their acting was superb

Legion is fucking amazing

Excuse me if you don’t like the series but if you are not watching it you are missing from the greatest shit ever. 

The way the producers scripted David’s dialog, it’s so fucking accurate, all the mumbling and the incomplete sentences, and Dan’s acting is superb, wtf. All the visuals too. Gosh, I’m in love with this shit. They portray everything so fucking well, the schizophrenia, delusions, claustrophobia, anxiety! awesome. And the plot is getting so goooood. And they really, really nailed the “What’s real and what’s not?” shit. 

Can’t wait for more! This TV show deserves all the awards and recognition. Please let it have a second seasons and a lot of viewers    

The one thing Martin did though, which seems to be underrated:

In the scene where Culverton Smith is yabbering on in front of those kids, Martin’s acting is AMAZING. He goes from “ok let’s see what weird hairbrained shit Sherlock is on about now”, then as John himself questions Culverton, by the end of it he looks at Sherlock in total agreement like - 

“Ok, yeah. This guy is fucking suspect as fuck. Let’s take this guy down.”

He CAN do whole sentences with a look, that’s fucking marvellous


I hate to see you cry like this.

This is from the movie “Okaasan, ore wa daijobu” (Mother, I’m fine).

After downloading, I stayed up until 2 am just to watch it cause I’m stupid like that and I don’t want to wait till tomorrow either.

Once you watch this movie, you’ll witness an extraordinary acting from Yamada Ryosuke.
I even cried so much, gomen ne.

I bet haters will cry too, haters can’t hate this !

Ryosuke did a good job with this one. If I’m not mistaken, he once said in an interview that he didn’t sleep for one night for a role in a movie, to be able to grasp the weak and tired kind of feeling. I think it was this movie.

Don’t hesitate, please watch it !! Cause it’s good like that !

Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Ep. 13: Season Finale


•They punned “Cliff-Hanger” too!

•The Alice & Jughead narrative is giving me life!!

•They just referenced Scooby-Doo!!

•I fear we have been trolled, the comic digest FP was reading was a Sabrina Spellman one (that’s how they made her ‘appearance’).

•I’m sorry but what is Fred hiding?!?

•Is no one going to talk about Betty actually being a Blossom??

•Love Camila, but is Veronica just becoming this arrogant needy girl or is it just me. Like she seems soo annoying, “forget it, I’ll do it on TOP of everything else I have to do”

•V did you really have to stand up to make that announcement.

•I love how Archie is just like “we’ve kissed” like acknowledge the poor girl standing next to you boo, she wants to shine.

•Kevin was just added to scenes so people don’t forget he’s part of the gang too.

•RAS petty idea of love triangle madness.

•Really RAS? You write Archie head over heels for Veronica in almost all the episodes and now you decide he should be troubled about it, make is seem like maybe just maybe he like Betty now.

•Oooh Hermione showing her true colors now

•Also in the beginning of the series they were struggling to find workers and now all of sudden Hermione found some to replace the Serpents so easily?!?

•What is that woman hiding?

•Cheryl is tying lose ends, how is no one suspecting her to commit suicide, I mean her mom practically encouraged it.

•"Kids got some darkness" -FP on Jug

•Man they almost went full Carrie with the Pigs Blood.

•Nice Cheryl is something else…

•Cheryl needs a hug, and a therapist along with the rest of the characters.

•The fact that FP put Jughead in the good school just makes me love him even more.

•Fred why are they writing you like this?! RAS I swear!

•Cooper woman face off

•Reggie Mantle who?

•I live for the hallway scene

•Alice drop Hal already


•Please tell me it’s FP’s!! Otherwise why would he be lurking on Alice…

•Oooh unwanted son comes seeking revenge theory! (If this actually happens can you call me your Theory Queen 👑).

•Whoever called the Cheryl drowning, props to you babe you were right.

•You gotta hand it to KJ tho he broke his arm while filming that!

•Betty’s speech was good but this is how it should’ve happened….

•'Reggie Mantle he’s Riverdale, so where the fuck is he?!’

•The Serpents take care of their own! And omg HOT DOG HAS MADE HIS DEBUT!

•I’m really happy bughead didn’t have sex, like we don’t need more Polly’s thank you very much…

•Like it runs in the Cooper family to get pregnant.

•Jughead in that leather jacket made me feel some sort of way…

•Betty over there like “Y'all really had to initiate him tonight.”

•"I’m in the mood for some chaos" Cheryl is back!!

•Pop is alive!

•Did Hiram or Hermione send that thug?



•Got to hand it to the cast of this show their acting has been superb!


The Hittites (2003) narrated by Jeremy Irons (2 Hours)

I know that history is not Tumblr’s favorite subject but for those of you who do enjoy history, I strongly recommend this documentary on the ancient Hittite Empire. Not only is it narrated by the great Jeremy Irons (winner of Academy Award for film, Tony Award for Theater and Emmy Award for television) and in High Definition but the two-hour film has dramatic reenactments of true cinematic quality with excellent production values and superb acting.

