The Hole Shop, HeartsRevolution, New York Art Department and friends demand the release of Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Santsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, the young members of Pussy Riot who are currently in pre-trial detention in Moscow for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.”

To raise awareness to these demands on behalf of Pussy Riot, HeartsRevolution released 10 limited edition #FreePussyRiot revolt kits at The Hole Shop. The kits include a pink ski mask, HeartsChallenger x Free Pussy Riot poster, and candy.

We encourage you to share your thoughts, and participate in the #FreePussyRiot conversation.

HeartsRevolution (also check is a band from NYC born of a punk DIY ethos who supports Pussy Riot. @hrtsrevolution

Join @TheHoleShop and @KrinkNYC Founder Craig Costello for the exclusive release of Krink K-750 in New York City.

Complimentary beer courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery and Krink.

Krink NYC and Montana Colors Barcelona (MTN) are pleased to announce the MTN x Krink K-750, a very special can with unique properties. Years in development, the K-750 is a complete can-redesign utilizing select valves, pressure, paint, and nozzle; truly one of a kind, there is no competition. The K-750 contains a massive

750ml/25oz of premium quality matte finish paint and is capable of creating lines 4M/12’ tall! A unique Krink concept paired with Montana’s advanced engineering, the K-750 sets a new standard in innovation. 

About Krink:
Based in NYC, Krink is a creative company producing high-quality inks and markers, as well as art and design projects. Krink markers started as a must-have staple in New York City street culture, and have since expanded into the studio. Krink is the premier brand of markers and ink for a new generation of artists worldwide. Bringing a distinct and unique aesthetic to all of its projects, Krink has collaborated with iconic brands like Mini, Absolut Vodka, and Nike to create one-of-a-kind products. We represent a creative culture that expects only high-quality products and new ideas. Krink offers 12 different marker styles in more than 20 colors. All 
Krink products are handmade in the USA. Highest quality. For more information please visit 

About Montana Colors:
Originating in 1994, Montana Colors (MTN) is the leading brand of spray paint worldwide. The first in the industry to create high-quality spray paints designed specifically for artists, Montana Colors continues to be a leader and innovator in the art-supply market. Manufactured exclusively in Barcelona Spain, MTN produces the highest quality spray paint in 11 different can sizes with over 200 vibrant colors. Handmade quality. For more information please visit

For more information, please email

Listening party and Installation

October 11th, 2012
6:00 to 9:00 PM
The Hole Shop
312 Bowery NY NY 10012

Join us for the Mexican Summer listening party at The Hole Shop— the inaugural event for a new series of monthly get-togethers focused on promoting, producing, and curating sound and music. This Thursday we are celebrating Tamaryn’s new album, Tender New Signs, with an exclusive early release listening party. Each purchase of the album comes with a limited edition postcard set featuring original artwork inspired by each track of Tender New Signs. READ: Vogue Culture Band of the Week - Tamaryn 

Complimentary beer courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery.

Tender New Signs is the kind of record that exists where experiences connect to the senses, where memories emerge and bring with them all the feeling and imagery that had been resting just below the surface of consciousness. It’s also the title of Tamaryn’s second album, recorded in partnership with her longtime collaborator and San Francisco native Rex John Shelverton.  Informing the layers and textures found on their debut full length The Waves, this new opus takes a bold step forward in structure and form. With it’s skygazing pop songs and impressionistic sketches of once well-guarded emotions, Tamaryn and Rex have created a defining work.

The roots of this musical partnership started over a decade ago. “Rex and I met in New York City where I was living in the early ‘00s,” says Tamaryn. “We bonded instantly and over time started sharing ideas for songs. Eventually we began to collaborate on some recordings, traveling between coasts until the project inspired me to move to California indefinitely.” These activities culminated in a slew of singles and the Led Astray, Washed Ashore EP. In 2010, Mexican Summer released Tamaryn’s critically acclaimed LP The Waves, a collision of hypnotic psychedelia and bittersweet dream pop. Tender New Signs is out everywhere on October 16.

