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How Inviting Strangers For Tea Changed This Man’s Life Forever
      - The Hobbit

You’ll Never Believe How Much Trouble This Guy Went Through Just To Destroy A Piece of Jewelry
      - The Lord of the Rings

This Man Was Not Allowed To Sing What He Wanted. What He Did Next Will Shock You!
     - The Silmarillion

Imagine; Thranduil x Human!Reader

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“Bring me the female, she was hestitant, perhaps she can be convinced to talk” The King said almost demanding towards his son, tired of the nonsense the Dwarven King had fed him earlier.

Legolas turned on his heal with two guards in his stead, Thranduil barely even turning his head to watch them leave.

~Meanwhile in the dungeons~

“BLASTED KING IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PRIDEFUL LIER!” Thorin roared through his cell. The other Dwarves groaned quietly to themselves, they respected Thorin as their one true king above all others but they knew his hatred towards the elves was somewhat overbearing.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” Balin called from a couple cells over, noticing your worried expression.

You nodded quietly, even though you were human you were quite small and petite, being locked into a cold and dark cell wasn’t really how you pictured meeting the Elves of Murkwood.

The King… was exquisite, in every way of the word, he only had to gaze upon you to make you squirm with nervousness. You were sure this had happened at some point, despite you actively trying to avoid his eyes, he had seemed fixed upon you during the encounter with the Dwarves.

You didn’t express hatred towards Thranduil as Thorin did, you respected both of them as Kings of their own Kin, you didn’t particularly take to the way they fought amongst one another. You stood quietly not saying a word as both kings shared their harsh words, the deal Thranduil had offered Thorin didn’t seem to bad in your opinion, just wanting to have his craftsman ship returned from within Erebor, nothing more.

The sound of armour clunking together made the Dwarves stand in their cells, they watched in defence as the Prince, Legolas passed their cells one by one.

Your eyes widened as the Kings son stopped in front of your cell.

“(Y/N) your presence has been requested by the King” he said calmly, seeing the worried expression on your face. The guards began to unlock the door as Legolas stepped inside, lightly grabbing for your shoulder as you stepped backwards. He pulled you forward with not much effort as the two guards took an arm each, pulling you from your cell.

The Dwarves went mental.

They cursed, spit, threatened and banged loudly on the iron bars in the cells. Thorin looked horrified as he had to stand and watch me by escorted from the dungeons.

“(Y/N)!” He called with angst.

“I’ll be ok, Thorin Oakenshield, do not fret” You said soothingly, meeting his anxious expression. Legolas then turned my body away from the cells as we kept walking down the hallway.

“I’m rather relieved their was not much protest from you” Legolas spoke quietly.

Avoiding his eye contact you spoke “There has already been enough drama this day, Prince Legolas, protesting now would only make a fool of me”

We turned into the throne room and Thranduil still appeared sprawled comfortably on his throne, not moving to acknowledge our entrance.

“Leave us” he demanded, the guard bowed and Legolas gave you a quick apologetic glance before he too departed the room, the huge Throne room doors shut behind them.

The silence was deafening.

You stood still, not daring to look at the King. You felt your heart pace quicken at the sound of his sudden movement from the Throne. You glance up slowly, he is now standing with his eyes fixed upon you, he slowly begins to descend the steps to stand in front of you.

“Thorin Oakenshield, you owe him a dept?” The King questioned, lifting your chin with a single finger to meet his eyes. “It is rude to not look at a King when he is directly speaking with you Lady (Y/N)” he mused.

You gulped, quite obviously, the Kings finger leaving your chin as he placed his hands behind his back looking down at you.

“A dept? No, King Thranduil, a favour… of such” you spoke honestly. “My apologies, you make me uncomfortable”

The Kings lips pursed into a slight smirk at your words, he took a step to the side to ease your comfort. “What is this favour that confides someone so fair to be in the company of several repulsive Dwarves?” He didn’t turn his head but waited patiently for my answer.

“Repulsive to you, Thranduil, not I” You suddenly snapped, unconsciously, instantly regretting it as the King’s glare flew back in your direction.