Scorpius Malfoy ain’t no standard/typical beauty. Pass it on.

Have you seen the actors that play Scorpius Malfoy in the Cursed Child? I’m referring to Anthony Boyle and Samuel Blenkin (he’s the new actor). Don’t they share a common look? J.K. Rowling wants to ingrain into our brain that Scorpius is a spindly looking lad with a very thin face that supports anxious protuberant eyes - incredibly geekish looking (but charming nonetheless). He is an image of his very…’geekish’ and awkward inner core. Yet, he is oddly charming and intriguing to look at (in an Adrien Brody kind of a way - but that’s probably a stretch). He’s basically unconventional. I’m not sure why so many fan-artists are envisioning him as a  nubile and angelic looking creature. I don’t think he is meant to be perceived as beautiful/handsome/’hot’ (well, by society’s standards or even tumblr’s flower boy aesthetic standard). He won’t be joining any boy band anytime soon. I don’t get the impulse to draw fictional characters as being ridiculously attractive. I am guilty of it as well. Why can’t we envision these characters as raw beings (just like our very selves)? Are all of your friends  Vogue models? If he was a pretty boy, I don’t think he’d be so easily subjected to bullying…be shunned and ignored. He’d be the mysterious, brooding lad that everyone’s afraid of, but so interested in from afar. Oh well.

However, I’m sure Anthony and Samuel were mainly casted because of their superb acting ability and energy. <3

me, dave shorthalt: congratulations on that performance sam riegel! you sure did great tonight! your acting was superb! for this im gifting you a lifetime supply of tangerines as a thank you for such an amazing experience!
sam riegel: oh geez thanks! but you only gave me one tangerine though, dave shorthalt?
me, pulling out a gun: haha! yep!


“I was very impressed with Hayden’s sort of edgy, dangerous, dark and still soulful performance. I thought it was superb, so I really connected with him. Plus he has a look in his eyes that I respond to… he’s got the sad thing going on that I’ve always been accused of having in my eyes”. 
                                           - On Hayden as Anakin Skywalker

Starbot Dubs Contest Winners


We have deliberated aggressively over these past few weeks, and have finally decided on the winners. There will also be an extremely long list of honorable mentions, and we’re giving small little awards to honorable mentions that we really liked in particular!

That post is going to take me a while to write up (there are around 25 honorable mentions) so please be patient, I might not have that up tonight ^^ 

Also, since one submission wowed us so much we couldn’t choose, there will be a Top 6 instead of a Top 5!

And here are they are, in no particular order!

1. A really well edited entry, that made both of us chuckle quite a bit. papercoolcat’s DBZ parody entry!

2. An entry that was Starbot’s personal favorite, the Gashadokuro by The Under Cover Snowflake!

3. A comic with impeccable voice acting that made both of us squeal, Goat Boi’s Omnic!

4. A webcomic that both of us love and enjoy, WritersBlah’s Helvetica Dub!

5. An amazing entry with superb voice acting, Method B. Madness’s Eddie, You Scoundrel!




#Starry #FirstLook #Hollyoaks scenes. Enjoy. #KieronRichardson #ParryGlasspool 

fun story

so ever since i came out as queer to my father, he’s made an effort to like… consume and share with me every piece of wlw media there is. which is really sweet and it’s fun to discuss a lot of it with him – and one day, he brings home this movie called “blue is the warmest color” and asks if i want to watch it

now, i’d heard rave reviews about this movie, and i knew there was some sex in it, but i assumed it was normal “soft lighting, jazz music in the background, you-can-tell-what’s-going-on-but-it’s-not-too-explicit” movie fare, so i said “sure”

and for the most part, it was a nice father-daughter movie night, watching this sad french lesbian couple sad french lesbian all over the place

but then, sometimes, we’d get treated to not one, not two, but THREE over-five-minute-long sex scenes. 

a father, and his teenage daughter, who is notoriously squeamish about anything concerning sex, sitting there, desperately trying to NOT look at the tv screen, which is showing some of the most graphic sex i’ve EVER seen outside of porn, and is, as an added bonus, obviously filmed not for the lesbians in the audience but for the straight guys (seriously, i may be a total virgin, but even i knew that about 90% of what they were doing is not how lesbian sex works. or any sex, actually.)

this happened THREE TIMES.

so that’s why i haven’t rewatched “blue is the warmest color,” despite it actually ranking as one of my favorite movies. it’s a beautiful film with superb acting, but it also reminds me of that time i was uncomfortable for 187 minutes

The only episode that remotely worked in S4 was TLD, because, eventually, there was no (living) women beween Sherlock and John.

