their bromance :')


BRO-THINGS #4: That one time the Paladins went to visit Earth… and Kuro got Lance a kitty.

But Kuro has no idea what terran cats look like… so he grabbed the first animal he met and thought fit Lance’s describtion (”smol, fluffy and super cute”).

And that’s how they got a baby skunk as a team mascot.

They called her Empress.

Still waiting for Namjoon and Jackson to go on Celebrity Bromance like

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So my mum pointed something out to me today...

Me and Mum: *watching Dean and Crowley together in 10x02*
Mum: Dean has had a lot of bromances hasn’t he… (yes, she knows about the term bromance as well as destiel ;D)
Me: What? 
Mum: Well there is Benny, 

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and Castiel…

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But Sam doesn’t have any! I know he’s friends with Castiel but you get the impression that they’re just friends (not bromance level).
Me: Oh my Chuck you’re right!!!! 

Petition for Sam to have a full on bromance this season!!!!!