their chemistry!


Nitration of a methoxybenzoic acid. 

The tricky party is that the reaction starts at 45 °C, it is highly exothermic, uses high excess of nitric acid and it should be kept at maximum 40 °C. So what happens? Instant overreaction. 

If this is not bad enough, the yield of the preferred nitro compound is only 10-15% and a LOT nitrous fumes forms during the reaction as seen on the pictures. 

Interesting part is that the gas bubbler contained some water and the formed dinitrogen trioxide is being dissolved in it forming a blue solution. N2O3 is the anhydride of the unstable nitrous acid (HNO2), and produces it when mixed into water. However when it is in high concentrations, it stays in N2O3 form for a while and could be observed, just as in this case. 

If a base is added, the corresponding salt of nitrous acid could be formed:

N2O3 + 2 NaOH → 2 NaNO2 + H2O

Day 84 - Polonium

In the sixth Period and the sixteenth Group, Polonium is named for the country of Poland.

Polonium was discovered by Marie Curie, a scientist native to Poland!

Polonium is radioactive, so it doesn’t have many uses, but one use is to remove static charge on clothes.

It’s debated whether Polonium is a metallic element or a metalloid.

Polonium is fairly rare, because the majority of isotopes have very short half-life, especially when exposed to open air.

Damon is so trifling {1x02 Review}

Hi all! Welcome to the second review of TVD season 1. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Ready? Let’s go.

1. OMG Help I’m Alive is playing in the opening scene. It takes me back. 

2. I forgot that we actually get to see randoms in the opening scenes before, you know, Damon kills them.

3. Actually very cinematic openings. WOW. Totally forgot. 

4. Elena’s face at remembering the all-night conversation she had with Stefan is just so affected, like that conversation changed her entire life.

5. “Do I look adult?” Jenna, WHO is the guardian? 

6. “Something about a woodshop to finish a bird house … There is no woodshop is there?” Jenna, your nephew is a fucking drug dealer, how do you not know there is no woodshop? How uninvolved ARE you? 

7. Elena smiling being caught by Tanner for staring at Stefan is SO cute. 

8. I don’t know how people keep maintaining that SE had no buildup, they’re talking about Charlotte Bronte right now. You know, sharing interests? 

9. Stefan you are so OBVIOUS, does your head have to go upward when you hear “vampire’? Play it cool.

10. “Six classes, that’s hard to do…” Jenna, it is not hard to skip six classes.

11. Tanner may be a dick but him questioning Jenna’s parenting abilities is giving me life because girl, what the fuck are you doing?

12. Stefan’s jeans are better, thank God. 

13. Isn’t there a panic button in the room? Why would Matt have to go outside for the nurse?  So Stefan can go in. Lol, details. 

14. LOL Bonnie’s scandalized expression at Caroline’s “Just jump his bones already!” is everything. 

15. Jeremy legit just walked out of the room, no respect for Jenna whatsoever.

16. Not gonna lie, Matt looks good in that shirt in the hospital with Vicki. He had potential. 

17. The girl who plays Vicki is not a convincing actress. 

18. Jeremy looks so young. 

19. Lol, Elena, Stefan, guys, PHONES EXIST. Dorks. 

20. Seriously, all Damon does is terrorize Elena. Also how do vampires get doors to close without humans hearing them? 

21. DAMON’S HAIR IS RIDICULOUS. It looks like a goddamn bird’s nest. 

22. And Ian looks really old compared to Nina. 

23. Those stupid fucking eyebrows. I want to punch him, man. 

24. “I know I should’ve called, I just…” at least they mention phones lmao. 

25. Ian’s eyes are not expressive, he just waggles his eyebrows a lot.

26. Paul actually managed to make Stefan look like a rock solid statue when he was glaring at Ian, like he is seriously underrated as an actor. 

27. Jeremy, just because you have a hood doesn’t mean you were invisible. 

28. “Quit skipping class or you’re grounded.” No, Jenna, he gets grounded FOR skipping class. Girl, bye. 

29. Really though, Damon legit fucked up Vicki’s life. 

30. We actually see random people in MF, like there are OTHER people in the town. 

31. Elena’s outfit is on point. 

32. “I get around” is playing back, lmao I made a multivid to this song. HAHAHA. 

33. “Is she worth it, uncle Stefan? This girl you came back for?” Seriously, this is important. Stefan’s life has become way more chaotic because he has to know Elena, he’s risking a lot so he can get to know her and it’s the second episode, the Us Against The World, Profound Love is BUILT INTO the narrative.