I remember that, after watching TST, I felt zero Johnlock vibes. The whole episode was just centred around Mary and getting rid of her. We were only told that John and Sherlock chased Mary together, but we never saw it. Instead, we got scenes with Mary alone, or between Mary and John, and Mary and Sherlock, or all three of them - but not one single scene just between John and Sherlock - there were always Greg or clients or whoever present. But it were those scenes just between Sherlock and John that, in previous episodes, were the most intense, intimate and touching moments.

I don’t really have to talk about zero Johnlock in TFP, have I? John saying vatican cameos and Sherlock biding his time; Sherlock trying to shoot himself and John looking on. Even the ‘John is family’ scene played out in the presence of Mycroft; it sounded more like John being a brother. And during the final scenes, we had Mary’s voiceover.

So, Mofftiss tried really hard to eliminate the Johnlock moments i S4 - and it killed their show. All characters seemed OOC, it got boring, there was no real character development, no motivation, TST and TFP seemed filled with meaningless rug pull scenes just for the sake of it, not even Mary dying has left a lasting impression or was particularly touching.

But then, in TLD, there once again was the feasible chemistry between Sherlock and John; they interacted, they touched, they talked. True, ghost!Mary was present during some of those scenes - but she couldn’t interfere, couldn’t interact with them - and the show thrived. The acting got better, the punch lines hit home, the timing worked. It once again was hilarious, funny, moving, sad, even clever. True, it might have been because even the format was more traditional Sherlock - with a case, a villain, a plan to take him down that again threatened to fail spectacularly - but it all worked beautifully. You could see that this was how the show should be - the two of them against the rest of the world, facing an external enemy (Culverton Smith) as well as their inner demons (John’s guilt and self-loathing, culminating painfully in the scene in which he beats up Sherlock, who lets him; Sherlock’s drug addiction because he had lost everything when John sent him away without even talking to him face to face at the end of TST).

And it all culminated in a scene in which they for once declared their special kind of love for one another without the need to define it (it is what it is). They were raw, honest, they interacted, they opened up. This is such a beautiful, intense, honest scene, superb acting, you can see a whole character study in just a small gesture - this is what made Sherlock the biggest show on earth. Not James Bond analogies or the killer sister from Saw crossbred with The Ring mocking ACD canon (3 Garridebs!).

Sherlock did not need all of this beefing up. It was and is at its best when you just let John and Sherlock be together.

But I fear, in their attempt to get rid of each and every Johnlock vibe, Mofftiss simply killed the show. They couldn’t or wouldn’t see that this relationship was the heart of their show - and in suppressing it, they burnt its heart out.

I still don’t understand why. But it shows to me that we didn’t halucinate these vibes, the subtext, the chemistry. It was there - perhaps only to be acknowledged even by the casual viewers when it was gone.

Something felt wrong, amiss, in TST and TFP. It felt like a whole different show. I think, in a way, it’s a case of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’.  Which, in reverse, proves the presence and importance of Johnlock for the quality the show once was so proud to deliver.

I was talking​ to my friend, who is also a hardcore Game of Thrones fan (very supportive over house Stark and non-book reader) and we were discussing “villains” or evil people in Westeros when she mentioned Ramsay Bolton.
Obviously I had to point out that they completely made up Sansa Stark’s arc for the show and it kind of weakened the plot of Theon’s redemption arc. But that’s not my point here.
Then we discussed his death (Ramsay’s) which in my opinion was a bit poorly written although the acting was superb on both sides (Sansa and Ramsay) but I mentioned again my discomfort with the entire “Sansa doesn’t really go here” thing.
Then she said: “But she deserved to be the one who killed Ramsay because she was the one who suffered the most because of him!”
And then my friend said “well, he tortured Theon so that’s bad ("bad”, yeah, you tell me) but he raped Sansa, which is horrible! (Note: Horrible>bad. Anyway) And besides Theon is a warrior and a traitor so he knew what was in it for him when he betrayed Robb!“
He was a young man who had no other choice but to take a series of important decisions that led to his downfall and ultimately to the whole Ramsay/Reek arc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sansa, and Sophie’s performance is and has always been outstanding and I loathe the abuse she suffered and IN NO WAY DESERVED. But, seriously? She suffered more than Theon? She deserved salvation more than him? Pardon my French, but in NO FUCKING WAY.
What Theon did to Robb was not cool, I get it, but let us be realistic: he had no other choice. It was either HIS FAMILY or HIS CAPTORS; although none gave a fuck about him. Anyway, I’m not saying Sansa did not deserve to be saved but she certainly did NOT suffer MORE THAN THEON and they both deserved to be saved EQUALLY.

Sorry, that was a rant but I get very protective over Squid Prince’s character and importance to the show over here.


“Hayden has those special qualities you hope to find in an actor. He pops off the screen. There is something so interesting going on behind those eyes; you just want to know more. He has the vulnerability, and he has the edginess that’s needed. We really had to have that combination, and it’s rare to find an actor who can go back and forth so well. But, besides that, to me, he is just an amazingly seductive and intriguing actor.”
                                               - Star Wars Casting director, Robin Gurland