✿࿐ There was a slight taste to the air, she realized, that was distracting her from her job. Sure, being a waitress at a café would sound like an easy job (and one you wouldn’t easily get distracted from), but today, of all days, she couldn’t pay attention.

She figured it from from the sweet smell of macaroons being made, or the idea chatter that the patrons often did about their day. Either way, Isabella let out a sigh, hearing the door of the rather small, but still rather adored, café open; the bell ringing.

A small smile came onto her face, heading over towards the doorway and person at it, not expecting…

✿࿐ She couldn’t put a finger on it, but she felt like she was being watched.

There was something bothering her, perhaps a bit too much so, with the steps she heard behind her. Crackling in almost a mocking tone. Tempting her to turn around.

Tempting her to make a noise that acknowledges it.

But, Isabella didn’t. She remained silent, her hand hovering over the strap of her bag, attempting to make the walk from school to home an simple and easy feat…

If, it wasn’t for whomever was following her.