finny’s teething favorites

oh the joy of teething.  seems to be ongoing - never-ending … a few must haves finny loves and that we don’t leave the house without.

indestructibles books:

boxer the dog from organic farm buddies.  

green sprouts teether keys + rainbow rattle.

sophie la girafe

You get the most comfortable feelings when surrounding by good friends :) So the girls’ chat was chilling and amazing :) and Addy, my special girl, 8th year into our friendship, plating of hair and acting crazy, things like these will never change ❤️ I have two Lee siblings!!! #girls #goodtimes #relaxing #thehome-feeling 😊


Portugal. The Man - The Home

From the album, “The Satanic Satanist” released in 2009. 

Formed in Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. The Man grew from the band, Anatomy of a Ghost. Two members, John Gourley and Zach Carothers continued to work together to form Portugal. The Man when Anatomy of a Ghost ended. With the formation of the new band, members, Wes Hubbard, Gourley and Carothers decided to say goodbye to Alaska and relocate to Portland, Oregon. A new home and a new addition, Jason Sechrist (drums) helped get the band on the music map. With heavy use of MySpace and PureVolume for marketing purposes, Portugal. The Man released their first EP in 2005. 

It is good to be home.

This is what I came home to and what home is:

Face-palms when sacrasm is taken literally, screaming children, laughing, bickering, whining, someone named Bob, “So, did you hear, Anna has a boyfriend”,  "MOTHER!“, Nerf bullets flying upon arrivals and departures, more cookie dough then cookies eaten, snowman poop, hissing cat, barking dog, dog stuck under the bed, crying dog, detours, direction illiterate sister, growling brother, Skating practices, stories of Fabricland, Mom’s need for long underwear, Sister’s un-need for long underwear, poop, burps, Frank peed on Buddy, "I don’t like you, I don’t love you, and I don’t want you”, way to early morning discussions, “Mom I will be find without ski-pants and a touque”, “Mom it is SO cold outside, my face is freezing!”, stacks of dirty dishes until the Father comes home, “Oh’s!” or realization, “Moooommm, hurry up!”, Moooommm, I’m not ready yet!“, "Mooommm, I have been waiting for like ever!”,  "Mom, your driving scares me", “Mother, WHAT are you doing?”, New car, heated seats, nice sound system, really fast!, What to name the car?, “Mom, where is my phone?”, “Anna, my phone has disappeared!”, Always ask the little boy for lost electronics, The dog that looks like an old mop, stupid cat!, new furniture arrangements, sister that eats like a sloppy baby, unsatisfying Christmas lights, “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”, what is wrong with this family?, ice cream, and family laughs.

We are weird, quirky, and somehow everything that could go crazy happens at the same time creating chaos; which usually results in someone crying, someone yelling, and myself laughing. I love them. And, it is great to come home to this after residence life, just a different kind of crazy. I’m glad we are not normal, otherwise I would be so bored! So, keep the crazy coming family, I’ll pop the popcorn. :)