“Perhaps you suit them” he said simply.

“If being repulsive means being able to stand up for your friends, then so be it, I am repulsive” You retorted, wittily.

Thranduil kept his eyes on me, searching for something, he tilted his head as his eyes widened. “You believe as well as I do, the fate that awaits Oakensheild if he is allowed back into that Mountain, I see it”

You sigh, feeling automatic guilt flood through you, “He is determined, Thorin has nothing to loose…” you say as you look up to the King. “…which will make him dangerous” You finished in almost a whisper.

“You fear for your worth, before the end of this” Thranduil said softly, turning his body towards mine, he stepped forward and took your hand in his. His long fingers interlocking with yours gently as his thumb caressed the soft skin on the top of your hand.

You felt your heart skip a beat as your chest pounded.

“I am loyal, even in my own doubts I never fault from my obligations to a friend”

“Lady (Y/N), you deserve more than the company of dwarves…” He huffed, a small smile appearing on his face as he examined your hand.

“Perhaps… maybe one day” You said giggling slightly, shrugging, unsure of whether to pull my hand back or not.

“What of the halfling?” The king spoke, slowly letting go of my hand and letting it fall to my side.

“Bilbo is one of my longest and closest friends!” You exclaimed suddenly. Thranduil chucked.

“I see, it was not my intention to sound offensive, I hear you are also following the instructions of Mithrandir”

“Gandalf is a wise wizard, I trust his judgement, as also one of my closest friends” you spoke assuringly.

The King stepped away, completely turning from me, as he spoke “(Y/N) I have seen how you look at my halls, my Kingdom, and in turn I have seen your loyalty…” he began. “If you ever wished to seek the company of someone who would not take for granted the gratitude you so willingly give these Dwarves, you are welcome to return in your own time”

“Are you offering me a place in your kingdom?” you spoke a little shocked.

“Yes (Y/N), after your favour is for filled, our kingdom could always use someone like you” he said reassuringly. You went a little quiet, perhaps the king needed another servant, as you were not elf kind you figured that wouldn’t put you in a very high mind set amongst the kingdom of elves. “I would also, like to see you again, under better circumstances” Thranduil turned his head back to mine, his crystal blue eyes poring into my own with a gentle smile.

If you had been made of ice, you would have melted. You couldn’t help my feel slightly flustered at the Kings words as you felt your cheeks heat up, covering them with your hands in embarrassment.

The King chuckled, moving your hands from your face as he smiles down at you.

“My lord! The Dwarves! They are escaping!” A guard rushed through the halls making the announcement to his king. Without another word, Thranduil dropped your hands and stormed out of the Throne room towards the dungeons.

“(Y/N!) This way, let’s go!” I heard a familiar voice call, turning to see Bilbo with a bunch of keys. I couldn’t help but laugh at the site, how cleaver indeed. The other Dwarves behind him, Thorin seemed to half a particular smug grin on his face, walking out to me to take my hand.

“Having fun, are we?” He stated with a smirk. I felt my cheeks go another crimson red, as he pulled me along behind the rest of the company, I looked back towards the throne room as I felt my heart sink.

~After the BOTFA where everyone has survived~

You stood with the Dwarves, celebrating their victory of their home Erebor. Fili and Kili bounded around excitedly as Thorin let out a deep sigh of accomplishment whilst the rest of the company applauded and cheered.

You looked back towards the city, to were the elves had retreated, a huge elk walked along the streets and you wondered where their King had gone.


You jumped out of your skin, turning to see Thorin smile at you, the rest of the company had gathered around to see what was being said. “Yes, King Thorin?” You said bowing in a playful manner.

“Do you fancy the Elf King?” He said suddenly, taking you completely off guard, your face going bright red. “You haven’t been the same since we left the Murkwood forest”

“Well I…um” you found yourself speechless, but also producing this stupidly big grin, as Thorin chuckled.

