their bromance is so funny though

Rare Friendships


I just think they’d be really cute because they’re ‘delinquents’ but on the inside they’re all big softies and Terushima’s super fucking smart and Kyoutani studies hard and they help each other

Teru totally influenced Kyou to get his ear pierced and he’s always wanted one and he was scared Yahaba would hate it but he digs the bad boy look

Kyou teaches Teru how to wear eyeliner and they walk around with leather jackets scaring people out of parks just so that they can use the kiddy swings.

They hang out to get away from volleyball and school stuff but whenever Kyou gets upset over an argument with Yahaba or something with the team Teru stays on the phone with him all night and sometimes he turns up with some sake and shitty action movies with bad CGI and acting

They work out together because Teru actually sucks at gym but Kyou helps him and they get the gainzz together

They can’t express their gayness to others because they’re the cold and cool type so they get together and fangirl over their boyfriends ((Yahaba in Kyou’s case and basically whoever Teru decides to get with for the week or month))

Kyou is surprisingly good at cooking because his mum owns a restaurant and so he teaches Teru how to make food and chocolates for Valentines Day to give to Bobata (their gay bromance must not be stopped)

Sometimes Kyou invites the Johzenji boys over after practice to have dinner and that’s how Seijou and Johzenji meet but they don’t fit in his house so they eat outside in the back yard and make a BBQ with leftover meat from the restaurant (the teams get on surprisingly well and Bobata keeps Teru in check but he constantly teases Yahaba about him and Kyou beside its funny watching him blush and be at a loss for words)

Imagine them going to a pool though and Teru has a fear of swimming because he thinks he’s gonna sink and Bobata and Futamata push him in and they all laugh at him because he can actually stand in the water but Kyou feels bad so he spends the rest of the afternoon teaching Teru how to float on his back and do freestyle

Kyou helps pick out Teru’s tattoo and goes with him because Teru is actually a pussy with pain and holds his hand the whole time (he gets a tattoo of his star sign and the Japanese character for ‘free’ and ‘wild’)

Teru has begun to like Hamima chicken and Kyou doesn’t mind sausage buns anymore but they both prefer Kyou’s cooking

They decide to try out smoking because it would complete their bad boy look but they start choking and almost die together so they decided to carry around one but never actually light it up because they’re I D I O T S

Teru corrupts Kyou’s mind and he is he reason why Yahaba has a heart attack when Kyou starts talking about kinks because suddenly Yahaba isn’t the knowledgable one

They’re just really cute like Teru would totally treat Kyou like a dog and feed him chicken and Kyou would bite his hand

I shall stop now but yes cute

You know how the whole thing about the fandom saying that Jason and Percy are bffs but then others get mad cause of Grover and I just think their friendships are different. Grover and Percy have known eachother forever and are emotionally linked. They are basically brothers. Jason and Percy haven’t known each other very long, but are very similar so they clicked. I think both could qualify as a best friend. Grover and Percy’s relationship is the best friendship where you know each other’s souls through and through. They can be emotional with each other because they have been through so much together. I think Percy and Jason’s friendship or best friendship is where you can be funny and joking, but not emotional and soul deep like Grover and Percy’s. Jason and Percy have a ‘bro’ relationship while Percy and Grover have a brother relationship. There is a clear difference, even though you could say both are a best friend relationship.

Clary + Alec = A Lot of Feels

When we all talk about how great it is that the writers changed the scene when Clary tells Alec she knows he’s gay… We all talk about how we love that they changed Alec’s reaction, but like…?

I like that even when Alec is so indifferent to Clary, she still doesn’t react with hatred or anything. He says something negative and she’s like “why do you always look so miserable?” And then she tells him it’s okay that he’s gay and in love with Jace. She doesn’t react by poking fun at him or shoving it in his face. She genuinely cares as to why he’s making himself so lonely and closed off.

In the books Clary just calls him a dickhead and hangs his sexuality over his head like it means nothing. I like that show!Clary understands how hard it is for him to deal with this, and she can see how upset it really is making him.

The book scene of that made me mad because no person should ever fear their own feelings being used as a weapon over them. And Clary would NEVER do that to someone. It’s funny that though Alec resents Clary so much, she’s one of the only people who really understands his depression and anger.

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Hello :) What are your thoughts about Hwarang so far? ^^ Also, did Minho get his ears pierced for his role because he had earrings? Or are those just clip on earrings?

Hello dear anon,

I saw both episode & till now I like it so far. I always like historical plot & period dramas & i’m happy that Minho is in this drama.

Now some serious talk, we cant expect so much in first two ep , as it need to make story building step by step. I don’t like sudden boom entry or too much complications but still in story both the lead actors ParkSeo-Joon, Park Hyung Sik & lead actress Goo A Ra made good impact with acting. In first two ep it  was Lee kwangsoo’s appearance made very good impression. 

I was little confused before watching it bcoz I was thinking what would be the story? it is just a fun idol actor story or anything diff but hwarang has very nice plot & interesting story line with mixture of fun, romance, action & dramatic scenes. Slowly they are introducing characters & devolving more shades in full picture. 

Now about Minho……

Yes I really like Minho’s character, first of all he is looking so beautiful, stunning …just wow with that traditional outfit, accessories & long hairs, it really suits him, he looks very beautiful hwarang ( cough among all)^^ 

About his character….it’s interesting & able to make us curious, Sooho’s character is handsome very cleaver, athletic all rounder character which no doubt very much Minho but playboy thing & they way he makes fun of others specially his rival ban ryu just awesome !!! ( In reality i never ever consider Minho as playboy or saying savage things…he is so cute & humble & that’s why I appreciate it’s more) he is so funny, his expressions & acting makes it more appealing. 

starts from his entry he made very good impact & each time in his screen time ( though it’s short )  brighten atmosphere & hype the mood. watching preview makes me to see more into his character. Even his love affection towards empress is also really attention-grabbing  to me. 

As per PD after ep 3 Minho has more important part & more screen time as his character ( I can feel it) So i’m very much looking forward to it. As well as I’m also expecting more bromance , fun & great chemistry with other hwarangs members Ban-ryu,  Yeo-wool &  Han-sung (V). It will be really great drama with all with fun & action. It has good ratings for starting but i’m assuming after ep 3 it’s rating will increasing as story will speed up.

About Minho’s earrings : No he don’t get piercing, it’s clip ( Minho will never like to get piercing , he dnt wear ear accessories ) these earring only for drama but it’s looks so good on him <3

 if you see in this high cut video ( which is after drama shoot) it’s clearly seen that he dnt have any piercing

In nutshell until now i’m satisfied with two ep, but yes I really want all hwarangs together & it will starts from ep 3 …so lets watch this drama & make it daebak:) 

( gif are nt mine cr to owners^^)

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have you already seen the force awakens? i went to the midnight release and know i can't wait for people's opinion about it >_<

I just got back from seeing it, anon!

Spoilers beneath this cut.

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“Hindi movies and the Hindi film industry are something we’re both obsessed with. And of course, there’s football. He’s a Chelsea fan, though and I am an Arsenal one. This club loyalty is probably the only thing we argue or disagree about. I love the guy. I’m in touch with him on a daily basis and I know where he is all the time, he’s a gem of a guy. He’s warm, intelligent and funny. What I love the most about him is his sense of humour. We have so much in common that we never get bored of each other.”

 Ranveer Singh  。◕‿◕。