Gainesvillestuck's 4/13 Extravaganza!

HEY! We at Gainesvillestuck have partnered up with Jaxstuck and thehomestuckcraftexchange to bring to you a miniature convention celebrating the anniversary of the comic we all know and love!

Activities include:

  • Cosplay Contest (with prizes!)
  • Crafters Exchange Alley (sort of like an artist’s alley, but bring things to trade rather than come to buy! If you want a booth shoot me a message and I can get you the details!)
  • Movie Time!
  • Possible raffle/giveaway????? 

Sounds crazy right??? We want to spread the word and make this as big and as awesome as possible! Share the news, invite your friends, find couches to crash on or (for the more fancy stucks out there) lounge in one of Gainesville’s readily available hotels!

We at Gainesvillestuck have been planning this for a while, with special help from thehomestuckcraftexchange’s own Paige!

Please go to our facebook page for the event and share it and this post!!!!

god tier john progress~

yeah~ i started it last night and i got ahead of myself cause i am so excited to see how it turns out~ :3 i’m still trying to figure out what i’m going to do for details since i have a bunch of ideas for added cuteness. <3 i’ll sketch them out first to see how it will look but i think its gonna be adorable~

this little cutie is for someone i’m doing a craft swap with on the homestuck craft exchange so if i like the ideas i’ll see if they want it on john

(ps the fabric looks lighter in this picture for some reason but its a solid blue color not pale and light like in the picture)


So this is my entry to the Homestuck Craft Exchange!

Name: Rydia

Username: rydiahighwind

Age: mumblemumble30mumble

Other contact: Skype- rydia.highwind, AIM- Rydia Highwind, email-

What kind of crafts you do: Plushies (human/troll, sprite, scalemate, cat, fiduspawn host, squiddle, smuppet, etc.), cosplay items (horns, glasses, scarves, t-shirts, hoodies, god tier hoods, hats, ear fins, gloves, armsocks, patches, etc.), and digital and traditional art!

Crafting examples: See the photoset above, or my commission/trade website, or my art tag, or my cosplay tag! :3  I can also take more photos of any specific thing I’ve made if anyone wants detail shots.

Country you’re in: United States

Are you will to ship outside your country: Only if you provide shipping payment, unfortunately :C sorry!

Do you have any allergies: None!  But I should warn that I have cats, and cat hair gets over EVERYTHING I OWN, so if you are allergic to cats, you may not want my stuff. :C

What sort of things you’d prefer in your offers: I am not looking for anything in particular at the moment, so just give me an offer!

Things you wouldn’t like to see: I’m probably not going to be as interested in things I can make myself, although, that being said, hit me up anyway.  You never know–if you’re better than I am (a good likelihood!), I might be interested.

Favorite character: Sollux, Karkat, and Eridan ;u;

Your favorite kid(s): Rose and Roxy

Your favorite troll(s): Besides the ones listed above?  Probably Equius, Terezi, and Latula

Patron troll: The Ladies Leijon

OTP(s): Sollux <> Terezi & Mituna <3 Latula

Characters you cosplay: I’ve done God Tier & normal Aradia, Equius, Nepeta, Meenah, Meulin, and Erisolsprite.  I have a Latula costume near completion, and a million started costumes, and a million “I should totally do this!” costumes.