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So as I mentioned before, my boss took me out for a couple of drinks because she could tell that I was a) reaching my limit and b) I am terrible at admitting that I sometimes cannot actually handle every single thing and help when I am reaching that limit.

She’s a good egg.

We had a pretty great talk - she admitted things were ‘fucked’ at work because our team’s so understaffed and the workload keeps increasing, she knows we’re not getting enough support from higher management, she’s going to do what she can to extend our deadlines and tell the big bosses that they need to back off, otherwise they’re just going to burn everyone out.

She also gave me some decent career advice. She’s on board with me studying over the next few years, and even suggested some career paths she’d think I’d be good at.

Mostly it was nice to just chill for a couple of hours, remember that work is not actually all there is and I don’t have to do everything by myself, I do have support, if I remember to bloody ask for it.

Artsy People; I Need Advice

So I downloaded FireAlpaca when I saw a post about it circulating on Tumblr. It’s free and simple and looks great for beginners like me. I’ve been playing around with it lately since I’m interested in getting back into drawing and whatnot. But I need some advice:

1) Do you guys have any recommendations for inexpensive drawing tablets that are easy-to-use for beginners? 

2) What are some good sites/posts for references (any kind of drawing references tbh)?

3) What other programs do you recommend for beginners?

By all means, I’m not good at drawing and never was. I just like doing it lol. But I do want to get back into it since my junior year of college is over and I have time to de-stress. So any tips/advice/recommendations would be really appreciated!! Thanks! :D

You and I go for a drive with the top down on a warm spring day. We’re singing along to the songs on the radio and we stop to get ice cream. We walk around looking in the windows of shops and laughing as we eat. We feel like we could talk forever. Everything is happy, everything is lovely. The scent of flowers and spring floats through the air

did i ever show you this edit i made

You’ve heard of Lance making Keith laugh and Lance becoming space goo, now get ready for-

Keith saying or doing something that makes Lance laugh hard and it’s not at him (which is a big plus), almost making him cry, and Keith’s Pining Ass is all over the clouds, and then Lance slaps his back saying “haha that was a good one dude” and Keith is dead. Shiro come pick him up. Maybe it’s also the moment when Keith really fell in love of Lance’s laugh. Him starting to make more stupid things in front of Lance does not relate in any way, nope.

Despite all the incredible previews, I’ll admit I was a little wary going into Moo Moo, only because racial profiling is a really heavy topic to cover in ~22 minutes, especially in a comedy. I spent a lot of time thinking about how the conflict between Terry and Holt might play out. My fear was either the episode would slip into “after school special” territory and ultimately present a superficial, overly simplistic depiction of the issue, or veer all the off to the other end and give us a dark, bleak ending devoid of that hope and optimism that makes B99 so special. Nothing against B99 – I’ve just been burned by many a show before, and this is a topic that could be an absolute disaster in the wrong hands. 

But then there’s this? A show that is thoughtful and nuanced while showing us the horrors of racial profiling and the complexities of reporting it, that doesn’t shy away from the fact that we still have a lot of work to do but also allows Terry and Holt to have their own personal victory? That covered a super serious subject, including a conversation where two beautiful young black girls asked questions they should never have to ask, but still allowed for moments of joy and laughter that felt genuine? And that did it all in about twenty minutes, wrapping up on a beautifully bittersweet note that was just the right tone for an episode of this level of importance?

I’m just in awe. And I feel really, really lucky that we have so many incredible people involved with this show who share it with us.