Roomspiration: Lightness

Once upon a time, The Hunt was just for outfit inspo - until #roomspiration took us by a storm like Kanye at NYFW. Now we’re finding ourselves salivating over “Tumblr rooms,” fairy lights, and white on white on white. These dreamy bedrooms have caught our eye lately, and we think spring is the perfect time to inject a little brightness into your space. 

White Zen

Hipster Glow 

Illuminated Angel

White on White

Fairy Lights + Pastel Lanterns

How is your bookshelf currently organized? —————————————-🆕📚🎉 New books are here! 📖 #TheHunt by Megan Shepherd is the sequel to the alien book The Cage, 📖 #Incriminated is the fun sequel to Emancipated, 📖 #PleaseDontTell is about a girl who does everything to protect her sister, including murder! #epicreads #bookstagram #books #bookhaul #tbr #bookshelfie #yalit #booknerd #booklove #amreading #newbooks #yalovin

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30 of my favorite books, to celebrate @EPICREADS hitting 30k followers! :) #booknerdigans (yes, I put my own books in there, lol) #epicreads #TheMurderComplex #thefeartrials #balancekeepers #divergent #four #thehungergames #daughterofsmokeandbone #unwind #tmi #legend #delirium #percyjackson #avalon #undertheneversky #cohf #fireandflood #slated #cruelbeauty #thehunt #matched #vampireacademy #books

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theHunter: Call of the Wild is a very impressive new hunting experience that allows players to explore 50 square miles of open world wilderness, packed with all manner of animals and breathtaking vistas that really allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature… and then shoot it in the face.

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Mani Monday: Galaxy Print Nail Tutorial

Let’s face it, galaxy print will never go out of style. Now that we’ve all accepted that fact, check out the latest Mani Monday nail tutorial by Lindsey of Wondrously Polished! She was majorly inspired by all of the cute galaxy print on The Hunt, now you can wear this print wherever you go! 

1. Paint your nails a light grey/blue shade and let dry completely.  2. Cut a makeup sponge into quarters - the smaller size will make it easier to manipulate the polish. For the following steps, dab out each polish color onto a piece of plastic and use the makeup sponge to apply it to your nail. 

3. Use a white or creme polish to start the base of your galaxies. I like to gently dab the makeup sponge in random, curvy shapes, like an ’S’ or a ‘C’. This gives the galaxy more movement and interest.  4. With a bright blue polish, dab along the edge of the white. Don’t go over board with the color - you can always add more later!

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Aspiring actor @nathanelliottne just shared this amazing picture with us, straight from the set of @nbchannibal! #mad4madsfanpage#mad4mads#madformads#madaboutmads#mads#mikkelsen#danishmen#denmark#danish#actor#madsmikkelsen#hannibal#lecter#nbchannibal#casinoroyale#aroyalaffair#thehunt

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Mani Monday: Donut Nails 3-Ways

We love donuts. The Hunt community loves donuts. EVERYBODY loves donuts and this week’s Mani Monday by Lindsey of Wondrously Polished showcases three incredible donut mani’s for you to love over and over again. Which one is your fave? Tell us in the comments below. 

Get these looks: 

1. Paint your nails your favorite donut icing pink and let dry completely.  2. With a light pink polish, paint 2-3 long dashes, spread out on each nail. This is the start of your sprinkles. 3-5. Repeat step 2 with a yellow, light blue and white polish. Space them randomly on each nail to finish up your sprinkled donut icing.  If you like a simple look, add your top coat here and enjoy your sprinkled mani…Or, move on to step 6 for that little extra something! 

6. With a tan polish, add a wavy strip along the tip and near the cuticles of each nail. This gives more of a ‘donut’ look than just the sprinkles of the previous look. Add a top coat. 

If you’re up for something a little more complex, try this version instead!

1. Paint your nails with your favorite white (or any shade you’d like!) polish and let dry completely.  2. With a tan polish, paint the bases of your donuts. Space them out so that you fit 3-4 donuts per finger, letting some of them peak off the edge of the nail. If the center circle is tricky, paint a solid tan circle then add a white dot in the center with a dotting tool.  3. With a light pink polish, add the frosting to each donut. Make the edges of the frosting slightly wavy.  4-7. Next, add your sprinkles. Using a yellow, blue, white and dark pink polish, add small dashes in each color to each donut.  Finish off your look with your favorite top coat and enjoy! 

Aww Yeah! Thanks for the tip @riggles323!! Got me a #wydowna! I had so much fun designing her and was so excited to see her in stores! #wydownaspider #iheartfashion #monsterhigh #monsterhunters #collector #toyhaul #thehunt #idesignedthat #collectorshelpingcollectors #idontknowwherecleoandvenusareeither

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+8 are outside the school


The pink haired girl was waiting for her friend outside the school when she noticed the stranger at the main gate. “Hi. Do you need any help?”