“Well I don’t know about you, but that smile betrays you Lass” Dwalin spoke confidently. The rest of the company laughed as You giggled and covered your face, the company went silent as you still covered my face, then everything was quiet.

You opened your hands and found Thranduil standing inches from your face, Letting out a short squeal, hearing the Dwarves cackle with laughter behind you. “Hello Thranduil” You said slowly, very embarrassed.

His stern expression turned into one of comfort as he smirked proudly. You raised a brow confused by his sudden look of playfulness. “Hello again, Lady (Y/N), I couldn’t help but observe your smile as Thorin asked if you fancied me”

You turned around to give a dagger like glare to Thorin, who just winked.

“I thought you both didn’t get along!” You exclaimed, unable to help the smile creeping against your lips.

“It’s very rude to not answer a Kings direct question, Lady (Y/N)” Thranduil smirked, stepping so close you could feel his breath against your lips. “Av-‘osto” (Don’t be afraid) he spoke as a whisper.

Your breath quickened, being in such close proximity, you felt his strong arms close around your back holding you to him. He searched your eyes with his own.

“Tye intrigue me, Thranduil” you said back in a whisper.

His eyes glint excitedly, as he laughs softly, tightening his hold on you as one of his hands moves you caress your face.

Feeling his lips brush over yours you take in a sharp breath, feeling flustered as you know the Dwarves are watching. “Thranduil, th~!” You’re cut off as Thranduil chuckling, dips his head and crushed his lips on yours, holding you tightly in a protective embrace. You giggle into the kiss as you throw your hands around his neck as he holds your lower back.

The Dwarves cheered as did the elves now come to be with their King, Gandalf’s laughter could be heard in the crowd as could the sound of the small clapping hands of a hobbit.

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Imagine; Thranduil x Reader

Imagine being caught spying on the elves by Thranduil himself as he pins you to a tree trunk to interrogate you, learning more than what he bargained for.

My breathing quickened as I hastily ran through the Murkwood forest, I knew he had seen me as I had reckless lingered in the one position for too long. Elves are miraculous at being able to spot the smallest of movements within the thickest and darkest of forests, his eyes had landed on me for no more then a milly second.

That’s all he needed. I saw him turn to his guards as he chanted off orders, turning on his heals to dash into his forest, the king himself.

Idecided to climb the nearest tree, and stay quiet, my breathing staggered as I held my hand over my mouth in order to keep quiet. His long silver white hair is what I saw first, his glorious crown second.

He was beautiful.

Thranduil stayed poised just underneath my position, his head turning ever so slowly as he listened intently. I stayed as quite as I could, my hand still over my mouth, my feet pushing me against the trunk as much as possible.


“An arrow flew past my head as I quickly ducked- how in the hell had he heard me? I quickly jumped down and turned to dash only to hit something hard and fumble backwards, seconds later I was pinned against the same tree trunk, Thranduils blue eyes staring into mine.

“Not many females can avoid my arrows, none in fact, who are you?” he pinned my arms to the trunk his leg between my own.

“Greeted by the King himself, I guess I should be bowing or something… oops” I decided to go with a more sassy attitude, I was here on business after all, Gandalf had wanted me to pass a message of his company passing through in a few days, it just hadn’t occurred to me to walk up like any normal young witch would to explain herself.

I could have sworn I saw the slighted hint of a smirk at my words on the Kings face, but it shortly disappeared as he pinned me harder against the bark, his leg holding me on my tippy toes. I squirmed a little uneasily, which he seemed to enjoy as he leaned forward to whisper. “Perhaps I should make you?”

I felt my face flush with embarrassment, my cheeks hot. He leant back and met my eyes, now he was smirking, he snickered at my bashfulness. “That, would be an unwise action, King” I said almost angrily.

He smiled and his grip on my hands lessened a little, “As King, I could if I so wished, it is tempting” his eyes ravaged my body, I felt myself squirm uncontrollably as he did. “Or you could tell me who you are, I’ve seen you out here for two days, little one.”

“Wait, you knew I was here?” I blinked for a moment before Thranduil lowered his head in a mock head wobble for “seriously?”

