Florian Groehn shoots furniture design legens work.

Designer and style-leader of the Australian furniture industry for over 40 years, Tony Parker was always at the forefront with unquestionable integrity, and the highest of reputations in design, manufacturing and retail.

WORKSHOPPED is excited to announce an exclusive relationship with Covemore Designs to re-introduce selected pieces from the mid-century range designed by Tony Parker. Covemore Designs began in the mid-nineties, and today works with Tony Parker and employs several other skilled tradespeople originally from the Parker furniture era.

The Tony Parker story. From a humble pre WWII background, craftsman Alf Dagger and energetic salesman and businessman Jack Parker formed Dagger & Parker in 1935 - filling government tenders for ammunition boxes, school desks and hospital furniture. After the war Dagger & Parker made short batches of quality furniture for Grace Bros, Sydney.

It was in 1948 that Tony Parker, Jack’s eldest son, joined the company and after completing his Industrial Design course, spent time in London honing his designs skills by designing contemporary furniture for the department store John Lewis. On returning to Sydney, Tony set out to expand the operation by developing the “Mid-Century” furniture range. By this time the company had evolved to become JW Parker (Furniture) Pty Ltd. Tony explained: “Our designs were for today and tomorrow, and our ethos was-‘it starts with our finish”.

‘Ice Melt’ by Michael Hall, is a series that forms part of Hall’s incredible photographic journey titled “Tragic Beauty’. Devoting his life, outside of the commercial world, to the study of climate change and the damage to our planet. 'Ice Melt’, shot in Iceland, highlights rising sea levels and the terrifying fact that 200 million people by the mid 21st Century, will be permanently displaced because of this.