The Black People Never Mentioned in Black History During Black History Month

Who: Ursula Burns

From: New York City, NY

Contribution: It all started with an intern job in 1980. And, since 2007, Ursula has been the CEO of the $15 billion dollar computer company Xerox. She earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York and a master’s in engineering from Columbia. She is also appointed by President Obama, as the vice chair of his Export Council. 



Australia - February 27th

Belgium - March 5th

Brazil - February 28th

Canada - February 21st (limited), February 28th (wide)

Denmark - April 16th

Finland - April 4th

France - January 22nd

Hungary - April 17th

Netherlands - May 1st

New Zealand - March 6th

Norway - March 28th

Russia - February 20th

United Kingdom - May 9th

USA - February 21st (limited), February 28th (wide)

Singapore - March 20th

Sweden - April 4th

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UK storms hit railways, roads and power supplies – live updates

• Tens of thousands of homes without power.
• Yet another band of heavy rain and strong winds to come.
• River levels on the Thames and Severn approach record levels.
• Widespread delays and cancellations on the rail network.

Above: Shoppers were blown off their feet in Manchester city centre Photograph: Eamonn & James Clarke./Eamonn & James Clarke

Brooklyn DA Vows to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana

If Brooklyn’s new district attorney has his way, marijuana will effectively be decriminalized in the borough. In his inaugural address on Sunday, Ken Thompson vowed to end the prosecution of low-level marijuana arrests.

“I not only want to keep Brooklyn safe, I want to protect the future of our youth,” Thompson, who is the borough’s first black district attorney, said. “That means we must change the policy regarding those who are arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana.” 

“In 2012, over 12,000 people in Brooklyn were arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana, mostly young, black men,” he said, referring to a 2013 report that found that in Brooklyn, black people are nine times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana in New York is only a crime if it’s in public view. New York City averaged fewer than 2,000 marijuana arrests a year up until 1993. But under Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, police would stop and frisk people on the street, bringing marijuana into “public view” and arresting them. By 2011, there were over 50,000 such arrests citywide, more than all the marijuana arrests from 1978 to 1996 combined. 

“Every year, thousands of these cases are clogging our criminal justice system and require that we devote substantial resources in time and in money that we could use to put toward other initiatives to keep us safe,” Thompson said. “And so if these defendants are given criminal records instead of violations, it would make it harder for them in the future to live productive lives. We in Brooklyn can, and must, do better.”

During his run for district attorney, Thompson pledged not to prosecute people arrested for under 15 grams of pot, issuing a $100 fine instead. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is on board with Thompson’s plan.

“He can’t pass legislation to legalize marijuana but he can decide who will be prosecuted for it, and I think it’s an excellent way to use his office,” Adams said.

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Beyoncé's Trainer Marco Borges Spills on Her Amazing Slim-Down

Beyoncé definitely turned heads at this year’s Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, where the 32-year-old superstar appeared slimmer than ever in a figure-hugging Michael Costello dress – which the designer estimated was a “tiny” size 2/4.

So how did Beyonce get her incredible body?

Through the help of her trainer and nutritionist Marco Borges, the exercise psychologist and author behind The 22 Day Nutrition that challenges people to go vegan for 22 days. He recently talked to Beth Stern about how Beyonce and Jay-Z agreed to try their much-publicized lifestyle change.

“They’re incredible human beings and we’ve developed a really beautiful friendship over the last seven years, and we were just talking about the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and health, and life, and I thought, it would be cool if I challenged them to a plant-based breakfast just one meal a day,” he recalls. “ … A couple of months later it was so easy that they decided on their own to come to me and say, ‘Hey, you know, your company 22 Days Nutrition, it stands for something that’s taking on a new habit over the course of 21 days, and on the 22nd day something new happens, so it would be really cool if we try that challenge ourselves. We want to go plant-based.’ And Jay says, 'Yeah my birthday is coming up, and I think it would be really cool, if for my birthday I just did this, like, spiritual health cleanse and I tried something new. … it was amazing.”

Borges attributes Beyoncé’s headline-making incredible physique at the Grammys to her diet.

“Most people have that imbalance,” he says about how difficult it is to burn calories through exercise versus how easy it is to consume calories. “And it’s when they take control of their diet is when they truly take control of their health.”

Who needs an Oscar Anyway?!

The Wind Rises Wins Japan Academy Prizes for Animation and Music

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s The Wind Rises film won the animation category in the 37th Annual Japan Academy Prizes on Friday. Miyazaki’s final feature film was competing against The Tale of Princess Kaguya (another Ghibli film by Miyazaki’s colleague and mentor Isao Takahata), Captain Harlock, Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion, and Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie.

