their acting was superb

The one thing Martin did though, which seems to be underrated:

In the scene where Culverton Smith is yabbering on in front of those kids, Martin’s acting is AMAZING. He goes from “ok let’s see what weird hairbrained shit Sherlock is on about now”, then as John himself questions Culverton, by the end of it he looks at Sherlock in total agreement like - 

“Ok, yeah. This guy is fucking suspect as fuck. Let’s take this guy down.”

He CAN do whole sentences with a look, that’s fucking marvellous

Legion is fucking amazing

Excuse me if you don’t like the series but if you are not watching it you are missing from the greatest shit ever. 

The way the producers scripted David’s dialog, it’s so fucking accurate, all the mumbling and the incomplete sentences, and Dan’s acting is superb, wtf. All the visuals too. Gosh, I’m in love with this shit. They portray everything so fucking well, the schizophrenia, delusions, claustrophobia, anxiety! awesome. And the plot is getting so goooood. And they really, really nailed the “What’s real and what’s not?” shit. 

Can’t wait for more! This TV show deserves all the awards and recognition. Please let it have a second seasons and a lot of viewers    

Hidden Figures was really good!

I was a little worried that it might take after films like Apollo 13 in terms of being slightly over-the-top with melodrama, but it was actually really humorous in addition to being endearing, and managed to tug at your heartstrings without being overly saccharine. Also, it made mathematical computing kind of…exciting? I’m dyscaluliac and abhor math but somehow this film got me cheering for equations. The acting was superb and the costumes were to die for. I can’t believe we’re just learning about these amazing women now, but I’m glad they’re finally getting their due.

 A++++ go see it! 

me, dave shorthalt: congratulations on that performance sam riegel! you sure did great tonight! your acting was superb! for this im gifting you a lifetime supply of tangerines as a thank you for such an amazing experience!
sam riegel: oh geez thanks! but you only gave me one tangerine though, dave shorthalt?
me, pulling out a gun: haha! yep!

Turtles Films Ranked By Quality Of Turtleyness

Turtleyness™: Good Characterization Of The Turtles, Individually And As A Unit

7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

There is no third film in Ba Sing Se. Cute little random Mikey moments don’t make up for this horrible atrocity. Too many empty zingers, not enough real character. No nutritional content whatsoever- empty calories, and not even tasty. I liked the kappa implications, at least.

6) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

We don’t talk about this one. A spectacularly written Raphael (with a historic climactic monologue- a desperately needed admission, long time coming!) cannot balance out the worst-written Michelangelo in the history of Turtles media. The backstory is so botched that even the nicely handled inter-turtle interactions and shockingly superb acting can’t save it. The ‘Batman voice’ was cute, though, and Buck-Buck. This film wins at establishing their mutual history. Too bad it does little else within the story itself, as it loses focus pre-climax to make room for a stale April. Shoutout to the singularly badass snow fight scene, though! And props to Johnny Knoxville for a personal surprise dark horse- one of the best Leos in the franchise. I just wish that they hadn’t included Hollaback Girl. Yeesh.

5) Turtles Forever

I count this one as a film, okay? And in any case, this one still ranks because of it’s huge dependence on comparing/contrasting characterization (Turtleyness) as a definable element, both for storytelling and for crucial thematic flavor. And it somehow pulls it off. The introduction of a canon Turtleverse blesses us with official multiverse terminology as well as proof of self-aware writing on the creators’ part. In terms of quantity, there can never be a film stocked with more inter-Turtles interaction. My favorite elements include the worshipful handling of the Turtles Prime, the meta commentary on Donatello’s role as the deus ex machina, and the one single time in Turtles film history where Michelangelo, of all people, becomes the straight man- and to great effect, too! The best part? 2k3!Raphael getting knocked down a peg by both 1987!Raphael and Raphael Prime 1984. A necessary addition to any self-respecting Shellhead’s Turtles films collection.

4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze

This is Don in his prime, an oft-neglected character in his well-deserved spotlight, both the day-saving brain and the internal philosophical diegesis. (Where else have the creators been brave enough to address the Turtles’ existential crises?) Raphael works enormously well when given a younger character to play off of, conveniently in the form of a receptive Ernie Reyes Jr. Michelangelo is graced with some of his funniest lines to date, and Leonardo works as the backbone of it all- straight man, setup and the one who holds it all together. No character is wasted in this relatively tight screenplay. No complains here, not even for the damn Traditional Pre-Fight Doughnut. And hey… Shoutout to Vanilla Ice.


The terrible plot can be forgiven, and the idiotic premise can be forgotten. Here are the Turtles at their best within one of the ballsiest speculative arcs in Turtle media. Incredibly well-done tension and banter, a startlingly honest look at their internal structure, a specific and consistent tone, and the single best individual inter-turtle conflict scene in the franchise so far (the Rooftop Fight). Really great individual lines as well- shoutout to Raph’s monologue to Casey and the banter during the construction site fight. Splinter- legendary. Rigging- a nightmare. Voice acting- superb.

