Aaron Cohen performing a cut off of Crack

Tonight is the night motherfuckers. Sessions at the Yippie Cafe is going down. Prepare for a night of Art and intoxication with the good vibes being brought to you by TheInnerCityKids of New york city. We got some poetry on hand to be read, and a first time Nyc performance by Memphis mc Jimmy Astro. The main event will be TheInnerCityKids performing Cuts off of their forthcoming mixtape Youth In Revolt, coming soon.

The Cover is 5 bucks, be there.

And if you are a OWS protester and you need to relax, this is your show.


Aaron Cohen & ABGOHARD “Young Casanovas” Prod. Josh Leavitt


Potential Fans

Directed by Jared Soule 

Shout out to @TommyKruise for producing a Gem for us


A day in the life, Summer 2011