Hi guys!! UdoliBunni and I made a side blog together!  Here you’ll find our art, gifs, and just a bunch of stuff that we reblog together! We may occasionally post some stuff of us together up here~  Those who follow our main blogs, feel free to follow here as well! Sadly we won’t be able to follow back, since this is a side blog    But feel free to chat with us! 

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Favorite song? This is a hard one, I can’t choose only one so I’ll say a few: Expectations by Belle & Sebastian, Numb by Marina & The Diamonds,  Swallowed by the Sea by Coldplay, Simple Beats by Morrie, One Summer’s Day by Joe Hisaishi, The world’s end by Yui Horie

Any pets? No, but the last one I had was a really cute and clumsy ferret 

Where do you want to travel to? Everywhere, I really want to visit the most places I can.

How did you find tumblr? Looking for things in google like anime and clothes and sherlock always show at least one thing from here lol

Day or Night? Night

Tea or coffee? Hot chocolate

What is your personality like? I’ll admit it, I’m pretty childish. I’m sweet, lazy and really clumsy. But I’m also smart, sensitive and can get sad relatively easy.

Favorite movie? Another hard one! Sleepy Hollow, Constantine, 500 days of Summer, Mulan, Anastasia, Amelie, Matilda, Toy Story

Any siblings? An older sister and I love her

Which languages do you speak? English, spanish and I’m learning french

What makes you happy? Music, my friends, kindness, sweetness, mysteries, my special someone, detective books and movies and stuff, sweets & desserts.

 My questions:

A class you would like to take? (Arts, language, whatever)

Snow or rain?

Something would almost never fail to cheer you up?

Favourite movie?

Trait you cherish the most in a person?

A quirk of yours?

Dream profession as a child?

In which Harry Potter house do you think you would be?

Which super power would you like to have the most?

Favourite character from fiction?

Random thing about you?

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 And in such a short amount of time! I don’t even know what to say!! 

Thanks so much! >w< <3 Sorry for the bad quality, it was my first attempt at making gifs  ^_^;; Hopefully I’ll get better, i’m probably going to make some more soon to get the hang of it~ ^w^