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows

Go ahead and hate me, they were handled perfectly in this film. Okay, the plot still sucks. So what? The individual Turtles were given incredibly characterful lines and their arcs were handled in a surprisingly fair manner. I don’t care if they were ugly, and we’ve already established that Liebesman!Michelangelo is an atrocity. I can forgive that. The Turtles’ internal struggles and interactions as a family were on-point here and you can quote me on that. I’m honestly so impressed at this film’s ability to pull off a comedy relief Raph, a protective Don, a sensitive Mikey and a completely flawed Leo, sides to the Turtles that are rarely shown and yet crucial to their personalities. It’s a shitty film, yes- but filled with incredible Turtles moments. (Props to a shockingly well-written April. And I can’t believe Bebop and Rocksteady saved 2016.) I can’t hate this film. It’s too cute. And I don’t know if I’m sorry for it or not.

1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

The quintessential Turtles. Classic Raph arc, classic inter-turtle relationships, characterful dialogue and solid hints of true 3D personality. Props for That Scene with Don and Mikey waiting for the pizza (one of my favorite bits of subtle writing in the entire series) and the Kodak Moment. And yes, I am admittedly biased, but who cares? This film established so much in terms of Turtles semiotics and canon/fanon that nobody can doubt its importance to the franchise. It’s Michelangelo in his prime, timeless comedy and true tension in the face of a real upheaval in their young lives. One of my favorite recurring bits of dialogue: their post-fight banter. The stark difference between their stilted, juvenile back-and-forth at the beginning of the film and their more confident and inclusive exchange at the end makes everything worth it.

(Disclaimer: This ranking is subjective. I’ll still fight you on this. Square up, nerds.)

12x02...aka take back all that shit you were about to say...
  • So I’ve already talked about a certain aspect of the episode today, but I’m LOVING this too much that it deserves repeating. I just love how the writers played it in this episode, you’d think people would know better than to jump to conclusions but alas they don’t…so there was a section of the fandom frothing at the mouth to bitch at the writers/Brennan AND THEN THE GLORIOUS REVEAL.
  • Brennan has the biggest heart of anyone tbh and her surprise in this episode was just wonderful. I know she got a lot of happiness from surprising Angela and Daisy the way she did but let’s admit that a part of her joy came from fooling them all so spectacularly. heeee.
  • “Well, I did do a rather remarkable acting job, didn’t I?” You just know that this affirmation of her acting made her so happy. (“who convinced you I was Roxie because of my superb acting skills.”)
  • The NFL cake was so funny, I can just imagine Brennan’s confusion when she went to pick it up.
  • The Hot Blooded scene just blew my mind. I literally had to pause the episode and scream at Marla to recover because I was just so overwhelmed. It was just so unexpected and it just made me so damn happy.
  • That’s our song!” Because, you know, B&B have their own song. Which they first danced to in SEASON FUCKING ONE. And here they are now, in SEASON TWELVE wearing each other’s wedding rings, I’M FINE.
  • Brennan’s smile during that scene was just SO PRECIOUS. That adoring way she looks at her dorky husband makes my heart swell…and speaking of her husband, I love you Booth but your singing…not so much. hahaha.
  • Hodgins & Daisy are so great together! I enjoyed the little shoutout to Lance Junior.
  • “You’re really not gonna get your own wife (!!) a birthday present?“ no comment necessary
  • She’s actually pretty adorable.” Agreed, Angela! I loved AMI and all her scenes with B&B were so great. (Booth was 94% amused because OF COURSE,)
  • The scene in Brennan’s office with Max was wonderful but also very telling and our suspicions were confirmed at the end. That moment with Christine when she picks up his hospital bracelet :( NO.
  • Max’s face at the end when he was looking at Brennan killed me. I literally started crying. OH MY GOD.
  • Max will never win any ‘father of the year’ awards nor would he ever qualify, but he loves Brennan so so much. And he’s the most loving/doting grandfather- he has a very strong bond with Christine especially and I can’t even think about it…so for now I won’t.
  • To conclude, that was a wonderful episode and I simultaneously want the rest of the season and yet never want it to come :(
Just got home from seeing Doctor Strange

And if you get the chance - see it in IMAX 3D!!!!  Amazing. 

I LOVED everything about it. It was even better than I was expecting. (and I was expecting a lot!) An entire huge budget movie with 95% of it BC’s beautiful face filling the screen in 3D. But seriously, it was awesome. The story was good and the acting was superb!! And a lot funnier than I was expecting too. 

There wasn’t a singe second that wasn’t exciting and interesting. Can’t wait to see it again. AND to get my hands on it. I kept thinking how many great gifs we were all going to be making from it.

anonymous asked:

Ok I know everyone is so hooked on Adult Marco (ahem, for being kinda hot) but I wanna just take a moment to appreciate the amazing Eden Sher for EVERYTHING she's done for this show: voicing a beautiful, strong, independent Princess and future Queen who's secretly in love with her dorky best friend and is trying her best every single episode ok?

Eden’s voice acting is always superb, but in this episode she cracked me up so many times. Her reaction to adult!Marco was priceless.

On the bright side, Black Sails comes back in a little over a month. There’s a show that I can count on to have tight, compelling stories, superb acting, cinematic quality special effects and an ending that will be sure to blow me away.

And hot pirates and plenty of representation.