We explore the art of selling luxury with insights from Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of Vertu from our The Investor feature.

“What’s the point of a mechanical watch when a cheap digital will do the job of telling the time much better? It’s about satisfying a desire beyond basic need; appealing to emotion"  

Wealth isn’t something that is easy to attain. Which is why Road Book is an antidote to the throwaway “Bling” culture. We look at ways to enhance your wealth in our The Investor‬ section of each issue.

This month we review the “Top 5 Investment Mistakes” of:
1. Going for the highest yielding investments
2. Chasing last year’s winners
3. Not diversifying
4. Short-termism
5. Trying to time the markets

Please share with us any additional insights you have.  

Is it more productive to do less work? Exploring the amazing skill of Swiss master craftsman brought us back to this idea from The Investor.

Swiss are an impressive no.4 rank in GDP per hours worked with Norway clearly leading the way. Norwegian’s can afford to take an entire day off a week without their productivity being affected.