their bus went by super fast so i mostly caught their backs

This is a date? (Requested)

Pairing: Peter x Reader
Featuring: Scott, Ororo, Kurt, Wanda, Peter’s mom
Request: I love your your writing! I was wondering if you could do a Peter maximoff x reader where they meet each other at a pokestop and start talking about all the different Pokemon Peter caught cause he’s basically traveled all over with his super speed and helps the reader catch Pokémon.
Word Count: 1823 words
Warning: Fluff, Peter being a dork. (yes that’s a warning)
A/N: I feel like this is obvious, but this is a modern!AU, also I know nothing about Pokémon so when I talk about something’s it’s pretty vague (I’m sorry)

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((gif not mine, credit to owner)) Side note: look at this dork in his stupid hat.

                You swore under your breath, feet moving against the pavement as the sun relentlessly beat down on you. Your phone was stuffed in your pockets as you muttered harsh things, while trying to figure out where the hell you were. You noticed the street signs becoming familiar, and soon you were in the old part of town. You knew from here it would take at least two hours to walk home, or a bus ride where you would have to change busses four times, then still walk for twenty minutes. Since, you were heading in the direction of the park, you decided to go there. At least if your still there later, maybe your friend could come pick you up later.

Well maybe friend, was a bad term to use. Maybe the asshole who ditched you to hang out with her boyfriend would be better.

                You were heading to this park, which supposedly has a lot of rare Pokémon. And you friend, had offered to drive you since it was far and plus she needed to practice her driving skills. It was a well thought out plan, and going well, until she stopped for gas and you went to use the bathroom, then came out to find her gone, and with a text that read,

My bfs in town and he wants to hang out srry

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The Day The Avengers Were In Awe (Bucky Barnes, Avengers, and Reader)

I got this idea based off of a request,

“How about a Bucky x reader imagine where the reader has a whole skeleton made of vibranium which gives her super strength and impenetrable skin, so her, Bucky and Steve are know as the ‘vibranium team’ too the avengers and one day in battle she saves Buckys life by standing in the way of a bullet or summin , thanks a bunch darling, love your work!!”

FTW - for the win

Y/N - your name

You tried as hard as you could to keep you whole “invincible thing” a secret. You found out that guys don’t particularly fall hard for your impenetrable skin and bones made of vibranium, plus they didn’t really like that you could lift more than them since you also had super strength. Let’s just say you were the driver of the struggle bus in the dating world.

But, you did have two guys you could tell about your freaky mutations without them judging you hardcore, mostly because they were not anywhere close to average either. Steve and Bucky were your best friends and they understood you. They knew how you felt in the dating game, Steve was almost a hundred but he didn’t have many issues though since he was THE Captain America. Bucky mostly bonded with you over issues, he had a metal arm (and a pretty heated temper sometimes).

Despite all of their “defects” (as people called them), you still loved these boys. They were your best friends and sometimes they even seemed like your dorky brothers. All of these reasons figured into them being the only people you told about your special body, that is until one day.

You were on a mission one day with the avengers, all nine of them. Something about mutants getting out of a “high-security”  prison somewhere in the outback of Australia. Fury said it would be easy, wrangled up a few weirdos and badda bang badda boom (not his exact words) the job will be done, too bad Eye Patch didn’t anticipate there being a suprise machine gun party for us from the kind inmates.

Everyone was fighting extremely hard, but there were still a few more machine guns firing at the ten of us. We were all thinking the same thing, but Tony finally said it,

“Where the hell did these freaks even find loaded machine guns in the outback?”

You were standing next to Hawkeye and you heard a small chuckle come from the archer when while he was shooting a special arrow at a machine gun, which a few seconds later went kaboom. The large boom caught the attention of another inmate close by and soon enough you and Clint were under fire. Your skin was impenetrable so you were not worried about yourself, but the archer didn’t know about your special abilities so he picked you up and carried you behind a large rock a few feet away.

“Clint, I know we are in serious danger, but that was like an action movie. There were explosions behind you and they were doing the whole shooting the ground behind you thing. I have a new found love for you.”

“Yeah, yeah, love you too Y/N. Now, can we get back to business. We need to take out the guy that is trying to kill us without being brutally murdered. Also, why didn’t you run when that guy started shooting us? It is like you thought you were invincible or something…”

Frick. He knows, you are screwed. He knows, your life is over.

Luckily, after a few seconds of horror, he started to laugh a little at his own joke and began to shoot arrows again.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see it, the thing that would haunt you for days after that terrible battle. An inmate snuck up behind Bucky and surprise attacked him, they were currently in the middle of a fight when you ran from Clint’s side to help the struggling soldier.

“Y/N! What are you doing! You are going to get yourself killed!”

Clint has known you for years, did he really think him yelling at you would get you to turn around and not help out your best friend?

You ignored him and began to run faster to the Winter Soldier. But, you were almost to Buck when the inmate picked up something up from the ground and hit Bucky over the side of the head with it. Instantly he dropped to the ground and didn’t move. You began to run faster and faster, not knowing what the inmate would do next.

“If only Pietro wasn’t off fighting somewhere else, I could really use a lift.”,

You mumbled to yourself as you sprinted as fast as you could to your best friend laying on the ground, unconscious.

