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Critical Rewatch 46 - Laura Screencaps

The Top Table, Laura, and the Magical Appearing Donut:

Also: Matt says if they reach a sub goal a sloth will be brought on set. Pls enjoy Laura ascending to a higher plane at this knowledge:


because i believe
as we go through time
that all of the best things
haven’t happened yet

  • Someone: Scarecrow looks so ugly in this comic.
  • Me: That's the point.
  • Someone: But why does he have to look so gangly and awkward? Clearly the artist doesn't know how to draw. This is why I prefer Cillian Murphy!
  • Me: He's suppose to look unsettling, grotesque and dare I say it...ugly. It's one of his most important character traits. His fellow professors mocked him for his appearance, giving him the Scarecrow nickname, a crucial part of his identity.
  • Someone: You're no fun.
  • Me: *grinning* The best Scarecrows are ugly Scarecrows

mapleshades canon design on the wikia is one of my faves bc its literally like

“this is a scary ass cat. shes huge. shes scarred up. she doesnt give a shit about her appearance anymore. shes not messing around. she’ll kill u. shes a big ole tortie but u can hardly tell cus shes all ruffled and scratched up. also btw she has the fluffiest white tail.”

Imagine Kaiba going to bed at like 3 am and he’s already half asleep and not really on this plane of reality and he sees something on the floor that looks like some sort of murderous mutant spider and he screams

And then it turns out it’s just a tangle made of hair Mokuba lost and he’s like. This room got cleaned this morning how did Mokuba manage to get all this hair in here already is it normal for someone to lose hair at this rate