Interfector Aftermath - Michelle, Reinette, Dawn || Closed

The Doctor walked down the corridor of the TARDIS slowly, his thoughts were still jumbled and not organized in his mind at all. It had been several hours after the death of his parallel self. He’d burned the body and watched in silence and disbelief as his close friend who he’d considered a brother disappear forever. He really had been gone… he wasn’t picking up any sign of life through his mind link.

It had also been a good while after Reinette had given birth. It was all very heartbreaking knowing death had been so present just before such a miracle had taken place.. Maybe if they were all lucky, the baby would help in healing Reinette somehow.. perhaps it was wishful thinking on his part..

He sucked in a breath and stopped suddenly, his thoughts coming to a halt as he reached Michelle’s room. He stared blankly at the closed door for several moments. What was he going to say when he went in there? He didn’t even know.. He didn’t know what he was going to say to any of them after everything that had happened….

Raising his hand slowly, he knocked on the door firmly, “Michelle… It’s me. May I come in?" 

The air outside was anything else but comfortable. However, Rose braced herself against the wind that ruffled her blonde hair. She knew what she was doing and why and not the most terrible and damnable weather could be able to discourage her. She just wrapped her coat tighter around her body and took a deep breath, ignoring that the air was hurting her throat.

She came closer to her destination allthough she could only pick up the silhouettes of the bulding she was heading for. When she stood in front of the door she became insecure again. She had really been certain that she wanted to do that. That she needed to do that. Nevertheless she had no idea how the yound woman she attended to visit would react on her. They had never met and she might not even have heard her name before. Rose pulled herself up and then rang the doorbell. She had come too close, she had done too much to give it all up now. She had even broken the rules of interuniversal travel. There was no way back now.