their acting was superb

13x01 - Episode Review Part 1

In which Dean just about held it together… and I did not. 

This review will be in several parts. I have separated it into several sections that I wish to talk about because hot damn. What an episode! This Part 1 focuses on Dean’s grief and Destiel and saying goodbye to Castiel. 

Firstly, an introduction

As I sit here, surrounded by three friends who I met on tumblr, BECAUSE of this show, I am amazed at how far I have come. I did not think that when I joined this fandom I would ever get to this moment, but my gosh what an amazing feeling this is. To all of you out there – reach out to people, you really won’t regret what you find. 

I adored this episode. I screamed, I even shed a single man tear whilst holding on to @amwritingmeta quite tightly… sorry Annelie if I hurt you at all. @tinkdw, @margarittet and @amwritingmeta you guys are wonderful and I am so glad that I have been able to flail and scream along to this awesome episode with you. Thank you for sharing this crazy obsession with me.

Part 1 - Love, Grief and Saying Goodbye

THEY USED METALLICA’S NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AS THE OPENING SONG! We were two seconds in and @margarittet had to pause because we all collectively SCREAMED that they chose to use this as the open song AS WELL! @tinkdw said that she wanted to try and guess what the opening song was this season but I don’t think ANY OF US considered that they would reuse “Nothing Else Matters” because its just so on the nose isn’t it? Nothing else matters? Nothing else matters than what exactly?

Well once again the “Then” sequence ends on Dean kneeling over Cas’s body.

The answer is Castiel. Nothing else matters than CASTIEL. This is repeated CONSTANTLY throughout the episode. You are not allowed to forget about him for a SINGLE SECOND and this opening song drums that home. Seriously if there are any Cas fans out there still bitter about Cas I dunno what show you are watching because it certainly ISN’T the show I watched yesterday.

It hurts to think about. What even was this episode? From the opening song “Nothing Else Matters” to the “Goodbye Cas” at the funeral pyre, this episode was chocablock full of moments that prove unequivocally that for Dean, Cas truly is his guiding light, his hope. Even if you don’t see their relationship as romantic you cannot possibly deny after 13x01 that Dean and Cas have an extraordinary connection and a deep and profound love that has now transferred to an even deeper excruciating grief in Dean.

Choosing to use this song as the season opener though? The season opener always reflects the tones of the season, the main themes. To have THIS song as the season opening? Wow. Just wow. This is a song that comes up first if you google “Metallica Love Song” by the way. In case you were wondering if it was indeed a love song. Because it is. James Hetfield confirmed it was written for a girlfriend. Interestingly though it has been debated over the years as the lyrics themselves are not conventionally romantic lyrics. Nevertheless, this is now fact: Supernatural used a Love Song called “Nothing Else Matters” to set the tone and theme of season 13, lingering over shots of Dean looking down at Castiel’s dead body. This isn’t even arguable. This is where we are.

(and what a wonderful place to be my friends)

Dean’s grief was beautifully portrayed by the superb acting skills of Jensen Ackles. In my season 13 wishlist I said this:

“It probably goes without saying but MAN PAIN OVER CAS – I mean, I reckon we are gonna get a good helping of this. Maybe not immediate tears but its gonna be pretty damn angsty – if the promo’s are anything to go by. I basically want it to be UNDENIABLE in canon that CAS is the reason that Dean is so broken up and that BOTH brothers are seriously struggling with his death. It has to be OBVIOUS how important Cas was to them and how his death has affected them

I think we can tick this one off. :)

Continues under the cut.

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salazarastark  asked:

You are a fan of such high quality stuff. What do you honestly recommend for people? Like book, movie, TV, video game, podcast wise? I mean, you're just amazing.

I’ve been on a (truly monstrous, haha) horror kick lately, in honor of October sneaking up on us. On terms of recommendations I would suggest:

A television show born of the nosleep reddit, this features a horrible childhood memories, superb settings, some genuinely moving acting, and fantastic visual design. Watching it, I was genuinely shocked that Tarsem Singh hadn’t consulted on the design, which is the highest compliment I know how to give.

NOSLEEP PODCAST — “The Whistlers” Season 5, Episode 25 
I am fairly neutral on the NoSleep Podcast—generally, a great story is balanced out by a mediocre sound production and acting, or vice versa. However, “The Whistlers” features sad, slow development, no easy answers, and tense, thoughtful writing that kept me engaged throughout. I loved every second the piece, and I hope Ms. Argot continues to write similar pieces about the psychological strain of undergone by her characters (rahther than taking the easier and more obvious route of external suffering.)

