor troubles at the comic con or somethiing judging by your costume but you’re actually an alien who crashed near and is researched by your planet’s authorities” au
  • “Caught you changing and you have wings binded on your back” fallen angel au
  • “Now that I think about it I never asked why is your house built around a giant-ass tree please explain” dryad au
  • “We had a sleepover and I woke up earlier than you so I wanted to grab something to eat and why the actual fuck is there so many blood packs in there” vampire au
  • “You’ve been avoiding eveyone since a couple days and I noticed your arm seemed paralyzed or something and I wanted to talk to you except when I grabbed said arm to stop you from running away it came out oops” robot au
  • “I see you every year at carnaval/halloweens/any costumed holidays with the best costume ever (though always the same one) and we exchanged numbers and became internet buddies but why won’t you accept to meet face to face any other days” centhaur/satyr au
  • “We were dicking around in chemistry but you accidentally received some of whatever we made and it turns out that this substance strongly weaken you/forces you to take your true form” shapeshifter/dragon au
  • “I came to your house for a sleepover but you weren’t here your house was trashed and when I found you again the next day you were naked and without any recognitions of what had happened” werewolf au
  • “We fell on each others and yo where the frick is your stomach dude” Wendigo au
  • “You had an accident and I thought you were dead bc I couldn’t hear your heartbeat but you turned out just fine” undead au
  • “I always thought you were our common friend’s sibling but you actually are a demon they summoned years ago and made a pact with“ demon au
  • “I keep freaking out whoever come to my old house but you don’t get scared easily and you actually seems interested by my story and past instead of just being here for the thrill wanna chat?” ghost au
In the Arms of Justice Pt 22 (Cop!Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Steve, Tony, Pepper, Sharon, Clint, Natasha, OC Sarah and Maggie Rogers. (Most only mentioned)

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.

Warnings: Fluff, some angst. Some anxiety, also blood, murder, weapon and death mentions (none of it graphic), violence against women, gritty police drama tv show kind of feel.

Word Count: 1263

Tags at the bottom. TAG LIST IS CLOSED, I’M SO SORRY.

A/N: Welp. We’re nearing the end! I’ve got one more part planned and then we’ll have to say goodbye to Detective Barnes. At least for a while. I’m so grateful to all of you for your passion and support for this series. As always, your comments and feedback mean the world to me. Thank you!!! 

<<<Part 21   Part 22   Epilogue>>> 

In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist

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You laughed as he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you to his side. Getting lost in his gaze for a moment, you pecked a kiss to his lips and then flicked your eyes to the side to see someone approaching.

“You ready for this?” you asked Bucky, seeing the tight line of his lips.

Taking a deep breath, he grasped your hand and nodded. “Time to face the music.”


Stepping forward a few feet with you beside him, Bucky stopped in front of the goateed, dark-haired Captain. He looked vastly different than how you had seen him previously in his office and in court, which was always in a finely tailored suit. Instead, he was currently dressed in jeans and a black band t-shirt with an unzipped hooded sweatshirt over it. It was a jarring sight, like seeing your teacher outside of school or something. Bizarre.

“Captain Stark,” Bucky greeted him, extending his hand.

“Barnes,” the Captain replied, shaking the man’s hand roughly before releasing it and turning toward you. “Ms. (Y/L/N), it’s good to see you in one piece. Mostly,” he taunted, nodding slightly to the wound on your side.

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What’s Next

Request: I’ve been dying for a smutty richard speight jr x reader story! Would you be so kind to write one? Hi! I was the one who requested the Richard speight x reader fic a while ago..I’m not sure if you have started writing it yet but if you haven’t can I make a request? Could you insert some dirty talk? Mostly from Rich’s side. If you could I will worship the ground you walk on (well I already do)

A/N: Long time, no see, huh? Thanks again to @capital-eyyyy-ohhh for the help!

Pairing: RSJ x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), explicit language, dash of fluff

Word Count: 6364

Tagging: @fangirl-faye @crowleysprincess159 @bad-intentions-22 @wayward-mirage @im-a-slut-for-an-accent @natqsharomanoff @negansgrimes @royalfunkstar @secretsupernaturalblog @authoressskr @nicmob @supernatural-stuff-of-course @sdavid09 @paddy1219 @dont-hate-relate-pls @ashiewesker @your-not-invisible-to-me @imaginecrowleyspn @mulit-fandom-fangirl @whovianayesha @zuzaak @spnackleholicswainer @ryleeroseb4 @bluehamster13 @weasleys-wizard–wheezes @riversong-sam @thatone67chevyimpala @sea-you-bitch @nerdysandwichqueen @wonderlandmoonrose7 @your-silver-and-gold @therealdeanwinchester13 @eileenlikesyou-maybe @derivedfromapho @dontwasteyourbreath @sama1314 @amyapathetic @cantchoosejustonefandom @thecandylovingarchangelgabriel @capnjacksparrow14

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Lively chatter filled the small bar, sparkling golden light bursting from the lights on the ceiling across the building’s crowded expanse. Laughter sounded from a table toward the back, six people engaging in an amusing conversation about recent convention happenings.

“The two of you rocked ‘Pony’ at karaoke,” you commented to Briana and Matt, a deep smile crossing your lips as your fingers remained curled around your glass.

Briana gave her blonde waves a playful puff, a bright smile curling up on her lips. “Why, thanks. When are you and Rich gonna do a duet?” She asked, cocking an eyebrow as she stared the two of you down, evoking the curious gazes of Rob, Matt, and Kim.

Rich sat to your left, chair nearly touching yours as the two of you naturally gravitated toward the other. The chemistry the two of you had was undeniable, except to the two of you. Out of fear of the chance of losing your friendship, Rich hadn’t mentioned his feelings for you and vice-versa. Why risk the closest relationship you had? He shared a small amused smile with you, shocking hazel eyes resting comfortably on yours for a few seconds too long.

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Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best

Unintentional Jealousy

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Group: BTS
Member: Taehyung x y/n
Genre: smut.
Warnings/contents: jealousy, quickie (kind of not really), public sex in restroom, yeaaah. 
Word Count: 3,818+

Request: BTS has a comeback with female dancers and you’re paired with V. You go out to celebrate and are dared to do a sexy dance on a pole that is conveniently placed in the room. V gets jealous and fucks you in the bathroom.

Things happened fast. Too fast, actually. You somehow found yourself in the public restroom in the club with your dance parter. His long, slender fingers running up your waist and down to your clothed ass. The feel of his hands alone was absolutely wondrous. He had your full consent- you didn’t want him to stop. In fact, you silently hoped that things would escalate even further…

How had everything led up to this one moment?

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