Ask limit. Gotta love it. But yeah, I mean, I’d be worried they’d screw it up as bad as they screwed up Resident Evil. If they do make a part two it better be called ‘now you don’t’, just saying.

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“Hello, welcome to my humble shop.” she smiled before widening her eyes. “You… You’re Henley Reeves… And Jack Wilder!” They were her idols… “What are you two doing in Vacherie?”

Regarding that last reblog, I was going to expand on some of that commentary, but then I was just so impressed by the author’s ability to empathize with a problem she doesn’t have to face that I decided that my additional input wasn’t necessarily worthy of it. If I lived in a culture that circumcised women instead of men, would I have the clarity to argue for women’s right to be free from non-consensual genital alteration? I can only hope so.