PunkDad, don’t even joke about all us dads traveling in an RV because I have one parked in my driveway and I will take you seriously and show up!

Hell, I’m still thinking about an RV summertime cross country road trip in which I just randomly show up at the home of people I follow on here or who follow me. It’ll be like those Publishers Clearing House commercials where they ambush folks at their home. Of course, in those instances, the person wins something & in my case you’ll be stuck putting up with me & I’ll probably scavenge your home for baked goods.

Ok. So, it’ll be nothing like the Publishers Clearing House thing & most of you will probably go all Little Richard “You Keep A Knockin, but you can’t come in…“ on me. But, still, the Tumblr posts from my own version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert would be a blast!!

Note to TheTravelingGentleman: If you want people to unfollow or block you this is probably the strategy to employ because 98.37% of my 23 followers just said, “Oh, sh*t, I got to unfollow or block that crazy fool, ElectraDaddy, before he shows up with his RV in my driveway.

TheHoboDad it is

The voting was pretty much even. The deciding factor was something I should have looked at before I even threw the question up. Someone already had HoboDad tumblr URL, and it’s password protected so I can’t even see if it is in use to ask for the name. 

I am going to go change my tumblr URL to TheHoboDad and then buy the domain name. Shit is about to get real!

It's official

I had to change my URL to TheHoboHiatus, the growing number of tag notifications I wasn’t getting was driving me fucking crazy. I am a simple man, I just want to know what people are saying when they tag me.