Erika Bellard - Clique/Personality: The Hipsters - 16     -OPEN-
FC: Cara Delevinge 

Erika isn’t one of those mainstream ‘hipsters’ you get. She’s individual and is practically allergic to trends, and when she finds a style of hers is in trend, she makes sure she takes all the credit for it. She’s a charm to guys, they love her because she can relate to them with her masculine side. In her spare time she models, she’s pretty famous to most Tumblr users. She doesn’t intend in falling in love, especially at this age, because she believes the most attractive guys are jerks or gay. She eats Nutella and respects the gays. She hates it when people say that they look up to her, she doesn’t want to be an inspiration.

Secret: She’s bisexual