But, before you reached Bucky, you decided to give the man responsible for Bucky being unconscious a little present. Actually, it wasn’t so little. You gave the man a swift uppercut punch to the jaw, plus you didn’t hold back your strength at all (out of anger and hatred for the man) so when you punched the man he flew at least 200 feet and hit the ground with a dull thud.

When you turned around you expected to see to just see Buck laying on the ground, but to your surprise there was an extra little bonus. A machine gun was about 75 feet away and pointing right at you and the outcold man.

You knew what would happen next. You and Buck would both receive a shower a bullets upon you both, only problem is you would survive and have to leave out the years with the imagine of a man you loved dying right in front of you. Before you knew what your legs were doing, you were running straight at Bucky and when you reached him you put you back to the machine and pulled the man into your arms. Only a few seconds after you pulled Bucky into your body you could feel the bullets hitting your back and the noise of the shots rang in your ears.

Then something unexpected happened, there was a large explosion and you turned your head around to see the machine gun up in flames. You turned back around to face the man still in your arms, he had blood running down his face and cuts everywhere else. You sat there for what seemed like forever, holding him close to your chest, but then you realized something. You couldn’t hear anymore shots, it was silent except for the crackling of the fires still over taking the large guns.

The fight was over. It was done.

You set Bucky back down on the ground with intentions of finding someone to help you with him and returning back to your “normal life” in the Avengers Tower. But, after you placed him down you stood up and realized you and Bucky were not the only people in the generally vicinity.

Apparently, the other 8 had finished with minor cuts and bruises and decided they would come help you finish the last guy off, but when the hundreds of bullets bounced off you back like it was Steve’s shield and then destroyed the gun, they thought you had it covered. Everyone was standing there with their jaws on the floor. All except for Steve, you looked like he was really, really proud of you since he was the one who had been training you from the beginning. Finally, Tony spoke up,

“Princess, do you have something important to tell us?”

“Oh, yeah, um I am sorry that I never told you guys this. I wanted you guys to think I was a normal assassin like Nat, but I am a little bit more. I have impenetrable skin and all of my bones are made of vibranium…”

“Wait. So your bones are made of made of the same stuff as Cap’s shield and James’ arm? I thought the last of the vibranium in the world went into making the arm for the Winter Soldier by HYDRA.”

“Exactly like that Thor. That is just what SHIELD told people. But actually, the last of it is in my body.”

“Well, this has been fun, and a little creepy. Capsical, how about you go grab Barnes and take him back to the helicarrier so that we can head back to the tower and Banner and I can run some tests on Y/N.”

“Actually, Tony, I can grab him,” you turn around and pick Bucky up bridal style like he was a feather, “I forgot to mention that I have super strength too.”

By this point Steve looked like he was going to cry because he was so proud and everyone else’s jaws had dropped so far down they could have dug their way to the center of the Earth.

“Y/N, after all of this, I have a new found love for you.”

“Love you too, Barton.”

I really hoped you guys liked this!! It was one of my favorites to write and I just loved the concept of this story. It also turned out wayyyyyy longer than expected…

If you guys have any requests for stories, please sent them too me!! I love hearing from you guys so please don’t be shy!!

for @nasa-nerdanots, who requested “someone pls fic the top three gifts barry has given iris for her birthday” like a million years ago. 


She wasn’t expecting a lot for her 13th birthday.

Her dad, of course, had gotten her a present that she found on her nightstand when she woke up, along with a note that told her he had been called in to the precinct for an emergency but he would hopefully be back tonight. “I have to celebrate my sweet girl’s birthday,” the note said, and Iris smiled sadly; she’d gotten notes filled with promises like these before, and they almost always went unfulfilled. On the 4th of July, on Halloween, and even, once, on Christmas morning.

Iris got up and got ready for school, trying not to let herself be disappointed. It wasn’t like they had anything special planned, only going to dinner and the movies, which can happen any night. And there was still a chance her dad could get back in time to take her and Barry out for something fun together, even if it was just late-night ice cream or donuts.

“Good morning, Iris,” Barry said, joining her in the bathroom to brush his teeth. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks, Barry,” she said. She looked him over in the mirror as they stood next to each other in silence, brushing. He hadn’t changed much since turning 13 a few weeks ago; still the same goofy haircut and gangly limbs attached to a short body. She wondered if he felt different, being a teenager. If something had changed within him. “So what’s it like, being 13? Any advice?”

Barry looked over at her and raised his eyebrows. “Um, well, let’s see. Being a teenager isn’t that great so far. Really all that happened is I got hungrier. I’m hungry pretty much all the time now.”

“You were hungry pretty much all the time when you were 12, too,” she told him. “One of these days, you’re going to get fat.”

“Or maybe I’ll hit my growth spurt,” he said. “Get to be over six feet tall instead of five foot two.”

Iris laughed at that, trying to picture Barry any taller than he was now. She couldn’t do it; she knew his dad was tall, but she couldn’t fathom Barry reaching that kind of height. But it did help to brighten her mood, to help her forget that she was turning 13 and her dad couldn’t be there to make her birthday pancakes like he used to, when it was just the two of them.

“So,” she said as they boarded the bus to school, “what did you get me for my birthday?”

Barry glanced over at her as they sat down. “What, my insight on what it’s like to be a teenager wasn’t enough?”

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