LISTEN: “I’m Gone” by Tamaryn: I’m Gone

For more information or to pre-order Tender New Signs, e-mail - @TAMARYNMusic - @MexicanSummer 
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Thank you to all artists and participants!  And congratulations to all winners—many of which were from the very community that donated to the cause. (Winners were drawn blindly and publicly by Kia Kamran, Attorney at Law.)

This Saturday, as part of #NyanCatCity, New York Art Department hosted Cut & Paste: A day dedicated to the DYI culture of Zines in the context of digital culture. The day’s event included a zine-making workshop organized by NYC’s Luck You Collective; a zine stand curated by NYAD’s own, Julian Gilbert and Printed Matter; an Art Talk panel discussion centered on self-publishing on and off-line; and the central event: an Art Raffle fundraiser for Printed Matter:

Printed Matter is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists.

Last October Hurricane Sandy flooded Printed Matter’s basement, destroying thousands of books and severely damaging archives dating back to 1978. The damaged collection has been freeze-dried as a temporary solution—but the archive must be digitized before the works deteriorate and are gone forever. It is essential to preserve these historical works for future generations.

For the fundraiser, New York Art Department asked artists to donate original Nyan Cat-inspired artworks to raise funding for the digitization of the this priceless archive. The artworks were shown and raffled off at The Hole between 12 and 8PM. Tickets were sold for $10.00 and all proceeds will support Printer Matter’s rescue efforts.

We are pleased to list the lucky winners below, and announce that all artworks from the exhibition will be published in a commemorative zine to be sold as the second phase of our fundraising effort for Printed Matter. 

Please e-mail Marcella Zimmermann to coordinate pick up of your new artwork:


1. BEAU, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Sean Gibson

2. KOSBY, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Adriana 

3. JESSE EDWARDS, Nyan Cat City | Winner: Soba Ishima

4. DOWNER, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Zahra

5. MAGGIE LEE, Untitled (Nyan Cat) 

6. ERIK FOSS, Kitty Porn | Winner: Wendy Dembo

7. HARRY MCNALLY, Meow | Winner: Ren McKnight

8. JAMES, Untitled | Winner: Arnaud Delecolle

9. OTHELO GERVACIO, Untitled (Nyan Cat)  | Winner: Wendy Dembo

10. WOMP, Untitled (Nyan Cat) 

11. BAST, Untitled | Winner: Erik Foss

12. MRS, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Chris Torres

13. GUILHERME MACHADO, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Adriana

14. MR. KIJI, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Victor Fung

15. TOM SACHS, Untitled (I Made This Drawing…) | Winner: Ailsa Wong

16. TODD JAMES, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Baron Von Fancy

17. SOBA ESHIMA, Untitled (Cardigan) | Winner: Soba Eshima 

18. CHARLES SHEDDEN, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Carmen Hall 

19. ROSS SCHANER, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Chris Torres 

20. BRIANNA HARDEN, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Ruba

21. RUSK, Untitled (Nyan Cat) 

22. NICK SETHI, Untitled (Nyan Cat) 

23. BEN RAYNER, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Kevin Lyons 

24. BARON VON FANCY, Untitled (Nyan Nyan Nyan) | Winner: Mr. Kiji

25. YUK, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Julian Gilbert

26. CLARA GOLDFARB & MAIA RUTH LEE, Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Baron Von Fancy

27. MARK CROSS, What Does It All Meme? | Winner: Marcella Zimmermann 

28. JULIAN GILBERT, Cats Rule Everything Around Me | Winner: Stephanie Bair-Garant

29. ROMON YANG (ROSTARR), Untitled (Nyan Cat) | Winner: Kevin Breznwhen

30. FOREIGN SUBJECT, Untitled (Projection)  

Thank you to The Hole for hosting our event, and to our media partners AOL Artists, tumblr, and 


The Hole Gallery, PictureBox, and ARTBOOK 

present the exhibition 

Nudity Today

Curated by Jesse Pearson

 Opening Friday, June 21, 6-8pm

Closing date, Saturday, June 29

 Featuring work by: Tim Barber, Jordan Bennett, Ren Hang, Jerry Hsu, Sandy Kim, Sasha Kurmaz, Maggie Lee, Nicole Lesser, Aaron McElroy, Lele Saveri, and Aurel Schmidt

 Accompanied by a new book published by PictureBox and edited by Jesse Pearson.