Composer Joe Hisaishi’s work on The Wind Rises also won the award for Best Soundtrack. The academy actually nominated Hisaishi for no less than three films: The Tale of Princess Kaguya, The Wind Rises, and Tokyo Family. In his acceptance speech, Hisaishi obliquely referenced the recent controversy over whether fellow composer Mamoru Samuragochi wrote his own music.

Former Ghibli president and producer Toshio Suzuki accepted the award for animation. While he thanked the academy for the award, he drily observed that he learned his lesson — his studio should not make two films in the same year.

The Best Picture of the Year honor went to the live-action film Fune o Amu (The Great Passage). Director Nagisa Oshima (In the Realm of the Senses, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Band of Ninja) and actor Isao Natsuyagi were among the five individuals who received posthumous Chairperson’s Special Awards for lifetime achievement. Actor Ken Takakura (live-action Golgo 13) received an Association’s Special Award for lifetime achievement as well.

The Animation of the Year category was only created seven years ago. Last year, Mamoru Hosoda’s Wolf Children won the award. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Tekkonkinkreet, Ponyo, Summer Wars, The Secret World of Arrietty, and From Up On Poppy Hill were the previous winners. Before that, Studio Ghibli won the overall Picture of the Year Award for Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

The Wind Rises also competed for the Best Animated Feature Film in the Academy Awards in the United States, but lost to Disney’s Frozen by directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The Wind Rises did win the Annie Award for Writing in an Animated Feature Production, many critics’ choice awards, and Tsutaya Film Fan Award.

In the photo above: Joe Hisaishi, can be seen top row, third from the right. And Toshio Suzuki, top row, fourth from the right.



Australian trailer for The Wind Rises, which will be released in Australian cinemas on February 27, 2014.


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Racist Instagram post sparks huge campus response at Drexel

Race relations during Black History Month erupted at Drexel University in Philadelphia. The cause: a racially insensitive Instagram post.

Jessica Sarkisian, a senior woman’s soccer athlete on campus, posted a photo of a fellow black peer publicly on her Instagram account. But it was her unflattering remarks about Black History Month in the caption that initiated the controversy.

One of the lines read, “Time to appreciate and celebrate those of African American decent…how will our fields be ploughed (sic),” and later remarked that she hopes “the shortest month of the year is [their] best one.”

The post went viral around campus and offended members of the community. Many students took screen shots of the post and shared it on their own social media pages.

Others challenged Sarkisian online, asking her to justify posting the image. Some commentators posted, “change still has not come, not even in 2014” and others more directly stated, “Drexel does not stand for this, please do not let this image reflect our campus.”

Undergraduate senior at Drexel, Etienne Maurice, was one of many who felt personally disappointed by the Instagram post.

“As an athlete representing our campus, she (Sarkisian) should be respectful of all students that attend here,” he said.

Maurice, in collaboration with another student, created a response video addressing the issue for the entire student body. In the video, both students share their personal struggles with racism and the impact that such posts about Black History Month have within their own communities.

Various students from other campuses in Philadelphia, including the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, have shared the video.

Blake Lynch, another Drexel undergraduate, felt that such student behavior on social media speak to a larger issue.

“When my friends sent her (Sarkisian) a response online about the post, she tried to tell them that racism doesn’t exist anymore…and misperceptions like this is why these problems persist.”

The Drexel African American Cultural Alliance, the prominent black student group on campus, took an official stance later this week on behalf of their members.

In a public statement made via their Facebook page, the organization stated that they are “in the process of expressing our grievances to University officials.” They also invited the student body to an event they were co-hosting to discuss campus race relations within the student body.

As of now, administrative response has been overflowing with apologies and direct promises of action.

Drexel sophomore and woman’s soccer team captain, Samantha Greenfield, sent an e-mail apology on behalf of the behavior of her fellow teammate to her fellow peers.

Dr. Eric Zillmer, Drexel’s Athletic Director, e-mailed the Drexel African American Cultural Alliance also apologizing for the incident and guaranteed that the incident will be addressed. He also mentioned that the complaint would be taken up with Drexel’s Office of Equality and Diversity as a diversity matter.

As of current, all of Sarkisian’s social media accounts have been deleted or deactivated and she was not easily available to reach for comment.

“I’m proud that the campus overall is stepping up against this kind of disregard for others, “ Maurice says after being one of the students who received word of the official e-mail from the athletic director.

“It’s a sign that many on our campus care for one another regardless of race.”

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