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Amy walked into the TARDIS with her husband, laughing. It had been a while since she actually had been to a luxury planet without creepy robots with weird injections. She sat on a seat with a hand over her ready-to-pop belly hidden under a lavender maternity shirt and jean-sweats. “That was the best time I had in a while. Thank you, love,” she said with a wide smile.


Aria happily sipped at her hot chocolate as she strolled down the busy street. A light snow was falling softly from the sky and covering everything with what looked like white fairy dust. Aria wondered briefly if this was actually real snow, but then remembered that she hadn’t fought any aliens, so she figured it probably was. She was so transfixed on the sky she didn’t watch where she was going and bumped into someone a little too hard. She gasped and looked up, an apology on her lips, before she caught the familiar flash of ginger hair.

“Nan,” she exclaimed happily, pulling Amy into a hug, “how good to see you! Wait…hang on…you do know who I am right,” Aria asked, her eyes widening and a concerned look crossing her face.

Reunion || the-impossible-amelia-pond

The TARDIS had gone absolutely crazy. The Doctor was running around trying to get her to land, but it wasn’t working. She set her own course and she wasn’t sharing. “C'mon!” The Doctor gave up after a while and sat down in one of the chairs. When  the TARDIS finally landed, it was in someone’s yard. He stood up, but he didn’t get out. On the scanner, he saw her

When The Day Met The Night||ClosedRP||@noordinarydoctor

“Go! Go! Go! Kick it!” Amelia thought as she ran down the field, mentally scolding the her friend on the girl’s football team. Suddenly a loud roar of the crowd took her out of her daze. Her team’d won 7-0. She smiled and hugged the girl who scored the winning goal. Her best friend.
After the team said their “Good Games,” Amy saw a very familiar face dressed in a football uniform of his own. She ran up to him and gave him a tight hug. “Theta! I’m so glad you could make it!” She exclaimed as she pulled away from the hug. “Did your game end? Have you been here my whole game?” A bright smile appeared on her face quickly.


Amy watched the Doctor as he ran around the console flipping switches. She sat on the banister right across from it. It was too awkward and quiet in the TARDIS thanks to Amy throwing herself onto him earlier. She really did feel bad about it. No one spoke. Amelia immediately broke the silence, “Where are we going now, Doctor?”

Amy's Guardian Time Lord || @the-impossible-amelia-pond

Aria knocked tentatively on the door of her grandparents’ home. She hadn’t seen them in awhile and wanted to pop in for a visit. When nobody answered, she pushed lightly on the door, and to her surprise it opened. She gasped slightly when she saw the house in disarray, and called out tentatively, “Nan? Granddad? Hello? Anyone home?”


Alex opened his eyes just barely after he felt a different ground under his feet. He always shut his eyes tight when he traveled by a Vortex Manipulator. The feeling was somewhat foreign and uncomfortable still. He figured that in a while, it wouldn’t feel so odd anymore.

He looked around at his surroundings and nodded. He was where he was hoping to end up, in a completely new place that he had never seen before. He turned in a complete circle to see everything surrounding him. Alex stopped quickly after backing into someone. “Oh, sorry. So sorry.” He whipped around to see who it was. “Didn’t mean to do that. Just looking around is all.”

Body Swap||Closed RP||@theraggedymadman

“Doctor, you get over right now!” Amy exclaimed over the phone. Her voice wasn’t… her own. It was his. She was the Doctor, literally. She didn’t even know until five minutes ago. Amy went to brush her hair and it wasn’t ginger or long! It was short and brown!

Once she heard the TARDIS, she opened the door and pulled the Doctor inside her house. “First, you’re me! Second, please tell me you haven’t… played with my body.”


Rory walked up the steps behind Amy and stopped. When she motioned for him to follow, his heart nearly burst. It had only been a few hours since they had gotten back from the Dalek Asylum and the two had found common ground again. He did a giddy little dance and ran inside their apartment quickly. He looked around for his wife, carefully examining the rooms he hadn’t been in for a while. He stopped when he saw the flash of her red hair through a doorway.

“There you are. I thought I’d lost you.” He stood awkwardly in the doorway.

Secrets||Closed RP||@bowtie-doctor||AU

Amy slipped her blue hair bow into her hair, holding her bangs back. She slipped a “lipstick container” in her back pocket as she walked out from the TARDIS closet, wearing her favorite outfit. “Hello, Doctor!” She said a bit too giddily. Not noticing, the lipstick fell out on the back pocket, falling on the activation button. Suddenly, the lipstick became a light sword. “Where to today?” Amy questioned. She had the worst urge to list places to go, but she didn’t want to spark his confusion.

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