harreh luvs carleh

   "Harry, no! Not now!“ you whisper with seriousness as his hand rides up your thigh. He looks around the room as your mother and father give their orders to the waiter from the other side of the booth table. "What are you talking about?” he murmurs to you as his hand dances playfully on your thigh underneath the table. He says his order to the waiter and you do too, you both acting as if nothing was going on. Your parents continue with their small talk, asking how Harry is and how the music is going. As time passes, his hand slowly creeps higher and higher, until finally-

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Carly & Niall :))

“Carly, can you go do the dishes?” the young lady’s mother requested just as they walked through the door of their home. 

Carly flashed her mother a dark glare as she spun around, “Are you serious? We just got home." 

Her mother shrugged her shoulders in disinterest, "They still need to be done." 

"Fine,” She snapped, crossing her arms, angling towards her room down the hall, “I’ll do them in an hour or whatever." 

"Carly, no,” the parental figure asserted, raising her eyebrows, “now." 

"GOD!” Carly stomped off toward the kitchen, a frown set in her face, “Do you like putting me in-" 

"Hey, Carly." 

She froze in the middle of the kitchen with her mouth wide, staring at the figure sitting on top of her counter. He smiled adorably at her utter surprise. 

"N-Niall?” she stuttered, still anchored in the same spot. 

“That’s my name,” he beamed, his Irish accent still as thick as ever. He hopped off the counter and spread his arms open, “Do I get a hug or what?" 

Carly flung herself into his slender arms, sighing contently as his arms snaked around her waist. She looked up at him with a cheesy grin. 

He returned the gesture and kissed her nose, "Now are you gonna do those dishes?"