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Positivity Post

Listen, I get that there are some issues with Andromeda. The first few hours of the game really feel like they’re trying to find their footing, which isn’t hard to understand - it must have been really hard and stressful to create a game that measures up to the trilogy.

But I’m really sick of the constant posts shitting all over the game and I’ve talked to lots of people who feel the same. It seems like a lot of people are worried about posting anything positive at all for fear or retribution.

So here, have a nice happy post about some of the AMAZING things about this game, which in my opinion totally holds up as a new addition to the series.

  • Awesome hair animation. I’m totally in love with how natural the hair looks. It moves around, looks great, and flows naturally.
  • The dialogue system. This is probably the first time in a video game that I actually feel like I can develop my own personality and have a truly unique OC. Plus, you can develop different relationships with different characters, which truly makes you feel invested in the world.
  • The side quests. There are some fetch quests, sure, but I’ve never found them to be boring. They’re always grounded in a story. I find the quests to be meaningful and interesting and engaging.
  • SQUAD MATES! This might be the first game where I absolutely adore every single person on your crew. The characters feel real and they all experience really touching character growth over the course of the game.
  • FRIEND DATES!! Maybe my favourite detail that’s been added to this - the nice outings you get with your squad after you earn their loyalty. Every single one was so touching and I treasure those moments.
  • ALIEN SEX okay so I’m obviously biased on that one…
  • Beautiful landscapes. I’ve come across some small landscape bugs, but in general each world feels unique and realistic. I love parking the Nomad on top of a hill and just admiring the scenery.
  • THE NOMAD BANTER! They absolutely nailed the banter in this game, I’ve teared up a few times while listening. I love it when squadmates can help each other with things that you can’t because they have different experiences than you. It feels realistic and wonderful.
  • Truly touching moments. I don’t want to say more for fear of spoiling anything, but I’ve cried so much at this game.
  • RYDER. Holy lord in heaven I love Ryder. They’re so well-written and totally hold their own against Shepard. They experience character development over the course of the game, the voice acting is fantastic, and basically I just really love Ryder holy shit

Please feel free to add your own, I really love this game and I’d love to see more people focusing on the things that make it so incredible.

Also if you see this and absolutely need to be negative, please keep it far away and make your own post. I understand that people have complaints, but I’m 150% done with hearing about them.

Much love to my fellow Andromeda explorers!

Like a Box of Chocolates

by literlarry_real (4.8k, fluff and banter, no smut)

If somebody had told Harry a year ago that he would have a reminder set on his phone to buy discounted Valentine’s day chocolate on the 15th of February, he would have outright laughed at them. 365 days ago, he would have never considered being that desperate for chocolate and being this lonely the day after the holiday that celebrated love. But, here he is, a year later, being reminded by his phone that he is supposed to go on a hunt for the best chocolate deals. Woohoo, university life! Some might deem it ridiculous or sad even, but it really isn’t. Not to Harry at least. Yes, he may have spent Valentine’s Day alone in the library studying, calling his mum, and skyping his sister, but there’s a reason for the reminder. Even if the reason is as insignificant as “My chocolate drawer is as empty as Voldemort’s heart“. Harry has nothing against Valentine’s day by the way. Yes, it might be a bit overhyped and commercialized, but when it comes down to it, he just doesn’t really care. It’s not that Harry doesn’t believe in love though, he actually really, really does, but finding love and being in love is a very low priority right now, and he’s totally fine with it. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t that’s okay as well. Academia is important, and chocolate is too. It is what it is, really.


Harry runs into Louis while stocking up on favourite chocolates the day after Valentine’s day. The banter that follows is only the beginning of something just as sweet as chocolate.

