their chemistry is amazeballs

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Is it worth it to watch OUAT for SwanQueen? Like, are their scenes good? Because idk if I want to venture into white heterosexual hell but if their chemistry is worth it I might give it a try.

Their scenes are the best part of the entire show, and they have some seriously mind-boggling scenes (mind-boggling as in ‘i’m fucking crying right now, oh my god’, ‘how are you two so incredible’, ‘you’re looking at each other like no one else in the world exists right now’, ‘y’all are literally sacrificing your lives for each other, no big deal’, ‘y’all just moved the moon, what?’, ‘how are you two not doing the do already?’). Outside of that, in my opinion, the show is very ‘meh’, and it really gets worse and worse as the seasons go on, worse and worse and worse (but the SQ seems to get better and better, or just maintains that level of ‘amazeballs’ pretty much all the time).

P.S. - Their chemistry basically explodes off the screen. There is a perpetual lab explosion going off in that chemistry lab, and like, my eyebrows never grew back.

I keep seeing a bunch of people being heartbroken that Natasha and Elise’s characters in Almost Adults are just gonna be in platonic-friend-love in the movie. Which, in a way, I get. I am a Hollstein shipper after all and their chemistry is AMAZEBALLS. Plus they’re going to be spooning in the movie! LIKE, COME ON! It’s gonna be too much for my poor gay heart to handle. Oh well, hopefully we will get extra lovey-dovey, sexy Hollstein in Carmilla this season to make up for it/prepare us! 

But mostly I just find it funny that Natasha (the unapologetically queer one in real life) will be playing the straight girl while Elise (the presumably straight one) will be playing a super gay lady. xD