This shitty confession blog has gotten out of hand. It’s literally the most stupid blog I have ever seen in my life.

What kind of person thrives on hating on other people????? It literally bewilders me how someone could be so nasty. Sure, it’s not the person who runs the blogs actual own opinions but posting other peoples nasty thoughts and thinking that it’s completely acceptable makes you just as bad, if not worse.

It completely broke my heart to see that Grace had gone through every post and liked them all because to think that she had read what some really shitty people had said about her makes me so sad. What’s worse it that it’s supposed “fans” who are sending these confession. PSA: YOU ARE NOT A FAN IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS MAKE THE GIRLS FEEL LIKE SHIT. THEY OWE YOU NOTHING.

It’s bullying. Plain and simple. I don’t care how famous you think grace, Hannah and mamrie are, at the end of the day, they are normal women with fucking feelings. Just because they have fanbases, does not mean that they won’t be hurt by these hideous monstrosity.

Also, to whoever runs theholytrinityconfessions - your blog is a literal piece of shit. I don’t know why you think you are contributing any good towards this fandom. We are not “too sensitive” and we aren’t “too obsessive” or “to protective” - we’re good fucking people and we can tell when someone is a shitty person. If the girls have acted in a way that we don’t like/agree with, we’re not stupid, we can deal with it in a mature way. What you’re doing is just nasty as fuck. Also, if you don’t like posting “repetitive, unoriginal, positive confessions” what makes you think anyone else likes reading the repetitive, unoriginal, nasty confessions? They’re stupid as fuck. Please, just delete your blog. You’d be doing yourself a favour.

heyyy guys… maybe if we stop acknowledging how shitty the confessions are and making it into a big thing….they probably would stop. 

they can’t feel good about themselves knowing that grace, hannah and mamrie see them (the girls do a good thing by liking them. its pointing out they can see them) 

but they get a rise out of people and that’s what fuels the fire. 

if there’s no fight then there’s no incentive to keep making them. 

just a thought…

OK. I have something to say.

These “Confession” blogs are really pissing me off.

I realize everyone has the right to their own opinion and bla bla bla.

But that DOES NOT mean you need to express them in this way, (anonymously) or really at all… Especially when these negative posts are tagged so that Hannah, Grace, and Mamrie will see them. Like WHAT THE ACTUAL CRAP.

Also, I found these on two of the blogs…

Whoever is running these, is openly giving away Grace’s personal info about her EX. Not okay.

I honestly don’t understand why you would think this is a good thing to do… Please stop.




psssssst, a strong suggestion.
I assume that’s who everyone is angry at in the tags. I ignored this person a few weeks ago because I cannot stand negativity. I can only assume this person loves the attention, which is why he/she keeps tagging hateful comments to see how everyone reacts. I tried the nice send a comment approach(off anon) and even responded to an ask this person sent me. When that didn’t get my message across, I realized it’s not worth getting upset about.

and if they’re liking the negative things, I’ll never forget this P!nk tweet about responding to “haters.” I feel like they might be doing the same thing.

*sales person voice*

Have you recently had hate-filled feelings towards those you once idolized?

Do you feel some inexplicable need to tell everyone just how gosh darn mad you are about something that is none of your business?

Is your life so dull and sad that you can’t help but treat everyone like shit as it’s the only thing that excites you anymore?

Some people are assholes. We all know that. But sometimes people get so sad and angry and twisted inside that all they want to do is poison others around them, so someone might finally understand how terrible they truly feel deep down. Does this sound like you, or perhaps a loved one who used to love skyping and watching youtube videos until 5am but now is only concerned with desperately grasping for attention through the medium of trolling?!?

Well look no further!

i’m officially opening “Floormouth’s Emergency Troll Rehabilitation Centre" in my ask box, 24/7. if you or someone close to you is running a confessions blog, a burn blog or just likes to troll people they supposedly look up to don’t delay …call today.

*participant success not guaranteed. some people are just cunts

anonymous asked:

I emailed the support and everything and they said grace Hannah or mamrie need to email them about the blog

Ok well they said to me they are “awaiting to determine appropriate action” so just keep at it for now, and I’ll tag the girls in this on the off chance they are raging enough to email tumblr support about it haha

edit:  I forgot to mention how much of a beautiful queen you are for actually emailing them. I know a lot of people wouldn’t bother so cuddles 4 u

theholytrinityconfessions-deact asked:

I love you for quoting Andrea Gibson

I love that you know who Andrea Gibson is. I’m saddened by the fact that I felt the need to comment on that post for fear that someone would read it who was going into the tags to escape from their horrible reality, and reading that put them over the edge. You don’t want to be the reason someone takes their life, do you? I can understand posting all of the “confessions” you receive, but tagging the negative ones is just heartless.

Here is where I ask you to go to listen to “A Letter to the Playground Bully, From Andrea, Age 8 ½”

and here are some quotes:
“My mother says it is totally fine if I blow off steam as long as I speak in an octave my kindness can still reach.”
”But on your bad days couldn’t you just say ‘hey I’m having a bad day,’ instead of telling me I’m stupid or poor, or telling me I dress like a boy…”
”Maybe there are cartwheels in your mouth. Maybe your words will grow up to be a gymnast. Maybe you have been kicking people with them by accident.”

Please think about it. I don’t know if you just love the attention or what your reasoning is for tagging hateful comments, but please realize what you could be doing to people.

I could go on and on quoting Andrea Gibson. She’s my therapy, but I’ll stop for now. 

and if anyone reads all of this and has a dog that they love(it reminds me of Mamrie & Grace) go listen to/watch the video for A Letter to my Dog, Exploring the Human Condition. It’s hilarious and heart warming.

Think about it.