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acciofangirls  asked:

yo yo ruby! i'm gonna leave a message in your ask like everyday because i love doing that. i hope your day is going well!!! do you have any peter headcanons??? ;))

blEss this message because thank u i am having a pretty swell day rn (courtesy of @nedandpeter ) aNd YES i definitely always have headcanon banter going with someone so, prompted by the actual favourite @sunrisehunny (the diana to my anne!!) have some lame headcanons

  • okay it’ll be when you and peter are best friends
  • you’re teetering on the edge of being something more, but right now it’s just soft touches and stares held a moment too long
  • peters desperately trying to make it more because he’s caught you staring enough times to give him hope
  • he thinks its foolish to hope but this boy has a heart of gold and can’t help it 
  • you both blush hopelessly whenever one of you catches the other gazing romantically
  • he’ll try be smooth when approaching the subject at your guys study session
  • or should i say
  • study date ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • it’s anything but smooth tho
    • s-so for our next, uh 
  • curse his cute stammering that he couldn’t help around you
    • for our next study d-date, do you want to, er, go somewhere n-nicer?
  • you pretend to hmm absentmindedly
  • but in reality, you’ve been hyper-analyzing every word since ‘date’ left peter’s lips 
    • yeah, that sounds nice. where did you have in mind? 
  • but peters reply is not what you expected 
    • a-alright, it’s cool, uh, i d-didn’t really think you would w– wait, what? 
  • because peter didn’t expect you to say yes 
  • and oh no he didn’t plan of getting this far so he has no idea what to say 
  • his brain is literally tripping over itself trying to find a place that’s casual but could be romantic but not weird 
    • so he just spits out, the garden centre??
  • you want to laugh because peter’s face flushes straight away 
  • definitely cursing himself internally 
  • seriously????? the garden centre???? they won’t wanna go THERE
    • but you’re just like, sounds good! and we can get milkshakes from the cafe!
  • and suddenly peters grinning subtly (or not so subtly) 
  • he’s very happy with himself because getting milkshakes with y/n, surround by pretty flowers??? 
  • he’s not sure he’ll get much work done 
  • you guys book a date & it’s a plan 
  • peter tries not to make it noticeable how much he cleaned up for this
  • he definitely combed his hair a lil more than usual 
  • you do notice but you only fucking melt inside because when will your fave ever????
  • he’s nice & early 
  • in fact, he’s so early he get’s bored and starts looking at the different flowers and reading the fun facts 
  • completely engrossed in the plants
  • it means when you show up (on the time you actually agreed) it gives you to chance to scare him 
  • and you do so, gloriously 
  • seriously, peter yelps so loudly, stumbling around in a panic
  • you can’t help but giggle at him, lurching forward to grab his forearms so he doesn’t fall on his ass 
  • though that would also be fun 
  • but also whooooooooooooo biceps 
  • he just kinda freezes for a moment before he smacks you on the shoulder (harder than intended) 
    • what the hELL, you scared me! 
  • which is kinda a dumb thing to say because that was you intention 
  • you guys go find a cute little wooden gazebo in the garden centre to study in 
  • not after getting some sick ass milkshakes though 
  • peter’s definitely a strawberry milkshake kinda guy 
  • and you get a different flavour, insisting that you can just share and get the best of both worlds
  • peter’s trying to keep his mind out of the gutter but you’re drinking from a straw from his milkshake and gjsdkhsjfds no sTOp peter
  • it’s the nicest study session ever because the sun for some reason has blessed you with the perfect temperature 
  • and you’re surrounded by all these beautiful flowers and in the company of a beautiful boy 
  • after lots (it’s not lots but the day is too nice to waste on studying) you just shut you books abruptly 
  • peter looks up, frowning adorably in confusion 
    • what? where are you going? 
    • we are going for a walk because this day is too nice to spend on physics peter 
  • and you just extend you hand and peter’s not going to say no to that
  • it just happens that you don’t release his hand as you both start down the path, looking at the flowers but your minds only on the other 
  • to any outsider, it’s a couple, holding hands as they admire the flowers, the day and each other 
  • but instead 
  • it’s two shy people with perhaps too much affection for a particular person and now way to truly show it 
  • other than holding their hand in the garden centre & sharing the same nervous smile

I think Hawaii five-0 is my favourite show. Like ever.

Okay so I actually wanted to say this after I watched the first episode of H50 but I figured I’d leave it for a little while incase things got boring (pish what) or I didn’t like the storylines but it’s just gotten better and better and from what I can see, I don’t think it’s ever going to be bad. How can it when mcdanno banter is so great, the characters are brilliant, the stories are fantastic, the car chases are excellent. As an action/adventure show junkie, this show ticks all my boxes.