34. Oh yes, give Vicki some pills in the Grill and Vicki take them there too like y’all aren’t in public.

35. It seriously is a big deal that Jeremy is a dealer and the show is treating it like it’s just a phase, no it’s juvie, at the very least probation!

36. I like the SE candle meeting for a few reasons. Firstly, I find it very poetic and beautiful, the joining of two flames only to realize you’re connecting to your soulmate. Secondly, Ninas fucking eyes, man, the way they shine? The way her mouth parts? And Paul’s eyes, that smile on his face… This is legit chemistry.

37. I always think I can eat and watch something but I always get distracted and this bulgogi and rice is liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. 

38. I think a really underrated scene is when Stefan tells Elena that the comet has been travelling all alone and Elena responds, “Yeah, Bonnie says it’s a harbinger of evil” and then has this look on her face like omg, WHY would you SAY that to him? Totally stupid thing to say! Cause we all have those moments where you say something awkward to the person you’re vibing on and you’re like … So I’ll just go die in a corner somewhere.

39. I also really like that when Elena says, “You seem to spend a lot of time apologizing” Stefan doesn’t deny it, he’s just like “I have a lot to apologize for”, I mean he’s honest about his faults. 

40. And the show actually did a good job with this scene showing how Elena is building walls around Stefan, she refuses to look at him, she keeps talking about getting hurt, she’s being forcefully guarded and then later on she decides she can’t do that forever and that she has something really special with Stefan even if it’s new. I never got that sense with DE especially since there was no grey area there, with Stefan, there IS a grey area like, you can decide to be without him and be away from the complexity of his existence and be unhappy or you can be with him, be in love but deal with chaotic circumstances, pick one, with DE it’s just like so be with the man who terrorized you friends and family or don’t be with the man who terrorized your friends and family.

41. I actually finished my beef and rice at the same time and I am HAPPY because usually they don’t give you enough bulgogi or they don’t give you enough rice. 

42. Elena was looking for you to tell her “um that’s a bullshit excuse” though, Stefan.

43. Damon’s. Hair. Is. Ridiculous.

44. Elena stop “threatening” Jeremy with therapy and send his ass to therapy.

45. LOL Stefan is actually REALLY intimidating because he just STARES and he’s all chiselled and intense-eyed. Matt is there babbling about looking out for Elena and Stefan’s just STARING and Matt’s like … … …

46. Like how many times is Damon going to fucking terrorize Vicki? 

47. OK so I get that Stefan’s compulsion on Vicki was weak because he didn’t feed from a human so does that mean when Damon tells her to think really hard, she broke the compulsion and then Damon can re-compel her to think Stefan bit her? Because in 1x17 Damon says he can’t compel an already compelled person to let him into the house. So. 

48. Damon is fucking ridiculous and trifling. 

49. He isn’t even funny or charming, he’s just ANNOYING and unnecessarily homicidal.

50. Jenna, having a freakout about parenting your teen niece and nephew to your teen niece is ridiculous, like how are you asking your teen niece to walk you through parenting her? LIKE OMG. 

51. I don’t even get what Jeremy sees in Vicki though.

52. Yeah, not a fan of Caroline’s yellow dress and black boots. Glad her wardrobe got better in season 2.

53. Seriously, the way Elena looks at Stefan. 

54. And Stefan looks at Elena with such intense focus, I would be so tongue-tied.

55. Damon biting Caroline, being trifling af again.

1x02 is very suspenseful in the sense that you have Vicki freaking out because Damon fucked her up, Matt following Stefan through the hospital, a lot of false scares, lots of shadows, the narrative is still a little weak though, it’s why when I did used to watch TVD again, I would start from when Elena knows Stefan is a vampire because that’s when he show really picks up. On to 1x03.


Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6x12

[the usual warnings abt like, embodiment and control and arguable fatphobia]

i said to girlfriend once ‘maybe i just need to work out more’ in re ~the body i want~ (whatever that even is) and she was like, 'uh, pretty sure that’s a different thing’ than like, gender or whatever, but thinking about it again i’m not actually sure it is? like. not that muscles are inherently more masculine, though they are for better or for (mostly, probably) worse coded that way; but most of my experience in this body has been watching its hips and thighs and chest expand without my say-so, and feeling very powerless and miserably alienated in a way that i associate very strongly with girlhood—not fitting into myself and not fitting into clothes and not fitting into expectations and not fitting into femininity

and shaping my body in accordance with my own will, whether that means binders or T or working out or what, feels very intimately connected with the things i’m thinking about gender and power and control and who my body is supposed to please