She didn’t show up at HIN til a lil later into the event. A big ass crowd gathered up like crazy trying to buy her poster plus a pic with her. The line I was in never moved for the longest time. There was so many people that they ended up having to move her vendor to another building.5 hours of waiting was hell cause I got squished to the point where I couldn’t move but it was worth it =]

S/O to the hottest model in the World (IMO) Dannie Riel!! =D

I know I should be Happy..

A lot goes through my mind and I tend to put my mind elsewhere but it doesn’t seem to always work. Yet I don’t show emotions in me because I always gotta stay positive on the outside. There are those who make me happy when I’m with them. That’s why I consider them my Best Friends. Then there are those who takes my mind off things. They’re not my Best Friends, but I’m glad to have them in my life. Let’s make the best of today…shouldn’t be sad or depressed on my own Birthday anyway.. haha

I ain’t gonna lie but I do miss these days. That picture is us veterans whose been doing Track since Freshman Year. I still remember when Patrick, Beverly and I had class together Freshman year in Algebra always talking about the meets and stuff. We weren’t just teammates, but the best of friends. Now we’re all split apart. Shit we’ll all always be friends though. Surprisingly each of us got the Coaches Award each year starting Sophomore Year haha (Patrick 10th, Beverly 11th, Me 12th). “The greatest memories will always be in our hearts, no matter where life takes us.”

Another Time Killer

ONE; You.
What do most people call you? Om
How old are you? 19
What color hair/eyes/skin do you have? Brown / Black / Brown / Tan
How tall are you? 5'9
How do you feel right now? Tired from Gym
Are you a generally open person? Can Be
What emotion do you experience most often? Happiness I guess
What do you want to do with your life? Friends, School, Workout, Run, Football, Skimboard, Call of Duty
What are your religious/spiritual/etc. beliefs? eh, i don’t even know anymore
How would you describe yourself? Chill
How do other people describe you? iono go ask them

TWO; Your Best Friend (your closest friend if you don’t have a best friend)
What’s their name? Jerica Barcinas =]
When did you meet? Sophomore Year
Why are you two best friends? We’ve been through a lot together n are really close
What color hair/eyes/skin do they have? Black / Brown / Tan
When was the last time you talked to them? When will be the next time? When I dropped her off at the airport a couple days ago
Do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you like them? Nope
Are you protective of them? And vice-versa? Yes&Yes. Fuck with Her n I’ll hunt ur ass down n hurt u
Can you talk to them about anything? Yea
Have you ever had a sleepover? Yea
Do you have nicknames for each other? Rica, Ommy ahaha

THREE; Sibling (pick one if you have more than one- sorry if you don’t have any)
What’s their name? Ice
How old are they? 21
What color hair/eyes/skin do they have? Dark brown/  brown/ white
What do they do for a living/what do they want to be when they grow up? She’s a student.
Do you ever wish you were an only child? Nope.
Are you more alike or different?  Hard to say.
What kind of music do they like?  anything I guess, whatever sounds good to her
What would you label them, if you had to?  ah iono
Do you ever do stuff together?  not really
Do you annoy each other? basically

FOUR; An Ex-Friend
What’s their name? -
How old are they? 19
How did you meet? Freshmen Year
What color hair/eyes/skin do they have?  Black/ Brown / White
Why did you become friends? Sports, Started hanging out n getting closer
How long were you friends? 4 Years
Do you have any mutual friends? Yes
Is it awkward when you see them? We’re civil.
So… what happened? The unthinkable
Do you miss them/do they miss you? Not really. I’m fine with my life

Not Sure What's Wrong But Lately I've been so hungry even after eating a whole Meal.

All started yesterday, I had like 5 meals yesterday, even one at 1am before going to bed. I feel like I haven’t eaten in days, even right now I’m waiting for my food to be done. =/

Killing Time

Name? Om Saetae

Age? 19

Whats your favorite Kind of pie? hah iono, Apple? Pumpkin?

Whats your favorite band/singer? uh..does Rapper count…? T.I.? hah

Favorite fruit? Watermelon ahah

Favorite sport? Track & Field/Football

Favorite color? Red

Curly hair or straight hair? Straight

Would you ever get tinted windows so you could pick your nose without people seeing you? LOL i wouldn’t get it for that haha

Do you thing shampoo bottles should have directions? no…?

Do you have braces? Nah

What kind of computer do you have? Intel PC, Toshiba Laptop, MacBook Pro

Are you sad about Michael Jackson’s death? uh. no

Have you ever been to a concert? nope

Do you know the meaning of Christmas? Happiness ahaha

Do you Watch Charlie Brown? Not really, does it even exist anymore hah

If you look behind you whats there? A Door

Do you brush your teeth daily? duh

Do you have any cavities? Nah

Have you ever broken a bone? if so how many? None

Ever needed stitches? Nope

Do you still watch spongebob? ya sometimes

What time do you usually go to bed? Past 1 nowadays

Whats your wallpaper on your phone? LA Night Skylinw

Do you text people often? Certain people ya

Do you have unlimited texting? Yup

Are you a runner? hah sure

Would you ever get a tattoo? Been wanting

Whats the song that describes your life most? Dunno really

Have you ever been heartbroken? I guess

Whats your favorite color of shoe? Black or Gray

Do you think advertisments are annoying? Can be

Do you ever really pay attention to comercials? Not really

What color underwear are you wearing right now? If your even wearing some Blue hah

Would you kiss some if you were going out with someone else? Nooo….

What do you wish to accomplish before you die? Dunno really.

Are you afraid of death? eh.

What kind of camera do you have? Digital

Are you having a good year? lot of shit happen, lets just go with that hah

Whats the highest number you’ve ever counted to? probably 2500 from doing sit ups haha

How old where you when you learned how to spell your last name? don’t remember

Do you forget things easily? I can lol

Have you bought any new music lately? hah fuck that I illegally download them like everyone else

Does going to school make you nervous? no

Are you made fun of a lot? lol

Are you overly truthful? There’s no point in lying, I don’t need to make myself look any better

Do you feel bad when you hurt peoples feelings (that aren’t your friends) uh.. Not really? iono

Do you know what 69 means? Hah

Have you ever heard of pon and zi? cartoon thingy

How about happy tree friends? don’t watch

Do you get angry easily? when i play Call of Duty lol

Do you like the heat? sure

Do you wear glasses/contacts? Nope

Can you do the math 12 x 7 in your head? yes. 84.

Is your hand cramping while taking this survey? nah

Do you have a limited time to get ready in the morning? nah

Do you have a celebrity crush? nope

Do you think having celebrity crushes is weird? yea lol

Have you ever met a celebrity? yes

Does your school have a dress code? its college fuck no

Are you allowed to listen to your ipod in school? duh

Do you even have an ipod? iPhone

Are you afraid of falling in love? life is full of surprises right

Have you been in love multiple times? what is love

Do you like harry potter? i just watch the movies lol

Do You still believe in santa? LOL don’t think i ever bothered

Can you count to 100? duh

Do you like using caps lock? not really

Do you have big hands? iono

Do you like to do projects? uh no really

So what are you going to do after this? iono.