“I also know you are a young witch of great power being trained by Gandalf and Lady Galadriel, sent here to send me a message, which you have failed to do” he eyed me suspiciously, a brow raised.

“You’re the first Elf I have officially met other than Galadriel…do you all look so… so..” I stuttered trying to find the word or words to describe the perfectly sculpted king in front of me.

“You don’t speak Elvish yet, do you?” He chuckled. “I was waiting for you to approach my home, but you never did, when I caught your eyesight I thought it best I caught you and retrieved the message myself” he smirked.

“So, do you have to pin me like this?” I squirmed against his leg and avoided his eye contact, his eyes never left mine. “It’s weird coming from a King” I noted.

“Deliver your message little one and I shall let yo-” Thranduil didn’t finish as he in one movement twirled and sliced the head off of a huge arachnid.

I dashed. He laughed and gave chase, quickly catching up and tripping me, moving himself in front to catch my fall as we both fell to the forest floor. “Why do you run from me?” He questioned as I lay with my back to his chest.

“You make me nervous King Thranduil” I said quietly, “There are rumours you are a harsh King, a cruel King… I didn’t want to get caught in your wrath for delivering a message”

Thranduil flipped us in a second, his white silver hair dangling down over my face as his eyes searched mine offended. “Who thinks this of me, you must tell me, who spreads this amongst the lands?”

“Oh, I don’t give names, it’s rude to tell others a secret they have told you” I said with a slight grin seeing the King so flustered with the concerns of a few opinionated Dwarves.

“So be it, now you will see my wrath” Thranduil stated, his eyes piercing through mine in anger. I gulped and put my hands up in front of me.

“No please! I didn’t mean to offend you! I promise!” I spoke quickly, too quickly and it made the king smile.

“Oh it’s far to late for apologies I’m afraid, perhaps you will be first on one of my newest torture devices?” He questioned, pinning my arms with one of his as he straddled my waist.

“NO! Please! Gandalf will be here soon! His company is passing through-that’s the message!” I blurted out as he glared down at me, he kept his eyes fixed upon me as I squirmed on his grip wishing I had focused more in my defence lesson with Lady Galadriel.

Thranduil looked furious, he wasn’t going to give mercy, I whimpered in his grasp. Suddenly I feel his free hand scampering up under my leather garments and into my shirt, his hands lightly grazing all over my stomach. I blurt out into short squeaks and giggles as my legs kicked out behind me.

“A cruel King…A harsh king. Who do they think they are, commenting on my behaviour like they are my own kin” he talked to himself as he continued to tickle my stomach, he brushed over my belly button as I squealed which brought him back to my reactions, causing him to chuckle as he passed over my belly button again. “Oh dear, I think this is quite sensitive little one”

“Thranduil! Stahahp!” I cried out between laughter, shaking my head as I squealed loudly feeling his finger dip inside of the rim.

“I will if you promise to approach my home without worry or suspicions acts next time, understood?” he stated, I nodded as he wiggles his finger around gently causing me to thrash into hard laughter. “Tell me you promise” He said playfully as he dug in deeper, enjoying the innocent laughter as he himself began to blush slightly.

“I promise!!” I yelled out in between my laughter as tears formed in my eyes, Thranduil stopped immediately and pinned my arms still hovering over me as I giggled slightly.

“See, I’m not harsh or cruel, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear” he smiled, getting up and holding out his hand as I grasped it. He pulled me to my feet as he began to brush himself off. “Well, that was fun, now- I order you to tell me who said those things” he turned to me, standing with his hands behind his back and his head held high.

Oh no this wasn’t going to end well. I began backing away from the king slowly as he watched me curiously. “You see it was um… dwarves.” Thranduil went quiet, his eyes narrowed as he walked forward till he was inches from my face as he smiled wickedly.

“I think it’s time I have a one on one lesson with you, about who to trust when it comes to Dwarves and Elves, and I know just how to convince you” he launched forwards and threw me over his shoulder as I squealed.

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