I think what I love most about H50 is how Mcdanno’s relationship is the centre of the show and the writers aren’t afraid to show that they care about eachother, they aren’t afraid to be open, they include scenes that really don’t even matter to the plot of the episode just to show that mcdanno’s relationship is so strong and that they’re comfortable with being themselves.

They know eachother so well and in such a short space of time they’ve gotten so close and I’ve gotten to see how they made this journey (through Season 1) through all the little moments that just show they’re already the best of friends. I’m talking about scenes like Danny coming over to Steve’s with doughnuts. Steve getting impatient when he can’t guess what’s in Danny’s bag (his lunch). Talking about the new Jersey postcard. Sitting on a bench at the beach quietly, not saying a word but being completely comfortable.

I’m ready to admit it now. This is my favourite ship. No 1. I will ship till the end of my days. Long live Mcdanno. Bring on Season 2!

ID #26199

Name: Florence
Age: 17
Country: UK

I’m a 17 year old english girl. Currently studying for my A-Levels, it’s a blast I can assure you.

In regards as to why I’m interested in having a penpal, it effectively comes down to my enjoyment of talking to people. Getting to know people, what they’re intrested in etc. You know, classic cliche stuff. But, mainly, I guess I’d like to be a helpful ear, you know? For lots of kids my/our age, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to/exchange witty banter with. That’s my main reason for this I guess. Just wanna help someone out if I can, and I am always in the mood for more witty discourse opportunities.

As for my interests etc. - I love to read (classics rn), I love music (alt/dance/electronic. ‘cept not that crap they play at parties these days. that stuff sucks), I like films (favourite is 'fight club’. that twist man), and some tv shows. I like sport (hockey is my fave) also. And gaming. Love me some fps. Hobbies? Meh. Spending time with my friends. Baking (it’s cool okay). Music festivals. Typical young person shtick.

Preferences: Nah not really. Close to my age might be easiest tho. More relatable. Gender/sexual orientation/religion/star sign are not an issue. Except for Scientologists. Cannot take that shit seriously.

Although, a discussion on the topic might be illuminating. Scientologists welcome. 

anonymous asked:

Which scene (stydia) is your favourite & why?

my favorite stydia scene will always and forever be the red string scene in stiles’ bedroom in 3x15 “galvanize.” i could go on and on and on and probably will haha but honestly it just encompasses everything i love about them. it starts with the witty banter, and then lydia starts talking and stiles can immediately tell she’s not okay and so he walks over. then comes the killer and honestly my favorite part of the scene i think. lydia looking down at the string on her finger and looking at stiles and saying “i got you in trouble.” THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND ALSO THE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT THAT HAS GONE ON WITH LYDIA MARTIN AND HER FEELINGS TOWARD STILES SINCE SEASON ONE IN THOSE FIVE WORDS OH MY GOD. the delivery of that line and everything is so spot on. she cares about him and it makes her vulnerable and she knows it but she knows too that she got him in trouble and she’s not okay with it. and then stiles’ response. so PURE AND GENTLE AND BEAUTIFUL and he tells her what he would have told her always because he’s always loved her but it’s different now and you can hear it in his voice and his tone. it’s more intimate than that. it’s not a crush like love or loving the idea of someone, it’s being in love with someone and seeing them up close and loving them unconditionally still. and she smiles and he smiles and i melt and i don’t think it will ever not make me melt it is truly a wonderful representation of them from start to finish and literally has everything i love about them and ugh i told you i could go on and on and on and on lmao

12x07 - Extremely late review and meta

I know I am extremely late to the party here (and have been MIA since before the episode aired for many reasons – the big 3.0. being the main one) but here it is! My episode review and meta! I am 100% certain that every point I want to discuss has already been meta’d to death and I can’t wait to actually get back on my dash and go through it all since I have 5 days to catch up on but anyway I’ll try to sum up my thoughts as best I can. Overall I enjoyed it. I got a bit bored during the rock scenes and all the blabber about social media and the LA lifestyle and OMG they need to ease up on the establishing shots next time (we get it guys, you want us to believe that you are in LA. You did good okay? Better than you did in Hollywood Babylon anyway!) I liked the Winchester banter though and adored Cas as always. Bobo always writes well and tends to do a very good job of capturing the themes of the season. Overall it was a good episode. It wasn’t my favourite of season 12 and it wasn’t my favourite Bobo ep either (that medal goes to 9x06 every time) but I did enjoy it. 