NOSLEEP — for those who know me, I am a tremendous follower of the r/nosleep thread, and read almost everything it produces. Some of it is distinctly mediocre, ripoffs of popular horror and obviously male-authored. But some of my favorites feature genuinely thoughtful, original scenarios and worldbuilding I think on par with the best:

A phenomenal story about justice, horror, and the existential crisis monsters embody. I added this to my bookmarks the moment I read it, I was so fascinated by the world of fucked-up choices it portrayed, and the strangled relationships therein. What a read.

Not that I needed proof Diaz is a phenomenal writer, but this is the first fantasy fusion I read where I was more interested in the social mores, conditions and aspects of real life, than the fantastical elements. An excellent example of magical realism in the modern day.

On of the podcasts I listened to while on my internet break—truly phenomenal voice acting, tense story development, the creeping horror of human limitations in the face of technology, and much much more. Genuinely one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to over the course of my time.

On of my favorite and yet most annoying AUs—imagine that a  shadowy organization has been coralling fantastical tech and magical/religious phenomenon for centuries. Now imagine they are still doing so, studying it to the furthermost extent of ethical permissions, and ignoring what might prevent them from doing so.

Also angels, soup, Cain&Abel, body horror, transgressions of research ethics, and more.

How in the fuck was Hannibal ever on a major broadcast network, let alone on for more than one season. Even ignoring the huge amount of violence and gore involved, it’s also some of the most subtle and intelligent writing I’ve ever seen on a tv show. Not to mention I think it’s one of only a handful of tv shows where I felt like the writers refused to dumb anything down and instead wrote with the expectation that their audience had critical thinking skills. And on top of all that the acting in it is just superb. 

Holy fuck, this is just fucking good and I have no idea how it ever happened.

There’s just something about a woman looking into another woman’s eyes and telling her that she’s beautiful. It’s the most romantic thing in the world. Because you see with guys, they rarely ever just mean it. A guy tells you you’re beautiful and you know he’s adding the fact that you’re ‘sexy’ to the mix. You know mentally he’s thinking of your ass or your boobs or having sex with you, eventually. But a woman says that and it takes my breath away. Because she really means it. When she says you’re beautiful she’s looking beyond the sex and the ass and the boobs to your eyes, your spirit, your soul. The sex will come later yes, but at that exact moment, she looks at you like you radiate the very sun itself and boy does it take my breath away.

So yeah, I was a big blubbering mess when Adena looked Kat in the eyes and told her first in Persian and then in English, 'you’re beautiful’. It took my breath away and I haven’t quite recovered yet.

Anyway, go watch the bold type. The acting is superb, it’s politically relevant, the shoes are amazing and there’s so many life lessons in each episode. Plus do you know how rare it is to see two women of colour in love with each other on TV?! It’s very rare! I’m talking so rare I started crying when I first saw Kadena. So yeah, go watch it.

The one thing Martin did though, which seems to be underrated:

In the scene where Culverton Smith is yabbering on in front of those kids, Martin’s acting is AMAZING. He goes from “ok let’s see what weird hairbrained shit Sherlock is on about now”, then as John himself questions Culverton, by the end of it he looks at Sherlock in total agreement like - 

“Ok, yeah. This guy is fucking suspect as fuck. Let’s take this guy down.”

He CAN do whole sentences with a look, that’s fucking marvellous

Legion is fucking amazing

Excuse me if you don’t like the series but if you are not watching it you are missing from the greatest shit ever. 

The way the producers scripted David’s dialog, it’s so fucking accurate, all the mumbling and the incomplete sentences, and Dan’s acting is superb, wtf. All the visuals too. Gosh, I’m in love with this shit. They portray everything so fucking well, the schizophrenia, delusions, claustrophobia, anxiety! awesome. And the plot is getting so goooood. And they really, really nailed the “What’s real and what’s not?” shit. 

Can’t wait for more! This TV show deserves all the awards and recognition. Please let it have a second seasons and a lot of viewers    


I hate to see you cry like this.

This is from the movie “Okaasan, ore wa daijobu” (Mother, I’m fine).

After downloading, I stayed up until 2 am just to watch it cause I’m stupid like that and I don’t want to wait till tomorrow either.

