My thoughts on "The Host" movie

Warning: This post contains book/movie spoilers, so don’t read it if you don’t want to know anything!

Things I liked:

- As expected, the cast was wonderful. Good performances all around, imo. Saoirse was amazing as Melanie/Wanda. The O'Shea brothers were great- Jake captured Ian’s personality perfectly and Boyd was brilliant as Kyle. Both guys were the break-out roles in the film to me. Loved Emily as Pet/Wanderer too. Max, Diane, William, etcs … everyone was just so good! And it totally made up for the fact that some of them didn’t really look the characters were described in the book. Flawless cast.

- Visually I thought the movie was stunning. The souls (in their natural silvery form) and the caves looked exactly like I imagined them in the book.

- Ian & Wanda. OMG THEY WERE FLAWLESS. I am such a happy shipper right now. Ngl, I did feel that there wasn’t much build up for their relationship at first. I mean, it was like one minute Ian is strangling Wanda (such a difficult scene to watch, btw) and then a few minutes later he starts giving her these ~longing glances, you know? Wanda seemed to show a lot of interest very soon. Idk it just felt a little rushed to me, I wish things had been taken a little slower … but as far as chemistry and cuteness goes, there was LOTS of it and that is what made me so happy! While I still picture Ian/Wanda in my head the same way I did when I read the book (Ian with his black hair and Pet/Wanderer with her long blonde hair), I think Jake/Saoirse (and Emily) captured the love and bond between their characters on film beautifully. "You are not leaving me", omg so many feels!! 

 The opening was epic and ending credits were awesome. All in all, its definitely a good adaptation imo.

Things I didn’t like:

- Some of my favorite scenes from the book were left out. I know I should have expected this but it still left me feeling a little disappointed. My favorite quote, “I held you in my hands, Wanderer. And you were so beautiful”, wasn’t in there. Neither was Ian’s “You are beautiful” speech. AND THERE WAS NO MENTION OF CHEETOS! :(

- Also, there was no mention of Pet’s background story. I’m guessing they are planning to save that for the sequels, right? Idk. And the conversations about the other planets were completely rushed through. Wanda didn’t get to tell her “rides the beast” story either.

- Maybe its just me, but I kinda felt the movie was a little slow at times. Like, the pace of the story didn’t flow quite as well as it did in the book. Also, I think the movie lacked some of the emotion and passion of the book. I’m not saying the movie didn’t sexy/emotional moments - IT DID - but I do feel the book is much stronger on that stuff. This is just my opinion, of course.

So yeah … all in all I thought it was very good and I’m hoping we’ll get movie sequels. :)