Lets go over the main themes which are under the cut because this got loooong:

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NCIS: LA 6x09 Traitor (Sneak Peek 1)

The glorious Densi “banter”…interrupted, as always, by the OPS-team

Kensi: How did they ever give you a Detectives badge? 

Deeks: I’ll have you know that in the LAPD they used to call me Sherlock Holmes. 

Kensi: A fictional character? (sarcastically) Well done. 

Deeks: I also know you better than you think, missy. 

Kensi: Yeah? What’s my favourite colour? 

Deeks: Blue. 

Kensi: Wrong! 

Deeks: Oh, I’m so sorry, let me be more specific - cornflower blue. 

Kensi: That was such a lucky guess. 

Deeks: A lucky guess? Okay, first off - that’s not even a real colour, and secondly you don’t even own anything in the cornflower hue. 

Kensi: Not that you know of. See - apparently you don’t know everything about me. 

Deeks: I know you hate liver, but love bagogi/bulgogi (shakes)

Kensi: So does everybody else. 

Deeks: I know that your favourite movie in the planet is “Titanic”. 

Kensi: Me, and a billion other people. 

Deeks: I know that you love Mojitos, and techno music in the Aphex Hotel. 

Kensi tries to move past him, but Deeks blocks her

Deeks: I know that you played college softball. 

Kensi turns around and starts walking the other way, Deeks follows her. 

Deeks: I know that you dressed up as  a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as a kid for Halloween. I know that you keep a journal. I know you want to have an oregano garden, even though you are a noted plant killer. I know that your favourite “New Kid in the Block” was Joey McIntyre, and why not? Because he was the dreamiest. Bam! 

Kensi stops and turns around to face Deeks. 

Deeks: Oh, and I also know  that you hide girly magazines under your bathroom sink. 

Kensi: I do not. 

Deeks: I mean..not like girly magazines. I mean like magazines for girls. Things like “Cosmo” and “Modern Bride”. because our kick-ass Kenselina has a softer, lacy, lady-side that no-one knows about. But me. And I love it. 


Kensi: You couldn’t have said it any creepier. 

Deeks: Creepier?

Kensi: hmm.

Deeks: I though that was pretty charming. 


Okay, but one of my favourite things about Lucas and Maya is how seamlessly they’re linked? Like they’re always finishing each other sentences and bantering and moving forward from each other’s thoughts, and it’s just so effortless?

They don’t even have to think about it, it’s like there constantly on the same wavelength and I love it so much because it’s not like they’ve know each other that long? Riley and Maya have known each other longer and have a stronger version of this connection because of it, but I don’t think Lucas and Maya’s link is that far behind?

I don’t know. I feel like those two are just so comfortable around each other and have so much in common that it’s definitely testament of their connection.

just finished binge watching the Mentalist (haha, yes it’s the exam period, what perfect timing!) and I gotta say…

LisbonxJane is just so adorable??? Like who would’ve thought that when those two got together they would be a down-low-affectionately cute couple?? And even better, they never showed those two pre or post-sex!! Which is like incredibly important because for them, it’s not about the sex. They care deeply for one another and it subtly shows (i.e. hand holding, closer proximity, playful banter, secret smiles, the emotional crack in their voices!!!).

Honestly though, Simon Baker is hands-down one of my favourite actors now. Have any of you seen his heartbreak face in that show? LIKE SERIOUSLY. HE LOOKS SO INCREDIBLY SAD. He wore Patrick Jane’s grief on his face and I thought wow. And when he actually lets his guard down to Teresa, his voice splits sometimes in a way that any emotional person would. Like bro. That is golden acting man. 

okay, hyper-positive rant over!