My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. omfgitsryann (12%)
  2. candidconservative (7%)
  3. sturmbannfuehrer (7%)
  4. theheartofamerica (5%)
  5. foreigndreamsandsmallscreens (4%)
  6. natanime (4%)
  7. lorijeanneelizabeth (4%)
  8. missmerewolf (3%)
  9. ragingconservative07 (3%)

haha. This hardly seems accurate. Oh well. It changes hourly. :)

I just love all of these anti-choice blogs that as soon as you reblog occasionally from them you’re “constantly on their blogs harassing them”. Excuse you, I actually have a life outside of this blog, and I prefer not to spend much time on any anti-choice blog because it makes me feel nauseous and horrible, because they’re horrible blogs.

I only need to look on the first page of any anti-choice blog and voíla, a horrible post that’s easy to dispute. 

cellumination-deactivated201312  asked:

Love what you told that poor stupid stupid girl "theheartofamerica" it makes me sick that people like her are common

Omg, don’t even get me started!! If I wanted to learn about religion I would go to Church, seriously. She is the most unfortunately stupid human I have ever some across. I mean has she ever heard of that policy that religion and government should remain independent of one another? If one person should have been aborted, it was definitely her. Thanks for the support you sweet angel, i’m glad people still have some common sense on the internet. xxx