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The scripts were finished, and all of them co-written by Lynch and Frost. Lynch directed very few of the original run of episodes, and he wrote even fewer (all with Frost), so this isn't a fatal blow by any stretch. The fandom will continue their doom-mongering, and Lynch's absence will be used as ammunition by those already determined to hate the revival, but as long as Showtime choose to go ahead, very little has changed.

I’ll be honest, I also participated a bit with the doom-mongering, but this information, I feel a whole lot better and more confident that we, as viewers, WILL BE ENTERTAINED! But yeah, I hope Showtime doesn’t pull back. I know a lot of people in my area who really wanna see this third season, and they should know they have a following, so they can profit off of this. 

Anyway, thank you! Guys, did you hear that? We should all stop panicking! 

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This post makes me feel sick. I wish I could hide it. TUMBLR YOU LACK THE FEATURES I REQUIRE.

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oh wait. uhh. the one with van gogh made me cry a lot oh gosh such a powerful episode. LET ME CLARIFY FOR MR./MS. NEGATIVE DOWN THERE IN THE REPLIES compared to the other seasons I hated it. I just dont really like amy I guess. I like her more now.

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