This is a people named Laura appreciation blog.

I never do real follow Fridays because the idea of making a list like that gives me anxiety, I love you all too much.  But now that both of the fabulous Lauras in my life have tumblrs, I feel the need to tell you to follow them.

thehillsfillmyheart just recently made her tumblr, so following her would definitely be the cool new thing to do.  She loves Harry Potter and Bones, and is a new fan of Doctor Who - I’m hoping I’ll be able to get her to start Sherlock soon.  That aside, she has a cat and makes truly magnificent brownies.  The brownies and the cat are unrelated.  Go follow her.

whocallsmevillain is the ex army doctor to my consulting detective.  I ship us.  Hard.  She likes all things that are good, such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and British men who are far too old for us.  Her feet are very elusive and she has been known to talk in strange tongues when overly tired.  If you aren’t following her already, you are seriously missing out.

That’s enough of me telling you what to do, but if you follow these lovely Lauras, you will not be disappointed.