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“M'sorry–” The blonde begins, her eyebrows already having begun to draw together in absolute confusion. Blimey. This.. I mean, this couldn’t happen. Could it? She had previously bumped into the other person. After apologising she’d said her name, and they’d replied with theirs. She’d done a little double take after that. It couldn’t be.. “What did you just say your name was?”

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“Oh, well hi there!” Analise said brightly as she dropped her last cigarette to the ground. “Well aren’t you quite the lot. Don’t think I’ve seen you around campus. The name’s Analise. Analise Song." 

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She shook her head, "Brunette. He's got himself a bowtie as well. Why, d'you know him?"

“Aw, come on!” He groaned to no one in particular. “That’s not fair, I’m running out of bodies here!” He blinked as he realized what else she’d said. “Wait? Bowtie? Seriously?” What would ever possess him to wear a bowtie? Really? He blinked again, realizing how mad he must sound. “Right. You travel with…him…you know about time travel, you know how complicated it gets. So wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, I’m the Doctor, don’t tell me anything else. I probably should have mentiond that from the start.”

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Uh... okay, I know this is a really weird question, but that's not a TARDIS over there is it? 'Cause I have a friend with one of those, and he mentioned that his was the only one left...

“…Your friend has a TARDIS?” He rakes a hand through his hair, sighing heavily. Not this again. The TARDIS was doing a really bad job lately at making sure he didn’t cross timelines. “Really? Are you sure?”