Entre um em um milhão nasce um Adão e Eva, um Romeu e Julieta em meio a tantas guerras, mas quando se vale a pena o amor supera. Não sou anjo da guarda, mas eu vou te proteger. Esse seu sorriso é o combustível pra eu viver.
—  Pra sempre com você.

‘like seventeen’ sd in jakarta highlight video — 160820
Oh Glory
By Organization for Transformative Works

Tomlinson looks Liam over, tilting his head. “Are you a swimmer as well?”

“Yeah,” Liam says, a little cautiously. Harry wonders if it’s Tomlinson’s fame or the unimpressed eyebrow that’s making Liam wary. “Distance, I’m doing the 1500m. Harry here’s a sprinter.”

“Ah,” says Tomlinson, turning his glinting eyes back to Harry. “So you’re not an endurance man.” A beat passes, and his grin grows, wide and filthy. “Shame.”

Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.

by: alivingfire

Oneshot, AO3, Mature