Once you watch this movie, you’ll witness an extraordinary acting from Yamada Ryosuke.
I even cried so much, gomen ne.

I bet haters will cry too, haters can’t hate this !

Ryosuke did a good job with this one. If I’m not mistaken, he once said in an interview that he didn’t sleep for one night for a role in a movie, to be able to grasp the weak and tired kind of feeling. I think it was this movie.

Don’t hesitate, please watch it !! Cause it’s good like that !


The Hittites (2003) narrated by Jeremy Irons (2 Hours)

I know that history is not Tumblr’s favorite subject but for those of you who do enjoy history, I strongly recommend this documentary on the ancient Hittite Empire. Not only is it narrated by the great Jeremy Irons (winner of Academy Award for film, Tony Award for Theater and Emmy Award for television) and in High Definition but the two-hour film has dramatic reenactments of true cinematic quality with excellent production values and superb acting.

Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Ep. 13: Season Finale


•They punned “Cliff-Hanger” too!

•The Alice & Jughead narrative is giving me life!!

•They just referenced Scooby-Doo!!

•I fear we have been trolled, the comic digest FP was reading was a Sabrina Spellman one (that’s how they made her ‘appearance’).

•I’m sorry but what is Fred hiding?!?

•Is no one going to talk about Betty actually being a Blossom??

•Love Camila, but is Veronica just becoming this arrogant needy girl or is it just me. Like she seems soo annoying, “forget it, I’ll do it on TOP of everything else I have to do”

•V did you really have to stand up to make that announcement.

•I love how Archie is just like “we’ve kissed” like acknowledge the poor girl standing next to you boo, she wants to shine.

•Kevin was just added to scenes so people don’t forget he’s part of the gang too.

•RAS petty idea of love triangle madness.

•Really RAS? You write Archie head over heels for Veronica in almost all the episodes and now you decide he should be troubled about it, make is seem like maybe just maybe he like Betty now.

•Oooh Hermione showing her true colors now

•Also in the beginning of the series they were struggling to find workers and now all of sudden Hermione found some to replace the Serpents so easily?!?

•What is that woman hiding?

•Cheryl is tying lose ends, how is no one suspecting her to commit suicide, I mean her mom practically encouraged it.

•"Kids got some darkness" -FP on Jug

•Man they almost went full Carrie with the Pigs Blood.

•Nice Cheryl is something else…

•Cheryl needs a hug, and a therapist along with the rest of the characters.

•The fact that FP put Jughead in the good school just makes me love him even more.

•Fred why are they writing you like this?! RAS I swear!

•Cooper woman face off

•Reggie Mantle who?

•I live for the hallway scene

•Alice drop Hal already


•Please tell me it’s FP’s!! Otherwise why would he be lurking on Alice…

•Oooh unwanted son comes seeking revenge theory! (If this actually happens can you call me your Theory Queen 👑).

•Whoever called the Cheryl drowning, props to you babe you were right.

•You gotta hand it to KJ tho he broke his arm while filming that!

•Betty’s speech was good but this is how it should’ve happened….

•'Reggie Mantle he’s Riverdale, so where the fuck is he?!’

•The Serpents take care of their own! And omg HOT DOG HAS MADE HIS DEBUT!

•I’m really happy bughead didn’t have sex, like we don’t need more Polly’s thank you very much…

•Like it runs in the Cooper family to get pregnant.

•Jughead in that leather jacket made me feel some sort of way…

•Betty over there like “Y'all really had to initiate him tonight.”

•"I’m in the mood for some chaos" Cheryl is back!!

•Pop is alive!

•Did Hiram or Hermione send that thug?



•Got to hand it to the cast of this show their acting has been superb!

since the babadook is trending again let me tell y’all about how much i fucking love this goddamn film

not only is the acting, directing, writing, sound design, and tone absolutely superb, the story itself is so real and raw - the babadook is one of the best films about mental illness ever made

because that’s what the film is about, it’s about the main character’s struggle with her trauma, and the babadook itself is a symptom of that; a scary monster that slowly seeps into every aspect of the main character’s life and no matter how hard she tries to snuff it out, it re-appears and repeatedly tells her to “let it in”

i won’t spoil the ending, but i think it’s absolutely brilliant and works so well as a metaphor for ptsd recovery

so what i’m saying is that i’ve been stanning the babadook since 2014 and i would die for this film