Tales from Ponycon NYC 2015

I’ve been looking for pictures from the con for a while now, I have some on my phone which I keep forgetting to upload here. but i will do that later.

first picture is the best moment in my life: the Tumblrpon panel during the saturday session of the convention. in it was my bro, Mofetafrombrooklyn, aerotransor, me (Danger wasp), The Inverted Shadow, Dennybutt, and AlSkylark. At first the panel started slightly late because of technical errors, but performance wise, I feel like we did the best and gave advice along with little stories from our own experiences in the tumblr/ tumblrpon community. I really thank dennybutt and alskylark for taking their time to contribute in the panel, you guys were amazing :) I really hope to keep in touch with you two.

second picture happened around the same time as the tumblrpon panel on the saturday session. here, is my Bestie: Anthonycomics, in his Twilight Sparkle and the big city panel. lookie at how happy he is :D 

lastly I also believe this happened at the same time, but in another floor, was Drawponie’s (my sempaii’s) livedraw panel. look at how concentrated and focused he is as he makes his arts and stuff O3O 

so many cool artists and people in a single day. can’t wait for the next Ponycon NYC. until next time ;)


My name is Pinkie [[Animatronic]] Pie~! <3

Ask Red Rage 1 Year Anniversary, 400 Watchers and a MAJOR ANNOUCEMENT

Wow, one year ago I opened this tumblr that was originally going to be an actual ask blog with a semi story but in time it become a canonical part of the Elements of Insanity storyline.  We’ve seen West Coast Psycho (fictional me) and Red Rage welcome two new ponies and a robot into their home, get attacked by the Malicious Magic Mare, get cornered by a incompetent wizard, deal with genderbended Red Rage and now West is on a date with the other evil freak in disguise as the pony trio tries to keep an eye on the mysterious girl.

But that’s not all.  To commemorate this occasion, we (me and TheInvertedShadow) have a BIG announcement.  First off, you know what this story is leading up to.

Yep, in a few months from now, Ask Red Rage and Ask the Elements of Insanity tumblrs are proud to present a fully animated video of one of the upcoming events.  But here’s the kicker:  Guess who’s going to be animating this segment?

Yup, I made the script and everything and we’re going to get our voice actresses to help us make it happen.  But for now, enjoy the current storyline as we build up to this scene.

…wait, you think this is the finale?  Oh, boy…

…you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Gmanga - Deviants at their best







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