thehylianscholar asked:

You should really play Birth By Sleep. Hands down the best KH game. And, (for the time being) my favorite game ever. Yep. Zelda ain't got nothin' on BbS (so far, I got high hopes for SS).. xD ..

I’ve been REEEEALLY wanting to play it!!

I dont have a psp but I hope to get one soon :D (For that sole reason..xD) And That’s saying something if it’s better then Zelda! :0

Must…play…soon o_o 

thehylianscholar asked:

Kingdom Hearts?

I do like Kingdom Hearts! I havent completed a whole game yet, but the storyline is interesting and the characters are really developed. I’ve played Re:Chain of Memories, II, and 358/2 days, and have enjoyed them all a lot :D (not so much Re:CoM, The card system is sort of confusing, and it’s not as fun to play.) And my favorite character is Roxas. (I felt like adding that :3)